When will Brad Treliving make his trade deadline moves?

The National Hockey League’s trade deadline is rapidly approaching, as Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. MT is the final opportunity for the league’s 31 clubs to tinker prior to the playoffs.

The Calgary Flames are still very much in the playoff mix and will probably be active before the trade deadline. But looking back at general manager Brad Treliving’s history as the Flames’ top tinkerer provides some suggestions as to when the club will start to make their moves.

2014-15 season

The Flames were well on their way to eking into the Stanley Cup playoffs as the 2015 trade deadline approached. Interestingly enough, though, Treliving was content to sell some expiring assets – it’s almost as if he knew the team was propped up by high shooting percentages.

Treliving made a pair of moves prior to the March 2, 2015 deadline. He sent Curtis Glencross to Washington on March 1 for a second round and third round draft selection. On deadline day itself, he sent Sven Baertschi to Vancouver for a second round pick.

2015-16 season

The Flames were well on their way to not making the playoffs in 2016, and Treliving made a series of moves with that in mind. He made a “hockey trade” a week before the deadline, swapping Markus Granlund to Vancouver for Hunter Shinkaruk. Two days before the Feb. 29 deadline, he sent Jiri Hudler to Florida for a second round and fourth round draft pick.

He made two moves on deadline day itself: Kris Russell was sent to Dallas for Brett Pollock, Jyrki Jokipakka and a conditional second round pick, while David Jones was sent to Minnesota for Niklas Backstrom and a sixth round pick.

2016-17 season

In 2017, Treliving made a pair of deadline moves. One was well ahead of the deadline, one was on deadline day itself.

On Feb. 20, well ahead of the March 1 deadline, the Flames acquired Michael Stone from Arizona for a third round pick and a conditional fifth round pick. On deadline day, they swapped Jyrki Jokipakka and a second round pick to Ottawa for Curtis Lazar and Michael Kostka.

A matter of timing

History suggests that Treliving will make a deal on deadline day itself because, well, he always does. However, his past moves – particularly the Stone addition – suggests that if he’s buying a player, his preference is to add that person early to maximize their ability to integrate with the team. However, the reported high prices in the trade market likely are going to delay any moves the Flames make to closer to the deadline when prices fall – they just don’t have an abundance of the types of assets that teams jump at.

The Flames will almost definitely make moves, potentially a few of them, but they’ll all probably be closer to the Feb. 26 deadline because of asset prices.

  • Eggs Bennett

    Wouldn’t want to buy at this deadline. Trade Stone to recoup some picks and reload for next season with a proper PP coach and fresh talent on the bottom pairing.

  • BendingCorners

    So far all BT’s TDL trades have involved non-core pieces. This year that list would include Brouwer Hrivik Shinkaruk Klimchuk Lazar Poirier Bartkowski Wotherspoon and maybe Stone but probably not.
    If BT finds a way to turn Brouwer and Bartkowski into something new then he deserves Manager of the Year award.

    • Chucky

      IF BT trades Brouwer for anything it could only be seen as a complete repudiation of GG. FN may think Brouwer is a non-core piece but GG sees him as the glue that makes the Flames work. How else can you explain first PP usage, 1 minute and 30 seconds continuous play on the PK in overtime, second line fill in, answer to third line slump and the “A”.
      We might wish for a trade but the reality is that GG thinks he is important and so to support him BT would be looking for a top 6 forward plus. I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream though.

  • Puckhead

    We have non-core bottom six upgrades in Stockton. As such, I don’t see any benefit or need to do anything this year unless, of course, BT can pull off a miracle and shed dead weight from our 4th line.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he swapped a struggling prospect or two (Shinkaruk and Poirier come to mind) for other underperforming prospects. Hopefully some of these guys could revitalize their careers and get back on track with a change of scenery.

    That leaves us with the possibility of a top 6 move on defence or forward. The Flames organization is ultra conservative and I can’t see them moving one of these players for picks and moving a prospect (e.g., Ras) up to take his place in a playoff run. This leaves us with a player for player swap.

        • Hockey for life

          Umm yea that is the going rate for some one considered a top 4 d which he was considered. I mean oilers gave up a first And send second for an ahl d man so the hamonic trade is a steal compared to that.

      • BendingCorners

        Do these two trades qualify as fleecings?
        Lazar … trading a pick that might wash out three years from now for a player that had already washed out.
        Hamonic … he and Brodie have not been a successful pair so far and those three picks could easily have turned into at least one better player. Might still work out but so far not impressive.

        • Rockmorton65

          Not even close.

          Lazar – threw a dart, took a low risk chance (2nd round pick) for a high potential reward.
          Hamonic – highly coveted (at the time) D man. Paid the going rate (at the time). Not overpaying is the win there.

          Definition of fleecing in today’s NHL

          Ottawa giving up seven pieces to acquire a non-franchise player.

          Edmonton giving up a quality, former first overall, top line winger for a decent 3/4 defenceman.

