Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Blues 7-2

The Calgary Flames beat the St. Louis Blues by a 7-2 score on Sunday afternoon. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

A strong start leads to two points

The Flames have relied upon late offensive outbursts for points on several occasions this season. But they’ve been productive early in a few games, and Sunday afternoon was one of them.

“We did a good job starting on time here today,” said Flames head coach Bill Peters. “Looked a little fatigued at the end, but did enough early to get the job done and special teams were real good. Three for four, I believe, on the power play, and two for two on the kill.”

Flames captain Mark Giordano echoed his coach’s sentiments, giving credit to the team’s special teams units for the two points.

“Our start obviously was really good,” said Giordano. “I think our special teams carried the play tonight. That was a big difference in the game. We had a really good first period, we were moving it. After that it was tough, ’cause teams take a lot of chances. I thought they had a good cycle going, but we kept them to the outside for the most part and didn’t give them too many chances.”

The Flames are now 17-5-2 since their 9-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Oct. 25. Since then the Flames have scored 89 goals (2nd in the NHL), allowed 56 (1st), scored on 27.8% of their power plays (6th) and killed 83.1% of penalties they’ve taken (8th).

Backlund’s back, was alright

Mikael Backlund returned from the injured reserve list after missing four games working through the NHL’s concussion protocol. Peters offered a pretty straight-forward assessment of his second line center.

“He was good,” said Peters. “You got to be realistic with your expectations coming off that type of injury and the amount of time he’s missed. And he’ll be honest with you – I’ve already talked to him – a little heavy legged at the end, but did a real good job and gives you solid pro minutes with a guy that knows how to play every time he takes the ice.”

  • Luter 1

    Quine big surprise, playing a very solid two way game. Jankowski even though disappointing from an offensive perspective, is becoming a very defensive minded and penalty kill specialist. Easily makes Frolik expendable in a trade if we feel we have enough depth as I believe he’s a free agent at year-end. Kylington quietly turning into a solid low risk dependable Dman. Hanifin turns the puck over more than this rookie.

    • Albertabeef

      He is doing okay offensively. Jankowski needs more shot generation. His points are fine but shot generation for him and Hathaway are too much on the negative side to produce points. Corsi stats tell a little bit this way. Yes corsi is a BS stat but when looked at closely it can tell you shot attempts for vs against. This helps to see if the opposition dominates a players more often than not. Although Hathaway and Jankowsi are high on the on-ice save-percentage the are low in shot generation due to more d-zone faceoffs. They don’t do the same as Tkachuck and Baklund for shot generation the last 2 years with all those d-zone starts.

      As for Hanifin and Kylington, they are both young and around the same age but one is a rookie and one a vet. Thing is the difference is probably that a rookie will tend to be more reserved and not take as many chances. Probably the same reason Hanifin has more points than Kylington too right?

      • piscera.infada

        Jankowski has almost always had an issue with shot generation going back to college. As much as most dislike him around here, that was always Lambert’s biggest issue with him as a prospect.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I though Janko and Ras both struggled today. Their inexperience at this level was on display. Ras struggled a bit with his gap control and Janko had a tough time exiting the zone. On a positive note, Janko has become the most dependable PKer. The PK has been on fire since Backlund was out so I hope they don’t change it.

          • Albertabeef

            Nah corsi is not useless unless you just don’t understand it. Without even watching or listening to a game the corsi along with all the other stats sheets you can get a pretty good idea of how the game went. Corsi measures shots for and against in 5 on 5 play. Flames were outshot 27-23 even strength. Flames were outshot the last two periods 22-13 and colearly sat back with the lead.

            Neal vs Quine: The boys are trying hard to get Seal off the snide and produced more shots. Quine got more ice time in the second and third periods when the Flames were hemmed in their zone a lot, especially the second period. It all makes sense if you know how to read it.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    If Iam Neil, I am going to buy the stick company that stopped making my stick just so I can force the company to start making my long stick again, that or find the person I pissed off enough to make a voodoo doll of me.

  • Flamesforever

    Corsi is just a small part of the big picture, it doesn’t help much if you can’t finish the chances you generate. I think that’s a big difference between last years team and this years. We generate chances at a high rate AND we put the puck in the net. It drove me crazy last year how many open nets we missed. Lindholm has made a huge difference to our team, and Matty Tkachuk has really started to bloom into the NHLs preeminent power forward. So much fun watching this team, and we are just starting to realize our potential. GO FLAMES GO ?

      • Flamesforever

        I have to agree, number 28 is definitely my new favourite. That shorty he scored today was a thing of beauty. +21 on the season 56% in the face off dot, not to mention he’s about to shatter his career highs in goals and assists. Perfect fit on the top line. Well done BT ?

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    It is hard to believe how the culture of the team has changed under BP. Rewind to last year, team was never prepared to start the game under GG. Afternoon games were a write off. Games coming off a road trip were a sure loss. The team spent more time making excuses and it is refreshing to see how the same core group of players have figured it out under BP.

    • Justthateasy

      The only thing you have to focus on is the word team. Players up and down from the AHL, players in and out of the lineup, players changing lines; all adds up to playing as a team for the good of the team.

