How does the Hurricanes’ roster compare to the Flames’?

This past season, the Flames were basically Hurricanes West. Or the Hurricanes were Flames East, if you prefer. So the idea that Bill Peters – who just resigned as the Hurricanes’ head coach – may very well become the Flames’ next head coach can provoke some strong reactions, considering how Glen Gulutzan’s Flames tenure went.

Is it warranted, though? Or did Peters’ 137-138-53 record and inability to make the playoffs have more to do with his roster?

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A lot of similarities

The 2017-18 Flames and the 2017-18 Hurricanes really were mirror images of one another. The Flames finished with 84 points; the Hurricanes finished with 83. The Flames had a -30 goal differential; the Hurricanes were -28. The Hurricanes were 28th with a 7.03 shooting percentage; the Flames were 29th with a 6.85 shooting percentage. The Hurricanes were first in the NHL with a 54.48% 5v5 CF; the Flames were third with a 53.50% 5v5 CF.

If you take stock in underlying numbers, then both the Flames and Hurricanes underperformed to a comical extent, and really should have at least both been playoff teams. Even if you don’t, then every other number points to the same failing: neither team could capitalize on their chances, and both were among the worst shooters in the NHL.

So then what’s the difference? Probably chief among them: Peters has never had a Johnny Gaudreau to work with.

The Flames actually have top end players

The Flames had their fair share of problems this past season, but their top players’ play wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t that Gaudreau wasn’t scoring enough so much as it was that Garnet Hathaway was regularly playing on the third line. Whenever the top end guys went cold – which is going to happen to literally every single player, no matter how good they are, at some point over a season – nobody else was able to pick up the slack.

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The Hurricanes did not exactly have that option.

Of the four years Gaudreau has been in the NHL, he has been the Flames’ top scorer three times. Here’s how he’s compared to Peters’ top scorer each of his four years in Carolina:

Season Gaudreau’s points Top Hurricanes scorer’s points
2014-15 64 54 (Eric Staal)
2015-16 78 51 (Jeff Skinner)
2016-17 61 63 (Jeff Skinner)
2017-18 84 65 (Sebastian Aho)

The Hurricanes’ top scorer has only outscored Gaudreau once, and it took Gaudreau missing 10 games due to being repeatedly slashed to make it happen (Skinner played seven more games than Gaudreau did in 2016-17).

So for the first half of Peters’ tenure as the Hurricanes’ coach, his top scorer could only scratch the surface of 50 points, which, no wonder they failed to make the playoffs. In 2016-17, he had one 60-point guy and a handful of 50-pointers. This past season, he had some help in the form of Teuvo Teravainen scoring 64 points, but the Flames can counter that with Sean Monahan also having a 64-point year (in only 74 games, and while requiring four surgeries for like a solid quarter of the season).

Speaking of Monahan, let’s throw out the assists and compare each team’s top goal scorer over the past four seasons.

Season Flames’ top goal scorer Hurricanes’ top goal scorer
2014-15 31 (Jiri Hudler, Sean Monahan) 23 (Eric Staal)
2015-16 30 (Johnny Gaudreau) 28 (Jeff Skinner)
2016-17 27 (Sean Monahan) 37 (Jeff Skinner)
2017-18 31 (Sean Monahan) 29 (Sebastian Aho)

Aside from Skinner losing his mind for one season and Aho’s emergence this year (emergence: as in, this is probably only the beginning for him), Peters has had basically nothing to work with, while the Flames have managed to at least have 30-goal scorers more often than not.

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Scoring goals was a problem for both teams this past season, but Peters simply didn’t have anyone as capable of putting the puck in the net as the Flames do.

Top six scorers of 2017-18

Throughout the 2017-18 season, both the Flames and Hurricanes had just six players who were able to hit the 40-point threshold.

For quick comparison’s sake, the top scoring teams of the season were the Lightning (six players with 50+ points, five with 60+ points, two with 86+ points), the Jets (six players with 45+ points, four with 60+ points, including a 91-point guy), the Leafs (seven players with 50+ points, three with 60+ points), the Golden Knights (seven players with 40+ points, two with 75+ points), and the Penguins (six players with 48+ points, three players with 89+ points). So while having depth is important, it seems as though having extremely high impact players (i.e. Gaudreau) also helps an awful lot.

