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Jon Gillies recalled from Stockton, Troy Brouwer to IR

With Mike Smith’s injury status very much yet to be determined, the Calgary Flames made a pair of roster moves today in an effort to ensure some flexibility for the next little while.

They’ve recalled goaltender Jon Gillies on an emergency basis from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat, while placing right wing Troy Brouwer (facial fractures) on the injured reserve retroactive to Feb. 8.

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The moves have a few moving parts to them:

  1. By recalling Gillies on an emergency basis, he’s exempt from the 23-man roster limit.
  2. By placing Brouwer on the injured reserve, they open up a roster spot for a potential recall.
  3. Since Brouwer’s on IR retroactive to Feb. 8, he’s eligible to return to the active roster as soon as Feb. 15 (for the game against Nashville).
  4. If Smith turns out to not be terribly hurt but the Flames want to err on the side of caution by not rushing him back into the lineup, they have an open roster spot with which to “convert” Gillies’ recall into a regular one (and they’d just carry three goalies).

The Flames are expected to provide an update on Smith’s status tomorrow morning. For the time being, the Flames have 22 players on their active roster (plus a third goaltender up on emergency recall).

Their goaltending tandem for tomorrow’s game in Boston will be the season-opening AHL tandem of David Rittich and Jon Gillies.

  • deantheraven

    Safe,smart moves. I’m just not sure if a call up will get the chance to play here unless there’s another injury, and ditto for Gillies.
    I’d be inclined to say Smith gets back in before Gillies, as long as Rittich stays healthy and doesn’t crap the cot.

  • Chucky

    Maybe Gikkies can get 20% of the fill in duty. According to Gulutzan Smith plays 90% and Rittich plays 30%. So maybe of Gillies takes 20% of Smiths time they will end up with a complete season. Earlier in the year somebody told the nation that GG had a degree in math. Hope the graduates of that university never calculate anything important.

  • Chucky

    Maybe Gillies can get 20% of the fill in duty. According to Gulutzan Smith plays 90% and Rittich plays 30%. So maybe of Gillies takes 20% of Smiths time they will end up with a complete season. Earlier in the year somebody told the nation that GG had a degree in math. Hope the graduates of that university never calculate anything important.

  • freethe flames

    Until we know more about Smith’s injury there is little need to speculate how much each guy will play. The net is as they say is Rittiches’ to lose. If he plays well he keeps the net.

    • Stockton's Finest

      …and Gillies will be sent back to Stockton to start the weekend series with San Jose (I bet). Still no update on the Parsons injury. If Parsons is good to go, I bet he gets the start on Friday while Gillies is getting over jetlag from Nashville. And then Gillies back in the crease for the Heat on Saturday.

  • Mitchell

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike Smith. I think he’s done an amazing job, but I think he would be better off with more rest. Rittich isn’t proven, but he’s been solid in his starts. The only time he’s shaky is when Smith gets pulled, and even then it’s hard to blame him since he’s cold and the team is playing poorly. I think it would be beneficial to get him more starts to see what we actually have in him. Is he playing over his head? Is he a solid backup goalie? Is he a tandem goaltender who needs more rest to be competitive (think elliott)? Or is he a bonafide starter? We won’t know until we give him more looks.

  • Styxx

    So …the question for Treliving and Burke is…do we do a “responsible” add or do we sit tight. With a couple weeks to go before the deadline…is it worth throwing in a few more chips on this year or folding and waiting for another year?

    If the former …would Bennett (4th overall), Rasmussen and Brouwer (to even up $$) in exchange for Pacioretty and Galynchuk (3rd overall) float your boats?

      • The Beej

        Nah. Better to have him playing 20+ min a night and still continue to develop. Thats how all the best organizations do it. Putting in a young player usually means a decrease in minutes. It may stunt growth and development if it goes on longer than just a cup of coffee.

      • Styxx

        The Flames take on $10M salary but shed $7.5M, including 2 more years ($9M) of Brouwer. Bennett and Galynchuk are roughly a push, with both underwhelming in relation to their draft position.

        Really the trade would be to get Pacioretty, still a “young” 28 captain, a five time 30+ scorer, 6’2″ with uber leadership, in return for Andersson who could potentially be a top 4 defender in another couple years. But Montreal has to take on Brouwer’s salary for a couple years.

        Flames get a proven scorer (big upside) and a 3rd line winger/centre (a push) and offload a bad contract while les Canadiens get a young building piece on defense and a 3rd line winger/centre plus some size/grit(?) in Brouwer.

        Janko, Pacioretty and Galynchuk would be a definite upgrade and make the 3rd line a potent force like never before….

        • Puckhead

          You’ve put good thought into the trade but this is not how the Flames organization roles – they are stubborn to a fault and will try and try again to show that they did not make a mistake (e.g., Cameron, Brouwer, Hamilton on PP, Bart’s overuse last year… need I go on?).

          Bennett is still young with upside. He needs to be put into a position to succeed, which he has not been. He has often been the odd man out left to play with an ever revolving door of leftovers. On that note, I also believe that Janko has another level to reach in his game. I see no harm bumping Bennett to the second line and Janko to the first. I believe both guys have top line as a test. It’s beneficial for the organization to find out what they have (all players are currency so why accept a peso when you could have a dollar?).

          • Roger the Shrubber

            When does Bennett start carrying his line like a 4th overall pick should instead of us (myself included) complaining about his random assortment of linemates?

            We can’t even say anything about that since Janko got called up. It’s been those two since the call-up and then a RW that’s changed from Brouwer to Jagr to Hathaway.

            I wanna see more from the kid because I like him as a player and with him seeing third line minutes and the skill he has, I expect more.

          • Puckhead

            Every person is different, Bennett included. The coaches and management can either try to help him attain his AHA! moment where he finally gets it and things begins to click, or they can dump him on the third line. The guy is wallowing and it’s not working – either trade him for cents on the dollar or figure it out!

          • Styxx

            Both Bennett and Galynchuk are top picks who are good players but who have not shown their true potential yet. Providing them both with a fresh opportunity is something that may be able to kickstart both their careers.

            The real key here is to acquire a proven scorer in Pacioretty which immediately improves the team and for the forseeable future. With Janko, Pach, and Galynchuk the Flames jump to being a real contender with 3 very strong lines, as good or better than any other playoff team. If Treliving were offered this deal I believe he would accept it; however Andersson would likely not be enough given the extortionary prices being asked by selling teams

    • cjc

      I don’t think Montreal does this deal, and I’m not sure Calgary would. Adding just Brouwer to the deal doesn’t even up the $$ for Calgary. SB and TB are probably a downgrade on AG and MP from Montreal’s perspective – they are not rebuilding right now. On the other hand, if Calgary could send Montreal a Stone or Hamonic, then it would make room for Andersson.

  • Burnward

    Given the jump Bennett-Janko-Tkachuk had…I’d be a little interested to check that out again.

    I’d love to see the Flames target another decent winger, without breaking the bank (Kylington, Klimchuk, Shink, Dube maaaybe Fox) and roll:

    Frolik-Backlund- ? (Tatar/Nyquist/Domi/?)