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Flames announce main camp schedule and roster

The Calgary Flames have officially announced the start of main training camp. Ignoring all the hustle and bustle of off-ice business, on-ice business kicks off on Thursday with fitness testing for veterans and then with on-ice sessions beginning Friday.

Here’s a look at who’s coming to camp!

Goaltenders (7)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Waivers?
32 Jon Gillies 23 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft No
31 Eddie Lack 29 Carolina (NHL) Trade Yes
72 Mason McDonald 21 Adirondack (ECHL) 2014 Draft No
82 Tyler Parsons 20 London (OHL) 2016 Draft No
33 David Rittich 25 Stockton (AHL) Free agency No
70 Nick Schneider 20 Medicine Hat (WHL) Free agency No
41 Mike Smith 35 Arizona (NHL) Trade Yes

Defensemen (21)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Shot Waivers?
54 Rasmus Andersson 20 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft R No
44 Matt Bartkowski 29 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
7 T.J. Brodie 27 Calgary (NHL) 2008 Draft L Yes
43 Kayle Doetzel 22 Stockton (AHL) AHL contract R N/A
5 Mark Giordano 33 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
27 Dougie Hamilton 24 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
24 Travis Hamonic 27 NY Islanders (NHL) Trade R Yes
85 Josh Healey 24 Ohio State (NCAA) Free agency L No
78 Tyson Helgesen 20 Spokane (WHL) Try-out L N/A
61 Brett Kulak 23 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft L Yes
58 Oliver Kylington 20 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft L No
39 Daniel Maggio 26 Orlando (ECHL) Try-out R N/A
68 Adam Ollas Mattsson 21 Djurgardens IF (SHL) 2014 Draft L N/A
55 Dylan Olsen 26 Nanton (RHL) Try-out L N/A
65 Colby Robak 27 Utica (AHL) Try-out L N/A
98 Sam Ruopp 21 Prince George (WHL) Try-out L N/A
26 Michael Stone 27 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
42 Juuso Valimaki 18 Tri-City (WHL) 2017 Draft L No
73 Cliff Watson 23 Michigan Tech (NCAA) Try-out L N/A
4 Tyler Wotherspoon 24 Stockton (AHL) 2011 Draft L Yes
53 Oleg Yevenko 26 Cleveland (AHL) AHL contract L N/A

Forwards (40)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Shot Waivers?
11 Mikael Backlund 28 Calgary (NHL) 2007 Draft L Yes
93 Sam Bennett 21 Calgary (NHL) 2014 Draft L Yes
36 Troy Brouwer 32 Calgary (NHL) Free agency R Yes
62 Austin Carroll 23 Stockton (AHL) 2014 Draft R No
64 Joseph Cramarossa 24 Vancouver (NHL) Try-out L N/A
89 Sam Dove-McFalls 20 Saint John (QMJHL) Try-out L N/A
59 Dillon Dube 19 Kelowna (WHL) 2016 Draft L No
79 Micheal Ferland 25 Calgary (NHL) 2009 Draft L Yes
76 Brett Findlay 24 Toronto (AHL) AHL contract L N/A
48 Zach Fischer 20 Medicine Hat (WHL) 2017 Draft R N/A
15 Spencer Foo 23 Union College (NCAA) Free agency R No
67 Michael Frolik 29 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
13 Johnny Gaudreau 24 Calgary (NHL) 2011 Draft L Yes
80 Glenn Gawdin 20 Swift Current (WHL) Try-out R N/A
17 Luke Gazdic 28 Albany (AHL) Free agency L Yes
51 Tanner Glass 33 Hartford (AHL) Try-out L Yes
25 Freddie Hamilton 25 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
21 Garnet Hathaway 25 Stockton (AHL) Free agency R Yes
97 Ben Hawerchuk 19 Barrie (OHL) Try-out L N/A
46 Marek Hrivik 26 Hartford (AHL) Free agency L Yes
77 Mark Jankowski 22 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft L No
45 Morgan Klimchuk 22 Stockton (AHL) 2013 Draft L No
20 Curtis Lazar 22 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
56 Ryan Lomberg 22 Stockton (AHL) Free agency L No
57 Joel Lowry 25 Ontario (AHL) Try-out L N/A
88 Andrew Mangiapane 21 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft L No
23 Sean Monahan 22 Calgary (NHL) 2013 Draft L Yes
84 Brad Morrison 20 Vancouver (WHL) Try-out L N/A
37 Rod Pelley 33 Albany (AHL) AHL contract L N/A
47 Matthew Phillips 19 Victoria (WHL) 2016 Draft R N/A
28 Emile Poirier 22 Stockton (AHL) 2013 Draft L Yes
60 Brett Pollock 21 Adirondack (ECHL) 2014 Draft L No
74 Daniel Pribyl 24 Stockton (AHL) Free agency R No
50 Mark Rassell 20 Medicine Hat (WHL) Try-out L N/A
63 Adam Ruzicka 18 Sarnia (OHL) 2017 Draft L N/A
49 Hunter Shinkaruk 22 Stockton (AHL) Trade L Yes
71 Hunter Smith 21 Stockton (AHL) 2014 Draft R No
18 Matt Stajan 33 Calgary (NHL) Trade L Yes
19 Matthew Tkachuk 19 Calgary (NHL) 2016 Draft L No
10 Kris Versteeg 31 Calgary (NHL) Free agency R Yes