Rank Flames Hurricanes
1 Johnny Gaudreau (84, 1.05 PPG) Sebastian Aho (65, .83 PPG)
2 Sean Monahan (64, .86 PPG) Teuvo Teravainen (64, .78 PPG)
3 Matthew Tkachuk (49, .72 PPG) Justin Williams (51, .62 PPG)
4 Mikael Backlund (45, .55 PPG) Jeff Skinner (49, .60 PPG)
5 Dougie Hamilton (44, .54 PPG) Jordan Staal (46, .58 PPG)
6 Micheal Ferland (41, .53 PPG) Elias Lindholm (44, .54 PPG)
Total 327 points 319 points

The Hurricanes’ depth contributed a little more, but they also didn’t have any major gamebreakers the way the Flames do. The Flames’ second highest scorer had a higher point per game than the Hurricanes’ top. If they had had a Gaudreau and a Monahan, you have to think their season would have turned out differently.

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(Also of interest? The Hurricanes’ top scorer from the blueline was Noah Hanifin, with 32 points. That’s as many as T.J. Brodie – the Flames’ third highest scoring defenceman – had.)

Also, keep this in mind: the Hurricanes had better scoring depth. They had 12 30-point scorers; the Flames had eight. But it’s not as though Brad Treliving is going to theoretically hire Peters and then take a nap until October. In season-ending interviews, he pointed blame at himself. He is well aware of his roster’s shortcomings, and it seems extremely unlikely the Flames will go into 2018-19 with the same forward group they have now.

Assuming the Flames hire Peters, he will already have more firepower in Calgary than he’s ever had in Carolina. And the Flames will likely be looking to add more before he even gets them on the ice.

Outshooting the other team is better than vice versa. Same goes for out-corsiing the other team. Peters’ Hurricanes teams have always been able to do that. Get him some truly high end offensive guys, and maybe he can get the results here he couldn’t in Raleigh.


Admittedly, the Flames have not had steady goaltending since Miikka Kiprusoff retired, but then again, neither have the Hurricanes; they have repeatedly gone after guys with previously good numbers, only to watch them implode.

Team save percentages via Hockey-Reference:

Season Flames SV% Hurricanes SV%
2014-15 .911 .902
2015-16 .892 .902
2016-17 .907 .901
2017-18 .905 .893

The Flames were doing really well until Mike Smith got run into the ground, injured, and both backup goalies completely forgot how to tend goal. The Hurricanes have uhh not been doing well, at all. Both teams could stand to be better in this department, but Carolina was also literally the worst in 2017-18, bottom four for the past four seasons, and I don’t think that’s entirely on Peters.


Peters isn’t the Flames’ head coach yet, though a lot of people seem to think he’s about to be. And there are a lot of striking similarities between him and Gulutzan. And his overall losing record as a head coach and zero playoff appearances doesn’t exactly inspire any confidence.

But the Flames have a lot more to offer him in terms of player personnel than the Hurricanes ever did, and ultimately, it’s up to the players to win games. In his four years as the Hurricanes’ head coach, Peters only got two 60+ point scorers once. Here, he’ll have a Gaudreau, and then some. And that’s a pretty big difference.

  • Trevy

    After hearing most people voicing their displeasure at the thought of Peters spearheading this club, I would love to hear the argument of who would be a better replacement among what is currently out there. Forget about the unproven coaches as Tre stated he seeks a veteran presence. The reason these available coaches are out there is because they failed to bring their teams to the next level. Peters is being berated already based on a failure to make it to the playoffs with weak goaltending and average firepower all while battling teams spending to the cap in a tough division. Paul Maurice looks like a great coach now, but look at his past coaching career and you’ll see he failed to bring most of his teams into the playoffs. A lot of you wanted Boudreau, yet he got bounced in the first round and with a pretty decent team. Yes, Peters strikes similarities to GG, however, he brings the attributes that GG was too stubborn to do. I would also suggest following Darren Haynes on Twitter. He describes some great positive stats regarding player usage that Peters instilled with the Canes. This may help talk some of you off the ledge. Apparently other teams were after Peters including Dallas who were willing to offer more money. Again, I’m not overly thrilled either, but I definitely don’t think someone Vigneault is a better choice for various reasons. Give Peters some rope to see what he can do cause the alternatives out there all have there own faults

    • Atomic Clown

      Why isn’t Vigneault a better choice? He’s a winning coach who maximizes offense. He’s taken two different teams to cup finals, both teams that had pretty eh depth. To be fair, he did have star goalies and a top heavy team, but he knows how to get output out of developed teams

