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Flames re-sign Micheal Ferland to two-year deal

After a flurry of offseason activity back in June – acquiring not only their new goaltending tandem for the 2017-18 season, but Travis Hamonic as well – the Calgary Flames mostly have matters of housekeeping left to see to. They’ve achieved one of those items by reportedly re-signing Micheal Ferland to a two-year deal, worth an annual average value of $1.75 million, as per Elliotte Friedman.

Update: the Flames have signed confirmed the deal.

Ferland had filed for arbitration, which put a time limit on when he would re-sign by. Sam Bennett – the Flames’ other prominent restricted free agent – was not eligible for arbitration, so Ferland’s contract took priority. And now it appears to be done, leaving the Flames with a slightly clearer picture of their cap.

By re-signing for two years, Ferland is betting on himself. His first UFA year is set to begin once this contract expires in 2019. Had the Flames re-signed him for three or more years, he likely would have gotten more money (and had a higher cap hit); by making sure his contract expires right when he’s set to hit unrestricted free agency, Ferland is counting on a big couple of seasons to prove he’s worth a much higher cap hit.

By re-signing him for two years, the Flames are being cautious. They know they have an NHLer in Ferland, but they don’t know just how good he is. In his time with the Flames, Ferland has primarily been used in a bottom six capacity, and he’s succeeded at that. He’s also had two separate stints with Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan, and has appeared to succeed with them as well, helping them post positive corsi numbers both times as a line. He also scored seven goals with them in the final quarter of the season, and is currently slated to play with them to start 2017-18.

The Flames have been burned as of late by betting on longer term deals to non-core players. Lance Bouma had a career season and was completely unable to follow up on it, resulting in his buyout. Troy Brouwer was signed to a four-year deal and his first year was a disaster. By keeping Ferland at just two years, they risk having to pay him more down the line – or potentially losing him to another team in free agency – but they also ensure they don’t make another bad bet. And if Ferland proves to be a top line player in the long run – that is to say, more than a good stint over a quarter of a season – then paying him what he’ll be worth then should be an easier move to digest.

At $1.75 million, Ferland carries the same cap hit as Kris Versteeg, as well as Jordan Weal (25 years old, 37 NHL games played, 12 points scored) and Brett Ritchie (24 years old, 117 games played, 34 points). Ferland, 25, has 173 games played and 48 points. Twenty-five of his points came this past season, 10 in the final 21 games.

Melker Karlsson, 26, scored at the same rate as Ferland this past season (.33 points per game; 185 total games played, 65 career points), and was re-signed by the Sharks to a three-year, $2 million AAV deal. Zack Kassian, 26, scored 24 points this past season (313 total games played, 98 career points), and was re-signed by the Oilers to a three-year, $1.95 million AAV deal.

Ferland’s reported contract leaves the Flames with roughly $8.11 million in cap space. Sam Bennett and Curtis Lazar still need to be re-signed, and the Flames will need another two forwards and a defenceman under contract to fill out their lineup.

  • Stu Cazz

    Good move by both sides. Flames get to evaluate him for an additional 2 years at a low AAV. Ferland does not give up any valuable UFA years. Ideally he continues to develop and Flames lock him up long term
    at the end of his contract…..

    • Skylardog

      Love this deal by the way. Ideally he resigns in 2 years. But if you start to play with the cap going out a few years, with Backlund, Tkachuk, Smith (a starting Goalie), and a few others needing raises, in the case of Tkachuk and Backlund, probably substantial raises, then if Ferland has a couple of big years, it will be very hard to resign him.

      The Stone deal at 3 years concerns me. It would have been so much better at 2 years so it came off the books when Tkachuk and a starting goalie needed new deals. There may even be some nickel and dime contracts that fill your roster that causes problems. If we go deep, guys like Kulak, Janko, maybe Foo and Lazar, may have huge roles or even 3rd or 4th line rolls that require pay increases.

      Hoping Ferland makes this work, and in 2 years is due $4 to $5 million. But if that’s the case, there will be some very hard choices on who to keep. It wouldn’t be a bad problem to have, as it would mean we had a couple of great years.

      • Baalzamon

        I maintain that Stone will be traded next summer. Doesn’t make sense otherwise.

        Also, Smith will be 37 when his contract expires. I highly doubt he’ll be re-signed. If that’s even being considered in two years, the Flames are in deep trouble.

      • oilcanboyd

        Crpies, you’re making this signing sound like a 12.25 million a year contract and another contract worth 8 to 9 million a year upcoming! Lots of cap sace will be available at the end of 2 years with Smith’s ending and Brouwer with one year remaining who would be easier to buyout with a year remining.

        • Skylardog

          Not saying this is a big deal, but he signed 2 years to get a big paycheck as a UFA in 2. He is pencilled in as a first liner with 2 top notch players.

          All I am saying is that if he puts up 50 or more points the next 2 seasons, it is a big contract. And we all hope it goes down exactly like that. If he get PP time as well, with those 2 linemates he should see more points this season than he has his whole career.