      • Albertabeef

        Helps to have a powerhouse first line and a monster first pp unit. The distance between the front 5 in team scoring and the rest is getting larger by the day. The 5 over Backs is a point per game or better, everyone else is below Back’s half point per game pace. However 122 goals scored so far, 52(43%) by the first line trio already this season. 70 goals scored by everyone else tells me we have had some decent secondary scoring given this team’s current place in the league. Mony, Johnny, and Ferly combined for 76(35% of team total 218) goals all of last season. Things are looking good.

  • KootenayFlamesFan

    Still not sold on czarnik. I like Ryan but lower in the lineup than he has been. Neal will hopefully get going. Other than that I absolutely LOVE this team. So fun to watch!!!

    • Chucky

      This team has become an offensive power house 2nd in the league and on pace to score 294 (almost a goal a game more than last year). If Neal can find the touch again it is possible for them to lead the league in scoring and break 300 goals for the season.
      If Quine can continue this play (not necessarily the scoring just the play) Czarnik becomes excess baggage. It is too bad because in the last few he has played his involvement has improved greatly, there is now hope where no existed before.

    • SouthernFlame

      In my opinion Neal was the worst player today. He did not contribute and was a detriment to the team. Him and Hathaway looked way too tired to play. Czarnik was a better play then them both. I would have benched Neal

  • FlamesFanFromMI

    Every time we win, especially with that many goals I find myself looking at score sheet hoping and praying that Neal scored. How the heck Ducks got to third place those mofo don’t go away.

  • Garry T

    Glad to see Backland back. Real steadying force on this team. Rychel and
    Quine showed very well. Their game and size are direly needed on this smaller team. Have noticed other squads not taking as many liberties with our players recently. Having said that, the slashing has been more vicious. I
    Would like it called as a major, intent to injure when Called on the forearm and hands.

    • Getpucksdeep

      Have to agree with all of above. Its clear that Quine demonstrates that experience and size make a difference even in todays “little guys can play too” NHL. Hes 25 and 201lbs as opposed to Mangiapane at 22 and 185lbs. Czarnik is small and still has a lot to prove. Ryan is a veteran and while he’s Manigiapanes size he brings so much more to the team. Don’t know if Rychel stays up but absolutely great to have Backlund out there again. He’s one player who may not score a lot but his always steady puck control and reliable 2 way play is obvious to anyone watching. Don’t know why Mangiapane or any other AHLers offense does not translate to the NHL but AHL stats and performance stats are only a guideline and generally meaningless up in the big leagues. We’ve been lucky so many of our Stockton guys have done well.

      • everton fc

        Random thoughts;

        1. I’d take Quine over Czarnik, going forward. I’d rather have Lazar up here, than Czarnik. I’d take Lomberg, as an extra forward, over Czarnik. Maybe even Rychel, over Czarnik. Mangiapane has yet to show he belongs up here, full-time, as well. I may get trashed for this statement. So be it.
        2. I’d move Neal, but I know they won’t. Quine provides more offence than Neal, already. We need draft picks. Some depth in goal. Neal could provide us both.
        3. When Frolik returns, we become even mightier. One of Quine/Rychel/Czarnik will be sent down. I hope it’s the latter. If he’s claimed off waivers, so be it. That’s the NHL.
        4. Rittich/Smith, when healthy and playing their best, may be (is?) the best goalie tandem in the league.
        5. I’ve read many comments that Prout played well his last start. So, when Valimaki returns, send him to Stockton. I think this is pretty obvious.
        6. Back to Lazar – I think his game would be a nice fit, within Peters’ style of play.
        7. Kylington should never play another game in the AHL.
        8. Actually glad Hitchcock is turning the Oilers around. Good for the Battle of Alberta, good for the NHL. Good for Canadian hockey.
        8. Good to see WW without the period at the end, back posting. A staple at FN, for many years (even if we disagree on Backlund!)

        We have Norris/Vezina/Adams candidates on this team. We are a tough team to play against. It’s a great time to be a Flames fan.

  • Juana

    This is the 3rd show at the United Center that I have been unable to get tickets for because either there are a million fans ready to buy tickets before I OR Ticketmaster allows bots to buy up all their tickets. I pray to Thom above it’s the first and everyone has a mind-altering experience. Only few websites have tickets now http://www.etickets.ca & so…Do every one experience the same as have experienced

  • FlushedOut

    Yawn another win. This winning thing is so boring lol. Didn’t read any of the comments but if anyone is making line changes shame on you. “IN BILL I TRUST”

  • FlushedOut

    We didn’t just win the Carolina trade, we obliterated them. How you doing Dougie without Gio. For those of you who said we needed to trade Gio because he was on the decline got away, never post here again. Your opinion sucks.

    • Albertabeef

      I said we should trade Gio after this season because of what we could get for him. Leafs would give a player plus draft picks for him. If he retires with us in 3 seasons we loose him and get nothing in return. It’s just the business part of the game, nothing personal.

      • FlushedOut

        Leafs have no cap space for Gio next year. You trade away Gio and then end up trading those draft picks looking for someone to take his place at trade deadline, makes no sense to me. As an undrafted free agent he cost us nothing when we picked him up. I never understand how teams will pay a fortune to pick up a short term rental player at trade deadline but oh my god if we let a player already on our team go to free agency when you are a lock for the playoffs.