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Post-Game: rusty Jets beat Flames young guns in OT

Folks, we’ve got good news and bad news for you after the Calgary Flames’ preseason game on Friday against the Winnipeg Jets. The good news is the Flames sent an AHL-laden roster to play the Jets big guns and they largely out-played the Jets. The bad news is that they couldn’t bury their many, many chances and lost 4-3 in overtime. Precisely zero points were on the line, so maybe focus on the good news.

The Rundown

The game began poorly with the Flames, with a pair of rapid-fire penalties resulting in three and a half minutes of penalty killing – and a 30 second two-man disadvantage – but the Flames killed ’em off. Afterwards, Brett Pollock scored a gorgeous goal; he walked around two Jets players and chipped the puck short-side over Connor Hellebuyck’s shoulder to make it 1-0.

Minutes later the Jets took a pair of penalties of their own, handing the Flames a two-man advantage of their own. Dillon Dube made no mistake, scoring off the rush very quickly to make it 2-0 Flames. Shots were 9-8 Flames and chances were 7-2 Flames in the opening 20 minutes.

The Jets got on the board early in the second, with Blake Wheeler driving the net and beating Tyler Parsons glove-side to make it 2-1. But Alan Quine responded soon after, tipping a point shot past Hellebuyck to make it 3-1. But the Jets responded back before the period was over, with Dustin Byfuglien cashing in with a high shot from a bad angle after a very lengthy period of Winnipeg pressure to make it 3-2. Shots were 14-3 Flames and chances were 10-2 Flames, but Hellebuyck was very sharp and the Flames only got the single goal.

Jeff Glass came in to close out the game in the third. The Jets pressed and pressed, but the Flames did a good job killing the clock. But Dube took a late penalty and Blake Wheeler scored on the power play with a minute left in regulation to force overtime. Shots were 10-7 Jets, but chances were 7-5 Flames.

Byfuglien scored quickly in overtime on a nice passing play to make the final score 4-3.

Why the Flames Lost (in Overtime)

The Flames iced a roster full of guys who needed to play well to avoid a trip to Stockton. They played that way, forechecking hard and generally generating a lot of good looks. The Jets had a mature roster of established NHL bodies, but the Flames carried play for much of the game.

They lost because they just couldn’t convert more of their good chances into goals.

Red Warrior

We’re avoiding giving it to Dube again – he’s disqualified for the late penalty – but Glenn Gawdin was all over the place in this game, playing in all situations and creating a ton of chances.

The Turning Point

Wheeler’s power play goal, just when it looked like the Flames might eke out another penalty kill, really killed their momentum.

The Numbers

(Percentage stats are 5-on-5, data via Natural Stat Trick)

Player Corsi
Quine 72.2 50.0 1.435
Foo 71.4 50.0 0.600
Svedberg 71.4 20.0 0.300
Sproul 70.4 25.0 1.075
Siemens 70.0 20.0 1.175
Rychel 70.0 50.0 1.400
Lomberg 66.7 37.5 0.225
Shaw 64.3 0.0 0.565
Valimaki 63.0 33.3 0.725
Mangiapane 61.1 50.0 0.425
Gawdin 60.0 33.3 1.570
Robinson 58.8 50.0 1.000
Dube 58.8 50.0 0.975
Brule 55.6 44.4 0.075
Graovac 55.6 33.3 0.230
Falk 54.6 50.0 0.300
Pollock 53.3 25.0 1.025
Samuelsson 50.0 55.6 0.275
Parsons -0.600
Glass -0.600

This and That

This was the first domestic game that the NHL coaching staff – Bill Peters, Ryan Huska and Geoff Ward – have worked since returning from China late on Wednesday. The prior games in Canada were coached by the AHL coaching staff, led by Cail MacLean.

The Flames’ power play went 1-for-2 and their penalty kill negated 4 of 5 Jets man advantages.

Up Next

The Flames fly home and hit the ice again tomorrow. They host the Vancouver Canucks at 7:30 p.m. MT at the Saddledome.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I was stuck in Saskatoon and when we landed I checked the ticker and was blown away the Heat was up 3-2. I raced home and caught the final 2 min and OT….my apologies.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Dube has not made many mistakes but he jumped the zone early thinking Mangi was going to get out…if it works he has a breakaway and a chance to win the game. It was a rookie mistake but worth the risk…just like Dube.

