Salary arbitration schedule set; Flames have five cases impending

The National Hockey League and the Players’ Association have settled on their 2018 salary arbitration schedule. The Calgary Flames will be busy, as they have five cases on the docket.

The Flames cases are scheduled as follows:

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  • July 23: Brett Kulak
  • July 27: Mark Jankowski
  • July 28: David Rittich
  • July 30: Garnet Hathaway
  • Aug. 1: Elias Lindholm

Per the CBA, the Flames have access to a 48-hour additional buyout window by virtue of having arbitration cases scheduled. The Flames’ buyout window will run from Aug. 4-6.

While the Flames are among the busiest teams in terms of arbitration hearings scheduled, traditionally very few cases actually reach the hearing room. Only three of the 30 players who filed during the 2017 offseason made it to the hearing room (with just one decision announced), while Brad Treliving has only made it to the hearing room on one of the six previous cases that filed for salary arbitration (and that case was settled soon after they left the hearing).

We’ll have more on the salary arbitration cases, including mock arbitration hearings, in the coming weeks.


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  • Garry T

    If I am the ownership group I am going to save the 1/3 value and stretch the thing out. $1.5 against 4 ensuing cap years is Bupkus. He is as good as gone! He had the choice to work extremely hard to get ownership and fellow players respect and he chose not to. He put himself in this spot and there will be ramifications.

    • Beer League Coach

      Right on, Garry T. I would not part with a prospect to dump him. If a team needs salary to get to the floor they must take him as is at his full salary. Otherwise put him on waivers and tell him to enjoy his time in Kansas City.

      • Beer League Coach

        Coyotes trade a few prospects to Chicago for Hossa contract and 4th line F and 3rd pairing D. Also some draft picks involved. One going each way. Imagine they could have got Brouwer for a conditional 7th rd pick in the year 2055 and this would still help them reach the cap floor.

    • Cheeky

      If I’m an owner, I wouldn’t be happy to be paying anyone not to play – pressure will be on Brad to either move him for peanuts or hope he can turn his game around…

  • buts

    The biggest issue is that BT has addressed the teams lack of depth at forward but has failed to address it’s overall #1 priority at that is a backup goalie that can play dependable and solidly if or when Smith gets hurt. BT all the possible dependable free agents are gone, now you have to make a trade.

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      I agree, but I think at this point he won’t make that trade. I’m putting all my marbles in Rittich having a great season as back-up, with a killer glove hand to boot

    • Sobueno

      Smith was looking great pre-injury, and Rittich had some good numbers as back up until that point too. If Rittich can increase his workload so that Smith has a more balanced schedule then it could work out. But if Smith goes down then we’re kinda screwed. Drawback of bringing in another goalie in my opinion is that you’ll never really find out what you have in Rittich/Gilles without giving them opportunities to step up. But it sucks big time if your season fails due to goaltending.

    • oilcanboyd

      Goalie is not the issue..last year it was the defensive play of the team that allowed primo scoring chances. Peters will tighten that up and watch the goalies improve.

    • Getpucksdeep

      Goalies are Voodoo. You could have say snagged Hutton and just like Lach figured you have it under control and then it still goes south. I think one “problem” when Rittich took over the net was that the Defenders had gotten in the habit of heading to to corners or walls looking for the pass Smith was certain to play. Rittich couldn’t handle the puck like Smith and that was part of the team had to adapt positionally to Rittich. Just a small part of the problem but the kind that can cost 2-4 wins and deflate everybody else.

    • Stockton's Finest

      If GG would have utilized Rittich properly last year, he would not have had the collapse he had. Let’s run Smith out 25 times in a row while David toiled on the bench and got only practice time. If Rittich was used more, he would have been properly prepared when Smith went down.

      Again, if your expectations from a back up goalie is a .950 save % and a sub-2.00 goals against, then you are not living in the real world.

      My expectations are about 20 to 25 games, a 10-7-2-3 record, a .910 to .920 save percentage, and a 2.20 to 2.50 goals against. Rittich can give you that and probably more.

    • cberg

      Thanks for the laugh. Going into the end of the season and off-season our “overall #1 priority is backup goalie”? It might be now but at the time I can think of at least three others with higher priority. BT has done a terrific job dealing with the Flame’s issues, and at the moment it appears we are going with internal goalie options, which although many believe that is a recipe for disaster, I disagree. zit is what it is. There are no guaranteed, better options out there right now anyways…..

