Flames prospect performances at the 2017 World Junior Summer Showcase

If you’re hockey-starved this August – a rather common occurrence seeing as how, well, there’s next to no hockey this month – then the 2017 World Junior Summer Showcase cured exactly what ails you.

And, for the benefit of Flames fans, six prospects took part in the showcase. Dillon Dube and Matthew Phillips suited up for Team Canada, Adam Fox dressed for the United States, Juuso Valimaki and Eetu Tuulola represented Finland, and Linus Lindstrom played for Team Sweden.

Here we have each prospect’s stats over the course of the tournament, as well as highlights GIFed by wonderful folks on Twitter, and the occasional observation from those with a more league-wide focus (i.e. when they mention a Flames prospect, they’re doing it because they genuinely stood out amidst other players).

Dillon Dube

Over three games, Dube scored one assist (primary, even strength). He had seven shots on goal.

Matthew Phillips

Over three games, Phillips scored three goals (one powerplay; two at even strength, including an empty netter). He had eight shots on goal.

Adam Fox

Over five games, Fox scored three goals (all at even strength) and registered six assists (two primary, one at even strength and one on the powerplay; four secondary, one at even strength and three on the powerplay) for nine total points. Excluding split squad games, Fox scored seven points in two games – the highest scorer of the showcase. He had nine shots on goal, total.

Juuso Valimaki

Valimaki has already been named Team Finland’s captain for the 2018 World Juniors, so it seems safe to say he’ll play a big role as Finland looks to rebound from its poor ninth place finish in 2017.

Over five games, Valimaki scored one assist (primary, even strength). He put up 18 shots on net, which was second out of all tournament players (teammate Janne Kuokkanen, a forward, led the way with 25).

Eetu Tuulola

Over three games, Tuulola went pointless. He had one shot on goal.

Linus Lindstrom

Over four games, Lindstrom scored one goal (even strength) and registered two assists (both primary, both at even strength, one in overtime) for three points. He had five shots on goal total.

  • McRib

    Brad Trelivings drafts the last three years have all been lights out, he must have completely overhauled what the scouting staff looks for in prospects (skill should be the only reasonable answer) and it’s working,

    Kevin Shattenkirk, I mean Adam Fox is a stud. Glad he is going to destroy the NCAA this next year, so no one will go on about him not signing as a Sr, at this rate I doubt he even makes it to a Jr year.

    I’ve watched a few of these games, Dillon Dubes point totals don’t tell the whole story (he also should have had a couple more secondary assists in the games I watched, just didn’t get credit on the scoresheet). Dube has been one of Canada’s best players in both games I watched.

    Nice to see Linus Lindstrom doing well, got to admit I didn’t notice he was putting up points like he is.

    • Puckhead

      Agreed. It’s exciting to see so much great potential in the prospect pipeline. It’s been a long time coming and says a lot about the goals and expectations of the organization.

      My hat off to Tre and the scouting staff.

      Go ? Go!!!

  • Translation: Matthew Phillips is now Matty Hockey and he’s a sure-fire Superstar NHLer 70 points per game and there is NO REASON not to get completely and insanely hyped about this next incarnation of Gordie Gretzky.

    Adam Fox has a name that looks really cool when written down.

      • OYYC

        A wee bit of sarcasm on a Saturday. Fox just had a 5 point against Canada, with 3 points on the PP. Figure he’ll do just fine in that department.

        As for Kylington. It is a heck of a good situation for the Flames to be in, but down the road it is tough to see how he ever makes the team. On most other squads Kylington would be the 1st or 2nd defensive prospect.

        • Andy61038

          Yea definitely a good situation to be in. You should get at least two of them to turn out to top 4 d. If more so and there is not room then the trade value for a good pick moving defenseman is always good.

        • Puckhead

          Kylington to me would is a 1st or 2nd offensive defenseman prospect. Unfortunately for him, it looks like the Flames have 3 guys that are strong in both ends (although he has improved his defensive game).

          At this point I can’t see how he won’t be moved in a couple seasons.

          • Puckhead

            If you look at existing NHL players and their contracts, and then look at defensive prospects and try to come up with a succession plan, I just don’t see how Kylington fits into a top pairing role in the next 3 or 4 years, assuming that Brodie and Hamilton are still on the roster at this time.

            And so you know, I don’t think anyone uses lol anymore…it’s so yesterday.

  • Sobueno

    Hard to believe Fox was a third rounder, pretty pumped to see what this kid can do next year.

    Obviously all of this means nothing until we see some of these guys playing in the NHL, but hard not to get excited about the drafting over the last few years. Hopefully we can recoup a few picks before the next two drafts given how well the scouting staff/Treliving seems to have done recently!

    Lastly, I’m interested to see how Tre runs the team now he has the “independence clause” in this recent contract. Makes you question how many of the head scratchers over the last couple years may not have been all Brad. On the flip side sounds like there may have been a bullet or two dodged as well (can’t remember the exact rumour, but some ridiculous return on Bishop that got axed).

