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Leafs are giddy about Marleau, Oilers close to Stanley Cup, could Iginla return to Calgary, someone has to go in Detroit, Jake Virtanen, John Tavares, the Olympics and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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12 reasons to be fired up about Patrick Marleau (Jon Steitzer)

Were the Leafs lucky to make the playoffs? (Scott Maxwell)

Leafs: Loving the depth (Jon Steitzer)

Replacing mom’s Gilmour sweater (Mike Commito)


Canucks prospects at the World Junior summer showcase (Ryan Biech)

J.D. Burke on TSN1040 talks Jake Virtanen (Listen)


Detroit: Someone likely has to go (Cam Lewis)

Analyzing the Wings prospect pool (Cameron Kuom)


Mike Smith and Eddie Lack show off new goalie gear (Ari Yanover)

Under what circumstances does an Iginla return make sense (Christian Roatis)

Prospect performances at the World Junior summer showcase (Ari Yanover)


Does Johansen’s contract affect Draisaitl (Baggedmilk)

Top 100 Oilers: Esa Tikkanen (Robin Brownlee)

Connor McDavid talks 17-18 expectations (Baggedmilk)

Strome: “I think we are really close to winning the Stanley Cup” (Baggedmilk)

Lets not talk about the Gretzky trade (Baggedmilk)

Talbot named one of the NHL’s best goaltender’s (Zach Laing)

Hockeyfights.com – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network

Latest: NHL and 2018 Olympics (Cam Lewis)

NHL Notebook: Tavares, the Islanders and Nate Schmidt (Christian Pagnani)

Bathrooms at Rogers Place in Edmonton get upgraded (Baggedmilk)

Roundtable: Pondering the Jets forward usage (Art Middleton)

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    Mike Smith and Lack show off their new goalie equipment…… How does the saying go? Oh Ya, You can dress them up but you can’t take them out, in this case it’s the complete opposite lol. You can dress Smith and Lack and you will be taking them out .
    Iggy wants to sign for a contender so calgary is out, end of blog.

  • TurkeyLips

    Taking out the bat and beating this bloody horse dead.

    Can site provider “TrewKnowledge” get their digital act together and give us some better comment infrastructure than this crap?

    – Properly logging in requires a site refresh on mobile. Mildly annoying
    – Commenter response tree makes no functional sense.
    – Typo errors are there to stay, often changing the context of an entire post.

    Let’s not act like they’re reprogramming an Apollo Landing algorithm.
    Time to ramp up the pressure, Nation Network

  • Puckhead

    To DIKAL and Tombstone….

    So you know, if we ever cross paths and you’re in need, I will be the first person to help.

    It’s a great rivalry.

    “Keep on carrying on”

    • DeepPlayoffPushPriceless

      Listen bum bum yum yum ? you really have something wrong with you . You strike me as a complete pervert and you’re calling other people inbred?

      • HOCKEY83

        You people are turning what was once a decent hockey talk site into one of the most moronic hockey sites on the net. The Flames fans constantly fuel the Oiler trolls comments. I’m shocked that the writers at this site are ok with taking the time to write a decent article regarding knowledgeable hockey talk and then having these idiots just ruin it all every single day by their lack of respect for the writer and what used to be a pretty good hockey site. Every day every article starts out with comments regarding the article topic but then turns to Flames and Oiler fans insulting each other not even relating to the article.It’s as though you are all 12 years old and perhaps that is the case. Seriously this page today is an embarrassment to the website and the writers.

          • LAKID

            Calling members Idiots? and 12 year kids? I don’t see anyone disrespecting the writer? The fact is there is one topic that was posted by myself and it went the way it did. If there wasn’t a topic with some response this post would be dead and nobody would be commenting at all. With all do respect contribute.

  • Mr. J

    I have an idea !!!! How about we cut out the personal attacks and stick to hockey- The Flames suck and the Oilers rule. Like that.

    Some y’all really do need to get a thicker skin though…

      • LAKID

        Don’t matter Cheeto, and you know it. Oilers are the all mighty power in the Pacific. fleas have no goaltending or offence. calgary is not rebuilding they are moving into a new arena in Seattle or Quebec.


    Patrick Marleau’s contract is bad, bad, way bad for the Leafs. What are they thinking? The Sharks considered him washed up 2 years ago ( for his price tag). The Leafs have to sign Matthews,Nylander and Marner in the next year or two. To keep Matthews in Toronto it will cost 15 Million, Nylander and Marner if they stay at their current pace and improve 7-8 Million each. Rumour has it Veteran players do not like to play for Babcock and after a few years when the young guns get paid they may not either. Someone will have to go and it won’t be Marleau with that contract.

    • LAKID

      Matthews will be offer sheeted by the Arizona or Las Vegas one would think and that’s why Toronto will have to match at 15 Million. Las Vegas will be in a perfect spot by then to give up 4 -1st round picks for Matthews as they will have a team that looks similiar to the Leafs today or even better. Las Vegas could be battling Edmonton for the #1 spot in the Pacific in 3-4 years while teams like the Ducks,Sharks and flames are in a rebuilding .