Flames reassign Mangiapane, Hrivik and Lomberg to Stockton

The Calgary Flames have begun their five-day break and, given that they’re not playing games for the better part of a week, they’ve engaged in a bit of house-cleaning.

Today the club announced that they have reassigned three forwards to the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat: Andrew Mangiapane, Marek Hrivik and Ryan Lomberg. All three players are waiver exempt, so they can be sent to the minors without requiring them to clear waivers.

With the moves, the Flames now have the bare minimum of 20 players on their active roster: two goaltenders, seven defensemen and 11 forwards. That’s all they’re required by the CBA to keep up and, given that they’re not playing again until Saturday, they save a bit of cap space by sending down the players that can easily be sent to Stockton (and the bubble players get a chance to play an extra game).

The Heat play Wednesday (in San Jose), Friday and Saturday (in Stockton), so presumably Mangiapane comes up before the Friday game (to avoid playing three games in three nights) while one of Hrivik or Lomberg probably come back up after Friday if they’re going to be a healthy scratch for Calgary on Saturday against Winnipeg.

  • Mickey O

    (That’s not quite right. Hrivik requires waivers.)

    Hrivik looked pretty good in his debut and he hasn’t played in a while. Big body, protects the puck well, slightly above average skater. Plus he was playing wing, when he usually plays centre. He looks like he knows what he’s doing out there, and he’ll be in the mix for the 4C job next year as a cheap option.

    • Puckhead

      At this point the only two viable options for the 4C position next season are Hrivik and Lazar, assuming that Bennett stays on the wing and Stajan retires.

      • Mickey O

        I was thinking about this the other day. They might look like the only 2 options, but there is a potential 3rd option. Now, this might get some eye rolls because of the winger to centre “impossibility”, but what about Kris Versteeg? I tried searching for what positions Versteeg has played over his career, but really couldn’t find the stats.

        But he took a lot of face-offs in his first couple of years in the league with Chicago. That was way before everyone got booted out of the face-off circle, so it looks like he started as a centreman. Versteeg is a great passer, high hockey IQ, and good wheels. I don’t really see how he couldn’t make the switch to centre. Assuming he comes back from surgery okay, the Flames should resign him, and give him a shot at 4C.

        • BendingCorners

          I kind of like that idea. If the top nine stay the same the 4th line could become Mango-Versteeg-Lazar with Brouwer in the popcorn box.
          The key question though is whether BT needs to find another 2C this summer – will Backlund sign an extension? I dont see him being traded while the team is chasing the Cup.

          • Mickey O

            Backlund will sign an extension, but he probably won’t finish his career here.

            Treliving will give him the old, “do you really want to uproot everything and move for the chance of an extra million or so, when you have a fantastic life here, you are well liked, and the Flames are on the cusp of doing something great for years?” speech.

        • Stu Cazz

          I really like Versteeg…however the biggest concern 2 years ago before the Flames signed him was his chronic hip issue….he has now re-injured it and my history with this type of injury is concerning. The Flames will be very careful before extending him. I like your comments on Hrivik and agree he will be called up and be a valuable asset for the stretch run and a solid 4C beyond this season….

        • BalzacFlames

          Lets hope not. As good of a guy as he is and great team mate, i believe he is a liability. He tries to be too offensive to be a productive 4th line center imo.

        • Mickey O

          I think Stone will be here for one more year, then get moved. Rasmus is still only 21. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of depth, especially on defence.

          Treliving really wants his prospects to play in the AHL on a “show me” basis. Jankowski played a full year, could have made the team out of camp, then got the “6 game, show me last year wasn’t a fluke” treatment back in Stockton.

          Dube, might be really close. Gawdin is a wild card. But, like a recent article said, Treliving really embraces the slow cooker Detroit model.

      • everton fc

        Beat me to it.

        They’ll recall two. I think those two should be Hrivik and Lomberg. Let Mangiapane play down in Stockton – let’s see what Hrivik and Lomberg bring to the table.

        • Zalapski

          Agreed. Mangiapane hasn’t been overly great in his roll. I think the speed of the NHL game is a little too much for him right now. Hrivik should take his spot. In my opinion Lomberg is a much worse version of Hathaway. I’ve got a feeling he will be a below average NHLer. I hope he proves me wrong.

          • everton fc

            Lomberg can skate. He’s probably faster than Mangiapane. That will help him, up here – not to mention his pesky attitude.

            If he can skate… Draw penalties.. Provide a decent 4th line two-way game… And chip in the odd goal/assist… Lomberg could be a real surprise. I hope is is…

          • BalzacFlames

            I dont think it was the speed so much as he is a skilled guy and was put into a 4th line position..out of his wheelhouse. Would Johnny excel on the 4th line?

          • McRib

            “Agreed. Mangiapane hasn’t been overly great in his roll. I think the speed of the NHL game is a little too much for him right now”

            What!?!?!? Mangiapane was hemming opposing teams in the offensive zone every time he stepped on the ice with Stajan and Lazar as his linemates! Completely disagree.

        • Heeeeeere's Johnny!

          I’m down for Mangiapane spending a bit more time seasoning in Stockton. I like him but I think now that he has a feel for how hard it is to play in the dirty areas at the NHL level I think he go down and really amp up his game.

          • Stajanforadirtyboot

            I’m down for Stajan going before any of these guys. Although he is on pace for 2 goals this year. It’s nice when one of your forwards takes 35 games to tie the goalie in points.

  • Atomic Clown

    Maybe Frolik is progressing better than predicted, and could be back for the game against his old team? I have to admit, Backlund’s and Frolik’s chemistry is one of the best in the league, I’ve never seen two players complement each other so we’ll, as well as know exactly what the other guy is going to do. The Sedin twins, Perry/Getzlaf, and Toews/Kane are the only duos with better chemistry

    • Atomic Clown

      * each other so well, as each knows exactly

      Can you ask baggedmilk to stop doing his stupid beets thing and get around to bringing back the edit button?

      • Mickey O

        Gretzky/Kurri. I believe the quote was, “it looks as if they are sharing the same brain.”

        Agree that Backlund and Frolik have amazing chemistry. I really like Frolik as the Swiss Army knife he was signed for long term, but he’s making 4.3M for a couple more seasons after this one. I’m sure Treliving has crunched the numbers, but there are a lot of young core pieces needing raises soon.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Yesterday’s game was the first game that I felt Mangi looked over his head. He got burried along the boards and struggled against the bigger heavy bodies. Hrivik is a big body and showed he can play at this level. Mangi has a higher ceiling but needs to be in the top 9.