    • Carl the tooth

      The drafting is better yes. It I think flames are being gifted some nice steals every draft . 2016 was a huge draft for flames too bad we let falkovsky go . But parsons .dube.fox.tuolou.linstrom.phillips all from 2016 . Parsons just barely too old or he’d be the no.1 again for USA . How good would valimaki look if he was playing on Canada or USA .this is pretty exciting. Did Phillips get hurt or do you think they may have him locked in at wjc ?

  • Cameron Ayles

    I noticed someone else mentioned this, but wanted to reiterate that they did miss the odd assist here and there. They missed two separate Dubé assists from the Canada Finland game, and I’m pretty sure they missed a Valimaki assist from today’s game. Also, Fox is crazy

  • Newbietwo

    We basically have two solid lines of defensive prospects in. Valimaki Fox and Anderson Kylington.. up first in 2018/19 is Anderson transitioning to NHL.. 2020 is Kylington then in 2021 plus Fox and Valimaki.. makes you able to play Stone till 2019 trade deadline then trade him out and allows you to play Hamonic till 2021 then trade.. perfect progression curve.. those that think these D prospects just to top four lines right away are smoking

  • Off the wall

    Hey FN, for those of you that were able to catch some of the games, who stood out to you?

    Not necessarily points wise, but overall in their respective positions? Just curious

    • Carl the tooth

      For me I think fox . Then I’d almost have to say Phillips impressed me. Dube must be the the best positioning forechecking in the tourney. NHL calibre forechecking. Valimaki harder to tell with the lower level of talent around hi
      But I thought almost NHL ready

        • L13

          I thought that the moment he offered Stone a 3-year contract. No way Fox, Andersson and Välimäki aren’t NHL-ready within that timeframe, and Fox in particular is supposed to graduate when Stone’s contract expires, so if he feels there’s no way for him to earn a spot on one of the Flames’ 3 pairings before then, he might as well wait it out and go to free agency.

          I hope/expect Stone to be traded at some point, and one or two D prospects might have to be cashed in too simply because the Flames can’t accommodate them all.

          • Carl the tooth

            I think this is trevlings plan. If stone plays well flames will get at least a second rounder plus for him maybe even a late first round.after the summer showcase I wonder if flames just went up another notch in the power rankings.? Can’t wait for wjc now. So far it looks like anyone on flames defence could be expendable if this is what we got stocked in the cupboards.

          • Baalzamon

            I’ve ventured this prediction before, but here it comes again: Stone will be traded next summer before the draft. He won’t be traded at the deadline because the Flames need him for the playoffs, but after that they’ll bank on Andersson replacing him in full.

          • Carl the tooth

            Agreed not likely to be this year but what if o e if these prospects take another leap yet and they get a good offer on him anyone can be traded at anytime of the price is right

      • TheoForever

        Good for you that Yamo, is fan to watch, too bad the US GM didn’t single him out for being impressive.
        He did mention Fox and his outstanding all around play, plus 3G-4A in 2 games, not bad for a d-man.
        You guys enjoy Phillips light.

          • madjam

            Not at all . USA coach had him on their first line , killing penalties and screening the goalies very effectively – pretty impressive for someone that size . Puljujarvi never even bothered to play in this tourney despite only being 4 months older than Yamamoto . Oilers have many impressive players in their pipeline , as they are not all making team first crack as much . Some other Oilers that look to be good are E.Bear , Caleb Jones , R. Mantha , T.Benson Z.Paigin , J.Gamberdella , A.Rasenen , K. Maximov, O.Safin, D.Samorukov ,and goalies D.Wells , Skinner and Starrett . We will hopefully see most playing in Penticton series this September . Will be fun to see how Flames match up to them the Canucks and Winnipeg . Chia’s done well to restock the rookie and AHL talent this year for the Oilers . Funny – Staples column on Yamamoto has him saying they are all “oohing and awing” about Kailer at the summer tourney .

          • TheoForever

            And yet even with Pulju and Yamo your prospects are way behind ours.
            If Pulju graduates and it is big if, you guys are dropping to something like #27. So, clearly your prospect pool is one of the worst in the NHL. Yet, you come here and brag about bunch of prospect that don’t make our top 15……..

          • TheoForever

            to the two of my coiler followers, that read everything I say, thank you…
            ……… and yeah……..pulju looked great……… 1g in 28 games and coach who refused to play him, really impressive…….

          • madjam

            Oilers I believe won last two Penticton tourneys and Jesse was leading scorer in tourney last season . Oilers much deeper than you give them credit for . Jesse not staying up with main club , a testament of how it is more difficult to crack Oiler lineup full time now . This season he may very well have a Draisaitl (second year) type leap in production .

          • TheoForever

            What does pulju junior tournament have to do with the fact he couldn’t stay with the NHL club because he completely sucked. Yeah, he could be Drysaddle or he could be Yak, but you have to brag either way before the chickens hatch.

