Flames cut 21 players from camp

With yesterday’s split squad games in the rear-view mirror, the Calgary Flames have made their first roster moves of the 2017-18 campaign. The club today announced they’ve cut 21 players from camp and gotten their roster down from a massive 68 players to a more manageable 47 bodies.

Who’s gone?

A lot of players.

Sent back to junior (10): G Nick Schneider (Calgary, WHL), D Tyson Helegesen (Spokane, WHL), F Sam Dove-McFalls (Saint John, QMJHL), F Zach Fischer, (Medicine Hat WHL), F Glenn Gawdin (Swift Current, WHL), F Ben Hawerchuk (Barrie, OHL), F Brad Morrison (Vancouver, WHL), F Matthew Phillips (Victoria, WHL), F Mark Rassell (Medicine Hat, WHL), F Adam Ruzicka (Sarnia, OHL)

To Stockton’s camp (6): G Mason McDonald, D Kayle Doetzel, D Oleg Yevenko, F Brett Findlay, F Rod Pelley, F Hunter Smith

Released, but invited to Stockton’s camp (5): D Daniel Maggio, D Dylan Olsen, D Sam Ruopp, D Cliff Watson, F Joel Lowry

Among the players not leaving town, at least not yet: F Dillon Dube, who’s too young to play in the AHL this year, and F Brett Pollock, who spent most of last season in the ECHL.

Who’s left?

Goaltenders (5)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Waivers?
32 Jon Gillies 23 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft No
31 Eddie Lack 29 Carolina (NHL) Trade Yes
82 Tyler Parsons 20 London (OHL) 2016 Draft No
33 David Rittich 25 Stockton (AHL) Free agency No
41 Mike Smith 35 Arizona (NHL) Trade Yes

Defensemen (14)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Shot Waivers?
54 Rasmus Andersson 20 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft R No
44 Matt Bartkowski 29 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
7 T.J. Brodie 27 Calgary (NHL) 2008 Draft L Yes
5 Mark Giordano 33 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
27 Dougie Hamilton 24 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
24 Travis Hamonic 27 NY Islanders (NHL) Trade R Yes
85 Josh Healey 24 Ohio State (NCAA) Free agency L No
61 Brett Kulak 23 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft L Yes
58 Oliver Kylington 20 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft L No
68 Adam Ollas Mattsson 21 Djurgardens IF (SHL) 2014 Draft L N/A
65 Colby Robak 27 Utica (AHL) Try-out L N/A
26 Michael Stone 27 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
42 Juuso Valimaki 18 Tri-City (WHL) 2017 Draft L No
4 Tyler Wotherspoon 24 Stockton (AHL) 2011 Draft L Yes

Forwards (28)

# Player Age 2016-17 Club Acquired Shot Waivers?
11 Mikael Backlund 28 Calgary (NHL) 2007 Draft L Yes
93 Sam Bennett 21 Calgary (NHL) 2014 Draft L Yes
36 Troy Brouwer 32 Calgary (NHL) Free agency R Yes
62 Austin Carroll 23 Stockton (AHL) 2014 Draft R No
64 Joseph Cramarossa 24 Vancouver (NHL) Try-out L N/A
59 Dillon Dube 19 Kelowna (WHL) 2016 Draft L No
79 Micheal Ferland 25 Calgary (NHL) 2009 Draft L Yes
15 Spencer Foo 23 Union College (NCAA) Free agency R No
67 Michael Frolik 29 Calgary (NHL) Free agency L Yes
13 Johnny Gaudreau 24 Calgary (NHL) 2011 Draft L Yes
17 Luke Gazdic 28 Albany (AHL) Free agency L Yes
51 Tanner Glass 33 Hartford (AHL) Try-out L Yes
25 Freddie Hamilton 25 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
21 Garnet Hathaway 25 Stockton (AHL) Free agency R Yes
46 Marek Hrivik 26 Hartford (AHL) Free agency L Yes
77 Mark Jankowski 22 Stockton (AHL) 2012 Draft L No
45 Morgan Klimchuk 22 Stockton (AHL) 2013 Draft L No
20 Curtis Lazar 22 Calgary (NHL) Trade R Yes
56 Ryan Lomberg 22 Stockton (AHL) Free agency L No
88 Andrew Mangiapane 21 Stockton (AHL) 2015 Draft L No
23 Sean Monahan 22 Calgary (NHL) 2013 Draft L Yes
28 Emile Poirier 22 Stockton (AHL) 2013 Draft L Yes
60 Brett Pollock 21 Adirondack (ECHL) 2014 Draft L No
74 Daniel Pribyl 24 Stockton (AHL) Free agency R No
49 Hunter Shinkaruk 22 Stockton (AHL) Trade L Yes
18 Matt Stajan 33 Calgary (NHL) Trade L Yes
19 Matthew Tkachuk 19 Calgary (NHL) 2016 Draft L No
10 Kris Versteeg 31 Calgary (NHL) Free agency R Yes

Remaining schedule

The Flames have five preseason games remaining.

