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Michael Frolik’s agent wants him to play more

It was a relatively quiet off-day for the Calgary Flames on Sunday. But the relative calm was disrupted by a tweet by player agent Allan Walsh regarding his client (and Flames forward) Michael Frolik being a scratch on Saturday night.

Frolik returned prior to the holiday break after missing 15 games with a high ankle sprain. He played the game prior to the break (against St. Louis) and the game after the break (against Winnipeg), but was shuffled to the press box as the Flames moved Austin Czarnik into the lineup. (Dillon Dube also replaced Alan Quine, but that was seemingly an unrelated swap.)

Coincidentally, Postmedia’s Kristen Anderson asked Flames head coach Bill Peters about Frolik’s scratching after Sunday’s practice.

Frolik was also scratched on Oct. 13. In 22 games he has seven goals, and a 56.1% Corsi For. But his time on ice has really dropped, as he’s played more than 15 minutes in just six games. His average time on ice is 11:55, down five minutes from last season (and the lowest of his career).

After being a fixture on the Flames’ 3M shutdown line (with Mikael Backlund and Matthew Tkachuk), Frolik has spent much of the latest part of the season on the bottom six with a combination of Derek Ryan, Sam Bennett and Mark Jankowski. After being a fixture on the penalty kill, he’s taken a bit of a backseat as Elias Lindholm and Garnet Hathaway have gotten larger roles.

Frolik, 30, is in the fourth season of a five-year contract that carries a $4.3 million cap hit. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent following the 2019-20 season and reportedly has a 10 team no-trade list.

  • Flames fan since 83

    I like Frolik, but can’t disagree that we could use the cap space.
    Frolik currently has strong stats, and his “trade value” may not be higher than right now.

      • Spider you muda&@#ker

        Tough one because he has good numbers for having limited playing time and hes a steady defensive forward. Couple injuries and we will want this guy in the lineup but if BP prefers Czarnik over him who am I to argue with that guy teams first in the west.

        • Luter 1

          I recall a number of empty netter and not much else, fringe player for 4+ million, Wow what a life. Definitely move him if you can because Peters ain’t moving His fav Ryan and I thought other than one bad giveaway Quine was solid for way cheaper. Our young depth makes guys like Frolik very expendable.

  • RKD

    First season: 64gp 32pts Second season 82gp 44pts Third season 70gp 25 pts the whole 3M line struggled last year and now 22gp 7pts also missed significant time with injury. When he’s healthy he’s been good better than Ryan or Czarnik.

  • RKD

    While BSD has been awesome any chance we could package a deal with Smith going the other way to get another goaltender? Some young names out there in Mrazek, Pickard, Grubauer or some very cap friendly hits with Raanta or Quick.

    • Spider you muda&@#ker

      What about Jimmy Howard expiring contract teams crap great numbers doubt it would take much to pry him out of Detriot rather have him then Smith

  • BendingCorners

    Hard to showcase a player in the press box.
    Frolik is better than Ryan, Czarnik, Dube and Mangiapane. He should be playing in place of one of them.

  • Flames15

    I normally don’t comment on how this site is ran – I’ve been an active visitor to the site for several years now – But recently, I’ve been getting re-dierected to ads. I’m unable to read the full post or comments without needing to re-visit the site. ADMIN PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.

    • Ari Yanover

      Really sorry about this, and it’s frustrating for us too. Unfortunately none of us here (i.e. nobody you see writing for the blog) have any control over the ads that come on the site. HQ up in Edmonton is aware of the issue and have been trying to get it fixed for some time now. I believe there’s some progress being made, but with the high volume of traffic some people end up getting caught up in the nonsense that keeps getting through.

      Absolutely brutal that it’s still ongoing. We hear you guys when you bring it up – it’s just there’s basically no power on our direct ends. We’re stuck waiting alongside you guys, but I’m passing messages on in hopes that it’ll spur those who do have the power to fix this to maybe, like, actually fix it sooner.

    • The GREAT WW

      Sure, I’ll go with that…..
      Very different players though.
      Is Frolik better than Quine, Hathaway, Ryan, Dube?
      That is the question you should ask….
      He WAS better, but is he still better after injury at this stage of his career and for his cap hit?


      • Albertabeef

        Frolik is still better than Quine, Hathaway, and Ryan. Dube could still have a higher ceiling but he’s not there yet. Quine, Hatheway, and Ryan are all 25 and over and have basically hit their ceilings. Hell Frolik is more than a year younger than Ryan.

  • 420

    This is a blessing in disguise. This will make it easier to unload Frolik. He doesnt fit now or into the future. He is a serviceable NHL player, but not with the Flames. Hopefully he is dealt for a third round pick.