    • freethe flames

      That is exactly what happened. I really wonder where they are going to try and fit him in; my first two thoughts are either with Backs/Frolik or with Bennett/Janko. Either would be interesting.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        It is unlikely that he cracks the line up as a center this year so they need to play him on the wing in the next couple of games. I would like to see him with Janko and Bennett. Another top shelf snipe from Dube against a pretty accomplished goalie has me thinking that I was wrong about his offence not translating to the NHL.

        – score and dominate at the prospect level games – check
        – score and dominate in games featuring prospects and AHLers – check
        – score and make a statement against top level NHL line up – check
        – make a statement playing with NHL quality linemates?

    • MDG1600

      When Peters was asked about DD’s play he said he liked his jump but noted he has some bad habits that he will need to work on. Based on those comments he may not be the lock to make the big club out of camp that a lot of us think. He looks like a keeper regardless and I expect to see him in a Flames jersey for many games this year.

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        I would tend to agree. He’s mostly responsible but can try to jump the gun going on offence.
        He also has a shoot first mentality. Nothing wrong with that, but he has skilled linemates.
        Mangiapane thinks pass first, which may bode well for him making the starting roster.
        I would be happy with either. A good coach could turn them into good NHL players.
        Dube looks to be playing between Bennett and Frolik tonight. Mange between Janko and Lazar (uck).

  • SgtRoadBlock

    This game did point out we don’t have alot Flames Draft picks on the B Roster, alot Undraft players, Ufa signings, PTO or trades…But that what happen when we trade r draft picks away…

    Good thing we trust the Flame Scouts to find the extra help i give then a B+

    • Heeeeeere's Johnny!

      I don’t actually care where the players come from. I care that they care, and I credit Flames management with building something decent without a lot of capital. That said … we need some picks in the next few years.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      lmao 6 point trash it for a B + rating on the Flames scouting ??? wow some people need to get off the high horse.. you acting like we have A + farm team like the Oilers <—- Joke by the way.

    • Chrissu


      The Flames had a combined NHL game experience of 1,043 tonight. The Jets had 5,306
      The players with the most experiences were Brule (299), Falk(269), and Shaw (180), all of whom are on PTOs, which combined is still lower than Dmitry Kulikov. In fact, none of the players on contract for the Flames tonight have played more than 100 NHL games.
      TLDR most of the Flames players tonight were good at trying to suppress the Jets

  • Puck Head

    The Corsi stats are breathtaking.

    WW’s rapid fire stats were also breathtaking.

    The Jet’s third jerseys are putrid.

    Gawdin is my dark horse to make the show.

  • freethe flames

    The Fan 960 crew has said a number of vets will be playing tomorrow the pressure is now on them to show they get how BP wants this team to play. It will be interesting to watch. As a fan it’s hard to watch players away from the puck but I have to tell you that is what coaches do when they have a system in place. If the Flames are going to continue to pressure the puck up ice on dump ins it will be essential for players to hustle in the back check as well. For the most part tonight that is what happened. I only saw a few times where guys were lazy getting back. This will be more fun to watch than the last few years.

  • The GREAT WW

    Dube makes a very strong case for making the big club!

    I have to admit; even though I liked Dube, I wondered why we picked him so high. His numbers didn’t justify a second round pick.
    He had proved me wrong so far!
    Keep it up Dube!!!!!


    • The GREAT WW

      Let me guess douche bag GRAND imposter:

      You fake and bake to pretend you have enough money to go on a vacation….

      You wear a fake Rolex to pretend you have bank……

      You stuff socks in your speedos to pretend you have manhood……

      Your favourite mantra: “fake it until you make it”……

      This will be my last response to your pathetic posts.

      Suck it you bloated pig….


      • Off the wall

        Great WW, Don’t let him/ her get to you
        It’s what they want. You’re better than that. Though I don’t blame ya for the tirade, it’s annoying as hell.
        Grand sucks.. You don’t!

      • The GRAND WW

        @Great WW.

        Your dad jerked off in a flower pot and out came a blooming idiot…..
        You’re kinda like Rapunzel except instead of letting down your hair, you let down everyone in your life…..
        If you were an inanimate object, you’d be a participation trophy……
        Does your arse ever get jealous of the crap that comes out of your mouth…..
        You should put a condom on your head, because if you’re going to act like a skin flute you better dress like one too….


        • Off the wall

          Not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish here Grand WW.

          I understand your incessant need of attention, however you might be better off seeking professional help for that instead of making a mockery of FN.

