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Flames recall Rasmus Andersson from Stockton

In what probably isn’t a good sign for T.J. Brodie’s health status, the Calgary Flames have summoned defenseman Rasmus Andersson from the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League. It’s Andersson’s third recall of the season, and it uses up the second of the Flames’ fourth post-trade deadline recalls.

Brodie left last night’s game between the Flames and Golden Knights with an upper-body injury after the second period. He was absolutely crushed by a Ryan Reaves hit early in the period, which was in turn followed by four unanswered goals (Brodie was on the ice for three of them). Typically the Flames like to carry at least one extra healthy body in case somebody gets hurt in warmups (or gets the flu), so this can’t be a good sign regarding Brodie’s availability for tonight’s game against Arizona.

Andersson has been arguably the Flames’ best non-NHL player this season. He’s presently Stockton’s active scoring leader given all their injuries and recalls, with 38 points in 53 games playing on their top pairing with Tyler Wotherspoon. Since the Flames have enough healthy defensemen to fill a lineup (Matt Bartkowski is still with the team), this is a “regular” recall – they didn’t need to call up Andersson to meet roster limits.

    • JMK

      Haha, I was just about say something similar. I won’t hold my breath. Kulak getting top 4 minutes would be interesting though, even if it’s just Arizona – might give the kid a deserved boost. One of the positives this season has been Kulak’s play.

    • Cfan in Van

      Doesn’t matter which reasons you choose, he should be playing:
      1) Still technically in the hunt. Ras is way better than Bart.
      2) Season’s done. Let’s see what he’s got, and get Ras ready for the big club next year.

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Hamonic and Lazar both 1/2 arsed went after him.. and the Flames all seemed to “sort of take shots” at him after but to Reaves it was like swatting mosquitoes away. Sad really but that was the turning point in the game, Flames fell apart after that hit.

      • canadian1967

        As we have all learned from FN, if a player can’t Corsi as well as fight then he can’t play for us.
        This means that ANY team with one of those Nuclear Deterrents can do whatever they want with our Pansies.
        Blah blah blah functional toughness blah blah blah etc…

    • Derzie

      Ignored in all of this is that Reaves is the top tough guy ion the league right now. Hathaway & Lazar got in his grill but they aren’t up for dying. The man is a house. There is standing up for your teammate, which they did, and there is committing a form of suicide, which they didn’t. The best way to deal with a Ryan Reaves is to score when he is on the ice.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Why call up a RHD for a LHD Injury? Where is Spoons Chance? Bringing up Ras to sit when the Heat are in a playoff race is Asinine …. We’ll see how this plays out? but really… If BT is bringing up players based upon GG’s player plans he needs to grow a pair and just do the right thing as opposed to making GG’s player usage ideas more comfortable for himself.
    Usually I’d be happy with this call up… But I have a sinking feeling that it will be misused and wasted. Thanks GG…

  • Zalapski

    It’s Bartkowski. If Ras plays ill be shocked to the core. The fact they rolled out the awful Brodie Versteeg – Brouwer, Monny, JG pp last night was my last straw. I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds.

  • Beer League Coach

    Season is lost. Time to prep for next year. How about moving Dougie Hamilton up to RW with either Johnny & Mony or with Benny & Janko. Hamilton was a fwd in minor hockey and was converted to D when he played jr. Could be done. Both Brent Burns and Big Buff have played both fwd and D and been successful at both positions. Think outside the box. Think about the CPA ad. The Internet fad is killing us. Let’s sell Internet subscriptions instead. How is this going to help us sell CD’s?

    Moving Dougie to fwd creates a spot for Andersson on the RD, possibly with Gio and leave the other two pairings the same. Or try mixing the pairings to see what works and what doesn’t. At this point what do we have to lose?

    At the draft we could shop both Brodie and Stone for fwds who can score or for draft picks. How to replace Brodie on LD is not that difficult. He has regressed the last 2 years while fans deflect the blame to his partners, first to Wideman and this year to Hamonic. Maybe the problem really is Brodie. I am not knocking TJ. I was a big Brodie booster when he came up to the Flames, but things change over time. He could be a good player on another team with a fresh start. Maybe Wotherspoon would stay if he was offered a 2 year 1 way show me type contract @ 1.25 – 1.5 mil per season. That could buy time until Valimaki is ready for the big show.

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Interesting… I think Brodie would be a better swap to forward… I bet he would at least be as effective as Versteeg on wing. Ya you never know?

          • Beer League Coach

            Agree again. But we could still use a couple more RS fwds. A RS could play C or LW. Not a law that says they must play on RW if they are a RS. Just like LW playing RW. I am from the Babcock/Gulutzan school where I like a balance of L and R shots. There are more LS in hockey than RS. I like to see at least 4 RS on the fwd roster. Preferably 5 or 6 but a minimum of 4 RS fwds.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    It makes you wonder if TSpoon would have got the call if he was not injured… my gut says no. I am sure TSpoon will be looking for a new team this summer. The Flames are famous for pigeon holeling it’s players. It seems that if TSpoon wasn’t good enough to p,as in the NHL before… He never will be good enough. I am not even a bid TSpoon fan but he has been railroaded by the organization. I am big Ras supporter and believe he will be a top 2 defender if he can improve his quickness.

  • snotss

    make the move permanent…………. trade Brodie before he gets even worse..Anderson should have been playing more nhl games…now because of the lames record and no playoffs ramsus can show bt what he has in the final games left