          We are looking at $5.5 to $6.0 for Backlund as the likely cost next year, and Tkachuk, if he has another 2 big seasons will earn a big contract in 2 years. That could easily be in the $5-6 million range if all goes well (and again, we all hope it does).

          As for Smith, I know he is 37 and probably on his last contract, but in 2 years the Flames still need a starter. And we are getting a great deal on Smith with Zona eating a pile of salary. Just because it is not likely to be Smith, it doesn’t mean we won’t have the salary.

          As for Stone, if they were planning on trading him, it would have been a 1 year deal, not 3.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    We could have our own Wayne Simmonds. MF had better junior numbers but Simmonds broke into the NHL without spending any time in the AHL. Perhaps MFs path could have taken him that route if not for the personal issues. Simmonds game started to round out once he was traded to Philly. MFs game hit another gear when he was put on the first line. I think his point totals are misleading given how low his ice time is and how little PP time he gets.

    There are 2 players that I think compliment Johnny and Monny, those are MF and MT. They are very different players, Ferland can skate, shoot and make plays with these linemates but does not seem to share the same high end skill or hockey IQ.

    On the other hand, Tkachuk has an elite skill level, hockey IQ, and much more dangerous in front of the net. Not surprising, he lacks the explosive skating at this point. However, it did not seem to hurt him while playing with two of the faster players in Backland and Frolik.

    If neither of these players work, I would love to see what it would take to get Simmonds. He is still south of 30 and would be a great playoff piece.

    • moore_tweets

      Simmonds gets sick praise from Philly fans I know who pay for center ice to watch him night after night. Also, on more than one podcast, the guys love him. You might be on the something

    • oilcanboyd

      As I stated on a previous blog on Ferland, by my eye he scored some very creative goals, and by also being a banger he complements Monny and Johnny quite nicely!

  • FiYaH

    PLEASE GET THE HOME DEPOT AD OFF YOUR PAGE!! I’m trying to read the article and it keeps going down to the ad like I’m trying to type something in the bar, VERY annoying. Asking for a friend

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    Pitt wants to trade Phil K so I could see Flames sending Ferland & Brouwer & Brodie for Phil and Ian Cole (evens out salaries and fair for all)

    • Skylardog

      I now think 2 year deal at $2.0 to $2.25 for Bennett. He won’t sign longer with the team we are assembling. He will be looking for a huge deal in 2 years too by doing it that way. If he signs for $2.5 for 4, he could be leaving many millions on the table in years 3 and 4.

  • madjam

    Now , if the Flames can get Ferland to be as productive as that 1.5M dollar player from Oilers ( P.Maroon) , who had 27 goals regular season and 8 playoff points last year . Wouldn’t that be nice ?

    • TheoForever

      Kassian makes more and had less than half of Ferly’s goals. You got no point.
      What we know of Maroon is that he benefited from you know who feeding him….., and likely unsustainable.
      We also know that Maroon walks at the end of the season for personal reasons, translation family will not move to a dumpster. Oiler regression in 3 months, will need popcorn.

  • RKD

    Another steal by Treliving, he didn’t overpay on dollars or term. Ferly is a good player but still has a lot to prove and Treliving wasn’t going to be burned like he was with Bouma but Ferly has way more potential than Bouma could ever dream of.

    • Puckhead

      There was no need to bring that up in an article that was talking about Ferland and his new contract. Quite baffling, really. And no, I was not whining. I was pissed. Maybe use this as a life lesson and stay on your own world.

      • Connor'sGotHart,Ross,Lindsay!

        You are just another example of posters here that when you say anything about a flames player you almost react like someone is trying to say something or harm one of your own children.
        Ferland is an admitted alcoholic and has turned his life around so who better to give advice to Poirier?
        You say you were ” pissed” about my comment. You mean to say these comments are actually affecting you? Give me a break sensitive one.

  • everton fc

    Glad Ferland’s deal is done.

    A few mention the cap hit/term WHEN Ferland becomes a 20 goal scorer, which I think he will. The goalies are mentioned as Parsons and Gillies…

    If Rittich is not re-signed, I’ll see that as a disappointment. Parsons may be our #1 in the future. But I still think a lot of people here overlook, or are blind to Rittich. To me, he’s closer to NHL games than Gillies…

    Lazar should be 2yrs/900K a season. If that. Bennett’s deal should be 2/3yrs @ $2-2.5mill/season. And I lean towards the former. That would leave us around 4.5mill approx. to find the two forwards and a defencemen. Does that seem about right??

    • Skylardog

      I posted an estimate of where the team is at right now last night on cap friendly. Assumes Kulak is signed and Bennett. It uses Janko, leaves F Hamilton and an assumed deal for Hathaway for the remaining forwards, and Bart on D as the 7th. We have about $2.2 million left and a full roster, give or take $200,000.

      If you add in whoever gets sent to the minors to the available cap, assume Hathaway, there is about $3.0 to sign another forward.