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Breaking down the Flames training camp roster

There are a lot of players at Calgary Flames training camp. Between the group in China and the two domestic on-ice groups, the Flames are juggling nearly 70 players.

In the interest of keeping track of everybody, we’ve broken things down by position and jersey number.


# Player Age NHL
AAV Group
31 Jeff Glass 32 15 n/a (PTO) Macoun
32 Jon Gillies 24 12 $750k China
33 David Rittich 25 22 $800k Berezan
41 Mike Smith 36 529 $4.25m China
70 Nick Schneider 21 0 $675k China
72 Mason McDonald 22 0 $823k Berezan
82 Tyler Parsons 20 0 $759k Macoun

The camp features seven goaltenders. Six of them are under NHL contracts, making it pretty tough for Glass to earn one himself.


# Player Age NHL
Shot AAV Group
4 Rasmus Andersson 21 11 R $756k China
5 Mark Giordano 34 755 L $6.75m China
6 Dalton Prout 28 242 R $800k China
7 TJ Brodie 28 491 L $4.65m China
24 Travis Hamonic 28 518 R $3.86m China
26 Michael Stone 28 425 R $3.50m China
36 Michael Paliotta 25 2 R n/a (AHL) Macoun
37 Duncan Siemens 25 20 L n/a (PTO) Macoun
38 Philip Samuelsson 27 13 L n/a (PTO) Berezan
42 Juuso Valimaki 19 0 L $894k Macoun
43 Justin Falk 29 269 L n/a (PTO) Macoun
46 Marcus Hogstrom 29 0 L $700k Berezan
55 Noah Hanifin 21 239 L $4.95m China
57 Jake Christiansen 19 0 L n/a (ATO) Berezan
58 Oliver Kylington 21 1 L $731k Berezan
61 Brett Kulak 24 101 L $900k China
68 Adam Ollas Mattsson 22 0 L n/a (AHL) Berezan
71 Viktor Svedberg 27 27 L n/a (PTO) Berezan
73 Brayden Pachal 19 0 R n/a (ATO) Macoun
84 Andrew O’Brien 25 0 L n/a (AHL) Macoun
85 Josh Healey 24 0 R $925k Macoun
87 Merrick Rippon 18 0 L n/a (ATO) Macoun
96 Ryan Sproul 25 0 R n/a (PTO) Berezan
98 Igor Merezhko 20 0 R n/a (ATO) Berezan

Twenty-four defensemen are in camp. Of them, 12 have NHL deals for next season. While the balance of the Stockton jobs will probably be filled by players on AHL deals, it is possible for a defender or two to earn an AHL job and potentially an NHL deal with a good camp.


# Player Age NHL
Shot AAV Group
10 Derek Ryan 31 153 R $3.13m China
11 Mikael Backlund 29 543 L $5.35m China
13 Johnny Gaudreau 25 312 L $6.75m China
15 Spencer Foo 24 4 R $925k Berezan
16 Anthony Peluso 29 144 R $650k China
18 James Neal 31 703 L $5.75m China
19 Matthew Tkachuk 20 144 L $925k China
20 Curtis Lazar 23 245 R $950k China
21 Garnet Hathaway 26 99 R $850k China
23 Sean Monahan 23 393 L $6.38m China
27 Austin Czarnik 25 59 R $1.25m China
28 Elias Lindholm 23 374 R $4.85m China
39 Kerby Rychel 23 41 L $725k Macoun
44 Tyler Gravoac 25 62 L $650k Macoun
45 Morgan Klimchuk 23 1 L $700k China
47 Matthew Phillips 20 0 R $733k Macoun
48 Zach Fischer 21 0 R n/a (AHL) Macoun
49 Logan Shaw 25 180 R n/a (PTO) Berezan
50 Yasin Ehliz 25 0 L $730k Macoun
51 Scott Sabourin 26 0 R n/a (PTO) Berezan
52 D’Artagnan Joly 19 0 R n/a Macoun
53 Buddy Robinson 26 26 R $700k Macoun
54 Gilbert Brule 31 299 R n/a (PTO) Macoun
56 Ryan Lomberg 24 7 L $710k Macoun
59 Dillon Dube 20 0 L $778k Macoun
60 Brett Pollock 22 0 L $712k Berezan
63 Adam Ruzicka 19 0 L n/a Berezan
65 Milos Roman 18 0 L n/a Berezan
67 Michael Frolik 30 728 L $4.30m China
77 Mark Jankowski 24 73 L $1.68m China
78 Dmitry Zavgorodniy 18 0 R n/a Berezan
79 Mike McMurtry 26 0 L n/a (AHL) Macoun
80 Glenn Gawdin 21 0 R $776k Berezan
88 Andrew Mangiapane 22 10 L $705k Berezan
89 Alan Quine 25 84 L $700k Berezan
90 Justin Auger 24 2 R n/a (PTO) Berezan
93 Sam Bennett 22 241 L $1.95m China
97 Jordan Ernst 21 0 L n/a (ATO) Berezan