      • Trevy

        Vigneault is a great coach but wrong for this team imo. He loves riding the strength of his goaltender and prefers to play his vets instead of incorporating young rookies into his lineup. Besides, he would easily command $4 million plus per year and even though money is not a supposed factor, that’s a high price to pay for no guarantees

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      I just wanted to add this article to the conversation….
      From: Jonathan Wagner, writer for CBTS, Carolina Hurricanes Blog (much like our FN).
      Take what you will from it.
      ~> Bill Peters is a good hockey coach. Unfortunately for him, his negative qualities heavily outweigh his positive qualities. Again, Peters is a good coach, but he isn’t the guy that we need. He was the right guy to bring in for the rebuild, but the team needs another face to push them over the hump.

      Peters was definitely a coach that built a strong system. The Hurricanes have been one of the best puck possession teams under Peters. They generate the most shots in the league. There is no doubt that the system that Bill Peters built was strong. All of the stats look like this was a very good team under Peters.

      Unfortunately, the numbers don’t show everything. Peters will be remembered in Carolina for over-slotting AHL players, burying Jeff Skinner, and MAFS. Jeff Skinner is an elite goal scorer, but for two years he has been stuck playing with Derek Ryan, Phil Di Giuseppe, and Lee Stempniak. Joakim Nordstrom puts up maybe a point every couple of months. But, he was a staple in the lineup.

      Even when the Canes would make a move and call up a promising AHL player, or acquire someone via waivers, it seemed as if Peters didn’t put them in a position to succeed. While that isn’t all on Peters, it became an increasingly frustrating occurrence as the team struggled to find signs of life. The roster as currently constructed is arguably good enough to be in the playoffs. I believe that. Peters just didn’t seem to be able to put our players in position to succeed. <~

  • freethe flames

    One thing that I want to say that I have been thinking about for a while now is that BT called his team out for not being “emotionally invested.” This “emotional investment” is lacking throughout the organization. The owner does not live in the city, KK sees himself above and beyond the fan base, BB spends more time out of the city than in(remember when he was hired that we worried he would be bigger than the team; now he is almost invisible), BT has to think everything through; he even said that you can’t act on emotion and then we had GG who most nights was not engaged. How can they expect any different from their players? When this team was at it’s best it’s owners cared and lived in the city; the GM/president was invested in the city, the coaches were engaging and could be tough a$$es when needed and the players followed suit. So here’s an idea for BT and management call someone out; trade someone who we think is part of the core and don’t sugar coat the reason’s. Send a message. Start by being “emotionally invested” yourself like most of the fans here on FN.

      • FL?MES

        I also don’t know how people can question the character and leadership of the players under GG. Imagine yourself playing a system that isn’t working and watching bizarre player deployments time after time. After a while when things fall apart in a game how do you react as a player. Do you stand up and challenge everyone to keep banging their collective heads on a wall. It got to a point last season where the events unfolding on the ice were sadly comical.

        • freethe flames

          Jock Wilson said it at the end of the season;”the players look down the bench at the coach looking for answers and realize the coaches have no answers.”

    • Hockeysense9393

      A lot of posters say that the next coach should have experience playing and winning in the NHL? Back to back cups in Pittsburgh – check. A lot of posters say he should have even some minor league experience in transitioning from player to coach? IHL championship (minor league back then?) – check. Posters say he should have “good” experience in the NHL? First hired by LA as an assistant and instantly helped them become a winning playoff team for 3 years. That translated to head coach with Dallas, which he then coached to a 21 point increase for the team and tops in their div. Then in the next few years he went on to win back to back 50+ win seasons. Eventually he went to the Coyotes to right the Gretzky led “bad” team to a 28 point improvement with yet another 50 win season? He went on to have 5 winning seasons in a row with a Division title to boot. His last 3 years were a little suspect of course, but if anybody has followed hockey at all knows that coaching there could not have been easy – check. I don’t really understand why Tippett isn’t getting more fan fair here? At least for the next 3-5 years lol.

      • Korcan

        The only argument I’ve heard against Tippett that could explain why Tre doesn’t hire him (If, in fact, he doesn’t) is the power struggle he had with Don Maloney back in Arizona, which led to the GM being fired. Tre likely had a front-row seat to that show and may wonder if the same thing could happen to him.

        • Hockeysense9393

          Yeah I heard that too. I wonder how true that was, and how much is media conjecture? Wasn’t it Maloney that gave him a 5 year extension, only to be let go by Chayka? That rumour doesn’t make a lot of sense to me lol.