          BTW – it’s funny when some call Hamonic the worst defenseman in the league. He’s not even the worst defenseman on the Flames. In fact, there’s a few teams where he would be on their top pairing (not that I think he’s a 1/2).

  • Cheeky

    If a trade improves us both short and long term – have at it BT. However if it adds excessive salary, blocks prospects, gives up picks or good prospects for bottom 6 – then NO. Any trades made should not have consultation from this coaching staff either…

  • Rocky Mountain Blues

    I think it is important to sign Backland as he is such a key part of the team, but if that doesn’t get done by deadline do they trade him or risk getting nothing?

    • Puckhead

      A deal has to get done. The organization doesn’t presently have a comparable replacement and they won’t find a Backlund-type player on the free agent market.

  • Anonymoustrollpolice

    So what happens if the flames don’t make the playoffs? kind of tough to improve the team when you’ve already exhausted all your draft picks on players like stone, lazar, smith and Hambone. Does Treliving get sent packing for thinking the above mentioned 4 names would put the flames over the top this year.

    • everton fc

      I think it depends how far out of the playoffs we fall. How many points. Certainly, the PP would be one cause, so Cameron would be canned. Perhaps the whole staff.

      We are one 3rd line RW away from making a run to the finish line. I’ve thrown out ideas about moving Brodie, but I don’t think that’s happening. Stone to Ottawa might; Stone and ?? for Pageau and ?? might be worth a look, then call up Andersson. But then you have Andersson/Kulak as your 5/6, going down the stretch. Risky.

      Instead… I could see them taking a cut at someone like Leivo. Or maybe even Kapanen. The question is; “What’s the cost?” Leivo’s worth far less, than Kapanen.

      • BendingCorners

        Good post but if Frolik is still a 2RW it won’t be for much longer – next year he turns 30 and so far this year his performance has been underwhelming (notwithstanding his game on Sunday). If we target a winger I think it should be a legitimate 2RW with a RHS. Even if he plays on the third line this year it gives options going forward.

    • Hockey for life

      I mean if you ignore all the great talent we have in the pipeline already which made it easier to trade those picks. Not all teams have terrible drafting And prospects like the oilers.

    • Puckhead

      In the big picture, one year of limited draft picks won’t be huge. Luckily, the organization has good, young, core players already in place to ensure that we will be competitive into the foreseeable future. Some players will get traded or dealt for picks, new prospects will graduate into the NHL, and free agents will snub Edmonton for Calgary.

  • Just.Visiting

    Having Versteeg coming back is potentially better than any deal BT is likely to do to try to upgrade the team. I’d also gladly welcome Jagr back if he were healthy.

  • RegehrsForFears

    I was looking at the lineup for tonights game, and Josh Leivo would look real nice on the third line with Bennett and Janks. Unfortunately, that would push Hathaway out, who along with Lazar makes for at least a fast, tenacious winger duo on the fourth to make up for Stajan’s stone feet.

    We need a miracle trade to get Brouwer out.

  • Derzie

    The only good trade at deadlines are sales. All that are available are players too flawed to fit into their current teams plans. Sell, sell, sell (but only the trash, which no one wants anyway). If it gives us picks, do it. If it gives us someone else’s trash, don’t.

    • Puckhead

      What IF the Flames go into the second or third round of the playoffs. There’s a chance, you can’t deny that. If that were to happen we get ONE more year of questionable player deployments and an inept PP.

      Not that I want the team to implode or not do well but god have mercy…that would be a win/lose scenario.

  • deantheraven

    It’s hard to visualize an NHL trade unless it’s roster players out and picks back. If the need really is a scoring RW, that price may be too high, even on Deadline Day.

    • freethe flames

      Unlike many on this site I am not a Versteeg fan. I thought he really struggled this year; I will give him the benefit of the doubt in that he was playing in pain but I do not see him as the answer to the PP. I just don’t. If the PP is going to get better without adding a piece it will be with either Ferland or Hamilton on the R side half wall; two guys who can get shots to the net.

  • Denscafon

    The only player I would want that is even at all available is Mark Stone. The only reason why he’s even potentially available would be cuz Melynk is cheap and if he wants to sign Karlsson, he probably can’t afford to sign Stone who’s an RFA and will probably command 5+ mill easily. Though trading away stone might be counter productive to that as Karlsson might walk still knowing Melynk is forcing Dorian to have a weaker overall team. IF Dorian even considered trading Stone though, I think BT offering Bennett/Gillies/one of our d prospects(Ras or Kylington) for Stone (after pre negotiating a contract) would work out for both parties. We need a bonafide winger and Stone is one at the right age. We have a logjam in goalie and D prospects and while losing bennett would suck, you gotta give something to get something.

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      Mark Stone in for Bennett, Kylington (not Andersson) plus maybe Phillips or Goalie prospect seems a lot but reasonable assum8ng his injury heals well