FlamesNation Top 20 Prospects: The no-votes and runners up

It’s that time of year again! August is upon us, and it’s probably the deadest month of the hockey calendar. While June has the end of the playoffs and the draft, July has the start of free agency, and September has rookie and training camp, August has… um…

Yeah. So, as is our annual tradition here at FlamesNation, it’s time to rank the prospects!

Our top 20 list kicks off tomorrow, and will run over the course of the remaining August weekdays until we just don’t have any more left (so Sept. 1, then). Then we’ll be much closer to the start of the season, and can hopefully go back to our regularly scheduled, “But which line does it make the most sense for Matthew Tkachuk to play on??” posts, but maybe with more actual information.

Not all prospects are included on this list: only the ones eligible to win the Calder Trophy are. The requirements for that are to be under 25 years old for this season and have played fewer than 25 NHL games. So Tkachuk obviously does not count, nor does someone like Garnet Hathaway. We had 32 players to choose between, though! Most of them probably won’t get a sniff of NHL action this upcoming season, but we’re hopeful some of the older, bigger names will pop the Calder eligibility cherry and establish themselves.

As always: the seven of us are not necessarily experts, just very passionate nerds who spend too much time thinking about this stuff and succumbing to our own biases. Fortunately, we also get to talk to people who have watched many of these players, so we can get some of our preconceptions confirmed by their expertise. And while lists are finicky things, we all did our best, and I think the final list is rooted in reality.

With that said, let’s take a look at the guys who didn’t make the cut.

No votes

While some prospects are very much good, some don’t have much reason to be on anyone’s radar. That especially holds true for these guys, who didn’t get a single top 20 vote from any of us:

  • Austin Carroll
  • Zach Fischer
  • Pavel Karnaukhov
  • Mitchell Mattson
  • Mason McDonald
  • Brett Pollock
  • Nick Schneider
  • Hunter Smith
  • Filip Sveningsson

I don’t think any of these names are particularly surprising. Some – McDonald and Pollock – fell off of last year’s top 20, but spending the entire season in the ECHL will do that. Some – Fischer and Sveningsson – were only just drafted. Karnaukhov is probably not going to play hockey in North America again, so why bother? Mattson spent the entire year in the USHL, and Carroll and Smith are more of the “they’re big, so they have to prove they cannot play” type.

Runners up

They didn’t get many votes, but they made a couple of top 20 lists, which basically makes them runners up. They are:

  • Josh Healey
  • D’Artagnan Joly
  • Linus Lindstrom

Healey and Joly are newcomers – Joly just drafted, Healey picked up as a free agent out of college – who still have a lot to prove. Meanwhile, Lindstrom is playing over in Sweden, so we basically don’t get to see him at all. Some voters recognized he has potential and included him on their lists, but there’s probably a bit of North American bias present here.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for prospect #20!

  • Atomic Clown

    I’m surprised at the trajectory MacDonald’s career has taken. I guess all the second round picks in 2014 do suck (Smith, MacDonald). With the logjam we have in net, does that make MacDonald expendable? Is there a team severely lacking in goalie prospects that would take him off our hands for like a 3rd/4th? Hunter Smith comes for free

    • The GREAT WW

      I’m not surprised at all. I called it a terrible draft for the Flames on this blog 3 years ago……

      Don’t forget the third round: Brandon Hickey and Brandon Bolig trade……

      I’m just hoping that Bennett kid turns into something special…


    • supra steve

      MacDonald is certainly expendable at this point, though I still wouldn’t bet my life savings against the possibility that he could become an NHL tender. Smith took a few years to really establish himself in the OHL, so who knows, he could show real improvement over the next year or two, but again, I wouldn’t bet a lot on that happening. So…if there is any kind of decent return, sure, move them. But if the return is close to zero, the better option is to be patient and just let just them play.