          This is a hockey blog, and although we all have various opinions, we at least try and RESPECT each other. We have a great group here.

          Please don’t spoil it for the rest of us!

          • BringtheFire 2.O

            Hockey it’s one of the best parts life ! Throwing away the trouble and worries. Skating back and forth. Breaking you bones, early mornings, breaking twigs and dropping the gloves hockey is where you leave all you worries as just focus on getting that puck in the net !! Hockey is my life and always will be. But for now I must do my best to silence the negativity of Flames nation….his name is The Great WW. You defend the on who cast the first stone Mr. OTW.


          • Puck Head

            BTF (aka Boring Flames Fan) you are an idiot and I cannot understand why you are still here. You obviously have oodles of money, are running out to buy a sparkling new jersey, and think everyone else on this site is old with nothing to offer. I can go back and cut and paste all of this if you would like to remind everyone. You have not positioned yourself in a position to preach

          • Off the wall

            BTF, I’m not surprised you’re behind all of this. That takes some dedication and perseverance. I get it.

            However, it’s also a warning sign, that perhaps you’ve lost your way. I’m not here to cast stones, I’m not sure that you should be either. We’re all reprehensible for things we say.
            Throwing or casting stones, doesn’t seem productive. It generates the ugly part of our human nature, not one that I care to see. I’m sure you feel the same?

            If you’re struggling with something, there’s no harm in asking for help. I’ve done it and I can attest, it’s not a sign of weakness, but strength.

            If you read Parsons latest excerpts, it’s an amazing story of reaching out for help. Too many don’t and suffer.

            I’m not being facetious or condescending, I truly hope you can find the help you need.

          • BringtheFire 2.O

            Every day is a new beginning stay away from what might have been and look at what can be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.
            Peace to all.

          • Off the wall

            Puck, BTF wasn’t involved the Boring Flames Fan thing.
            Turned out it was an ex of mine from many years back. Yah, I know shocking, but TRUE nonetheless. I discovered it a few weeks back after some investigation. She won’t be back.
            The courts have looked after that. Sad huh?

            Just thought you should know.

          • Off the wall

            Puck, I have no idea where this will end up in the thread.

            Yah, I like crazy people, who would have thought?

            Johnny Sockey is snoring right beside me. He’d say “Hi, “ right now..but he can’t..

        • Jeremy

          I know WW can take it, he gives it out, but can guys like this who make JERK OFF remarks please get the BAN HAMMER.
          What I just read is intolerant and plain rude.
          I thought this was a kind site!!!

        • Heeeeeere's Johnny!

          I have my disagreements with the real WW but he is allowed his opinion and his identity. My suggestion to you, impostor WW, is to find your own unique character here and add some interesting takes to the dialogue. Otherwise I would appreciate not seeing or hearing from you.

  • Skylardog

    Headed into the back country for the next week, and once back, all of the decisions will be made. May catch tomorrows games, but after that I will be in the dark. So here are a couple of thoughts, just to drive all of you crazy. This is based on no injuries happening between now and opening night.

    The forwards opening night should be determined by what happens to the player if they have to pass through waivers. Protecting assets has to come into play. The question that is at the forefront, is if Dube is in the top 12. That is hard to say, and we will get a better sense of just how good he is once all of the big boys take to the ice. I think he is top 12. If he is, the Flames will lose Lazar.

    I think the Flames try to send Lazar to Stockton, and I would guess we lose him if they do. He was top 10 in PK last season in the NHL. BT may lose his job if he wastes a 2nd on a guy we lose on waivers.

    I would rank the top 14 as most see this (in no particular order) as JG, Mony, Lind, Backs, Fro, Tkachuk, Neal, Czar, Janko, Benny, Hath, Ryan, Dube, and Peluso. Peluso sits. The right move would be to send Dube to Stockton, and he is first up. That saves Lazar, who also sits. If they lose Lazar (or send him down) who do you sit. Many would say Hath, but Peters likes him. All this leads me to believe they keep Lazar, and bring Dube back into the top 12 when the first guy gets injured.

    On D, Andersson is our number 2 guy in my opinion. Does he get shafted again is the question? I think he stays.

    That means Gio, Brodie, Hamonic, Hanafin, Andersson, and Stone start the season. Kulak sits. The weak guy here is Hamonic. You all hate Stone, but he is better than Hamonic. Andersson plays with Hanafin by mid season, and the top 4 get 25 minutes a night in the second half of the season. On a side note, nice trade wasting a 1st and two 2nds for a 7th Dman. That is what we got.