  • Sept. 20: home against Vancouver
  • Sept. 22: home against Arizona
  • Sept. 25: road against Winnipeg
  • Sept. 28: road against Vancouver
  • Sept. 30: home against Winnipeg

Stockton’s camp opens on Monday, so expect more cuts after Friday’s game with Arizona.

    • supra steve

      Some of their best guesses over the years have turned out pretty good, even in later rounds (Suter, Fleury, Hull, Nieuwendyk, Brodie, Gaudreau). Others you end up with players that do not develop…or worse (Pelawa, Tkaczuk, Fata, Renaud, Irving, Nemisz, Erixon, Smith, MacDonald).

      The more one frets about the misses the more it can drive you crazy, so why dwell on individual failures? It’s like baseball, if you connect 40% of the time you are headed for the HOF. In general, the Flames have drafted quite well over the last several years. I, for one, am happy enough with that.

      • kittensandcookies

        Smith was a pylon when they drafted him. He had no redeeming features other than size. At the time, listening to Conroy trying to justify that pick hurt my brain.

      • Kevin R

        At the time I was pretty stoked about Pelawa. He was a linebacker on skates back when the hockey was a physical war. Was a shame he was killed in that car crash. I think that pick could have been pretty good seeing we had a lot of skill at the time.

    • freethe flames

      I’m not sure I could cut down to that number as I have a number of guys who I would like to see, I think I could get to that number of skaters and then add the goalies.

  • Flames fan since 83

    It’s difficult to gauge your young guys against NHL opposition when the opposition send the AHL team (Vancouver).
    At least in the double header with Edmonton, the crew that went to Edmonton played against lots NHL caliber players. What a great way to see how players stack up in the one on one and two on two battles. (to me this is what they are really looking at because the team play has not been emphasized yet in practice).
    Vancouver is going to be a waste of time in my opinion.

      • Flames fan since 83

        I see what your saying, but I respectfully disagree.
        Overrating or rating the roster based on winning or losing in the first and second preseason game is nothing more than a pat on the back.
        If these were the last two games of the pre season, and we iced very close to the final team like GG suggests, then I would agree with applying a ratting of the roster.
        This early in the preseason, I evaluate more on an individual bases. Example: When Dube assisted on Jankowski goal, he basically battled and bested, Adam Laursen whom is Edmontons #1 D. Terrific!
        I guess that is my main point with Vancouver. If Dube does this against a no name player, it really doesn’t tell us anything.

        • Atomic Clown

          I’m not putting much stock into the actual outcome, but more worried about the level of play I saw. Other than Draisaitl and the first D pairing, Edmonton brought an AHL team, and they put in a heck of a lot better effort than the flames in the first two periods. Waiting until period 3 to try and come back is 2015 Bob Hartley Flames, a very unsustainable one.

          • Flames fan since 83

            I went to the game and have to agree with your assesment. Adding only that when Smith let those goals in, it’s a kick in the gut. Not a good excuse to drop your level of play, but there were three kicks to the gut in a row.

    • LAKID

      Your not far from bieng as bad as Vancouver with no goaltending. The best defense in the league ( Edmonton scored 10 goals lol). The offence is suspect, coaching is suspect and Burke will have him a new GM by x-mas. The team is in Kaos.

    • Flames fan since 83

      Yes, you can pretty much guess most of the opening night roster.
      There are a couple open spots on this team. To me, it is about how much young guys pushing have progressed, and how much the old guys have regressed. A big change in either of these groups will shape the final roster. And after last night, this pertains to Goalies Too!

  • Oilerchild77

    They can start by putting Mike Smith on waivers. They don’t actually expect to win with that guy, do they? Good god he already looks worse than Elliot!

      • Oilerchild77

        Ok. Let’s try this: I don’t think the Flames can win with a 35 year-old goalie who has been showing a pretty steady decline for the last 3 seasons. Especially when you consider that both Fleury and Raanta were available on the trade market. Mark my words, they will be looking for another starting goalie again next offseason.

        • TheoForever

          Actually, his save percentage has gone up in the last 3 season .904 to .916 down .914
          if you look back 2 more years 0.910 to .915 down .904 to .916 down.914.
          So one off year. Therefore your argument is full of holes like swiss cheese.
          …but nice try….

        • supra steve

          Time will tell.

          1. Why don’t you reflect back on Oiler tandems of the not too distant past and tell me what you find. It’s not pretty, and it’s not an easy problem to solve, as you well know. And Fleury doesn’t fix anything.

          2. Is it fair or smart to predict failure from Smith’s first start of the season? His save percentages from the last 3 seasons do not support the decline that you have claimed. So I guess I was wrong. You can’t do better.