      • HOCKEY83

        A couple of seasons ago the Flames cleaned house and just didn’t qualify a bunch of prospects. Who’s to say they won’t just do that again next season when they have 12 RFA’s. Kenny Agostino is a notable player they chose not to qualify that year and the very next season he was the best in the AHL and will more than likely be a very good player for Boston this season. Being so deep in the Goal and D areas they may just let the lesser players walk like they did prior to the 2015-16 season.

    • HOCKEY83

      Over the last few seasons a rookie candidate has to be playing enough minutes to get at least 60 points for a forward maybe 35 to 40 points for a Dman and 30 to 40 games for a rookie goalie and wind up with great stats at the end of the season to be considered for the Calder.

      The Flames won’t be putting anyone on the ice this season playing top minutes on the team in any position as a rookie. So a rookie candidate for the flames this season seems unattainable. Last season we had Tkachuk who gave it a very good effort with 48 points. The season before it was Bennett who didn’t do as well with 36 points. Before that Gaudreau and Stone’s 64 points lost out to Ekblad’s 39 point rookie season as a young Dman which considering the year Werenski had last season as a rookie D he should have won over Matthews comparatively. Before that Monny put in a similar effort to Bennett with 35 points but nowhere near good enough. Last 4 seasons The Flames did have a star quality player they were adding to the roster that we all knew was going to get top line minutes that could potentially make a potential bid for the Calder but this season not at all. So my guess will be no one will be in the running from the Flames.

      • Carl the tooth

        Foo if he made the team could be a guy who could challenge a Calder possibly or how about rasmus Anderson ? Or if lack or smith got hurt and gillies or rittich came in could they possibly put up a Calder season ?

  • T&A4Flames

    I think Fischer will surprise some people and make this list next year. Also, I wouldn’t count out Schneider from becoming a Goalie prospect worth speaking of.

  • everton fc

    Fisher is better than Joly. See bw – from Prospect Info.com – sounds a bit like Ferland:

    Join Date: Sep 2006

    Location: Medicine Hat

    Country: Canada

    Posts: 145
    vCash: 500

    I don’t think this is an odd pick at all. Fischer was behind in the Tigers depth chart and had some unlucky injuries early in his career.

    2 seasons ago he had something like 13 points in 32 games and 10 of them came in the last 10 games after he was promoted to the top line..which is why he wasn’t even on the draft radar at all.

    Last season he exploded, becoming one of the premier power forwards in the whl.
    He has a controlled feistynes to his game. He is aggressive and takes numbers but waits until a prime opportunity to lay down his revenge.

    He is very poised and patient with the puck. His size allows him to be aggressive keeping control of the puck, or laying out a big hit. He was pretty much the Tigers enforcer last season and still put up a point per game.
    He is still a bit raw, but their is a really good deal of potential in him. I think he was on a lot of teams lists to get picked in the later rounds. He went from a 4th liner to the top line in a matter of 10 games and kept that up this past season. I look forward to him becoming a dominant player next season for the Tigers, and I kinda hope the flames don’t try to sign him for the AHL. “

    • McRib

      Fischer is two years old then Joly at a very pivotal age. Joly is going to be leaps and bounds better than Fischer in two years. I just hope Fischer ends up better than Austin Carroll (another player drafted at 19 years old). Fischer will be one of the oldest players in the WHL next year, he should be a dominant player he is 20 years old.

      • McRib

        I don’t completely dislike the Fischer pick (although I would have drafted a younger player with far more upside like Brett Davis in Kootenay), but it’s unwise to compare someone two years younger to someone else at a very pivotal age with two years of big time growth left for Joly. Fischers WHL PPG at Jolys age was 0.18, Joly had 0.76 this year.

        • McRib

          People were saying the same thing when we drafted Austin Carroll, but he completely plateaued because he was drafted at 19 years old!!! Michael Ferland had 1.41 PPG at 19 years old, compared to Fischers 1.02 PPG.

  • The Doctor

    Carroll and Pollock both disappointed me a bit. They both showed considerable scoring ability in junior – plus Carroll played with some nastiness. Both fell totally flat in pro.

    • everton fc

      I agree on Pollock. I think Carroll’s still got potential. And he’s better than Hunter Smith.

