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Flames assign Jon Gillies and Dillon Dube to Stockton

After a win in Philadelphia on Saturday, the Calgary Flames have made a pair of roster moves. The club has reassigned goaltender Jon Gillies and forward Dillon Dube to the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat.

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Gillies dressed twice as Mike Smith’s backup during the road trip, but David Rittich’s return against Philadelphia spelled the end of his time here. There’s just no point in keeping three goalies around, so Gillies heads back to the AHL.

Dube was the team’s 13th forward of late, having been scratched twice after three fairly unimpressive games after his recall. With Andrew Mangiapane traveling with the club and seemingly close to a return from whatever was ailing him, it could be as simple as the team not needing two spare forwards around.

For the time being, the Flames are carrying 21 players on their active roster – two goalies, seven defenders and 12 forwards – and have three players (Mangiapane, Michael Stone and Juuso Valimaki) on the injury reserve list.

The Flames finish off their road trip on Monday night in Chicago.

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    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      If they play him with Janko and Neal, he may actually start getting chances again. He’s not a 4th line grinder. Once he gets one, they will start going in for him. I would play Frolik on the 2nd line and drop Bennett to the 4th line, unless he can become more consistent. One good game in the last 6 is not that.

      • Lazarus

        Not sure how I feel about this “he can’t play in the bottom 6 and needs to be gifted a top 6 spot” sentiment that I have heard now regarding Mang and Phillips.
        Cut your teeth coming up and don’t be expecting a plum position just because you “can’t play lower in the lineup”

        • freethe flames

          I have said before but it bears repeating: I see Mangiapnes development as similar to Paul Byron’s. Will he be as good as Byron is now I have no idea but if you look at their development steps they are similar.

          Did we ask Johnny or Monny to play on a checking line when they came; no their skill set said they need to play top 6. Even when Johnny was struggling in his rookie year he never played down the line up. I am not saying that either of these guys are as good as Johnny but their skill sets say that they are not Hathaway or Lomberg.

        • Justthateasy

          You make your own breaks on the line you’re on.
          Some of you may recognize the following from Jim Dines.
          He said “Do absolutely the very best you can and love what you get, because that’s all you’re going to get.”

  • Stu Gotz

    Good move. Dillon needs to develop and play in all situations PK & PP 20+ min. Bring up Quine good player NHL ready. Bring up Lazar down the stretch…..

  • L.Kolkind

    Keep Dube in the A for the rest of the year and let him thrive. He has only scored 2 goals in 31 games between the 2 leagues so far and while he has gotten more assists, he needs to get bigger, stronger and more lethal. Letting him develop while bringing up older call-up candidates such as Rychel, Quine, Mangiapane is what the Flames should be doing.

  • deantheraven

    Well SF, here’s to hoping one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Hope they both do well, but it doesn’t look like the Heat will make the playoffs anyway…
    Which is also good for the Big team in the big picture. Should be lots of Black Aces, at least in the forward positions.Maybe they’ll be back in Ca. to play the Sharks in the playoffs.

  • Skylardog

    Lazar having made the AHL Allstar team, must be having a good season down there. I assume he is our best player that will be available later on. Once we see him, I would expect it to be for the rest of the season. They will not risk him going up and down and being lost on waivers.

    If he is up sooner, and we have no long term injuries, I would suspect he, or someone else, is on the way out through trade. Other wise expect to see him up for the playoffs.

    He plays a good defensive game, and may be a good fit for Backs and Fro if they can find an offensive line for Matty. Hope he has his feel for the puck back and can put up some points when he does get back here. He can also generate a lot of energy in a fourth line role with his speed.

    • Off the wall

      Lazar’s quote: via SportsNet

      “I’m playing 20 minutes a night and putting up points, which I always knew I could. I’m confident with the puck, making plays, being out in the final few minutes, playing power play, killing penalties. It’s helped me return to the form that helped me get drafted.

      “I’m patient but really feel I’m knocking on the door.”

      It might be a bit early for him to make that statement, however when you’re a good kid who ASKED to be sent down to the minors it says plenty about him.

      I’m really hoping he blows the door down and gets another good look!

      • Puck Head

        If he can come up and (finally) hit the twine count me in. I’m all for giving a guy another chance, especially one who has been mismanaged for much of his professional career. If he can make a positive impact we have room.

          • Chucky

            It always seems like he is giving everything he has so it is hard not to hope he is successful.

            Get a little older any you will start getting out of bed at a respectable time youngster.

      • FlamesFanFromMI

        He is always very good with words. But I personally think leave him there. The more he stays there the more confidence he will get. The more he can handle situations better the new coach will use him better then last coach we had. We are doing ok don’t need to screw up his confidence.

    • freethe flames

      He is another depth option and we have plenty of them; guys who can play bottom 6/3 but no one it seems who can play top 6. Lazar, Lomberg, Rychel, Robinson, Quine, Magipane all can play a bit in the NHL but none are clearly able to play top 6. Throw Hathaway, Czarnik into that bunch as well. Ryan and the way Neal has played can also be added to that bunch. I’m still hopeful that Bennett and Janko can find another gear but truth be told they have yet to prove on a nightly basis to be much ahead of the guys previously listed. Foo seems stalled even with his little sign of glory at the end of last season. The only guy on the farm that might be a top 6 forward is Phillips and so far I think he has been managed pretty well. There might be some hope in the kids not playing pro but they all seem a long way off.

    • Luter 1

      I think he’s realizing it’s not going to come as easy for him as it did in exhibition season where he looked great. They know they have a good player so they are giving him a taste and hopefully he realizes he has some work to do to excell at the NHL level.