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Post-Game: Flames lose to Canucks in overtime

The Calgary Flames haven’t been amazing of late. They hosted the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night in a very tight-checking game that was dictated by a lot of special teams play. The two squads grinded things out into extra time, where the Canucks captured a 3-2 overtime win over the Flames.

The Rundown

The opening period was a bit scrambley, with each team exchanging early penalties. The Canucks scored on their power play, as Brock Boeser beat David Rittich with Bo Horvat providing a screen to make it a 1-0 Canucks lead.

But the Flames answered back shorthanded. Noah Hanifin was stopped by Jacob Markstrom on a breakaway, but Mark Jankowski snuck in as the trailer and cleaned up the refuse, bonking in the rebound to tie the game at 1-1.

Shots were 13-6 Flames in the first period, and scoring chances were 12-3 Flames.

The Flames made a big push to open the second period, generating the first six shots of the period. They couldn’t bury their chances… until they were shorthanded again. Travis Hamonic beat Markstrom on a two-on-one rush to give the Flames a 2-1 lead.

But the lead didn’t last too long, as Hanifin got caught up ice and that gave Elias Pettersson time, space and a clean shooting lane to beat Rittich with a heck of a wrist shot off the rush to tie the game at 2-2.

Shots were 10-9 Canucks in the second, while chances were 10-8 Flames.

It was a tight-checking third period, with neither team giving the other side much real estate to operate. Shots were 8-8 and chances were 6-3 Flames, but regulation time solved nothing.

In overtime TJ Brodie had a great chance for the Flames while Pettersson had a golden opportunity for the Canucks. Alex Edler scored off an odd-man rush to make this a 3-2 win for the Canucks

Why the Flames Got A Point

The Flames couldn’t bury their chances at even strength (or on the power play for that matter), but they still managed to stay in this game because their penalty-killing group did a great job negating the Canucks’ power play after the opening goal. When your only goals are shorthanded, you’ll have a tough time getting two points.

Give the Canucks credit, though, they battled all game long and made life tough on the home team. The Flames weren’t great, but the Canucks were pretty good.

Red Warrior

Jankowski looked dangerous all night, even when the Flames were playing at even strength. But an honourable mention to Rittich, who was really dialed-in throughout this one.

The Turning Point

Pettersson’s laser beam of a goal tied this game up and ultimately sent things to overtime. In a game where neither side had much going on at even strength, it was a big one.

The Numbers

(Percentage stats are 5-on-5, data via Corsica.Hockey)

Player Corsi
Andersson 63.2 66.7 0.375
Kylington 61.1 60.0 0.475
Lindholm 60.5 68.8 0.815
Ryan 60.0 50.0 0.130
Gaudreau 60.0 68.8 0.925
Monahan 57.9 68.8 0.665
Brodie 57.5 64.3 0.425
Giordano 52.6 66.7 0.450
Neal 52.4 60.0 0.140
Hathaway 50.0 100 0.000
Jankowski 48.3 50.0 1.770
Czarnik 44.4 66.7 0.090
Hamonic 41.7 71.4 0.550
Dube 40.0 100 0.100
Bennett 36.4 50.0 -0.335
Hanifin 35.5 71.4 0.600
Backlund 35.3 66.7 0.020
Tkachuk 29.4 66.7 -0.330
Rittich 0.150

This and That

The Flames’ second shorthanded goal of the game gave them the outright NHL lead in that category (with 12). Jankowski now has a share of the NHL lead in shorthanded goals and points, which he shares with Arizona’s Michael Grabner.

When entering the third period tied, the Flames are now 3-0-2 on the season.

Up Next

The Flames (23-12-4) practice tomorrow. They host the San Jose Sharks on Monday night in the annual New Year’s Eve game.

    • Derzie

      The refs are really poor quality in the NHL right now. The pace and skill is leaving many of them in the dust. That said, the Flames are top five in power play opportunities. They squander them, but they get them. Moral of the story is the refs are sub par but we get our fair shake.

  • aye

    Flames offense has been hot and cold ever since the CLB game, alternating between 2 or less and 4 or more goals. No 5v5 goal or PP goal tonight, so maybe we see another outbreak against the Sharks.

    • Jourflamesfan

      That’s 2 out 3 that we have lost to them.
      I’m still very paranoid of this team. You can blame the refs or 3 games in 4 nights etc, but at the end of the day you cant be a top team & have such a poor record against one of your closest divisional rivals.

    • LTFan

      Derzie – I have been a Canucks fan for a very long time. For the last 3 to 4 years I would agree with your comment. Last year it was Boeser who emerged as a goal scorer. This year the Canucks have added Pettersson who is a real threat to score whenever he is in the oppositions end. Finally Horvat is playing very well most nights. So now they have 3 guys who can score. It has taken some time but the Coaching staff have done a pretty good job putting together a group that is competitive most nights.

      All that being said the Flames have a good team, solid forwards and defence. Goal tending is suspect and has been a problem ever since Kiprusoff retired. IMO if one of your goaltenders gets hot once the playoffs start the Flames should go deep, at least to the 3rd round.

  • Toma41

    I like everything Peter’s has done other than that second PP unit. Almost same players the whole season and it’s been garbage the whole time. He needs to give others an opportunity. Backlund, hanifin and birdie dont belong on the PP.