      Carroll still plays w/an edge. He may simply be learning to control that edge, which is a good thing, perhaps. I see Carroll having a very good year, in Stockton. Pollock could, indeed, be a bust…

          • TheoForever

            Thanks. Let’s hope he has gotten better at judging talent, because he will probably be on the panel picking our top prospects, and then God help us all………… 🙂

          • OKG

            Not sure he’s gotten much better. He has never evaluated prospects based on what they can and could do, but rather bases all evaluations on NHLe, even though we know how flawed and incomplete a stat NHLe is.

          • Hi, thanks for writing. To answer your question, the article was the main reason I write here now, where I’m paid to talk about my favourite team. Basically, imagine getting money to do the thing you love. It’s pretty nice. Certainly much better than still being mad over a 1.5 year old article ?

          • TheoForever

            Not mad about it, it was your opinion, it’s cool. Lots of people were taking shots at Feaster for this one. I thought it was a good pick at the time, still do. I think we will have a 2C, 50 point two-way center in couple of years. Incidentally, Janko makes the team this year and plays solid 2-way game, and gets 33 points minimum.

          • OKG

            I’m not sure anyone’s “mad” about your article. But it’s certainly a standing testament to your credibility. I know I’ve said some outlandish things in the past and I stand by those statements 1.5+ years later because there’s no egg in my face. For example I said this 11 months ago:

            “Personally I think Gillies is overhyped. Not necessarily overrated (he’s a strong goalie prospect) but overhyped (We should be happy if he becomes an NHL 1B backup).

            Also putting GIllies at 3… that puts Shinkaruk at 2 ahead of Kylington and Jankowksi.

            Hah. Okay there FN. We’re all entitled to our opinions. But you guys are way too high on Shinkaruk. 5’10” AHL scoring dynamos in their early twenties… Granlund, Pulkinnen, Tatar, Baertschi. I would love to hear what separates Shinkaruk from that pack… all fine prospects at one point but none ever “elite”. If Shinkaruk even becomes Jiri Hudler it would be a home run for him right now. I don’t dislike him in fact I love watching him play the game but our pool has at least four to six better prospects.”

            I know my opinion didn’t change wildly. How about FN’s?

          • TheoForever

            I didn’t have much of an expectation of Shink and thought it was a bad trade.
            I would love him to show different, but he looks like a bust. I’m shocked FN had him rated that high. As a point of reference despite his performance in AHL I’m not seeing Klimchuk as much of an NHLer either but I would rank him ahead of Shink. Now Poirier on the other hand, he still could be very good.

          • Are we supposed to predict a guy getting injured and having his SH% crater for no real reason? I’ve re-read the eval and I’m not sure there’s something we said that was off-base. Hockey, and sports in general, are subject to randomness you can’t predict. Based on his 2015-16 season (dominant in the AHL, looked workable in the NHL), we said Shinkaruk was the #2 prospect. Based on his 2016-17 season, we probably won’t do the same.

            Speaking of changing opinions and old comments, I found a comment on that post from one OKG which ranks the prospects. That includes such judgements as:
            – Brandon Hickey is better than Brett Kulak
            -Jon Gillies and Mason McDonald are on the same level, and Tyler Parsons is far behind them
            -Adam Fox is not better than Adam Ollas Mattsson

            Curious to hear your response

      • Carl the tooth

        Feaster said he was next joe neiwyndyk.that jankowski would be best player from draft .still lots of time to prove that . Jankowski is right on time . 5 year projection comes full circle . Looks like another good 2 way centre.

    • OKG

      Klimchuk looked like an NHLer last year. His upside is probably a poor man’s Hagelin but he could definitely make it and make an impact in the bottom 6. I’ve got him ranked a bit low (14th) because I don’t think he’s a top 6 guy, but a 38-ish point 3rd liner who can kill penalties is not out of his scope.

      • Carl the tooth

        I was surprised klimchuck was. It so early in last years camp he stuck out to me as a guy who would be a pain on the fore check in NHL he’s fast smart and relentless. We could use a guy like him on pk too .

