Flames recall Ryan Lomberg, demote Anthony Peluso

Following a weekend of back-to-back games that saw the Flames have to get creative with their roster due to various injuries and suspensions, the Flames have made another roster move: they’ve swapped noted tough guys and/or spark plugs Anthony Peluso and Ryan Lomberg, bringing Lomberg back to the NHL while sending Peluso down to Stockton.

The move reverses the Sunday decision to swap the two players.

If the logic behind the original move wasn’t apparent then, it is now: facing the Oilers, the Flames were undoubtedly wary of any shenanigans or extracurricular activities, especially considering how the Nov. 17 Battle of Alberta – the first of the season – descended into violence and retribution before a hockey game broke out.

Lomberg, however, was not available for the rematch, suspended two games for going after Matt Dumba after the Wild defenceman threw a questionable hit on Mikael Backlund. The Flames wanted someone of his ilk to play, however, and with Lomberg unavailable, the answer was obvious: bring up Peluso, who had already played three games with the Flames this season, to play 2:28 total against the Oilers, get into one fight, and score a goal that was then waived off due to goaltender interference.

All in all: nothing happened.

Lomberg still has one game remaining on his suspension, which he will presumably serve as the Flames host the Flyers Wednesday. That means Austin Czarnik will likely draw back into the lineup.

  • Flaming moe

    Peluso was ten times as effective as Neal last night. And Peluso played a grand total of 2:45. Maybe send Neal, Ryan or Jank down. What ever happened to everything earned not given.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You get three minutes to fight and score a goal and you get sent down. It’s like Peluso managed to get the Anti-Gordie Howe Hat trick. Congrats, Tony!

  • kirby

    Can we PLEASE stop wasting a roster spot on Peluso??? I couldn’t care less if we think a game will be “tough” or “hard hitting”, this guy offers ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this team. He doesn’t contribute a damn thing even in a “hard hitting” game. He doesn’t “deter” anything, he doesn’t “enforce” anything, he can’t skate, he can’t handle the puck, HE IS USELESS!

    We literally wasted a roster spot in an important divisional game on a guy who played TWO DAMN MINUTES. Why? Because “we had to be tough to win”. But maybe, just MAYBE, if we weren’t so concerned with this BS antiquated tough guy notion, and instead used that roster spot on a player who had actual SKILL for the game, we could have relied on that player to play more than TWO DAMN MINUTES all night. We could have spread out the shifts more, played with more depth and versatility, and maybe, just MAYBE even scored ONE DAMN GOAL as a result.

    Yeah, he fought Lucic. Wow. Yay. Incredible. What did that accomplish? Absolutely nothing? That’s what i thought.

    The only impact he had on the scoreboard was interfering with Koskinen to take our one goal off of it.

    This tough guy thing is so played out, so antiquated, so counter-productive. If i see that bozo in our lineup one more time, i’m gonna throw up. He is an absolute waste and the sooner we figure this out, the better off we’ll be.

  • kirby

    I also can’t get behind the homerism of how this article plays this “because nobody knows what goaltender interference is anymore” complaint tactic.

    The guy was standing in the crease, with his leg directly behind the goalies, essentially tripping him up as he went to position himself in the crease for a save. If that was Lucic standing in the crease blocking Rittichs or Smiths leg as they went to make a save, and the goal stood, this writer and this message board would be lighting up about how bogus it is to let a goal like that stand. So how can you possibly sit there and complain because it went against us when you KNOW you’d be complaining if the roles were reversed?

    Drop the bias. He directly affected the goalies ability to make a save. That is absolutely interference.

    • Ari Yanover

      Yeah, I axed that. Sorry. Sleep deprived. I stand by my original position (Koskinen had every chance to make the save and didn’t react until it was too late, Peluso’s body position had literally nothing to do with it) but editorializing is for Embers, not a basic roster move thing.

    • Jobu

      All true statements, but the comment itself is still accurate when taking the full leagues context into account. Regardless of the teams, game, interferrer, goalie, scorer, penalty history etc, try as they might there is still no consistency in calling what is and isnt a goal in the NHL. They get it wrong almost as often as they get it right.

      Jobu understands its a hard call to make with a lot of factors – its a different story each time it comes up – but what Ari mentioned is ultimately true; Goals that are clearly obvious infractions are sometimes awarded, while others that barely touched the goalie are waived.

      • kirby

        I agree with the sentiment that goalie interference is fickle and inconsistent.

        But like i said, if the roles were reversed and that was Lucic standing in the crease, with his leg directly behind Rittichs or Smiths as our guy was trying to extend their legs to make a save, and that goal was reviewed and stood, there is NO WAY you can tell me that Mr Yanover or anyone else in this room would be like “yeah that’s totally a good call. Rittich totally was free to make the save unencumbered and just whiffed entirely on his own regard. That goal was completely fair”. Come on. Be real about this please.

        Regardless of other calls in other games being inconsistent, that one (bias and homerism removed) is one that i’d want to see called in ANY game. And if it was a call going for us instead of against us, we’d all celebrate it and say “yeah suck it Lucic! Get out of our crease!”

        Peluso had bad positioning. He directly impeded Koskinen’s reaction with his leg planted directly behind Koskinen’s. That’s interference. Simple as that.

    • Intercourse the Penguins

      He was pushed into the crease and did not have the time or the foot speed to get his foot out from behind Koskinumb’s leg so that he could deflect the puck into the net unintentionally.

  • Matthew Turtlechuk

    Good thing the linesmen jumped in to save Peluso, Lucic was just about to beat him worse than Brady beat me for rubbing his G.I. Joe on my junk. Dad thought it was funny.

  • Intercourse the Penguins

    Prout surprised me last night as I thought he would victimized by them repeatedly. His presence was a calming influence on a game that could have gotten out of control. Peluso on the bench was too.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Wanna bet Lombo will draw into the lineup against the Wild this Saturday? I’ll further predict that he is going to bloody his knuckles in the same game.

    • Albertabeef

      I’d give Lomberg 20 minutes of ice time with one special mission, terrorize the ever living $h!t out of Dumba. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than being bullied by a little guy. Just this one game, don’t care if we win or loose Just make life miserable for that whole Minny team.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        I’ll grant you your request provided the Flames win. Lomberg exacting sweet revenge on Dumbo but the team leaving Minni empty handed is a deal I want no part of.