Among the try-out players invited to camp:

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  • Dave Lowry’s son Joel
  • Oleg Yevenko, a big Belarusian who was a farmhand when the AHL club was in Adirondack
  • Colby Robak, who was with the Stockton Heat for a bit last year before joining the Utica Comets
  • Every try-out player invited to Penticton

The Veterans

To ensure that preseason games are actually worth attending, teams are required to dress at least eight “veteran players” in each exhibition outing. Veterans are (a) skaters that played in 30+ NHL games last year, (b) goalies that either dressed in 50+ games or played in 30+ games, (c) the most recent first rounder and (d) anybody who’s played 100+ NHL games.

The following players qualify:

  • Goalies: Smith, Lack
  • Defensemen: Brodie, Giordano, Hamilton, Stone, Valimaki, Bartkowski, Olsen
  • Forwards: Frolik, Monahan, Stajan, Bennett, Backlund, Ferland, Tkachuk, Brouwer, Gaudreau, Versteeg, Cramarossa, Lazar, Gazdic, Glass, Pelley


The Flames have split their roster into three groups and begin on-ice sessions on Friday. From there, they have six dates with preseason games:

  • Sept. 18: home and home split squad games against Edmonton
  • Sept. 20: home against Vancouver
  • Sept. 22: home against Arizona
  • Sept. 25: road against Winnipeg
  • Sept. 28: road against Vancouver
  • Sept. 30: home against Winnipeg

Expect a bunch of cuts on Sept. 23, followed by more selective pruning afterwards to get the team down to its 23-man roster by Oct. 3 at 3 p.m. MT – the league’s roster deadline.

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  • JMK

    I might be reading too much into this but. . . .
    Team A – includes Hamilton – Giordano & Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik
    Team B – includes Brodie – Hamonic & Gaudreau – Monahan – Ferland
    So those are pairs and lines that we can guess are fairly set.
    Team C – includes Kulak – Stone (and Andersson – Valimaki) – Bartowski in Team A
    Team C – also includes Versteeg – Bennett – Lazar/Foo – Brouwer in Team B

    Might mean sweet FA but I’m going to be hopeful that Bartowski is at least pegged at #7 or AHL at this point, and Brouwer will be kept away from Bennett.

  • freethe flames

    Here is how I would put the lines and pairings together:
    TEAM A (MacNeil)
    41 – Mike Smith 82 – Tyler Parsons 70 – Nick Schneider
    5 – Mark Giordano L R27 – Dougie Hamilton68 –
    Adam Ollas MattssonL L44 – Matt Bartkowski
    55 – Dylan OlsenL 48 – R27 – Colby RobakL
    73 – Cliff WatsonL
    LW19 – Matthew Tkachuk C11 – Mikael Backlund 67 – Michael FrolikRW
    LW17 – Luke Gazdic 21 -50 – Mark Rassell Garnet HathawayRW
    57 – Joel Lowry 37L – Rod PelleyL 71 – Hunter SmithRW
    Morgan KlimchukLW Daniel PribylC45 RW46 – Marek Hrivik/ RW28 Emile Poirier

    TEAM B (Johnson)
    32 – Jon Gillies 31 – Eddie Lack
    L7 – TJ Brodie 43/ L26 – Tyler Wotherspoon- R24 – Travis Hamonic
    85 – Josh HealeyL Daniel MaggioR
    L58 – Oliver Kylington Kayle DoetzelR
    L64 – Joseph Cramarossa 89 – Sam Dove-McFallsL RW36 – Troy Brouwer62 –
    51 – Tanner GlassLW97 – Ben HawerchukL C59 – Dillon Dube 79 – Matthew PhillipsC/RW
    – Andrew MangiapaneLW C77 – Mark Jankowski 88 Austin CarrollRW C25 – Freddie Hamilton
    LW13 – Johnny GaudreauC23 – Sean Monahan 47 -79 – Micheal FerlandRW

    TEAM C (Crisp)
    72 – Mason McDonald 33 – David Rittich
    54 – Rasmus Andersson 78 – 42 – Juuso Valimaki Tyson HelgesenL
    61 – Brett Kulak 98 – 26 – Michael Stone Sam RuoppL
    53 – Oleg Yevenko Sam Ruopp Tyson HelgesenL
    LW10 – Kris VersteegC93 – Sam Bennett RW15 – Spencer Foo 76
    LW56 – Ryan Lomberg 84 80 -C Glenn Gawdin 20L – Zach FischerRW
    76 – Brett Findlay 48L LW56 – Ryan Lomberg 84 – Brad Morrison 60L – Brett PollockC/LW
    C/LW63 – Adam Ruzicka 49 – LWHunter Shinkaruk18 – Matt StajanC Curtis LazarC/RW

  • OYYC

    Just looking at how the top forward line of returning players is constructed for the A,B,C teams. It seems like the Flames are expecting these guys be the starting 20 players and on these lines. Expectations subject to change.