  • OKG

    Although I am expecting a mess of a jump-through-hoops-to-justify list based on “Flamesnation’s IBM Watson Trickle Down Technology” (and by that I mean someone’s iPhone spreadsheet app) with Jankowski at “honourable mention” and Spencer Foo at #1, here is what our actual Top 20 FWIW should look like based on my eyes:

    HM: Mason McDonald, Filip Sveningsson, D’Artagnan Joly, Mitchell Mattson, Adam Ruzicka, Zach Fischer, Rushan Rafikov

    20) Pavel Karnaukhov
    19) Linus Lindstrom
    18) Josh Healey
    17) Adam Ollas-Mattsson
    16) Eetu Tuulola
    15) Jon Gillies
    14) Morgan Klimchuk
    13) Emile Poirier
    12) Spencer Foo
    11) Matthew Phillips
    10) Brett Kulak
    9) Dillon Dube
    8) Andrew Mangiapane
    7) David Rittich
    6) Rasmus Andersson
    5) Juuso Valimaki
    4) Adam Fox
    3) Oliver Kylington
    2) Tyler Parsons
    1) Mark Jankowski

      • Puckhead

        Try your own list. It gets really hard after the first 5. Gilles didn’t have the best year with his injury and all. No reason he can’t jump back up the rankings if he shows well this year.

      • OKG

        This was my list a year ago:

        1A) Jankowski
        1B) Kylington
        1C) Tkachuk
        4) Andersson
        5) Shinkaruk
        6A) Gillies
        6B) McDonald
        8) Mangiapane
        9) Hickey
        10) Kulak
        11) Poirier
        12) Parsons
        13) Ollas-Mattsson
        14A) Dube
        14B) Fox
        16) Wotherspoon
        17) Pribyl
        18) Klimchuk
        19) Falkovsky
        20) Philips
        Tkachuk was amazeballs, I probably underrated him but I hadn’t seen a lot of him before we drafted him.
        Parsons shot up the rankings.
        Shinkaruk fell as he simply does not fit a Gulutzan type system the way he fit Hartley’s (our pool also got way deeper last year in his defense, there was no Foo and Karnaukhov hadn’t taken the huge step forward yet)
        Gillies fell (he’s turning 24 next season, it’s do-or-die time)
        McDonald fell hard (I still like him as a prospect but he needs a good year to stabilize his career)
        Hickey and Falkovsky are gone.
        Klimchuk rose a bit.
        Poor AOM, like Shinkaruk, seemed to drop by default.

        • The GREAT WW

          Ranking MacDonald at number 6 disqualifies you from any further comments on this topic.
          Did you fall and hit your head before putting this list together?!


    • Puffy

      How how HOW is Valimaki ranked higher than Andersson? Valimaki has yet to play a pro game. Heck Valimaki didn’t even accomplish as much as Ras when Ras was still in junior.

      Kylington you could at least argue being ranked higher due to his raw talent, but his decision making is still too flawed imo to say he’s further up the depth chart than fat Ras.

      • OKG

        Valimaki and Andersson are very close. However Juuso is bigger, faster, a more established goal scorer. He’s also more dynamic in his ability to jump into the rush, Andersson is a bit vanilla and scores most of his offense from the points.

        But we are splitting hairs.

        As for Kylington his mistakes get blown out of proportion by people who have seen less of him. Yes he can have off games and needs a bit more consistency overall but lost are the games where he can be nearly perfect. Small sample sizes of viewings have skewed peoples’ opinion of his game the wrong way.

  • Just.Visiting

    I’m looking forward to the series and the responses from posters. The top 20 list is stronger than for what seems like forever. Brad and the scouting staff and Feaster before him have done a much better job than had been the case for what seemed like forever. What I expect to be the top 7 or so (Janko, Ras, Parsons, Valimaki, Fox, Kylington, Gillies) are a source of great hope as we move to our window as a contender. We just need to follow the example of Pgh, Chicago and Nashville and make room for the prospects in an orderly manner.

