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Michael Frolik broke his jaw, out week-to-week

Lads and ladies, the Calgary Flames have held their media availability prior to tonight’s game with the Anaheim Ducks. One of the topics discussed was the status of winger Michael Frolik, who left yesterday’s game in San Jose after blocking a Brent Burns shot with his face. The news is not good.

Peter Loubardias’ Twitter related the injury as “week-to-week.”

Frolik is a big loss. He plays what head coach Glen Gulutzan would describe as “a clean game,” in that he plays smart and doesn’t take a lot of shortcuts.

While Mikael Backlund and Matthew Tkachuk arguably get more accolades, Frolik is probably the glue guy on the 3M line: he does a lot of small things really well and that helps out everybody he’s on the ice with. In 37 games this season, Frolik has seven goals and 15 points playing almost exclusively with Backlund and Tkachuk and getting basically no power play time.

Frolik’s absence will open up a roster spot for a few weeks. Based on comments Odland related from Gulutzan’s media availability, it sounds like they’re going to go with the guys they have for now. Jaromir Jagr just returned to the lineup and the club is carrying Curtis Lazar and Freddie Hamilton as extra forwards so one of those two gents will slot in for the time being.

That said, Andrew Mangiapane, Marek Hrivik and Morgan Klimchuk have all been playing very well for the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat this season and could merit some NHL time.

  • WillyWonka

    dear god last thing we want to do is bring in a young, speedy, hungry prospect that have been getting it done int the minors and would play with something to prove, when we have aged vets just lying around waiting do continue their streaks of averageness and slowness and not scoring and providing timely turnovers.

  • canadian1967

    This would be the perfect time to bring up Mangiapane for 2 weeks and then Klimchuck for the next 2 weeks to play in our top 9, while sending Hamilton and Lazar down for conditioning stints over the next 4 weeks.

  • everton fc

    Perhaps they give a shot to Foo? RW??

    Doubt it…

    Hathaway can play LW/RW. Freddie can, as well. Lazar plays RW. Jagr will take over for Frolik, and Lazar will play 4th line RW, with Freddie. That’s how I see it.

    Who get’s called up? Hrivik’s been in the NHL. But he’s a centre/LW, I think. Klimchuk… Mangiapane… All LW. A third line of Mangiapane-Jankowski-Hathaway could be cobbled together, with our 2nd line being Bennett-Backlund-Tkachuk. But that leaves Jagr on the 4th line/RW. I just can’t see them doing this – though they should.

  • Trevy

    GG said he was going to leave Janko’s line as is, but may “change up a couple lines”. I have a feeling Ferland drops to Backs line and either Jagr or, gulp, Brouwer moves to the top line. Either way, no one will be called up and Lazar will probably be slotted on the fourth line

    • dontcryWOLF

      Kulak, Janko, Hathaway, and Rittich, these guys have come up to the NHL when they were deemed ready. And great that they have, as they have been making immediete impacts. Would these immedoete impacts have happened without proper time in the AHL to work on their game? These are things we cant know, because you only get to try things one way. However, i would suggest that they have been immedietely succesful because they were given the appropriate amount of time to develop.

      Maybe Mangiapane is ready, maybe he’s not. But if his developments odds increase with top line minutes a league below(very possible) then you leave him there. If ypure going for the long term then replacing Brouwer or Stajan doesn’t help squat If that means you hamper the development of a young player. …just a thought.

      • Trevy

        Kulak and Janko were the only two that were deemed “ready”. Hathaway was called up as a replacement for Versteeg and Riitch because Lack was struggling and needed playing time. How do we know if Mangiapane is ready or not if not given a chance to see what he can do? He’s currently exceeding at the AHL level. This is the whole point of calling up a prospect when an injury occurs, to see what they can do at the NHL level. We all seen what Lazar/Hamilton can do and sadly, it isn’t much..

        • Kevin R

          Tre had said at an Ambassadors luncheon that they want to follow the Detroit model where the majority of their prospects have to ripen via around 200 games in the minors. I think Tre should rethink that philosophy a bit, Detroit aren’t looking so good & I don’t see how making it harder for Nyquist or tatar has made them better players.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Just put Lazar there(Tkachuk-Backlund-Lazar) and give the kid the time to play on a line Other than the forth… Leave the Other lines As Is… And Stop Short Leashing the Team By Playing for a Bloody Tie! ~KiSS~

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      I know there are some pretty solid Lazar detractors on FN, esp because of the 2nd rounder it cost to acquire him, his lack of offense when given ice time and that he isn’t waiver exempt / thus can’t be sent down to get more meaningful seasoning in the AHL. Flames Management has also has committed to Lazar as being a long term project which grinds some folks gears… All that ~ Is What It Is… Why Not use this unfortunate injury to Frolik to See what Lazar can do with top 6 players? Tkachuk might bring out Lazar’s edge and Backlund might just help Lazar’s skill set re-emerge. Now would be a perfect time to see some up-side to Lazar’s game with player to help complement and grow his role on the team!

  • RKD

    Wow, I figured he would be back tonight with a face shield. Get well soon Frols, you absence throws our RW depth out of whack especially since you know who *cough Brouwer cough* is terrible.

  • Just.Visiting

    My first inclination was to bring Mangi up, but, on reflection, I would bring up Hrivik and give him a test drive as the fourth line C.

    Given the defensive responsibilities on the three M line, the minutes involved, Jagr’s offensive focus and his skating deficiencies, I’d try Lazar in the Frolik spot. He can skate, and this opportunity could tell us if he’s a player or should be in Stockton to settle the debate. This would also give Jagr sheltered minutes while he works himself bang to game shape.