Flames at 2018 World Juniors: Canada routs Slovakia

On the second day of the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship in Buffalo, the Calgary Flames had players on both sides of a big primetime game. Canada routed Slovakia 6-0 and the Flames were represented by Canada’s Dillon Dube and Slovakia’s Adam Ruzicka. One player had a better night than the other.

Once again, Dube played a ton. He had an assist and was second on the team in shots on goal with six – Jonah Gadjovich had seven. He was on the ice for half of Canada’s goals and was generally strong and steady in all three zones. The thing that’s remarkable about Dube’s game is the lack of panic; no Canadian forwards played more than he did (for the second game of the tournament), but he has an impressive ability to calm things down and push the puck into the right areas of the ice. Dube didn’t light up the scoreboard, but he was noticeable for positive reasons on the majority of his shifts.

Ruzicka understandably had a rougher time. The positives? He played a ton – only two Slovak forwards played more – he was only on the ice for one Canada goal, and he won 13 of 17 faceoffs. The negatives? For a player that’s relied upon for offense, he had zero shots and was largely invisible in the offensive zone. He had a few decent shifts, but he was pretty much representative of a pretty overwhelmed Slovakian group on this occasion.

  • The Doctor

    Rucizka looked completely ineffective from what I saw. What particularly concerned me was that he looked like he wasn’t giving it his all at times, like he was dogging it.

    • Roger the Shrubber

      Interesting from what I’ve read, that seems to be the knock on him.

      As for the write up, I wouldn’t look too much into him not registering a shot on goal, I don’t think many of the Slovaks registered a shot(s) on goal. They were clearly overwhelmed (as pointed out in the article).

      I hope he can get his act together and show up to play every game. Too many players already on the Flames roster who take nights off.

    • Kzak

      As I said after seeing Ruzicka play live, he reminded me of Pavel Brendle: big body, effective against smaller players, good shot, but lazy, doesn’t take the body, disappears for long stretches of time. There’s a reason he was there in the fourth round. I spent more time watching Kyrou dominate the game, a player St Louis took with our second round pick (for Elliott) 🙁

    • The GREAT WW

      Being offensively gifted usually doesn’t develop later in life.
      It happens with some players but it is unusual.

      I’m not dumping on Dube, just being realistic. Which is something the dreamers on this site need a dose of…


      • freethe flames

        Few people here have suggested he is a number 1 or number 2 center; what he appears to be is the best prospect at center in the organization. If Janko continues to develop our number 1 and 2 centers will be him and Monahan.

        • Stockton's Finest

          Janko has 2nd line center written all over him. Next year, after a strong opening season and a full training camp where he knows he is not being sent down, he can easily fill that role.

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        So reality is firing the coaching staff-all of them-trading Backes, Brodie, possibly Dougie, who knows who else, and then maybe firing the GM in the middle of a season?

        Someone needs a dose of reality, Walter, that’s for sure.

        • Zesty14

          WW isn’t realistic just like everyone on here that over values players isn’t either. Two ends of the spectrum. Some people throw glitter and rainbows some poop in their hands and throw that.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        He can clearly score at the Junior level, he had 6 shots in yesterday’s game, he has yet to score s goal in WJHC in 2 years so it is likely in his head. He has gone from a role player on the 4th line to playing the most minutes while captaining team Canada…in one year. I think it is safe to say he has not even come close to reaching his potential.

  • oilcanboyd

    Besides the assist on the second goal, he had the Slovak defender turn away from the net leaving a clear close on shot for the Sam Steel goal making it 1-0.

      • Grayone

        Liked Lindstrom for the Swedes .. solid 200 ft. player. Dahlin looks offg the charts as an 18 yr old! Liked Zadina for the Czechs plus a number of other Frolik type players there! Looking forward to seeing Fox, and who knows a draft pick(?), in tonight game!

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        The best way to describe Valimaki from what I have seen, is he plays error free hockey. He is composed and appears to be an effective leader. Finland did not look that impressive but the did get over 60 shots. Tovanen must have taken 10 shots on his own. I don’t want to pile on the Juolevi train but he caused a lot of turnovers.

        • Grayone

          What has happened to that once fine player?? Sure glad Van took Juolevi not Tkachuk …. how about Slovakia eh? Big upset! Ruziczka (sp??) did not impress this watcher but still he was in on scoring plays and created … weird. Fox played a bigger role tonight for the Yanks … his play is the very picture of composure. Fox’s passing ability is simply superb. So sorry I missed the winning goal.