      • BurningSensation


        In 1985 Calgary had;

        Gary Roberts
        Gary Sutter
        Jan Hrdina
        Paul Ranheim
        and some guy named Brett Hull

        All coming from just the 84 draft.

        Now THAT is a prospect pool

        • Carl the tooth

          Lee haven’t seen these guys full careers yet and I’m very fimiliar with flames 80s teams and this was the comparison. . I wasn’t just talking about 1 draft year either I was talking about a prospect pool. Even as far back as drafteing monahan or gadreau . if Parsons becomes a top 5 NHL goalie he’s got your list beat right there . If fox becomes a top 10 NHL defenceman . Dube could play defencive forward role In the NHL right now not sure about his offence yet but it’s not like he’s been playing with Canada’s top scorers or pp time .

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I think people are under estimating Mangi. He seems to have enough grit and skill along the lines of Marchand. In fact his Junior and AHL stats greatly exceed Marchand’s. He seems like he could be a 20 goal guy in the NHL.

  • OKG

    Simply Put, it was always a bad opinion to have Shinkaruk as a better prospect than the likes of Kylington, Jankowski, and Andersson. It was off-base then, and it’d be off-base now. If you can’t identify why that is the case, then that speaks poorly to your evaluation skills.

    Re: Brandon Hickey is better than Brett Kulak – this was not a bad opinion a year ago. And Hickey may very well skyrocket past Kulak next year. Right now I would have Kulak marginally ahead because I have some reservations about Hickey’s first pass that never progressed. And yes a lack of progression is a good reason to sour on prospects. Progression is not however measured by NHLe.

    A year ago Tyler Parsons was an undersized goalie prospect playing behind a powerhouse roster. Even if I liked him (I did) it was reasonable to think a smaller goalie didn’t have the same ceiling as McDonald/Gillies. But he progressed. Gillies/McDonald did not. And Gillies/McDonald are still roughly the same tier of prospecr. One will be playing his 21 year old season next year, the other will be 24 by April, so I would hope Gillies is further along. McDonald had a tough time adjusting to the pro game… but Gillies was still playing amateur hockey at age 21, which McDonald had yet to turn last year. Both still have solid ceilings but prospects are judged by progression, which these two didn’t do. And no progression is not measured by SV%.

    As for Fox and Mattson, Fox hadn’t played a game of college hockey at the time and his stats on a stacked Team USA roster with Keller et al were dubious. It takes a real talent for me to buy any hype about a sub 6’0 defenseman. I have seen plenty of Joey Laleggias and Chad Billins come and go, and at thd time Fox was 17 years old. AOM is also an excellent prospect with Hjalmarsson type upside. Ranking a 17 year old too low is a far cry from ranking a 20 year old Jankowski too low.. we had four years of actually watching this beautiful hockey player grow into a beast and you thought (still think?) he was a scrub with no value. That is a bad opinion. One informed by little more than stubborn dogmatic faith in NHLe and NHLe alone.

  • L13

    Oh, and before the countdown starts, here is my top 10:

    1. Fox
    2. Parsons
    3. Jankowski
    4. Välimäki
    5. Andersson
    6. Mangiapane
    7. Kylington
    8. Gillies
    9. Dubé
    10. Phillips

    Let’s see how closely it resembles FN’s.

    • oilcanboyd

      Ranking Parsons that high at this stage of his career, when he doesn’t have any pro experience to evaluate…hmmm. Don’t get carried away…Put him in the top 10 based on junior career..

