City committee shows off arena renderings

Calgary City Council’s Event Centre Assessment Committee has been meeting since June. Their mandate is to structure the ongoing discussions between the City and the Calgary Flames related to a potential new home for the hockey club. In Friday’s meeting, the committee presented some renderings of what the new building might look like.

The renderings – provided to the committee courtesy the Flames organization per CBC’s Scott Dippel – are from the architectural firm ROSSETTI. The firm worked on the CalgaryNEXT proposal, as well as has contributed work to Rogers Place, the Canadian Tire Centre, Little Caesars Arena, and the renovations to TD Garden.

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Based on the renderings, we can surmise two things:

  1. The location of the building is still (tentatively) intended to be the two blocks north of the Scotiabank Saddledome – between 12th and 14th Avenues and Olympic Way and 5th Street SE.
  2. Given the space constraints of that location, the design is utilizing ROSSETTI’s “inverted bowl” concept where the upper decks are stacked inward towards the ice rather than spreading outward as they do in the Saddledome.

There’s obviously no arena deal in place yet, but seeing what the building could look like is likely to get fans’ imaginations running a little bit about what could be.

  • Pete_R

    I am digging the inverted bowl idea. Having the rink below ground is cool too, I believe the old Montreal Forum was like this as well (which, in response to The Fall, has now been converted into a mall).

    Not the flashiest exterior but I’m more concerned about the fan experience. Also, keep in mind the area is going to be high rises eventually so whatever you build is not going to stand out like the saddledome did.

    Definitely prefer this to CalgaryNext.

  • Flamethrower

    Seriously our dumba$$ mayor is pushing for a dept laden Olympics for our fair city but snubs his nose at what is really required a new arena and a new stadium.
    CalgaryNEXT was the right idea just not thought out throughly enough. Location, location, location!

    • kirby

      Yeah i’m sick of hearing about the Olympics. What a waste of money. Forking over millions of dollars of our money just to ASK the crooked IOC to consider coming to our city and having us host their events. “Oh but exposure, tourists, blah blah!” i don’t care. We don’t need “exposure”, that means nothing. And it’s been proven repeatedly that the costs of hosting and the mess left behind after the events do NOT outweigh the tourist revenue generated.

      Anyone who wants Calgary to foot the bill for hosting the Olympics is an idiot. The Olympics are a joke, the IOC is a crooked sham. Want nothing to do with any of it. Waste of time, money and effort.

      • Sir ryosus

        The Olympics can’t be measured in only tourist dollars. To get province and feds to pay for a large percentage of infrastructure projects is worth it alone. It’s a chance to really stretch our money out and Reno some outdated facilities and subsidise some major infrastructure projects.(I’m looking at you arena) look at Vancouver they built a world class transit and a new highway to Whistler. Not mention the converts to low income housing after the games the city needs and would probably be spending on regardless. I’m no neshsi fan but it seems petty to say ” neshsi legacy” as reason to vote against. Take a look at the big picture.

        • theartfuldodger

          I call BS. Our city has needed roads and bridges and rec centres as ifrtastructure. Th eOlympics would have us build “infrasctructure ” that would benefit the games and not the citizens of the city. I will be FURIOUS if a bid for the Olympics goes ahead. How about we build our transit system out to the deep south? Finish a ring road, train to the Airport, wdien the Deerfoot at all its bottle necks and so much more…. I am a massive Flames fan but my tax dollars should not being going to build their arena.

      • buts

        Kirby we made a profit in 88….where were you? I still play hockey in the oval…a beautiful rink. I bet you would rather have art and a library. The olympics were a success here and can be again. In a world where we need unity the olympics can be if run properly a great unifying event.

        • Flamethrower

          You need to do more research. A lot of events to be shared with Edmonton. No arena, no stadium, how is that fair to Calgary? Dig a little deeper and then make an informed statement. 88 was thirty years ago in a boom time. Now is not the time. I’m tired of my taxes being used for frivolous projects, case in point ski jumps that were used for 21 days.

        • Ringadingdongdandy!

          The 1988 Olympics may have been the last Olympics to actually make money for a city. I’m pretty sure the IOC takes enough to ensure that can’t possibly happen again.

    • Pete_R

      Don’t worry, plebiscites have (I believe) a 100% kill rate for olympic bids. No Olympics will mean the cultural district becomes Nenshi’s legacy project so the arena gets done.
      This option will likely be cheaper than CalgaryNext and way cheaper than the Olympics.

      Yeah, mcmahon is old and uncomfortable, but I think their attendance issue is more the product than the stadium. Look at CFL attendance numbers and with the exception of Edmonton, the larger the city the lower the attendance. A reno is fine, a new stadium isn’t going to fix those attendance numbers.
      Saskatchewan can justify it, much tougher here.