  • Flamesforever

    Canucks played a really good structured game, give them credit guys. We had our looks we just couldn’t capitalize. If someone told me 3 months ago we would be tied with the Jets for first place in the west I’d be ecstatic. Billy P will not be happy with the loss tonight even though we got a point, be certain he will not tolerate another loss next game. We’ll come out flying and beat the Sharks.. book it ?

  • Skylardog

    Disappointed that “the shake-up” proposed by Peters never materialized. What happened to Tkachuk and Janko on the same line? Once again we disappear 5v5. We are just plus one at 5v5 with 73 for and 72 against. That is simply not good enough.

    If anyone here can say based on those numbers that the Flames have their lines set up in any way, shape, or form that gives us the best chance to win the Pacific and go deep, then explain to me how. We are just 18th in GF, 11th best in GA, yet supposedly are one of the top scoring teams in the league. NOT AT 5v5. We are 13th in GF%.

    Not a good situation when the PK is carrying your team. That has been the case for a good part of December. And now the once lethal PP has dried up too. It looked good 3 to 4 weeks ago.

    I like Peters, do not get me wrong. He is a huge upgrade to GG. But he is not assembling the lines right now in a way that gives us the best chance to win. I am still concerned about his failure to take team to the playoffs. He will get there this year because this team is loaded, but we are underachieving.

    Go ahead and trash, but remember, we are now just 0.500 in the games against Pacific rivals, the teams and games we must win to be successful. To stop this underachieving, 2 things need to happen.

    Tkachuk must be separated from Backs, add in Fro while you are at it.
    Either Mony or Lind must be moved off the top line.
    And for those that pay attention, Tkachuk should not be with Johnny.

    I will say it again. The Flames will not get out of the Pacific if they leave the top line intact.
    The evidence, our record in the Pacific is beginning to justify that statement.
    The top line gets shut out in more games than they score in against Pacific rivals.

    So much potential and the best team we have had in years, and we can be so much more. We should be 8 to 10 points clear in this division. That’s how much better we should be than SJ, or Vegas. SJ has a real good chance to knock us off on New Years Eve. Our lead will be down to just 1 if that happens, and we will be at just 1 win 6 games. That win a game stolen by Rittich.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      You are preaching to the choir. I watched this game expecting to see the the partnership of Janko and Tkachuk but it still has not happened. We can either have a top line where all three linemates are scoring leaders or we can balance the top 3 lines for sustainable scoring. Dube looked really good today but still has trouble scoring. Frolik still seems to be the best fit on the second line if BP doesn’t want to try Janko.

    • canadian1967

      It looks to me like we need to split up the gang. To be more dangerous we need more than one line. Too bad JN hasn’t been able to get it going. If he was, then we should look like this:

      Gaudreau Monahan Neal
      Tkachuk Jankowski Lindholm
      Frolik Backlund Bennett
      Dube Ryan Hathaway

      Neal looks like he’s starting to get the feel of whatever new stick it is he’s using now. Seems to be able to receive passes and get shots off lately, so maybe all he needs now is to actually get a couple to go in and he’ll be off to the races.

  • Off the wall

    Dube has some serious facial hair. At 20, I was grooming 20 moustache hairs.
    This kid will need a Mach10 razor by the time he reaches 25, and will be shaving close to his eyes. That’s impressive!

  • Skylardog

    That is likely the final chance Czar will get – right?
    Dube was definitely better.
    Fro should be in before him.
    Quine is better as well.

    Best have him on waivers by 8 AM tomorrow so they can bring Quine back up in time for SJ on Monday.

    Did you know that the best GF/60 line we have is Dube-Janko-Hath at 6 GF and 1 GA in just over 62 minutes when using a 50 minute minimum? That translates into a 5.77 GF/60 and a 0.96 GA/60.

    Peters concerns me because he just can’t seem to believe that Ryan is one of his best players, while guys like Hath, Dube, Janko, and Quine give you a better chance to win.

    His rose coloured Ryan glasses will be our downfall.

  • Flamesforever

    I do hope we change up PP2, I think Dube and or Jankowski should get a try maybe even Andersson. The nice thing is we have the luxury of depth to try this. I would also really like to see Dube given a shot in the top 6. Good news is we can play WAY better but we are still able to collect points.

  • RKD

    4 out 5 losses with SJ up next is not looking too great. Their best game was the Tampa game, imo. They had a lot of chances but couldn’t capitalize and Markstrom played out of skull. On the bright side Janko seems to play better I’m seeing more consistency in his game.

  • Derzie

    Game scores tell the tale:


    Hold the Fort:

    Not Good:

    God Awful:

    I think they might miss Frolik on that shutdown line.

  • FlamesFan27

    Pettersson is something else, and the Canucks look like a really good team. I was hoping the BOA would be back, but Edmonton isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. Will the Canucks be our best rival for the next few years?

  • corsiainthockey

    The sadest stat again is the hits. Flames got out hit by the candy a$$ed canucks. Three games and they’ve out hit us two of the three games. Flames have only out hit opponents 3 games this season. Need to get tougher before playoffs.

    • snotss

      way to soft..your right this team will get its a– handed to them if they go in to the playoffs with this roaster and play no contact hockey what a bunch of pussies……….hit hit hit……………not with this bunch