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Flames recall Andrew Mangiapane, Marek Hrivik from Stockton

The Flames’ bye week is at its end. Coming off of a 4-1 win over the Hurricanes on Sunday, they return to practice at 4 p.m. today.

But wait, a slight problem: the Flames only have 11 healthy forwards on hand. With that, an easy solution: they’ve recalled Andrew Mangiapane and Marek Hrivik from the Stockton Heat, boosting them up to 13 healthy forwards, and giving them at least someone to healthy scratch.

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Up in the NHL, Mangiapane and Hrivik have played very limited roles. Mangiapane has averaged just 8:46 in ice time in his NHL career, while Hrivik played 9:06 in the one Flames game he’s actually dressed for. It’s a far cry from what they’ve done in Stockton, where Mangiapane leads the team with 35 points over 30 games, and Hrivik has 29 in 29.

In Stockton, they’re top players; on the Flames, they’re bottom sixers at best.

It’s timely, then, that the Heat played a game on Wednesday, allowing Mangiapane and Hrivik the chance to play a much larger role in a game once again. And it paid off: Mangiapane scored twice in the Heat’s 2-0 win over the Barracuda, while Hrivik led the team in three shots on net.

Presumably, though, they’ll go back to lower line roles. Mangiapane will likely be back on the fourth line with Matt Stajan and Curtis Lazar, while Hrivik could be the token healthy scratch once again.

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It is somewhat curious that the Flames chose only to recall two forwards and not three, as they could have, with three players (Kris Versteeg, Jaromir Jagr, and Michael Frolik) on the injured reserve. Frolik, who has been out for three weeks to date, has been skating; it’s possible his return could be relatively soon.

  • McRib

    Andrew Mangiapane is done with the AHL. He goes back January 17 for one game Wednesday and scores two goals. What else does he have to prove at that level? Hrivik at his age and experience is better as an extra in the NHL as well. Solid move to bring them both back.

  • MontanaMan

    I liked the look of Hrivik in a limited role in his only NHL start with the Flames and would like to see him in five games to get a better assessment of his talents.

    • deantheraven

      Yeah, he’s great with the puck but he has to beat guys to be effective. He’s not always gong to get away with the chipping it off the boards to himself and scooting around the defender. He’ll need more strength to be able to go through.
      Hrivik looked good in puck battles in both ends, and he was good positionally. I like his chances of staying with the team for the rest of the season. Hope they both get the First One against WPG and get themselves on a roll.
      Hope Hath buries his next chance, too.
      Really gratifying to see players coming up from the Farm and earning spot. Faith and courage- both for the players and management and coaching staff- are needed at this stage of the season.

      • everton fc


        Gaudreau knows how to avoid getting hit. Mangiapane has to learn the same. And I hope we keep our cap space and focus on our young guys in Stockton. Klimchuk, Lomberg, Shinkaruk (he and Klimchuk were both mentioned by Conroy in his FAN interview w/Kerr this week)… Wotherspoon… Andersson… All these guys are close to playing here, though all may not make it. But you never know what you’ve got, until you give them a chance. See Hathway and Kulak, as proof.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Has Mangiapane or Hrivik looked any worse than Lazar in their games? Breadeater’s first shift was a reasonable scoring chance, just nobody there for the rebound. Hrivik’s play in his one game should get him another game.

  • The juice

    BT just moved them down for an extra AHL game during the flames 5 day stretch. Love the move. They need to play as many games as possible for their development.

  • Off the wall

    Anyone think Treliving makes a possible deal for extra RW depth? Or do you think we’ll stay status quo?

    We have over $5M in cap space if we use LTIR. I doubt we will see Versteeg until playoffs.

    • Cfan in Van

      Between roster players of value, prospects of value, or remaining picks… I don’t think there’s anything Tre will be willing to give up before the deadline. I just can’t see that happening.

      • Boring Flames Fan

        Mr. Francis says we have $5.8 M to spend in our piggy bank.
        I wonder if he is good at math.

        He wants to trade for Erik Karlsson.
        I don’t think we have that much money in the bank for Erik. He wants lots and lots of money.
        I think Erik might spend lots of money on his hair.
        It’s very shiny and healthy.

    • oilcanboyd

      I don’t think a rental player is in the cards. Thing called team chemistry. Assuming they keep on their upward trend. If they lose more than they win or their scoring goes dry, then perhaps.

    • Trevy

      I would definitely bet on it, BT is in win mode. What’s even more buzz worthy, is Eric Francis’ latest article on the Flames scenario of acquiring Karlsson and what it would mean/take. If anything, it’s a nice dream

    • freethe flames

      No way they were bringing up 3 forwards with the Heat also playing twice this week. But I would have liked to have seen Klimchuk. After 7 games up I think we know Mangiapane will be an NHLer(what that is will still need to be determined) but I thought this might have been as good as time as any to see Klimchuk.

  • The GREAT WW

    I have been telling the fine FN readers that the Oilers are back in tank mode, which they perfected….
    They do this by rotating “injuries” between their most productive players.
    Now it’s RNH turn; out 5-6 weeks with Cracked ribs”….
    Could they at least come up with a real injury?!


  • The Beej


    Bringing up two forwards isnt a curious choice. The two brings them up to13 forwards. You only dress 12.

    They have an extra one.

    What is the point of wasting the extra cap space on a guy eating popcorn. We may need that cap space.

    Not a curious choice at all.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Thank you Andrew Mangiapane for the much needed 2 points on Wednesday. It was good to see you hitbthe back of the net twice (empty net included). Please take that scoring touch back with you and bury one soon.

    Mr. Hrivik, thank you for solidifying the center spot after Jankowski’s departure. You steadied the ship while the others got up to speed as well. Your play will also be missed.

    Let’s hope that the remaining Heat players learned from your brief return and go out and take 4 points from Ontario this weekend.

    We will see you, along with the other graduates of Stockton U., in February.

    • freethe flames

      The Heat will need another strong outing from Gilles. Will you be posting your insights here? Reading the Heat pre game write ups on their site is painful. Seems the Heat have struggled against Ontario(hard for us Canadians to think of a city named that when it is our largest province).

  • everton fc

    Conroy specifically mentioned Klimchuk in his interview on the FAN this week, with Kerr. One of Lomberg/Klimchuk will be the next recall. Either one is okay with me. I believe both will contribute. And I think it safe to say Lazar is pencilled into the 4th line, going forward. Not saying I approve….