Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Red Wings 5-3

The Calgary Flames beat the Detroit Red Wings by an 5-3 score on Wednesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Building a game

The Flames were out-shot and out-chanced in the opening period by the Red Wings, and deservedly went into the first intermission down by a pair of goals. Flames head coach Bill Peters noted that the team improved as the game went on.

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“I thought we got better every period,” said Peters. “I thought we got better as it went. It wasn’t a Picasso, but we’ll take the two points.”

Mike Smith gets a win

The absence of “Big Save” David Rittich due to an injury likely caused some anxiety among Flames fans. But Mike Smith made 29 saves and looked pretty solid in the game – the three goals he gave up were two defensive lapses and a penalty shot.

It was Smith’s second appearance in the last nine games and he was happy to be back in net.

“We didn’t play our best hockey game tonight, but this team just finds ways to win hockey games,” said Smith. “It felt good to be a part of one. I hadn’t been in there lately. It felt good to be back in there and get a big win.”

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Peters tipped his cap to his goaltender following the game.

“We were a little loose at times,” said Peters. “And when he needed to be there for us, he was, and it was good to see.”

The top line carries the mail

The good news is the Flames’ top line was very solid. They scored four goals – two at even strength and two on the power play – and each player on the line had multiple points.

That said, the team will need contributions from all of their lines to have lasting success.

“We lean on them heavily,” said Peters. “I thought the other night at home we got contributions throughout the lineup. We didn’t get that quite as well tonight through the four lines. We’re gonna need it. We’re gonna need it tomorrow. We’re gonna need it moving forward in the second half of the season.”

  • RKD

    Gaudreau was a monster again this guy is just possessed right now the dude had 4 breakaways in 1 game! He’s all over the puck just when you think he turned it over at the blue line it is back on his stick again. His blade is like a magnet for the puck. Gaudreau 59pts, Monahan 50pts, Lindholm 47pts and Tkachuk 47 pts.

    • Garry T

      Another win. Great job. This was a pretty well played game with the exception of

      3 continuing issues I saw.

      1. Brodie gathers up the puck and stops and stands there in the right face off circle in his end. He does this two or three times a game. Under pressure he loses the puck.
      What is up with tha?

      2. Both Detroit and SAN Jose have come up with similar player interviews and comments. It was similar in that the players both said, the way we are playing now when we shoot, we shoot to score, not necessarily a flames pattern.

      3. There was a lot of pressure by the same teams over the last 2 games. They know once they have the Flames penned in under pressure, we tend to direct the puck behind our net instead of up the boards and out. This results in numerous giveaways and added pressure in our Zone. Please use the simple plays. No passes through the middle, none behind the net, just a firm play up the boards and out or if you have control and a lane, carry the puck out and create pressure on their defence.

  • Flaming Duck

    Gaudreau looks like he has foun another gear this year. He is blowing by guys regularly it seems. Two years ago he always just did those button hooks inside the blue line. Is he faster or is it just confidence? I will take it either way. He is simply WOW right now. GFG

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      BP has said that Johnny is a beast at practice and is so much faster than he thought. Hates to lose anything.
      Better attitude than Photobomb Dougie, who seemed to just slink away when the team was losing.

  • Toma41

    Dillon Dube at this point in time adds nothing more than Czarnik. He needs more than 10 minutes a night in order to develop properly. The AHL is the best place for him right now where he can play first line minutes in all situations. If we dont get any consistant secondary scoring, what are the chances of Tre hunting for some before the trade deadline?

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      He’s much better defensively than czarnik I think. He also makes at least a couple of pretty awesome dishes every game. He just has nobody on his line to finish them. I do agree with you on the point that we may be wasting his development by playing him the way we are. He could be so much better if given the time to develop properly in the AHL.

  • everton fc

    Gaudreau, Monahan, Lindholm, Tkachuk, others – all look like they are having fun out there. BP has increased the compete-level, and the fun-level. Especially in Gaudreau. Can we all imagine if all Gaudreau after 2021-22, and Monahan the next year? Make them life-long Flames? Perhaps both marry a local gal and begin raising families here? One can hope… Dream… (Lindholm at 4.85 thru 2023-24 – he should fire his agent!)

      • The Real SlimBrodie

        Dont get me wrong, I’m not discrediting lindholm, but he has never played on a line of this calibre, they compliment each other perfectly and we are lucky to have him at this cap hit. Great job by BT for trading and signing a young talent.

    • Fat Tony

      Lindholm was valued by his past production and his +/- stats were not helping his case. There was no telling how he would fit into the lineup or if would even be on the top line with Johnny and Mony. If anything he should have included some sort of player option late into this contract to resign for more money or add performance bonuses. When you think about it we actually getting Johnny at a bargain for the remainder of his contract based on what he brings to the table.

      • The Real SlimBrodie

        Is that a thing? If it was it would be called a bridge deal like a 2 to 3 year contract. But I do believe he should fire his agent before his next contract lol