    Rittich is already written in in pen to start the season here. He should get at least 25 games if the Flames are going to be successful.

    • Derzie

      A lot of your top players are in because of salary. I understand that that’s what the GMs do, but it’s idiotic. It’s why we stink every year. Following the same stupid bias’ until they derail the season. Play the best players. When they are not the best players, give the next best a chance. It could not be more simple. To hell with worrying about money before results.

      • FlushedOut

        So is your solution everytime a guy struggles for a few games throw him on waivers so he can get sent down (or claimed) so you can bring someone else up. You can’t just keep an endless supply of guys up on the big club. I understand what you are trying to say and not trying to be insulting to you. I’m old enough to remember us trading Joe Mullen for a second round pick so Paul Ranheim could play more. That didn’t turn out to be a good idea. I would just like to know who you think is playing that shouldn’t be and who should be playing (and please none of this guy should not be playing because you think he is overpaid)

    • Off the wall

      Interesting observations Skylar.
      I’ve doubted you before, much to my dismay. This time I’m holding my opinions. I doubt they are correct anyway.
      I’m interested to see how this plays out myself.

      Enjoy your week off grid!

    • everton fc

      6 trashes… Can’t understand why.

      I see Dube in Stockton. I hope he isn’t in Stockton, but I see him in Stockton. And I think he’s better on that 3rd line, with Frolik and Ryan, than Czarnik. We’ll see if he gets any tine on the wing, this camp. If not, he’s in Stockton, centring the first line with Mangiapane and Robinson.

      Lazar will get a lot of opportunity from here on out, to prove he’s someone we need on this roster. I could easily see Peluso getting waived and sent to Stockton. Ditto Prout. Neither have the speed or skills to even be extras. We need extras like Lazar. One of Andersson/Kulak (no way Stone sits…)

      Andersson could very well be the #7. But I can’t see them waiving, nor moving Stone. Kulak may be the odd man out. He may be the #7. Which means Andersson, if I am not mistaken, will play to his “off-side”, like Brodie did, last season. Unless I’m missing something.

      I believe the guys who really throws a wrench into things are Dube, Czarnik and Lazar. Is Dube a better option on our 3rd line, w/Frolik and Ryan, than Czarnik? Are one of Czarnik or Lazar a better option than Hathaway, on the Bennett/Jankowski 3rdB line (can’t call this a 4th line, in my opinion – it’s like having two third lines, really).

      So… the remaining issues:

      Stone/Kulak/Andersson/Prout. Prout’s out. Kulak and Andersson divide duty.

      Czarnik/Hathaway/Lazar/Peluso/Foo/Dube/Klimchuk/Robinson; Czarnik and Hathaway make the team. Dube goes to Stockton (not my wish). Foo goes to Stockton. Klimchuk goes to Stockton. Lazar/Peluso/Robinson battle for the extra forward position.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      I don’t think Lazar gets claimed…by anyone, should he be waived. There are too many good players passing through waivers this time of year. Risking losing a player you wasted a 2nd rounder on because he’s not good enough to play makes as much sense or more than waiving a guy like Hathaway. Lazar has zero trade value. Stone would be a mistake to waive, just because it would help a team like the Oilers and their sad sack defense. Kulak would possibly be claimed too, even though he was waived during his contract dispute. Depends on available players. Garrison signed a PTO. Is he any better?

    • Baalzamon

      You all hate Stone, but he is better than Hamonic.

      Wrong on both counts. I like Stone. But he is not better than Hamonic. He isn’t even better than Prout.

  • SouthernFlame

    Awesome game to watch! Especially for the young guys! I think Parsons looked good and so did Glass, hard to stop those two goals at the end, hard to imagine any goalie in the nhl stopping those two goal at the end. Pollocks goal was sick. Was happy with tonight’s game fo sho

    • Atomic Clown

      Yeah the comments section have turned largely into a sideshow of parody and attention. We’re all fans of the same team, and I understand that our opinions on players may clash, but there should be no need for name calling or going as far as to create parody accounts. I trust the mods to keep it relevant, but the parody accounts need to banned. I apologize to the original BTF 2.0 poster, but any iteration of that also needs to be banned. Make a unique user name, and stop taking internet opinions so seriously.

      • Jimmyhaggis

        You know what’s going to happen to this comment section, if vulgar, low class, name calling continues. It will be gone. Let’s keep this respectable and on topic, hockey.