  • TheoForever

    My top 10:
    1) Jankowski
    2) Andersson
    3) Valimaki
    4) Parsons
    5) Fox
    12)Rittich *not sure why here, right now he is better than Gillies*

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Here goes…

    1. Jankowski
    – been aging for 6 years like a fine wine, highly under valued and under appreciated…continues to play better at higher levels.
    2. Parsons
    – it is hard not to believe the hype. Has yet to play a pro game but most experts see him as the real deal.
    3. Anderson
    -the challenge went out to improve his fitness and was received loud and clear. Seems to have ice in his veins on the backend.
    4. Valimaki
    – tough choice hear between him and Fox but I believe Valimaki has less holes in his game which translates better to the pro game.
    5. Fox
    -regency bias aside, Fox continues to write the record book at the NCAA level and shines at the International level.
    6. Gillies
    – people need to remember that prior to his injury he had recorded 2 shutouts in his first 4 games but only recorded 1 all last year. A full off-season season of training should help bring him back to form.
    7. Mangiapane
    – a little off the board but for a player that was a walk on in the OHL and not drafted his first year, he has elite skating and shot with a mix of grit….Marchand-esqu.
    8. Kjillington
    – not as high on him as others seem to be, great tools without the toolbox. If he puts it all together…watch out
    9. Rittich
    – has been completely over shadowed by Gillies despite 5 shutouts and stealing the starting role in the playoffs. He seems to be able to lock himself into a game and not show cracks.
    10. Phillips
    – his elusiveness sets him apart from even NHL players. Scores goals that only a handful of elite players can. Could be a Byron type player that is not gifted top 6 minutes.

    • TheoForever

      Love the hype. Parsons has jumped to 20th spot in the redraft. He is considered by many outside of the organization as the best goalie prospect around. Some, have said they have not seen a goalie dominate junior like Parsons has, for a decade. We got gold here.

      • Carl the tooth

        This was a hard top prospects list to do ,I changed it many times the fact is we’re stacked with potential absolutely over flowing with a phethora prospect s and very good reason why flames only let go a coulée rfas that were pretty obvious .why did trevling figure he. Oils trade a couple picks away it’s pretty obvious no room lol . Where do most people have Phillips in the list if at all and there’s good chance he makes wjc . Thx for foo there’s a bonus that’s like a first round pick . Jankowski put up similar numbers as a centre except for foo,s breakout year there about the same age I’d say there both potential for playing on a secondline one day . Foo will dominate Ahl and likely be forced to call him.

    • Kevin R

      Not judging you on your top 10 or order of who you have. These 10 guys certainly are worth mentioning on a list like this. I may be inclined to put Kulak as #10 as he is NHL ready, played NHL games & that has to be worth more than pie in the sky untested potential. Perhaps an NHL ready Lazar would slot ahead of Phillips as well. If not I think looking at this & the positions that make up this list 3 goalies, 4 & arguably 5 D & 2 possibly 3 forwards, I see a deficiency at the forward level.

      Personally, I hope one of our young goalies rise & outperform Lack for that backup spot behind Smith. I still deep down would have liked to see us not bother with Lack & just let Gilles, Riitch & Parsons scrap for the NHL paycheque this year with the other 2 manning the nets in Stockton.

      I also think one of these D (I pick on Kylington because he has value but I’m concerned he’s about to get leap frogged by Vitamaki & Fox & he has been leap frogged by Kulak & Anderson) & try to acquire a young potential hi ceiling top 6. Why couldn’t we have gone after Drouin? Just saying. Many want to keep the 3M line intact, how sweet would Bennett & him to form a line.

      Such a deep prospect pool compared to what we are used to but I take a crack at the top 10 myself:
      1/ Janko: He’s NHL ready & possibly the plan B & heir to Backlund if we can’t get Backs resigned
      2/ Anderson: I think he is NHL ready as well, just won’t get a shot at a regular spot unless there is injuries
      3/Parsons: I think he is the future in net & some way some how Tre needs to get him starting in Stocton Oct.
      4/Lazar: I believe he still considered a prospect, is NHL ready & will get his NHL shot next year
      5/Kulak: He is NHL ready, not sure what his ceiling is bottom pairing or top4 but should get his chance Oct.
      6/Valimaki: This kid may get a 9 game NHL audition if he’s focused enough
      7/ Fox: Pretty excited about this kid, please sign him as soon as humanly possible
      8/Kylington: On most other NHL teams, he would be their top D prospect, huge trade potential here
      9/ Foo: The kid may be unproven but he is going to get a better look at our lineup than others not mentioned yet
      10/Gilles/Riitch: Flip a coin. At some point this year one of these two is going to be left behind on the depth chart

      Just a humble fans opinion :-> Be sure to enjoy some beers & BBQ today!

