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Mark Giordano not voted into All-Star Game as Last Man In

The ballots have all been counted and the Pacific Division-leading Calgary Flames will be represented by just one player at the 2019 All-Star Game. Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl won the Pacific Division’s Last Man In balloting, as announced by the National Hockey League on Friday morning.

The Pacific Division team breaks down like this:

  • Forwards Johnny Gaudreau (Flames), Leon Draisaitl (Oilers), Clayton Keller (Coyotes), Connor McDavid (Oilers), Joe Pavelski (Sharks), Elias Pettersson (Canucks)
  • Defensemen Brent Burns (Sharks), Drew Doughty (Kings) and Erik Karlsson (Sharks)
  • Goaltenders Marc-Andre Fleury (Golden Knights) and John Gibson (Ducks)
  • Head coach Bill Peters (Flames)

Due to the NHL’s “every team has to have representation” rule, the Flames arguably don’t have the representation you would expect from the division leader. Several high-scoring players from the Pacific are also on the sideline for the event due to this rule including three Flames in the top 20 in league scoring – Sean Monahan (12th), Elias Lindholm (16th) and Matthew Tkachuk (17th).

The All-Star Game is functionally marketing exercise given that it bears no significance to the NHL’s playoffs, but this year’s edition in particular might have a weird look given the players that won’t be at the event.

The All-Star Game goes Saturday, Jan. 26 from San Jose.

    • kirby

      That’s true, it doesn’t really matter much and resting him up will probably be more advantageous for our ultimate goal anyways.

      It’s just absurd that Doughty, looking at the seasons him and Gio are having, actually got this recognition over him. Absurd.

  • kirby

    No way in hell anyone can rationally argue that Drew Doughty is having a better and more impactful than Giordano. In reality, he’s not even remotely close to Gio this year.

    Norris caliber season, averaging a point per game captaining the #2 ranked team in the NHL, but not even voted as an All Star while a guy with 4 goals on one of the most disappointing teams in the league is in.

    lol, alright. Sure. Makes sense.

    • Bawcos

      He’s in because someone from that team has to be in. It sure wasn’t going to be Kopitar or Quick and so the NHL gave Drew the nod. It sucks that 1. Gio doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. 2. He doesn’t get the $ bonus that goes with it. But at least the 35 year old, best Dman in the league, gets some rest that weekend ( I hope).

      • Bawcos

        Pavelski is the one that really boggles the mind. They(SJ) already have 2 others in. Pavelski? Why? Even his own team has better options in Couture. Why not Monahan/Lindholm/Tkachuck?

      • kirby

        That rule is stupid too. This whole “oh we have to include every team regardless of talent or who’s actually deserving” thing is a joke. If one team has 5 All Stars, and another has 0, then so be it. Sending an undeserving player from a garbage team just to say they’re “represented” is a joke.

        I thought the All Star game was to recognize the BEST PLAYERS performing at the highest level, not to hand out participation trophies to guys/teams who don’t deserve it so their fanbase doesn’t have their feelings hurt.

        If the Kings don’t have a player performing at an All Star level (which they don’t) then they shouldn’t be sending anyone. Simple as that.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    It’s a fan vote, so it’s not surprising that fans there would cast theiir votes as much as possible.
    What is surprising is that a team 5th in the Pacific, 10th in the West, 20th in the league, not in a Wild Card spot, with 45 points in 44 games, can qualify two players.

    Welfare teams get consideration.

    • Leichs

      Welfare team haha. You McJealous of our over half billion dollar downtown arena and ice district? Hey I have a few extra buckets for you guys next time you need to scoop water out of your toilet bowl arena. Hit me up anytime.

  • Albertabeef

    All star break is when I get time off from hockey. I quit watching that farce of a game when they switched to pond hockey. I gave up on the voting system when Vancouver sent a scrub to the all-star game. So lame just like Bettmen.

  • Fat Tony

    I’m fine with Gio not getting in. He is another year older and we need him playing like this in the playoffs so give him his rest. What bothers me is the lack of recognition for Sean Monahan, who deserves to be an all star. Sean has the same number of points as Leon with a better plus minus and on a winning team. Yet he wasn’t even mentioned in the “last man in” voting poll. The same argument can be made for Mitch Marner.

  • Willi P

    Yeah, thinking Gio would rather have the 10 days off. Ovechkin is taking them off too but will be suspended for either the Leafs game before their all star/CBA break or the Flames gave after the break. Hoping for the latter.

  • Aquavid

    The All Star game is a PR event and far from real hockey. Giordiano could benefit more from the rest. That said, what possibilities exist for the Pacific division 3 on 3 tournament? Imagine a three man unit of Gaudreau, McDavid, and Eric Karlson. They should be slick.