          • Hockeysense9393

            Hey MCRib you have a valid point for sure. It’s a fine line…this winning/entertaining thing. That is the question then…do we want say an Todd McLellan team that is run and gun, but hurts when you can’t keep that puck out of the net? Or that system that bores the other team into letting you win? Like Sutter’s teams or one of the most winningest teams of the 90’s to 2010 or so – the NJ Devils. Lots of goals or winning…hmmm. I’m actually on the fence one way or another, but can say that I would forgive the team if they were boring but won all the time. Not so much if they were scoring all the time, but still losing. I didn’t watch a lot of games that Tippett coached, so wasn’t aware that he coached that way.

        • Red Deer Flame

          If we were able to land Tippett, i would be pretty happy. He seemed to get the most out of his teams. Maybe he is being labeled as a gm killer. Im surprised he hasnt been talked about elsewhere. He would be a big improvement over GG.

    • WillyWonka

      hey, you really could drop the “lol”s from your comments, would give them more credibility. not meaning to be condescending or rude, but it would make your abundant posts much better.

        • Hockeysense9393

          Hmmm…ok I had a few “haha’s“ in there too. I get it…it’s like when kids say like “like” a lot? I didn’t know that I needed to look more serious then this…but ok. Clean it up!! Lo…oh never mind

      • Who is Alberta’s team?

        @ Willy Wonka take a hike. Lol telling people how do post on here. Who does that? Sorry not trying to be rude ?

        How is anyone to take you serious when your name and pic is of Willy frickin Wonka? You should really change your name and pic and then you’d be taken more seriously. Especially with the abundance of posts you make….

        • WillyWonka

          oh, look, the village dolt tries for ‘high moral ground’, but only achieved high. your grade-school trolling could use a few “lol’s”, cause that’s what everyone does AT you… not WITH you.
          as for the other gentleman, a little advice (like dropping the multiple lols in every post) is not ignorant, it was a friendly suggestion, and obviously taken that way.

          • McRib

            Dave Tippett coaches a boring defense first system that is like watching paint dry….. If you can’t figure out that fans want exciting modern Hockey we can’t help you.

        • Hockeysense9393

          I appreciate the backup actually. I didn’t know this was such a serious topic forum, that we needed a “forum ref” to tell us how to react or post, but I get what he’s saying too…I guess. WilliWonka is a pretty powerful entity and we should show respect. Besides…I guess he may take it like crying wolf. If I have fun and “lol” all the time…then how will he really know when I’m truly laughing out loud? Hockeysense! Clean it up! Or “No Soup For You!” ?

          • The Beej

            Tippett played 40 year old Shane Doan over some ARIs more deserving youngsters on the powerplay and at 5 on 5 even when he was getting no results.

            He would probably play Brouwer even more than Gulutzan did. Tippett loves his vets. Match made in heaven with Brouwer.

  • Korcan

    A lot of FN commenters seem convinced veteran coaches like Vigneault, Sutter, and Trotz who have more winning pedigrees would be much better options for Calgary. And they may be right. But they overlook the fact those winning coaches had most of their success while coaching salary-cap-ceiling, contending teams with outstanding goalies. Sutter had Kiprosoff in Calgary and Quick in LA. Vigneault had Luongo/Schneider in Vancouver and Lundqvist in NY. Trotz had Rinne in Nashville and Has Holtby in Washington.

    There is a reason behind the expression “Great goalies make great coaches.” Would Peters’ record in Carolina have looked different given a stacked roster with a future HOF goaltender backstopping it? More than likely. Would these other great coaches look nearly so impressive had they been provided rosters and goaltenders of the caliber found in Carolina. Not likely.

    I get it, haters gotta hate, the guy hasn’t even been officially announced yet and he’s already being hanged, drawn and quartered by many in FN.

    • BiggDogg

      Great comment. Peters has been saddled with absolutely atrocious goaltending in Carolina. Ward has been washed up for years, and Darling was crappy last year. Also, look at the lack of depth up the middle for Peters in Carolina. In addition, he had almost exclusively middle six forwards on that team (minus maybe Tuevo Teravainen). I wouldn’t write the guy off as just a GG copy who cannot produce success.

    • Hockeysense9393

      This also elevates my point with Tippett. Always a bottom dwelling salary team, yet he coached them to respectability for most years…till the end. Even with respect there, he showed in Dallas what he could do with a good roster? He was signed to a huge extension with the Coyotes for a reason. It’s not his fault that a 28 year old kid was hired to run a team…with obviously no real knowledge about hockey lol.