  • SgtRoadBlock

    that Hawkz/Az Trade for $$ Dump Hossa and some how Hawks get more in return.. lol Brouwer would not get half of that in a return so we r riding this Contract out or someone at Camp has a breakout and BT like oh no,

    • supra steve

      Hossa’s actual salary for the next 3 years is only $1 million/season, and I read that insurance is paying 80% of that…so it only costs ARI $200,000 per year but gives them $5.275 million per year to get them above the cap floor. I do feel that ARI should have got more for helping the Hawks out of their cap situation, but it really isn’t costing them anything as it helps their own cap issue. Brouwer’s contract is completely different and would be tougher to move.

  • Brian McGrattan's Salute

    As far as I’m concerned, a line of

    Dube-Ryan-Czarnik or Foo

    would be good for me. Ryan for vet support, and because he shouldn’t be a line above Jankowski, at all, and two young bloods hungry for more. Dube can do it, and would likely learn a lot from Ryan. Czarnik isn’t a rookie, nor all that young. Czar would also likely pair well with whomever we put on 4LW for a bit of scoring/c.f. And Foo is hungry AF and would provide as much energy as Dube.

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      (I know all these line combo speculations are probably getting annoying, but alas):

      Then we could have for PK


      Power play (if I’m gunna be annoying with these I might as well go for it all the way)


      Chuck-Janko/Backs-Czarnik or Benny

      • oilcanboyd

        Yawn! My eyes glaze over when I see anyone posting line combos. Training camp/pre-season will determine opening night starting line-up. Peter like to change things up so the lines may change during the first game even. The combos Ari suggested the other day is good enough for me as of now.

      • SGRietzey

        Re: the power play, I feel like we’re much more likely to see 4F/1D units as that’s what Geoff Ward has been successful with in the past. Ostensibly when we hired him, the plan would have been Hamilton on one unit, Gio on the other, thus presumably post-trade that shifts to Gio on PP1, likely Hanifin on PP2 (based on their comments after the trade).

        That then raises the question of who the fourth forward ends up being on both units. I’m not the type to be beholden to left/right shot pairings or forward lines, but I think you need to have at least one right shot on especially the top unit (Gaudreau, Monahan and Neal are left), so you can conceivably have both the option of the one-timer from either side, or the more precise shots/quick passes if they play their strong side. Lindholm is the obvious answer if you want to front-load the first unit with firepower, but I’d suggest with the other three on the ice, you could easily instead run Ryan or Czarnik as your RHS on PP1, and run the second unit as Tkachuk-Backlund-Lindholm-Bennett/Jankowski to spread out the scoring a bit.

    • Redleader

      Cheers to that budds I’m with you there . Or I was Thinkng Dube on the wing with Backlund and Frolik . Be a great shutdown line and Chucky call go dominate on offensive.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    Would not be shock next year when Smith is gone we trade for one of Az Goaltenders… Az is Just trade market team for the other Teams it sad but true…

  • Garry T

    Does anybody remember ?.
    Giordano et all on Defense just standing there in our zone 20 to 40 secs. Looking lost?
    No breakout of our zone formats
    Drop passes left at center ice looking like candy
    Shoot ins after shooting and the puck comes buzzing into our zone in no time.
    Cross ice passes intercepted by the dozens.
    Extremely poor positioning on offence
    100s of shots missing the net from 15 to 20 fewer out?

    Well Sarge won’t put up with that and our shots on goal are going to drop like an anvil coming off a 20 story building.
    Players are going to follow his system or the Calgary Brinks boys will get a notice with a change of address for whoever is not working hard for the TEAM!

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      I would only trash this because you forgot Chucky!! And gio!! Anyone who has watched this team play the last many seasons knows how much Gio slays when he’s mad/isn’t trying to play defense for the entire team

      • SouthernFlame

        I actually had to erase that post a couple of times before I posted it because I put Chucky in it. But Chucky is different than those that I mentioned so I left him out of it. Here is the reason. He does offer that grit, and I love all of it but I am scared he becomes one of those players that thinks he doesn’t have to offer that grit anymore because he is getting a huge contract and is paired with a top line so he thinks those points will come either way?? I might be over thinking that. I probably am. I love Chucky but he offers a different kind of grit than those I mentioned. Start the season now?

  • SouthernFlame

    Oh also I left the D out of it because that’s their job and it should be expected. And like many have said Dougie didn’t do his fair share for his size. That’s all