      • Kevin R

        Ok, so Theo has advised Lazar has played too many NHL games to be a prospect, so remove Lazar from #4 & then move everyone up a notch & put Gilles as #9 & Riitch as #10 by himself.

  • BurningSensation

    My list of top Flames prospects;

    1. Jankowski

    His even strength scoring in the AHL suggests a 3rd line or better future.

    2. Andersson
    Right shot D who can play both ways, and is almost ready. Has a little Zubov in his game.

    3. Fox
    Reminds me of a young Phil Housley

    4. Parsons
    Smaller sample size, and he lacks prototype size, but his resume is excellent

    5. Vallimaki
    I’m still amazed we got him in the draft, prototype size and two-way ability, and stats that indicate he may be a future top pair guy.

    6. Kyllington
    All the tools, needs to find a toolbox.

    7. Gillies
    If he can avoid injury, I still see him as franchise goaltender in the making

    8. Shinkaruk
    His AHL stats are legit, but he’s badly logjammed at LW for a scoring role

    9. Dube
    A lovely high skill two-way C

    10. Phillips
    Offense offense offense. It has to be his calling card, or he won’t make it.

    • Carl the tooth

      1 : parsons. Top NHL potential
      2 : valimaki. No. 1 two way d
      3 : fox. No.1. Offensive d
      4 : Anderson. Top 4. D
      5: Dube. 3rdline two way
      6:jankowski Middle 6 cen
      7:foo. Middle 6 wing
      8:klington. Top 4 off D.
      9: phillips Middle 6 scorer. 10:Gillies NHL backup
      11: mangiapane. 3rd line scorer
      12: klimchuck. Utility/energy

      The reasoning behind this list is more of potential over NHL availability.otherwise jankowski I would also have much higher but do to his age also . As far as value I went be potential position a goalie has more value than a defenceman or a top 4 defenceman has more value than a 3rdlune centre or centre over wingers at equal skill set comparison.

      • Carl the tooth

        Only 1 game in NHL for jankowski but I thought he played a perfect game and looked like he. Could be an immediate impact player . Last time I seen a player that stood out in there first game I think his name was Johnny hockey lol not saying jank is gonna be a topline offensive threat but he will be a to tier 3 Rd line centre at the very least

        • Carl the tooth

          Don’t be surprised if he becomes flames secondline centre one day .i love bennet and still believe it’s his spot in a year or two .but who knows he could get traded all sudden hope not but if that happens one day who will succeed backlund if not bennet ? Jank.dube.lazar etc?

      • Carl the tooth

        I’m not sure the rest have done enough to mention much except maybe poirier,lomberg
        :13 poirier
        :14 lomberg
        :15ollas mattson
        :16 linstrom
        :17 Healy
        :18 Fischer
        :19 ruzicka
        :20 Mcdonald

    • Carl the tooth

      Ahhh forgot about shinkaruk I’d have to put him right behind jankowski and ahead of Foo at the moment. Just curious to spark the convo I asked it in another thread before . Who will be the next captain !of the flames ? ?? (Backlund . Bennet . Monahan ) Hamilton? Gio will be here for awhile yet a lot can change but just curious?

  • oilcanboyd

    I don’t give much credence to ranking prospects 1 to 20. Why not rank them according to when they will likely make the NHL? Group them – next season, 2 years from now, 3 or more years, unlikely.

    • Carl the tooth

      Ok if I went by nhl ready
      1: jankowski
      13: Phillips

      Again this is not who I think are going to be the best players but the order In which they could potentially be ready for NHL .having Phillips and mangiapane about 3-4 years from NHL . Watch for poirier to reclaim some rank .same with gillies .