Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Coyotes 7-1

The Calgary Flames beat the Arizona Coyotes by a 7-1 score on Sunday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Everything went right for the Flames

The Flames scored early, scored often, and then scored some more against a Coyotes team that was coming off a really good effort against Edmonton a night prior. After lobbing some criticism at his group after their last win – noting their winning was masking some bad habits – Flames head coach Bill Peters was very complementary of his team’s performance.

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“The effort was good,” said Peters. “Everyone found a way to contribute. Everyone played good minutes. I liked us. I thought we were good. I thought they had a good power play. I thought they did some things and Smitty was called upon and came up big. So that was good to see. And good for Mangy to get his first point, Gio to play in his 800th game, so a lot of positives again here tonight.”

Only five Flames skaters – Garnet Hathaway, Oliver Kylington, Rasmus Andersson, Dalton Prout and Noah Hanifin – failed to register a point. With the Flames not getting down in the game, the club was able to do something they rarely do: roll four lines and three pairings.

“It was important to play everybody and let everybody play within their roles and make sure they get ice time,” said Peters. “The other night the Ryan line didn’t play nearly enough and it wasn’t a byproduct of their play, it was just a game situation. Here tonight was an opportunity to make sure everyone got to play and the guys did a good job with it.”

Milestones galore

The Flames hit all manners of milestones and accomplishments. Obviously Mark Giordano played his 800th NHL game, while Mikael Backlund crept into a tie for ninth on the Flames’ games-played leaderboard with his 586th contest (he’s tied with Jamie Macoun). Andrew Mangiapane had his first NHL point, too.

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But Johnny Gaudreau climbed into second place in the NHL in scoring, Sean Monahan into 10th place and Giordano into second place among defensemen in scoring. Giordano remains first overall in plus/minus, but he’s been joined by TJ Brodie and Elias Lindholm in the league’s top five in that category.

All this and the Flames remain first place in the Western Conference and Pacific Division, and in the midst of one of their best starts – or seasons – in franchise history.

  • Truculence

    Pretty sure the 88-89 team didn’t have the benefit of loser points or 3 on 3 overtime. Pretty useless to compare the two teams’ achievements; different eras, different circumstances.

    • Albertabeef

      No they had this thing where they played 10 minutes of extra time 5 on 5 and if nobody scored they had this thing called “a tie” where each team got a point lol. Sometimes it would be entertaining sometimes it wouldn’t be. These were the days when if you lost and didn’t make it to overtime you spent 15-30 minutes on the bike instead as punishment. Ah the good old days lol.

    • Avalain

      Ok, sure. How about we compare this team to last year’s team? How does it stack up then? Or how about the year before? Or the one before that? Or how about we compare it to the start for every single year that 3 on 3 hockey was used?

      The point, of course, is that this stat about the best start since 88-89 is really about showing that they have had a better start than every year in between.

  • Albertabeef

    Okay so I said a couple months back that Neal may take somewhere in the 40-50 games to get settled in. I hope this is what I was talking about lol.

    Looking at the standings and this team is compared to fastest 30 wins with 88-89. The most wins the Flames have had in a season came during 88-89 with 54. There are 35 games left and if the Flames can finish .500 or better they will set a new franchise record for wins in a season.

    Last season was the season to forget and this season is quickly becoming one to not forget.

  • Garry T

    OK. We have a real good team on our doorstep in terms of Buffalo.
    Although they are not the best team around just yet, they have improved and will do more so as players mature and are added with better drafting. If Calgary can beat them handily, then the roll we have been on provides more
    validity in terms of our system and team. I have been watching Carolina and the “ trade “ is looking like a great trade for both teams which in an ideal world is what you want. Ferland is playing very well for them. There has been rumour they may have to trade him. If I’m the GM, I find a common ground that works and sign him for 4 or 5 years. Nice to see Carolina doing well.

  • TheWheeze

    Does anyone think Edmonton is going to do a housecleaning in the off seasoon, management and coaching wise. Wonder if GG is going to be shown the door yet again. Man that guy is awful. Can’t believe the Flames kept him for two whole seasons when it was clear halfway through his first season he just wasn’t a coach.

    • The GREAT WW

      I really hope the Oilers don’t make any changes.
      CHIARELLI took over a team that on paper was going to contend for half a decade, he systematically dismantled the Oilers to the point where half is an AHL team now.

      CHIARELLI the great equalizer!!!!!!!!!!


    • freethe flames

      Does anyone really care? There are too many people on this site who care about what the Oilers are doing. The only time I really care is when we are playing them.

    • Derzie

      Given the startling differences between GG to Peters, I can’t help think that the GG hire was pushed on Tre. How can the same GM see these two coaches as ‘the answer’ with one being so terribly, horribly bad. First Tre hire with Burke out the door…The mind boggles.

  • freethe flames

    Time to give some credit where credit is due. Mike Smith played well last night and made some key saves at key moments. If he can continue that level of play maybe BT does not have to address the back up position this year. (I see Arizona recalled Pickard this morning)

    So Stone is seeing his Dr today to see if he can return to action and there are people already looking to trade him; the value in return must outweigh the cost of replacing him. We have said that one of BT’s jobs is to add depth to the blueline and now that the depth in the organization is getting healthy we want to trade it? Valimaki will likely be ready come playoff time.

    The other area of concern is another forward who can play up the lineup. If the Bennett/Janko?Neal line continues to be effective that might not be as big of issue as IMO both Bennett and Janko could play further up if given a chance.(Note: Frolik’s play has helped solidify the second line).

    Two days off and time to work on the system. I expect to see BSD play against Buffalo and the Smith against Detroit and BSD against the Oiler’s.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      Even if Stone gets a green light, he was 7th on the depth chart behind Valimaki and Ras. If he’s ready to go, he will get sent to Stockton to play for 7 games before he can come into the lineup. At that point, it’s going to be Kylington that comes out, but it may not be a given either. What it does do is sends Prout back to the AHL for good. When Valimaki comes back, Kylington or Valimaki gets sent to Stockton. There is less of a rush with Valimaki, so it will depend on who plays the best or if Stone gets traded.

      • Heeeeere’s Johnny

        I don’t think Kylington comes out when Stone comes back. Prout goes to the minors then. I wonder if there is a trade to be had out there to trade a RD for a LD?