    Gaudreau – Monahan – Ferland
    Tkachuk – Backlund – Frolik
    Versteeg – Bennett – Lazar
    Stajan – Jankowski – Brouwer

    Giordano – Hamilton
    Brodie – Hamonic
    Kulak – Stone


    • everton fc

      Camp is here! Love it.

      I think you are right. I see Hathaway and Freddie as the extras, and Wotherspoon as “#7”. I hope Hathaway makes the team – I’ve always liked his game. Rittich is with a weaker group on the surface – but he also has pretty good d-men in front of him. Hope he impresses.

      The only changes I could see above (and I am not promoting these, for I think Bennett should remain a centre)

      Jankowski is 3rd line centre – Bennett/Jankowski/Versteeg
      Lazar is 3rd line centre – Bennett/Lazar/Versteeg
      Brouwer is once again placed on the 3rd line – Versteeg/Bennett/Brouwer
      Someone is waived or traded (Stajan, who I hope we keep, or Brouwer, unlikely)
      Jankowski has a lousy camp – Freddie/Stajan/Brouwer.

      I hope Klimchuk and Lomberg (and Fischer!) have really good camps. We are one year away from seeing Mangiapane, perhaps Poirier, perhaps Shinakaruk… Lomberg… Andersson… Perhaps Valimaki… One of Gillies/Rittich/Parsons. Good times. (Pribyl and Hrivik are two others who could make things interesting. And I think both Fischer and Carroll will do well this camp. Smith will be waived and cut from the organization).

      • OYYC

        Rittich could turn out to be a very good goalie. Too early to trade him, the Flames need to what he has this year. Expect him to get some games in, and Gillies also. Juggling the netminders will be interesting this year.

      • OYYC

        It took GG way too long time to figure out his best player usage with what he had last year, but eventually he got it right when Brouwer ended up in a thud on the 4th line. Maybe he gets the benefit of the doubt by being forced by management to play Brouwer up the lineup. Gaudreau – Monahan is a pairing and Backlund – Frolik is a pairing that you just don’t mess with that in my opinion.

        There’s been enough video from Treliving this off season to figure out what is plan is. Jankowski is the next graduate. He would really, really have to blow camp to lose the spot that Treliving left open in the top 12. I thought they might play Janko with Backlund, but Janko is a centre through and through – and Bennett didn’t have a good year when he moved back to 3C after playing 2LW with the Mikes. Obviously a big part of Bennett’s setback was Brouwer. Treliving said recently, “that’s the plan” when asked if Bennett plays centre this year. Bennett after his contract was done said he doesn’t mind if he plays centre or wing.

        Jankowski gets to be the sacrificial centre with Brouwer on the last year of his contract, and his next deal figures to be suppressed in the dollar department. Stajan will mentor Janko on the 4th line, a role that he should be very good at, and he won’t complain at all about being moved to the wing.

        The team wants to keep the 3M line together, and who can blame them, they were great last year. Ferland has been awarded the 1RW job and it’s his to lose. I hope the team doesn’t panic if he has a couple of bad games in a row and does the lineup shuffle. Let the dude play in the heady heights of the first line.

        The 3rd line is the intriguing one. Versteeg and Bennett had good chemistry at the end of last year, with Chiasson on right wing. The team essentially swapped out Chiasson for Lazar with a 4 year gap in ages. Lazar, if I may be so bold, still has potential after bad years in Ottawa. Last year was especially dreadful, but you know – mono – and Chris Neil and Chris Kelly. Bennett and Lazar will be the next pairing the team wants to make work. When GG said that he expects Bennett to have a bounce back season, and pick him in your hockey pools, that was a polite way of saying, “don’t worry he isn’t getting stuck with Brouwer this year.”

        The goalies are set with a true number one, but they will have to find a way to get both Gillies and Rittich playing time this year on the big club, so that one of them is a backup next year. I think Rittich graduates later on in the year, and Parsons moves from the Kansas City to Stockton, that’s how I would play it.

        The defence looks vastly improved on paper. It is where Treliving took his biggest stand on going through the big guns in the Pacific who figure to be Anaheim and those guys up north. There’s enough depth on the farm now that the inevitable injuries shouldn’t be that big of a deal, and the team will get through it.

        Time will tell if everything comes together as planned, but with just about everyone used to GG’s system by now, expect a big season. That’s not just rose-coloured glasses talking. The Flames should be better than last year, and finishing in the top 3 in the division should not be a problem.

  • Ken king

    I think Bennett with tkachuck would be great. Backlund frolik can be good without tkachuck.

    13 23 79
    19 93 10
    67 11 20
    18 77 36


    13 23 79
    19 93 10
    77 11 67
    36 18 20