      • McRib

        Ugggh, Tippett just grinded our wins playing a boring defense first system lulling the opposition into sleep walking through games, nobody except you what’s that, after all there was a major reason nobody went to Coyotes games for the decade or whatever Tippett was coaching there.

        • Hockeysense9393

          Yeah I suppose. No one wants to watch Sutter games either I guess? It’s a wonder that people want him back too, because his grinding games were worse then Tippett’s. A new out of the box thinking, run and gun coach, who gets the team scoring more then the opposition?? Well that’s Peters (or GG) with a higher shooting percentage and better goaltending. Hmmm.

          • Hockeysense9393

            Sorry…not Peters or GG, out of the box thinking. But a top Corsi type of system to push play with a higher sh% and more steady goaltending. Better deployment for lineups, special teams, and a higher caring factor? Not so much defensive, but not so crazy offensive…really fast, but gritty with size. Wow…sounds like Vegas ?

  • Just.Visiting

    Miscellaneous observations.

    Whatever value Corsi may have had as an analytic has been impacted by the consequence that the increased importance of the tool has seen players try to pad their Corsi to make their stats look better.

    No matter who gets hired, we will have a significant amount of second guessing with respect to the other choices available and lineup configurations. This is inherent in the amount of coverage to which we have access.

    That being said, I can’t see how anyone selected could possibly be worse than GG and his PP configurations (e.g., no Hamilton on first unit for what seemed like forever, the endless perimeter passing, the let’s drop it to JG so that he can lose it at the blue line, Brouwer), his failing to recognize that Backlund and Frolik are two thirds of a great third line and that the 2nd line should be built around Byng and possibly Bennett and Janko, riding Smith into the ground and not trying something different with Brodie when it was apparent that a pairing of Brodie and Hamonic wasn’t working.

    It was interesting to read GG’s exit interview. He was somewhat surprised to be fired. He thought that he would have been back if not for the period from late Feb on. My sense is that he remains totally oblivious to the degree to which his choices dictated his fate.

    It also raises questions about BT’s judgment. It was obvious in early December that the team was significantly underperforming and that this was due in large part to lineup choices. If there were other aspects of his coaching that you liked, why not go to him and say, “Glen, your choices are hurting the team and you. I don’t want to micromanage, but you need to d/stop doing this four things now if we are to be successful.” If he listens, you helped him become a better coach and perhaps he’s still here. If he doesn’t, you need to look at a move then, so that you have a shot at the playoffs.

    As regards next year, the one common theme I’m seeing in every series is the speed if the game. We need to get younger and faster if we are to compete effectively, preferably with a more aggressive forecheck. There needs to be a huge turnover at the low end of the roster.

    • Hockeysense9393

      I’m always torn on the age factor and I don’t know what that has to do with it really. It’s the balance that counts…comparing inexperience with experience? The average age of NHL teams is what, 27.1? There is no real line showing younger teams are better then older teams. 6 out of the 12 youngest teams made the playoffs…and 6 out of the 12 oldest teams made the playoffs.

  • Mickey O

    It seems a lot of posters are saying that Peters is just another version of Gulutzan because the Flames and Hurricanes had similar Corsi numbers. Sutter’s teams in LA also had high Corsi numbers. Three completely different teams, with three very different personalities as head coach.

    You could argue that Gulutzan and his coaching ‘team’ never really had respect from the players, and to me that’s the most important attribute for a coach. I get the impression that Peters would never throw a stick into the stands – because he’d already thrown the stick at somebody’s head in the dressing room.

    • freethe flames

      I don’t disagree with you; the other thing is team A might not respond to coachQ, but team B might. Who knows what makes it work in some place and not in another. The angst with BP is that much of what he does reminds many of GG. Only time will tell.

      • Mickey O

        Getting the team fired up to play at the opening of the game would be a solid start, especially at home. I think Treliving fired Bob Hartley because he bought into the Corsi “new-age coaching” narrative. Then Gulutzan was sort of clueless in player deployment, and reading the flow of the game.

        Peters mixes up his lines a lot, and obviously isn’t afraid to be a hard-ass. Ferland, Bennett and Hamilton could be ones to respond positively to the new guy. But like you said, who knows.

