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Former coaches update: Glen Gulutzan has NHL interest, Dave Cameron off to Austria

It’s only been about three weeks since the Flames relieved Glen Gulutzan, Dave Cameron, and Paul Jerrard of their coaching duties. It’s not as though that’s the end of the road for their careers, however; and there are a few updates on where some of them will be going from here.

Gulutzan is, naturally, the big draw: he was most recently an NHL head coach, after all. According to Elliotte Friedman, a number of teams are interested in him as a head coach in the AHL, while two teams – Edmonton and Buffalo – are actually looking at him at the NHL level.

Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark:

The Oilers and Gulutzan’s name have been linked for some time; the Oilers decided to keep Todd McLellan behind the bench, but relieved his assistants, so the thinking must be that Gulutzan would perform better in an assistant role.

No word on where Jerrard may be going as of yet, but Cameron appears to have already found another job. After eight seasons in the NHL, he’ll become head coach of the Vienna Capitals in the EBEL, Austria’s top hockey league.

Last season, the Flames had the third worst powerplay in the NHL and that alone may very well have cost them a playoff spot, so hey – maybe he’ll have better luck overseas.

  • FLT

    I was disappointed to see Jerrard go although I understand why – usually when the head coach goes, the assistants go too. I’m still surprised Cameron wasn’t released during the season though – the PP was awful from the start.

    • Korcan

      I agree GG has good coaching skill and can be a great assistant somewhere. I think at this stage he is still lacking the leadership intangibles that make for a great head coach. Those may still develop with further experience, or not — time will tell.

  • IUsedToHaveAName

    Well, it’s good for GG. Given a few weeks to reflect on the disappointing season it’s obvious that GG just doesn’t have the experience yet to be a head coach of an NHL team. He’s still pretty young for a coach so I would imagine that with time and the right team he could still be an NHL head coach.

    Dave Cameron on the other hand, he’s gotta have a silver tongue and a million dollar smile to go with it, I have no idea how that man keeps finding work coaching pro hockey.

  • Squishin

    LOL @ the Oilers. They can have all the Gulutzan they want. Todd McLellan is like 50 times better than Gully. Looking forward to laying the coiler smackdown for years to come.

  • oddclod

    dog days and it ain’t even summer. I feel for the writers of this team at times. I can depart for months and not even care, these guys are dieing for material to keep it interesting. Good work no less. Man Cameron looks like a cow licked his head in that photo maybe it woke him.

  • TheWheeze

    My two cents – GG is a perennial assistant. A head coach needs not only lightning quick decision making, but, people managing skills. Managing personalities is a major part of this job. I don’t think GG has that. Ok. Back to sleep for me, it’s 7 in the morning and I’m on FN.

  • oilcanboyd

    GG would be an excellent backup for head coach in Edmonton should the oil get off to a bad start next season as McL will be fired tout de suite. Their window to make the playoffs is now with McD wanting to get back to Ontario.