    • buts

      4.3 million a season for a guy riding the coattails of Tkachuk for 2 years and FN guys are sticking up for him. I’d drive him to the airport in a heartbeat. Over rated and over paid. He is cap space that is needed and Dube is more than capable of replacing him.

      • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

        Chuck Kobasew played 601 Games in the NHL. If you think that is something to look down on you need to give your head a shake.

        Not to mention Chuck Kobasew had 1.13 PPG as a 19 year old with Kelowna, while Dillon Dube had 1.58 PPG last year at the same age in a harder era to produce. Dillon Dube is literally four years away from prime, it’s way to early to be making comparisons like that, but if he ends up as a fast effective checker that can top 35-40 Points that’s not all that bad for a second round pick (Kobasew never played with the passion Dube did in Junior and he also battled injuries in his career), but as I mentioned Dubes numbers were 28% better than Kobasews at the same age in a harder era to produce.

        • Albertabeef

          Kobasew and Dube are relatively similar players being they are not huge and have some skill. You could argue Bennett may have similarities to Kobasew. But guys like Kobasew and Lombardi have a small place in my heart. They were part of the 03-04 magic.

        • Jourflamesfan

          It’s not really a critique on Dube. I just see so much similarities and I remember all the hype coming out of pre season regarding Kobesew.
          I’m just tempering expectations.

          Your right. If Dube can have the career of Kobesew I’d love it. ?

  • SeanCharles

    Frolik and Stone are examples of contracts we need to move in the offseason anyways.

    Tkachuk, Bennett, Rittich and a 2nd goalie will all need to be signed so we will need the capspace.

    They are both good depth pieces but signing Neal and Ryan in the offseason ensured moves would need to be made this upcoming one.

    • Albertabeef

      Or we could send a reporter to blindside him and ask him questions. Then you need to bring Burke back to fly off the handle and insult the player and parent. Then you demand a trade.

  • Garry T

    Frolik belongs beside Tkachuk and Backlund. Best shutdown line in the league and capable of reverting to offence in a nanosecond-second. If you want to move contracts out, move Smith and Stone , Smith for a 2 pick, Stone for two picks, either 2×3 or a 3 and 4 pick in 2019. You then move Czarnik for a big, young, skilled forward with some speed. Jankowski should be cantering line 2 and have daily talks with coaching on taking an offensive shooting role whilst being much more aggressive in terms of using his big body to advantage. He would be hard to stop coming through both the center and blue lines at speed. Future drafting should follow SAN Jose philosophy. Big, strong, skilled , fast and cerebral.

  • freethe flames

    Frolik like a number of other forwards is part of BP’s first year coaching in Calgary in that he can’t quite figure out the roles of a number of players and a large part of that is b/c Neal is not playing as expected. If Neal was producing and being a pain to play against as we were told he would be when he was signed then BP would have more flexibility. The fact that Johnny/Monny>Lindholm have gelled into one of the best lines in the NHL makes it very unlikely BP breaks that line up for an extended period of time. If somehow Neal could play with Johnny and Monny and be the guy we signed it would create some flexibility.

    But back to Frolik; he is better than many on this site suggest when he is playing the right role. He’s got seven goals despite missing a month; yes I know a number of these are EN but what that tells me is that BP trusts him in tight games to be defensively responsible and opportunistic. He and Backs need to play together and the role should be that of a third line shutdown group that adds what they add 10-15 goals each a season. That means they need to get away from Tkachuk who quite frankly has not played well the last few games and the speculation is that he is injured probably accounts for that that. Regardless Tkacchuk needs to be given guys with more offensive upsides. This however hinges on Neal being able to find some offense; he’s been more engaged the last few games and I would look at changing the lines up; now may be the time to shake things up.I would go: Johnny/Monny/Neal, Tkachuk/Janko/Lindholm, Dube/Backs/Frolik (shutdown), Bennett/Ryan/Hathaway(another line that can shut down teams secondary scoring).

    I also see Frolik as one of the guys BT could move as part of a package to acquire someone who could help us upfront. He could be part of a rental deal or for a guy like Coyle out of Minnie. Frolik + for Coyle.

    • Sir ryosus

      We all want Neal to get going buy he is to slow to keep up with them. If he wants it he will have to produce when he plays with them after penalty kills as BP puts the 3 of them out after kills.

      • freethe flames

        I agree with you that he is slow, but that is why he needs to play in a role were there are a lot of O zone starts and this might be the only line he can get those with. He has been a real disappointment and I have no real idea of were to play him. Either he needs to sit (and many nights he has deserved to sit) or he needs to be propped up. I just don’t see BP sitting him.

    • Chrissu

      That’s not a good deal. Despite his struggles, Frolik is still a regular NHLer and handing him with a first round pick to another team for a potentially (very potentially) higher first round pick is not ideal, let alone handing him to a divisional opponent that we still have to face three more times this season