    • WillyWonka

      the inflated CORSI sint the only thing they had in common… the losing records also mirror each other. in fact, countg the losing in, one could say Peters is a downgrade, but I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that he proves me (and the rest of the fans that think its a bad move)wrong

      • Cheeky

        This is from a Carolina fan on another blog regarding Peters, sounds similar to someone we once knew…

        As a canes fan, yes probably the only one on here, I can honestly thank you BP I wish you the best of luck.

        I’m also very happy that he is moving on. Our team, as built by RF, is and was not good enough, but BP did not succeed at using what he had. Our teams would rarely ever play 60mins of hockey, either by seeming unprepared to start on time or giving up at the end of the 2nd period. He was wildly inconsistent when it came to doleing out accountability to players not giving their all, and clearly showed that some guys, regardless of their play would not be “punished” during long periods of lazy selfish player where as others would benched for a single infraction. And don’t get me started on our shooting mentality. Of course we always won the shot totals game, our guys woukd basically enter the zone and offer up a pointless unscreened shot straight at the goalies chest……

  • Sterls

    Something that hasn’t been mentioned, as there aren’t many examples, but how do star players preform under Peters? Eric Staal’s game dropped off under Peter’s while he was in his prime (0.89ppg 2010-2014, 0.62ppg under Peters). Skinner’s has too but not quite as dramatically (0.71ppg 2010-2014, 0.60ppg under Peters). Perhaps the reason why Carolina doesn’t have any superstars like Gaudreau is their best players aren’t flourishing under Peters. Not enough data to really draw any concrete conclusions, but it is another question mark.

      • Korcan

        An RFA I’m intrigued by is Washington’s Tom Wilson. A bigger, younger, nastier version of Ferland. He has trouble, sometimes, not crossing the line, but he moves well, can score (14 goals, all at 5v5), and is a right hand shot. Ideally would fit best on 2nd or 3rd line, but can play on 1st and not be overwhelmed.

        I don’t think he’s a UFA/RFA, but CBJs Boone Jenner spent some time on the trade-bait board this past season, which suggests they are willing to move him. He’s another great depth guy who could look good in a Flames uniform, though he’s not a right hand shot.

        Washington’s Grubauer is also an RFA. Would be a nice compliment to Smith, but I think Washington is hoping to keep him. Problem for the Caps is they are a cap team already and have to resign Carlson, who I know they don’t want to lose, and he is going to be expensive. Something’s gotta give.

    • Mickey O

      “Peters also served as head coach of Canada’s gold-medal-winning team at the 2016 IIHF World Championship, and he was an assistant coach for Team Canada’s championship teams at the 2015 IIHF World Championship and 2016 World Cup of Hockey. On April 9, 2018, Hockey Canada announced that Peters will serve as head coach for Canada’s squad at the 2018 IIHF World Championship.” (from Wikipidea)

      Good point, but Peters had had great success at the international level when he’s had some quality players to work with. Guess we’ll see how he works out again as head coach next month.

    • Justthateasy

      4 years of losing says it all. This guy is a loser. Why can’t people get it through their thick skulls?
      It’s all about coaching. NHL players are all good. It takes a coach to get the most out of the players and create a proper system.
      If this clown is hired BTW needs to go back to kindergarten.

  • Jobu

    Both coaches have also stagnated some of their youth. GG with Bennett and Peters with Lindholm. Jobu wants to believe he’s a good coach, but man… all signs point to something else.

        • supra steve

          “All signs” point to very few things in this life. Considering your response, all signs point to you having a strong personal bias, and being unable to recognise that bias.

          • Jobu

            Trust me steve-o. Jobu knows what he says. All signs point to “all signs”. Jobu’ll give you that Peters will be more of a hard ass and maybe command more respect, but other than that the difference between him and GG is like the difference between Coke and Pepsi – Both are Unique but it’s still just plain cola when you break it down.

    • Kevin R

      Well, what Friedman referred to, Carolina’s internal cap is about $20mill less than the Flames who are a cap team. We/I have moaned & complained about the quality of talent we had Bennett play with, well do the math. How many high end players could be signed with that $20mill that may have brought out the player in Lindholm. Just saying, I definitely agree that Peters will have a lot more to work with here in Calgary than he did in 4 years of Carolina budget operation.

      Its a fine line between success in failure in the NHL. These coaches are getting better underlying numbers, which suggests the probability of success should go up a smudge. I for one will be open minded enough that if BP is hired, he can take what GG talked about doing but unable to & get us to that next level.