  • Toma41

    In today’s NHL, a top 4 D man needs to have some offensive upside. Hamonic doesn’t. Atleast not the last few years. He is slow, he makes bad defensive plays and although he will fight, he isnt good at it. Treviling overpaid for an above average 5 or 6 D man(another Stone) Because of this, he will be forced in the top 4.

  • freethe flames

    Last nights game was a good test for the Flames. It was a good test for our young prospects as all of them played well. It was also a good test for our PTO’s and they also did well. Currently the Flames have used 44 of their 50 NHL contracts this year and I suspect they will likely use 3 or 4 more to add either guys who are here on PTO’s. At the moment the Flames only have 4 defencemen signed to 2 way deals for the Heat plus a couple of AHL minor league deals and quite frankly that is not enough. So I would not be surprised in the least to see a couple of guys who played last night be given two way deals.

    When I look at the Flames big club I would suggest that 10 of the forward positions are locks: Johnny/Monny/the Beast/Byng/Neal/Backs/Ryan/Bennett/Janko/Frolik and there are 2 spots left for opening night as well as the 13/14th forwards. While it seems like Czarnik has the inside track but I want to add these names as guys who are in the conversation Hathaway, Lazar, Dube, Mangiapane, Foo and Lazar. That’s 7 guys fighting for 4 spots. I have left Peluso off this list b/c if the Flames plan on playing the way they did last night there is little room for him even as the 13th/14th forward. There is a group of other guys who are still prospects or AHL vets who have shown pretty well but are not at the same level as that group of 7. The next three games should help to clarify who wins the jobs. I’m excited to watch what happens and I have to say I like the style of play BP is stressing.

    • FlushedOut

      Would people please, please stop with the brother thing. Other than the Sedins it doesn’t really matter to most brothers to play together. The Sutter twins did not stay together after Philly, Erik Stall left what a year after Jordan joined Carolina. Other than Scott Niedermayer going to Anaheim after winning a few cups to play with Rob it doesn’t really seem to matter to most brothers in the NHL They could hire every person in Mark Stones family to the Senators organization and he is still going once he hits free agency

      • freethe flames

        At this point Stone makes our team better as we do not have much depth at RHD in the organization and unless you are getting something that helps the organization this year he should not be traded.

  • Vernon30

    Slightly off topic, but in regards to the D, with Mark Stone reportedly wanting out of OTT (why the hell wouldn’t he?), would our Stone to OTT make sense? In some sort of way to pacify Mark, on OTT’s part? Do we want to trade Mike? Who (or what) do we want back? This would open a spot for Ras to play each game, but hurt our D depth.

  • freethe flames

    After listening to both BP and Dube post game interviews a couple of things stuck out for me. The first was the maturity of Dube and what I would call the competitive spirit of the young man. The BP interview was about the process and player evaluation and how he was going to be pulled in to talking about one player but wanted to discuss the process and the team.

    I am really interested in which of the vets play tonight. Will it be the guys who sat the last game in China? Will it be the bubble guys who know they have something to prove? I wonder who gets the net? Glass maybe or Rittich or Gilles? There are a lot of things to be determined and most of them need to be done in the next 3 preseason games because after that chemistry and team work need to be solidified.

  • Fan the Flames

    The best thing about this camp is Dube and Ras have shown they are ready to be full time NHL players. Foo , Mangapane , Valamaki, and Gawdin would be good injury replacements . Tre can trade a defensman but I think Lazar is destined to try and find his game in the AHL . Hathaway has earned the spot as an extra forward.

  • freethe flames

    After watching the OT goal again it is clear Dube gambled and missed and left Mangiapane and Valimaki in a difficult situation. I suspect the next time Mangiapne is unsure about if he has the puck he will just chip it out of danger rather than try to tip it forward. Dube took a second to long to turn and get back into the play; a great learning experience for them all.

  • freethe flames

    According to Steinberg here is the flames line up tonight.


  • Baalzamon

    Dube has been a revelation. The book on him up to this point was that he was super fast and smart, but not terribly creative or that great a passer, with maybe an above-average shot. This preseason his speed has been as expected, but everything else is dialed up to 11. He’s creative, his shot is LETHAL, his playmaking has been on-point, and he’s doing it all as a center (before I’ve always projected him as a winger; I’ve had to reevaluate).

    Coming into training camp I had him behind Mangiapane for NHL time. That is no longer the case. As good as Mangiapane has been, Dube has just… well, you’ve all been watching.