          • Carl the tooth

            Pukejarvi is lost out there I predicted he would be sent back first time I seen him play . He’s positioning is not even ahl worthy let alone his defencive play . He’s got a good shot and he’s big . I wouldn’t be surprised if he got sent back again if he starts the season .

        • HOCKEY83

          Actually Yamomato was singled out as having a great tournament and what’s the problem with both teams having great prospects? Certainly wouldn’t mind having Yamomato as a flames prospect and only a person who doesn’t have any hockey knowledge at all wouldn’t want Fox as a prospect on their team.

          • TheoForever

            I already told them I like Yamo and thought he looked a lot like eatbread who I think is a great prospect, they didn’t like the phillips comparison either, even with preference for yamo,……….., so back to phillips over yamo………….

          • Carl the tooth

            Our 6th pick Phillips a.k.a “the Assassin” is better than your first rounder or at least comparable but funny that there trying to argue who’s better Phillips or Yamato. Just throwing it out there: if flames take another step and Hamilton reaches 50 plus points maybe even 60 plus. Does he go to Allstar game ?.

          • Carl the tooth

            Jankowski what he did in ahl last year is very impressive and exiting.hes not a speedy flashy player he’s a pivot , a calculated poised player .(frozen four championship ) .protects the Puck at a NHL caliber level and he will only get bigger and faster and better .hes not a flash in the pan fluke (yakupov ) the nail (chuckle chuckle ). Jankowski controls and slows down the play can play all situations.dominated the ahl as a topline centre for very gone reason and his style and smarts /ability will transition to NHL and he will have immediate impact .

          • Carl the tooth

            Jankowski could have played in NHL last year and made impact if flames weren’t so deep at centre and it stajans he would have been locked in sometime last year . If mangiapane was carried a bit possibly by jank and Hathaway otherwise I probably would have even had mangiapane almost in the top 5 prospect list . Gillies stats still are pretty decent for a rookie I may have had him too low as well I just seen some highlights of him getting beat by some easy clear shots he looks to be a bit jekle and Hyde but. Owning back from injury and surgery at that I’d say he did pretty good and very likely to be better he’s just not very consistent at the moment. But you don’t usually make post season unless your no.center succeeds.your no.1goalie and your top d .klington /Anderson ) the fact that Stockton made it there basically caried by rookies I think shows how deep the prospect core is .? That these guys are already very close to NHL .

        • Carl the tooth

          Don’t forget the captain of Finland hmmmmm valamaki ooooooops did flames do it again (chuckle chuckle) call it ” he drafts………heeeeee scooooooooooooreessssss!!!! “

          • Carl the tooth

            Trevling gm of the year …. he will play centre at the allstars game at this pace too (chuckle ,chuckle!) he’s got my vote . 1 vote for tthe trevmiester!!!

    • HOCKEY83

      Sam Steel looks like he’s going to be an absolute superstar for Anaheim
      Tyler Raddysh was very good
      Pierre-Luc Dubois finally is starting to show why Columbus made that pick in last years draft.
      Those 3 played the best for Canada in that game

      Casey Mittlestadt looks like a very good prospect for Buffalo
      Fox was clearly the best player of the tourney
      Riley Tufte and Oettinger are very good prospects for Dallas. both did very well.
      Kailer Yamamoto – looks like Edmonton has a great prospect in him.
      Toronto has to be very please with Lijegrin’s effort. He was solid.
      Poehling was pretty good to. USA has a great team but so does Canada. Fox Certainly is a Team Canada killer though. 3 points in the gold medal loss in last season’s U20 and 5 points yesterday.

  • oilcanboyd

    It is possible that at 19 Fox could be on the USA Olympic team. According to the guys calling the game.
    I thought that college players would lose college eligibility, if they played against pros . And there may be a few pros playing in 2018.

  • HOCKEY83

    Next up

    September 8-11, 2017
    Young Stars Classic in Penticton

    Game 1 Edmonton vs. Calgary Sept. 8 4:00 PM
    Game 2 Vancouver vs. Winnipeg Sept. 8 7:30 PM
    Game 3 Winnipeg vs. Edmonton Sept. 9 7:30 PM
    Game 4 Calgary vs. Vancouver Sept. 10 2:00 PM
    Game 5 Winnipeg vs. Calgary Sept. 11 10:30 AM
    Game 6 Vancouver vs. Edmonton Sept. 11 2:00 PM

  • The Penn

    I live in the Penn and can’t wait for the young stars tournament to .start .The Flames are in Great shape as far as their prospect pool . What worries me is that there is no room for them to move into the lineup .

    • Carl the tooth

      Flames need to get them selves in a position that they can try there prospects more if there dominating and far ahead of the pack it’s easier to get you prospects more NHL games like Detroit of old . They.could control there player development more because of there consistent winning record and usaully always being ahead .

  • Just.Visiting

    Off topic, but does anyone else on a Mac have problems signing in, since the new page format was introduced? The system doesn’t accept me on the article on which I want to comment unless I go to another article first. Very irritating.