Thirty-eight forwards are in camp. Of them, 27 have NHL contracts for this season. Given the number of players usually carried – 14 by the Flames, 14 by the Heat – it seems unlikely that there are many contracts up for grabs in this camp for the many unsigned players, especially given that a few AHL contracts have already been given out.

Stray thoughts

The camp is an interesting mix of experience levels. At every position there are young players trying to make a push, along with older tryout players seemingly brought in to push them:

  • In goal, Glass is there to push Rittich, Gillies and Parsons.
  • On the blueline, Svedberg, Siemens and Samuelsson are there to push Valimaki, Kylington and Andersson.
  • On the forward side, Shaw and Brule are there to push the likes of Dube, Mangiapane, Foo and Klimchuk.

It’ll be very curious as the camp wears on to see how the groups will mix and match, particularly how different types of players are grouped with each other to find mixes. How the PTOs are used is arguably going to be the most fascinating storyline of the first week (or so) of camp.

  • freethe flames

    With all these guys here I hope they don’t take to much time deciding who has a chance. Cail McLean has a real job to figure out which 26-30 of these guys can play for him in the AHL and fill spots in KC. However by bringing in this many guys with solid AHL credentials and some NHL experience the Flames seem to have made a commitment to building a strong organization.

      • Kevin R

        Yeah but was it that much better than what he would have got in a bidding war at the TDL? At least Karlsson would have got them a few more wins. Just out of spite I would not have done a deal with Wilson for what he did with Hoffman. I think Oilers were hard after Dougie Hamilton at the draft & the Bruins traded him to us for less as a F U to Chiapet. Now that I can relate to.

        • freethe flames

          I think they had hoped to trade him at last years TD. I suspect they also say it as huge distraction. I wonder what must be going through Duchene and Stone’s head right now.

        • Baalzamon

          The Flames were in on Hamilton long before the Oilers were. Chiarelli was still working for Boston when the Flames first approached them about Dougie. The Oilers were only in on it because Chiarelli knew the Flames were, and he knew his successor was more willing to trade the kid than he was.

          • Kevin R

            Sources, the Hamilton trade came right out of left field & I thought Tre had said the discussions picked up once Boston was having issues resigning him & rumours about an Edmonton offer sheet.

      • LannyMac

        @ FTF it was the best offer today. Karlsson said he was prepared to play out his contract in Ottawa. With that said Dorian should have layed back and waited. The offers would have improved before the deadline. CFL teams are run better than the Senators what freakin train wreck.

        • Mickey O'Reaves

          Attempting a rebuild, when you’ve given away your first round pick for no apparent reason, hardly seems like optimal strategy going forward.

          Sakic outwaited everyone with Duchene until he got what he wanted…and now he’s going to reap the rewards.

      • The Doctor

        I find it a really interesting trade for a bunch of reasons. That is a lot of pieces going to Ottawa for one piece going to SJ. If you’re an Ottawa fan and you want to see a rebuild, that is the typical trade you do — you try to load up with youth and prospects. It’s a bit of a swing for the fences by SJ — if anything goes seriously sideways with Karlsson, then the trade may look really stupid.

  • freethe flames

    So in looking at these guys; there are 7 guys who will likely be returned to the CHL as the only option is NHL or CHL and based upon the prospects games they will not make the NHL; give them a game or 2 at most and move them back to the CHL.
    Currently there are 6 D under contract as well as likely 1 from the China group; so of the other 7; 2 maybe 3 find employment. From the NA group there are 14 under contract and again likely 2 being sent down from the China group; leaving room for 2 or 3 jobs to help fill the Heat and KC.
    I’m hoping to go down tomorrow morning to see with my own eyes.