  • everton fc

    Listening to the Canes “beat reporter” on The Fan late this week… He mentioned Peters’ teams didn’t seem to have any “identity”. This is the same rap on Gulutzan. Peters may be a great strategist… But according to the beat reporter who covered him daily, for years… He was unable to instill an identity, on a team with a lot of young guys that have a lot of potential.

    That’s my fear – he won’t be able to reach these guys. An old school coach, if he’s good, garners respect out of the gate, because he’s been successful at a high level – many of his players, and most of his younger guys, may not have achieved near what the coach achieved, whether as a player, a coach, or both.

    It’s why Daryl still intrigues me. Can you see him tossing a stick into the stands? But I know players may not have liked him. They didn’t like Hartley, either – apparently. We need a coach like Gallant, who isn’t moving, but who took a bunch of also rans and turned them into a Cup challenger, out of the gate. There are AHL guys I’ve mentioned here, as well. I wonder if someone w/NHL experience, who knows how to rally guys around a core set of goals… Where is this coach?!

    To me, Peters seems, like GG, better suited as an assistant. If he’s hired, and succeeds… I’ll be happy. But where’s the next Jon Cooper? And look at what Jared Bednar’s done in Colorado. Whilst we need to have hope, we need someone who has won. (Bednar also racked up a lot of penalty minutes, in the minors. Man!) Bednar won two championships, as a coach. Ditto, Cooper. John Hynes had made the playoffs every year he coached, until he took over the broken Devils. Now, he’s in. Flyers took a punt on Hakstol, who won every season in the NCAA. Outside winning the Memorial Cup w/Spokane, Peters hasn’t won at the next level. But, perhaps, he’ll be like Hakstol, others… Here… If hired… Maybe Darren Haynes is onto something. (Paul Maurice has been around a long time, and hasn’t won much… He’s winning now. You never know).

  • Stu Gotz

    Interesting comments from Darren Haynes & Elliotte Freeman…Carolina’s defence allowed the least shots in the NHL with all young defensemen between the ages of 20-27. Also Carolina played in a difficult division having a lower cap of $1.5-$2.0M then the other teams and well the goaltending we all know and watch the playoffs. Anyways I wish Peters the best with the Flames hopefully he can surprise like Paul Maurice and Jared Bednar did….

  • Cheeky

    This is from another blog from a Carolina fan describing Bill Peters:

    As a canes fan, yes probably the only one on here, I can honestly thank you BP I wish you the best of luck.

    I’m also very happy that he is moving on. Our team, as built by RF, is and was not good enough, but BP did not succeed at using what he had. Our teams would rarely ever play 60mins of hockey, either by seeming unprepared to start on time or giving up at the end of the 2nd period. He was wildly inconsistent when it came to doleing out accountability to players not giving their all, and clearly showed that some guys, regardless of their play would not be “punished” during long periods of lazy selfish player where as others would benched for a single infraction. And don’t get me started on our shooting mentality. Of course we always won the shot totals game, our guys woukd basically enter the zone and offer up a pointless unscreened shot straight at the goalies chest……

      • Cheeky

        Hopefully if we do hire him, he brings in quality assistants that also teach hard and fast forechecking. Good coaches can adapt a system to suit the type of players they have, rather than trying to adapt the players to a certain system – hopefully he adapts…

        • Justthateasy

          That’s all very hopeful but when you’re in a hopeful position it means you don’t know what to do. We need to take lots of time to do this right. That means we get a coach that knows what he’s doing. I’ve about had it with incompetence. It seems like the highest priority here is to get somebody that the general manager can work with. The coach is hired to be the coach so let him coach.

  • Truculence

    Holy crap. Reading some of these comments made me laugh out loud at work. I mean are people seriously holding GG and Peters responsible for goaltending performances? Flames fans do realize that we were ensconced in a playoff spot before Smith went down. The backups blew it, Monahan got hurt, and Smith returned from injury as a shell of his former self. Season over.
    Peters suffered the same fate for a number of years in Carolina.
    I see ppl are also somehow holding GG and Peters responsible for the dismal shooting % of their teams last season. I can’t speak for the Hurricanes, but I watched every Flames game this year, and they had some pretty sh!tty luck down the stretch according to the old eye-test. And don’t give me any horse-sh!t about them having trouble generating high-danger scoring chances 5v5.
    Instead of directing vitriol against the aforementioned coaches (who may or may not deserve it as regards special teams), why don’t we identify the glaring issues both rosters faced this season -namely the lack of depth scoring, which is crucial when the top-six inevitably goes through dry spells during the season, and the dismal goaltending I mentioned above. I mean Gadreau, Monahan, Ferland, Tkachuk, and Hamilton had career years, so Gully sure as hell wasn’t holding them back.

