Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Jets 6-3

The Calgary Flames beat the Winnipeg Jets by a 6-3 score on Wednesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The chronicles of Rittich: challenging Byfuglien

Flames netminder David Rittich was involved in a pair of interesting incidents in this game.

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Late in the second period, the usually calm Rittich lost his temper when he was poked by a Jets player after a whistle. He was very upset… until he noticed the player he was chasing after was the towering Dustin Byfuglien, who Rittich recounted after the game had fought two players at once recently in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“It was bad pick by me because I just felt someone’s stick on my glove and I just get up and I just want to let them know… and then I see 33,” said Rittich, recalling his emotional state. “It was a little bit scary moment for me.”

The chronicles of Rittich: the disallowed goal

In the third period, Bryan Little scored a fourth Jets goal that was immediately called back upon on-ice review. The officials on the ice determined that Jacob Trouba interfered with Rittich’s ability to play the position by taking his leg out from under him while cutting across the crease area.

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“What was i supposed to do?” said Rittich. “I tried to go back to my crease and he kicked my leg out, so I didn’t even move there.”

The no-goal call held up after a coach’s challenge by the Jets. Flames head coach Bill Peters noted that he was fairly sure it would go the team’s way, but joked that there was a bit of doubt in his mind.

“There’s always doubt,” said Peters. “Obviously he wasn’t able to play his position, so I thought it was the right call. But you never know. When you go to review, it’s scary.”

Making progress

Flames captain Mark Giordano was generally happy with the way the team played, though he noted the team had their hands full with the Jets’ push in the second period.

They’re one of the best teams in the league. 5-1, they’re gonna have a push. They had a push in the second. I thought in the third we were good again. Other than they got some momentum off of power plays, but I thought we did a good job.

Giordano added that the Flames are feeling good about their game and believe that they’re a good team.

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“It’s all about belief in this league. Most teams are pretty close and it usually comes down to little things and right now we’re doing a lot of little things right,” said Giordano, noting some adjustments the team has made since earlier in the season. “Defensively we were giving up way too much early. It’s not just in our own zone, though, I think we’re playing aggressive in the O-zone and the neutral zone, which we’re not giving up as many opportunities.”

    • Alberta Ice

      Byf vs Big Save Dave! Laughed over his later comments on the realization of who he found out he was going after. Yep, if he would have met up with Byf, we might have had another player getting criticized for a ‘smart and deliberate’ turtle. (Keep up the great goal tending Dave. It’s raised this team to a higher level of play and confidence.)

  • Off the wall

    The boys in the photo look like they’ve had too many smelling salts. Did you know 35% of smelly salts is alcohol. Weird.

    What’s up with smelling salts anyway? It irritates and burns the nostrils and it also has 15% ammonia in it. Yuck.

    What a bizarre way to get your kickstart.
    Ever heard of a Redbull?

    Every game you watch the players wiggling and shaking, like a dog that just came out of a bath.

    Just do what Rittich does. Drink a damn Coke. If you wanna tickle the nose, sniff the carbonated beverage! ?

    • Cfan in Van

      I’ve never tried them, but I think it’s basically just an absolute shock to the system, and causes the breathing muscles to kick into overdrive. Redbull is absolute garbage, even sponsored athletes usually have something else in the can when their “enjoying their sponsored beverage”.

      • Off the wall

        The above was a tongue in cheek.
        However, I’ve tried smelling salts ONCE. It’s like skunk piss.

        Whatever, I’m glad to never breathe that piss again..

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    So 33 charging out to challenge 33? Um, no, David.

    Rittich and Rasmus were laughing about it on the bench: “Dude, he could probably throw you over the glass if he wanted to. Please, please don’t get the big fella mad.”

  • supra steve

    So when a Jets player trips over Valimaki’s stick it’s a penalty for tripping.
    When Trouba sweeps Rittick’s leg from behind with his foot no one in the broadcast even mentions that not only is it a non-goal, but that it should have been a penalty?

      • Jourflamesfan

        Yes but its obvious the refs were trying to get the jets back in the game.
        Not that they had a vendetta against the flames but I noticed they do this often when 1 team has a big lead.

    • jupiter

      They mentioned it on the radio immediately, that it should have been a penalty. Bad calls and non calls are still the norm with the officials.Might be time too replace them with 4 overhead and 8 perimeter robots.

    • Beer League Coach

      If that had been Tkachuk doing it to the Jets G the whole world would be screaming about a slew foot, cheap shot, and Matty should be suspended for a minimum of 5 games. Just love those zebras and their consistency. Two refs and neither one of them could get their arm up in the air. It should never have gone to a review in T.O. It was that obvious a trip.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    It is hard to believe in a game like that Calgary was not awarded one man advantage. I am not sure people realize the depth of Rittich’s saves last night against elite shooters he made a lot of it look easy.

    The one factor that BP underestimated by over playing a struggling Smith is how the team can generate more offense with confidence in their goal keeping. Last night Rittich let in the first shot, against a tough team and the team did not sag…in fact the rallied and got stronger in the first period.

    • Redleader

      First game this year that Jankowski had a decent game , looked like he was actually trying , he must read FN lol .
      Now if Neal can learn how to skate , is he injured? Or did he not train for his 6 million? He’s too slow always two steps behind the play , I never see him hit or engage ,no mucking it up,no sticking up for team mates, he can shoot the puck but seems to need a perfect set up to even get a shot off ,if he can even hit the net , if your not scoring you better atleast play physical, fight someone, draw a penalty, Do something! he is lucky that Flames have a winning record.

      • Rudy27

        Neal is probably trying to preserve all that expensive dental work he had done. Strange, most players wait until they retire to get their teeth fixed with a Hollywood smile.

      • calgaryfan

        It looks like Peters has not found a fit for Neal on the Flames. Neal never seems to get the puck in a good scoring position. I know some of it is on Neal but players need a coach to put them in a situation they can succeed.