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Report: Flames looking to add a first round pick

The Calgary Flames are going to miss the playoffs. They have no first round selection in the upcoming 2018 NHL Draft.

Given how much the season has fallen off the rails, one of those facts is unfortunate and the other is embarrassing. In his latest edition of 31 Thoughts, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman had some interesting information.

12. Word out of the GM meetings is Calgary GM Brad Treliving will look to add a first-round pick in this year’s draft. The Flames traded their 2018 selection to the Islanders in the Travis Hamonic deal, and will try to replace it. That would likely mean a major move, but the way this season is ending necessitates something big.

As we’ve documented here extensively, the Flames traded their first and second round selections in the 2018 NHL Draft to the New York Islanders in the Travis Hamonic trade. Their third round selection will go to Arizona as a condition of the Mike Smith trade. That leaves the Flames with no picks until the middle of the fourth round, which probably doesn’t cut it for Treliving or his scouting staff.

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The desire to add a first round pick is one thing, but what assets do the Flames have a willingness to move that would net them a first round selection? The list probably is some mixture of Mark Giordano, Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, Mikael Backlund, Matthew Tkachuk, and Dougie Hamilton. If the Flames do land a first round pick in a trade, the player going the other way will have to be significant.

  • RKD

    Brodie alone is not going to get you a 1st, he would have to be included in a package type deal with Bennett and maybe a prospect. Are the Flames willing to give up that much for a pick? I’m curious if not Brodie maybe they identified another core piece that is a problem they want to move out.

  • Meister Jagr

    Ok Doom and Gloomers…calm down! We are not far off, this is not the time blow everything up…but in my professional capacity as a NHL GM I am open to anything to make this team better. I think with the young guys a year older and wiser, the addition of some scoring(kinda what they wanted to do with Brouwer(spoiler: that didn’t go as planned)), and the promotion of a couple of rookies?(Andersson and ?) they are close. The big question is coaching! I was a big Bob Hartley fan, so start trashing my post. Lots of you wanted a Corsi Coach, and you got one, Mr. GG. Was he unlucky this year? Possibly. In sports there is a lot of intangibles (room chemistry, line chemistry, attitude when down a goal, mental toughness, playing for the coach, playing for your team) and I think that Ol Bob did what it took to win. Glen does not have that winning mentality/attitude. So in my professional opinion we need to replace GG with a hybrid of GG/BH. Who is available? Who do you guys think would fit that mould? Please do not say Huska or Gelinas! I love Gelly and maybe in a few years, but not yet. GFG

    • Rudy27

      “Was this an unlucky year?”. Remember, if it wasn’t for a great late run last year we would have missed those playoffs too! I just don’t think this team is built for GG’s system.

    • kirby

      It’s not doom and gloom, it’s just reality. We’ve given up a LOT of assets, put a lot of eggs in baskets that couldn’t hold them. It’s not just about needing some tweaks and staying the course, at this point it feels more like the overall culture. This team, with this management, and this leadership, completely melted down and right from the start of the season squandered every opportunity to establish themselves in the division.

      A better opportunity than we saw this year is not guaranteed to come in the immediate future. Major rivals having slow starts and major injuries, an expansion team leading the way, and we were not only the healthiest team in the division throughout the year, but one of the healthiest teams overall in the entire league. Possessed the puck a lot, played well on the road, sold out major future assets to go into “win now” mode with THIS team and everything aligned right from the start of the season for us to make it happen…and it was a colossal failure. We should have been playing with the lead all year, right along side Vegas. We could / should have spent the entire year looking in our rear view mirror. The fact that we didn’t wasn’t because of luck, it wasn’t because of injuries, it wasn’t because we’re just a team on the rise and this wasn’t our time yet. It was a lack resilience, a lack of grit, a lack of the will to be great. It was seemingly ingrained in the culture of this locker room.

      Everyone keeps saying “oh it’s just the coaching, we’re right there! So close!”, isn’t that just this years Brian Elliott? “Oh if it wasn’t for that darn Elliott, we just need to get a bigger #1, this team is so close, look at D!” so i might have a hard time with the “just fire Gully and we’re good to go” line of thinking. Yeah there’s been a lot of baffling decisions in terms of player utilization etc, i don’t know if everyone liked him or “bought in” or whatever, but at the end of the day with everything we saw from this team this year, i kinda don’t care. They are professionals and they did NOT put their best efforts out regardless of who was paired with who. They would get punched in the face and just turtle up. They would face adversity and assume defeat. Their resilience and team toughness shouldn’t be dependent on coaching, it should be a sense of individual pride as professional competitors that collectively manifests as a group mentality (not to mention they are paid quite handsomely to do so). I very rarely picked up on anything of the sort, and that’s on the locker room. That’s on our core and our leadership. Not just GG. I don’t get a sense of leadership from either side, the locker room or the bench.