    • That's My Point

      Smith is worse than Elliot and he’s 35 years old so it’s not like he’s going to improve. Flames management is BRUTAL. And they still haven’t traded Johnnie Hockey yet for a REAL NHL player! Never win with this team. Goals against last year was 13th and Oilers was 8th in the league. Flames only going to get worse with this defence core and goaltending situation. Need BETTER forwards who can score is the answer, that way they can’t get scored on if the puck is in the other zone. Doesn’t anyone else in Calgary get it?

      • Stockton's Finest

        I can’t see Gillies as the #1 just yet. He only has 1 full true season under his belt and was outperformed by Riddich in Stockton.

        Gillies’ numbers last year: 17-14-4 with 1 SO and a 2.95 GAA & .909 SV%.

        Riddich: 15-11-4 with 5 SO and a 2.27 GAA & .924 SV%.

        Riddich reminds me of Vasilevskiy. Very active. Gillies is solid but tends to zone out for a few minutes a game.

        • TheoForever

          Actually, I too have pointed out that Rittich has outplayed Gillies last year.
          To me Rittich makes more sense as backup than Gillies who can use more starts.
          One thing I’m very sure of is that Lack is not very good and we don’t have need for him.

          • oilcanboyd

            First time in the Flames nets for both Smith and Lack. Cut them both some slack. These were first pre-season games and split squads at that and not the Cup Finals!

          • McRib

            Jon Gillies was coming off basically a missed year the year prior to last, I think his numbers would have been better if that wasn’t the case. He started off really slow last year as a result.

            He’s likely a year or two away from starting, but I can dream. If Mike Smith and Eddie Lack don’t show up though this year, I don’t necessarily think the season is over as Rittich and Gillies could step up in their place. That’s basically all I was speaking to as well.

  • Mr. J

    Strome looked solid in first appearance as oiler. Yamamoto 1st star of the game in Calgary, gio with the first assist then he turned Hamilton inside out. Think he is still looking for his jock in the rafters of the infamous saddledome. Draisaitl was dominant according to the boys on 960 last night. Gulutzan reminds me of dally Eakins… trying to reinvent the game are ya gulu? Not sure what’s worse. Eakins swarm defence or gulu not running a single scrimmage in training camp.

    • TheoForever

      I enjoyed when Jankowski undressed Larson/Klefbom as well, it was great.
      Of course Eakins swarm defence is worse. GG systems are actually working, the fact he doesn’t care about the result that’s another story. Those guys on Fan960 did say that Drysaddle was very good, but they laughed at idea of Yamo being 1st star, they were even asking who pick that, and the answer was well it is preseason.

      • Oilerchild77

        Yeah, gotta love those homers you guys have on 960. By the way, if Yamomoto was on your team, you and the guys on the radio would be singing his praises today and you know it.

      • Oilerchild77

        Also, to your comment on Chiarelli, he got fired because the Boston Bruins are a cheap organization and they hate paying market value for players. They’ve been like that since the days of Harry Sinden. Chiarelli’s signings weren’t that bad. Also, there was office politics going on between Chiarelli and Neely. You have Neely’s spiteful attitude toward Chiarelli to thank for your team’s acquisition of Dougie Hamilton.

        Also, Katz has put all the authority into Bob Nicholson’s hands, who is a hell of a lot smarter than your man Ken King, and he isn’t going to let the old boys club do anything he doesn’t like, and hat includes having Chiarelli fired.

        • freethe flames

          This last paragraph might be the smartest thing you have had to say except that KK has little to do with hockey operations that’s BB’s job but Nicholson was a very good hire for your team.

          • Oilerchild77

            Nicholson occupies the exact same position as KK. That’s why I compared them. And, for the record, everything I said in that last post is absolutely true.

        • 5FDP

          Why dies he keep the trinity of suck around? There is no defending that. They are all just Katz puppets. A real hockey leader would not keep past failures employed for life.

    • TheoForever

      Bartkowski and Shinkaruk had a goal too. Strome has been brutal for years, just ask Islander fans.
      I think it was Flames GM who said – don’t fall in love with a player in the preseason, he is bound to break your hurt in the season.

    • Kevin R

      Probably called the McDavid bump. The sweet thing is Strome will be an RFA at the end of the year & if he gets 80 points & we endure these Oiler clowns chirping, the chirp will be ours when they will have to either trade him for futures or get another 7.0 mill in cap space to shell out for him. I hope to get him in my hockey pool coming up a little later.

        • Kevin R

          Yeah, it’s a long year but it will be even longer if we get smoked in the opener. I just hope we win that opener so it will be tolerable coming on here & we will be able to actually talk about our team. They should add a zombie face on each post with the Trash & cheers & if it gets enough spikes to the head that poster is banned from the thread. Lol

          • oilcanboyd

            Yeah, and especially when the second game against the oilers isn’t until Decembr 2 at the Dome! My call: 3-0 Flames with Smith getting the shutout on Oct 4!