    Imo, we need to concentrate more on Brodie’s bizarre off-year(s), the over-payment for Hamonic and it’s deleterious effects on our draft agenda this year, and the tire-fire that is Mike Stone. Similarly, management needs to discuss ways as to how to improve scoring from the bottom-six.

    GG and BP are’nt gonna hop on the ice and score timely goals and make clutch saves. They’ve put their rosters in a place to succeed more or less (GG’s usage of Hamilton is maddening, I admit), so let’s put the blame where it should lie: on the roster itself.


    • freethe flames

      Poor shooting % can be somewhat associated with corsi; it creates those + results. The truth is no matter who coaches the Flames need to upgrade the Top 6. Someone earlier mention Tom Wilson who is an RFA the problem with that is might not have what Washington needs. I still think we could use Vanek as a UFA. There are other alternatives as well. Vanek 1 or 2 years below $3m I would be okay with it. Let’s not over value our players. Many here have believe that Bennett is a top 6 yet he has yet to prove it; GG believed he was going to have a breakout year and it did not occur. I see Bennett growing but his current role is that of a bottom 6 player. It’s BT’s job to add what is needed. While I see the potential of both Foo and Mangiapane neither are ready for the role. Nor do we have the depth at center.

      • Truculence

        Lol. Dude, I miss the days when a conversation on Flamesnation didn’t devolve into talks of lynching whenever somebody mentioned corsi. For F sakes, it’s just one metric among a number of others for identifying talent. We don’t have collectively scream “Fake news” whenever somebody brings it up.

  • Derzie

    My theory is that the people supporting this hire are the same people who supported the GG hire. I understand positivity but there is nothing to suggest Peters is that much better than GG. He may be great. He may be terrible. Given the info we have, he’s a longshot.

    • Derzie

      I won’t be watching or supporting the team under this coach, unless a miracle happens. It’s a dumb hire just like the GG hire was dumb. Treliving thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Still searching for the lotto ticket that hits.

      • FL?MES

        I was optimistic when GG was hired and hoped that he could turn things around. If BP is hired I will be more skeptical at the start and he will have to earn my support.

        If he can come in and improve the D and Smith can play like he did before he was injured (facing fewer shots to boot) we should be in good shape. As far as players shooting at the goalie, missing the net etc., that’s on them and not the coach. You can make the argument that players try to pad their Corsi to get a bigger contract but we all know that big dollars go to those guys who can rack up points.

  • oilcanboyd

    Anybody notice how the Leafs got back into their series tonight? Stretch passes that forced the Boston defense to stay back rather than always jumping into the play.

    • freethe flames

      We all are else we would have been hired long ago. But we are fans and this a place for fans to share our opinions. It’s good to see fans “emotionally invested” but we should all slow down a bit as it’s along time until July1st.

  • PlayitagainSam

    A lot of Oiler fans hoping Peters gets hired as Flames coach. That ensures another 3 years or so of missing the playoffs.
    Sutter would be my choice but I don’t think puppet master Burke would let it happen.

  • Franko J

    Whoever BT hires as the next coach will never appease to the whole fan base. I just hope the coaches that are hired this time around can provide some exciting and entertaining hockey. From my “eye ball” test, there were very few games the Flames played this past season that really kept me on the edge of my seat and most outcomes became predictable and boring. Calgary in comparison might have some higher end talent than some other teams in the league, but did they display higher end compete and heart?? That is what I want to see the next coaches infuse into the players who might be returning to the Flames next season. C’mon have pride in the Flaming “C”. I’m jealous of Jets fans right now, because they seem to have their mojo going.

  • Justthateasy

    What happened with the idea of taking your time to make a careful decision? BT and BB had plenty of time to go behind GG’s back during the season and make him look like a fool. Even GG does not deserve that kind of crap.
    What’s wrong with taking another month after firing the guy? It looks like it’s not about the team but about your own personal comfort level. This used to be an organization of class.
    Now it’s starting to look like a Gong Show.

  • Glensfunnyface

    First off…good article with a lot of interesting numbers. Nice food for thought. Secondly….who picked this photo! That has to be one of the most akward looking hugs after what I can only assume was a goal at the time. Jonny hickey looks like he is being touched by the uncle that visits once e ery two years. The guy in the background’s face says it all?