      So forgive me if that sounds doom and gloomish, but we have spent so many years buying into this “we’re so close! It’s just such-and-such” philosophy that the franchise seems to perpetually exist in, and i see so many more things wrong with this team and how it’s constructed to buy the quick-fixes-are-around-the-corner stuff this year, especially with our resources to make changes being fairly drained at the moment. Might as well flip Hamonic back out to someone else at this point and try to recoup those picks, because the ones we gave up for Lazar, Stone, Smith and Lack surely aren’t coming back.

  • snotss

    bt keep digging your self deeper and deeper with these suspect moves..hope someone in the front office sees his moves need to approved before they become a complete mess…it reeks of desperation

  • redwhiteblack

    I would like to see Brodie reboot next year under a different coach and hopefully more grounded from whatever is happening outside of hockey over the summer. A first round pick is still a big gamble. Look at how many take so much time to develop or don’t pan out at all. We have 3 (Klimchuk, Shinkaruk, Poirier). I think moving a few pieces for 2 around for a second or third pick makes more sense. Stone, Brouwer, Klimchuk, Shunkaruk, Poirier, Gilles, etc.

    • The GREAT WW

      Poirier was always a “our GM thinks he knows more than anyone else” kind of pick.
      That pick should have been Shinkurak….but to your point; he has fizzled out too.

      Maybe BT is stating publicly that he wants a first round pick, so that the other GMs think they get a bargain for “only” giving up a second round pick for the players you mentioned.
      BT is slick…..


  • Joeyhere

    So let me understand BT’s logic
    “We’re a great team and our window is now so I will trade away NINE draft picks for elliot smith lack stone lazar and Hamonic because our future is Now

    Wait, I have decided we aren’t there now so instead of going for a top 6 RW I think we need draft picks – we need to stick for the future, I mean look at this! how did we end up without any draft picks (must have been feaster) I’ll start trading for the future “

    If true this is totally a play to keep us mediocre but then that’s been our history

    • PrairieStew

      Yep – it hasn’t worked out well. To top it – I’m worried about Smith. Jonas Hiller was great his first year in Calgary, then fell off the cliff in year 2. What if that happens to Smitty next year. Are we up to Rittich carrying the mail ?

    • Kevin R

      So how are these draft picks doing? Tre gave up picks for two top 4 Dmen still in their primes & both signed to pretty darn good contracts. If you take a step back & look at it objectively, Smith was the perfect fit & from what I saw this year, if the D played as well as they should have been able to & played up to 75% of the hype going into the season, he would have been even better. To me, coach relied on him way too much & needed to give one of our young goalies more starts. Riitch & Gilles had an amazing opportunity here & not that they were bad, they actually played Ok & had some decent moments. But they needed to play lights out, all world winning games for us. Then next year would be a no brainer, the one that stepped up would get at least half the starts shared with Smith in his final year. By just being Ok means Tre may have to consider other options out there. Read what you want out of Friedman, but I do believe Tre will trade from strength & will either try to upgrade that forward position or reacquire some picks. The fit I see as much as my stomach gurgles at the thought would be the Leafs. Brodie would be a perfect fit. Leafs have some young guys that are going to get paid coming up quick, cap freedom is going to tighten very quickly & Brodies contract is a good fit as well. Can we extract Toronto’s late 1st & Kapanen? Who knows, but I don’t see a blow out for picks at the draft. But it may be time to put some faith in one or two of our promising young Defensemen we have & hope they transition well. Heck I would play Andersson in top 4 minutes & even bring up Kylington these last 7 games.

  • herringchoker

    Im sorry, I don’t buy into the doom and gloom. This team has all the parts. I think it needs to make two statements similar to Colorado. The coach and a major defenceman. Its addition through subtraction just like Colorado. We dont need any more old school vets. I know people like to jump on Lazar. I think they do it because of the stupid pick and because i think everyone likes to have a scape goat. Yes Lazar is snake bit. It happens. I personally think Lazar was the biggest misuse of a player on the flames. His “I give a shite” meter is high. I think in 2019 he needs to move to Backlunds RW. Frolik should be traded now while he has value. I’d like to see Tkuchuk get moved to Jankos RW. I truely believe under a new coach that line would break out next year. Otherwise keep Tkuchuk with Backlund and Lazar. Then graduate Foo or Pourier. People on here want to blame the players. They should be blamed. The problem though is with coaching. Coaching, there horrible system and attitudes steer the bus. The players are driving a beater.