    • mrroonie

      I believe it is a record but barely. Believe it or not, they only have one more body in camp this year than last year.

      An interesting note in case you don’t believe that Tre is the architect of the current roster, only 10 of the 65 players who were in camp the year Tre took over the team in 2014 are in camp this year:


      Bennett and McDonald were drafted that year and Hathaway was a UFA signing by Tre that summer. That means that only 8 players he inherited are in camp 4 years later, Backlund, Gaudreau, Klimchuk, Monahan, Brodie, Giordano, and Kulak plus Jankowski who was not in camp that year.

  • JMK

    Lines at first practice according to Wes Gilbertson:

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      Wow!!! Czarnik on third line, Bennett and Jankow on forth with Hath? I’m digging the top 6….here’s hoping we get a good third line going…they could play a good cycle/possession game…

      Also, if Bennett Janko are forth line this year, and we replace Hathaway with Dube (or whoever, lots to choose from) this could be a sick line up. Thoughts?? Thanks for sharing!!

      • Getpucksdeep

        I think most of us could have predicted the top 2 lines ( maybe not WW but he hates Backlund LOL) I don’t think I’d read much into the bottom 3 lines for exactly the reason that they have a lot of pre season play before any dice are cast.

      • everton fc

        Dube w/Bennett and Jankowski would be exciting. And would also be a better 3rd line, than any w/Ryan. And I’ll still take Hathaway, at this stage, over Czarnik, but I know Czarnik is this season’s Lazar. At least for now.

        Not surprised to see Andersson as one of the two extras. Perhaps Stone to Ottawa can become a reality. What we get back is not incredibly important. (Dube is a real wildcard, this camp. He seems to make anyone he plays with, exceedingly better).

        Glad the big club is on the ice!

    • everton fc

      I still think we’ll see Bennett replace Czarnik (how can they think Czarnik is a 3rd line wing and Bennett a 4th liner, is wild thinking). Everything else is how I expected.

      Looks like the Peters’ “pairings” are Gaudreau/Monahan, Tkachuk/Backlund, Frolik/Ryan, Bennett/Jankowski. At least, for now.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    Dube, Phillips and not really a lot else on the Macoun group of forwards. This might be reading too much into things, but it is almost like, “Here Dillon, carry these guys on your back for a while. Let’s see you take the next step.”

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      I think they would employ that strategy. They’re gunna push him a bit to see how he handles it, like they did in the second prospect game. That’s how they’ll see how ready he is for the big league. This guy has the right stuff, and he’s coming straight out of junior!

  • freethe flames

    BP said after practice that one of the reasons for Lindy being with Monny is because they want Lindy to take all the face offs b/c they want Monny to have more time getting healthy(wrist surgery)

    So if these lines are the lines for the next extended period of time what are their roles and what are reasonable expectations of them.
    A. Monny’s line: primarily offensive zone starts although I would say they will be less sheltered b/c Lindy has a good defensive reputation. Offensively one should expect 75+ from this unit. Everyone will play on one of the PP units and Lindy will also play on the PK. @15 minutes 5 on 5.
    B: Backs line; this line will still get most of the heavy defensive lifting because Tkachuk and Backs can do this(I don’t know about Neal) They will also be expected to score 70+ goals this year. PP time is likely for all three and Backs will also be on the PK. @14 minutes 5 on 5.
    C: Ryan’s line; to be honest this is the line that I have the least confidence in discussing their role. I suspect they get more D zone starts than O zone starts b/c of Frolik and Ryan’s face off prowess. Cz may get some PP time but the other two will play on the PK. @11 minutes 40+goals.
    D: Janko’s line: last years 3rd lie becomes this year’s defacto 4th line. They will likely get more Ozone starts and will play @11 minutes 5 on 5, they will often be facing other teams energy lines and should be able to generate their own offense. 45+ goals; all 3 will play on the PK and I would not be surprised to see both Bennett and Janko get some PP time as well.

    It will be interesting to watch the game tonight and see how close my predictions are.