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Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Hurricanes 3-2 (in overtime)

The Calgary Flames beat the Carolina Hurricanes by a 3-2 score (in overtime) on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames keep their momentum going into the break

It’s been said, and said often, but the Flames keep finding ways to win games. Sometimes they win track meets. Sometimes they grind it out. Sometimes their goaltender isn’t feeling it and they have to score a lot. Sometimes they had to eke out close ones.

Once again, the Flames weren’t perfect, but they found a way to win in a game that lacked a lot of flow.

“I thought we were good, at times,” assessed head coach Bill Peters. “I thought they forechecked well. When you manage the puck properly, whatever team was managing the puck properly and managing the puck the best was having the most success.”

The Flames are now 11-1-2 since Christmas and an impressive 28-8-5 since getting walloped by Pittsburgh at the end of October. They hit the All-Star/CBA break in first place in the Pacific Division (and the Western Conference).

The third pair comes up big

The Flames are one of the rare NHL clubs that ices a pairing that’s entirely NHL rookies. Only Anaheim has had more games played by rookie blueliners in the league. The Flames’ rookie pairing had a strong game against Carolina. Rasmus Andersson led the team in shots (with four), while Oliver Kylington scored the game-opening goal by driving the net.

Peters shared his thoughts on the trio of young defenders – Andersson, Kylington and Juuso Valimaki – who have manned the third pairing this season.

Well, we didn’t expect to play two rookies together but we’ve played a threesome there. A little combination of Vali and Andy, and now Kyl and Andy, and they’ve been real good and that’s just the way it is. And it’s a fast game now, it’s a modern game. The current game we’re playing is fast, it’s young, it’s just the way the game is trending. And those guys all play with the proper skillset to play and fit in today’s NHL. It’s a different NHL than it was five, 10 years ago, and they have the skillset to be successful.

  • oilcanboyd

    Thanking our lucky stars that we got Peter’s after GG got the axe. Really trusting his young D which bodes well for their development and the Flames going forward.

    • Albertabeef

      That’s what happens when players show they can be trusted. Sure they have been sheltered a bit but I’m feeling confident in the pair. They are starting to show a comfortable confidence in themselves and the points are starting to come now. Who would have thought that right now Kylington would have the most Flames rookie goals and Ras leading Flames rookies in assists and points? Not me. I don’t think we have played two rookie D together since the dark times of the nineties, so I’m pretty happy with all 3 rookies. But Kyly needs to stay up the rest of the season now unless he implodes(knock on wood). And NO WE ARE NOT F@CKING TRADING OLIVER!!! 🙂 (sorry that’s for those who earlier suggested trading him)

  • Guest

    F yeah Peters. Fast passing/skating players with high IQ game awareness.

    There is no need for another “depth” d man. These kids are great. And LOADED with talent. Kris Russell is “depth”. Trash is you want Russell over Kylington.

  • Skylardog

    Apparently official.

    Chia fired by the Oilers.
    Won’t help much unless everyone between Katz and Chia gets their walking papers as well.

    And to think they let him stay long enough to screw up their cap some more and their goalie situation with a bad deal before they showed him the door. Shows how bad the guys above are to have let that happen.

    I get to break the news because I am 2 times zones over, and still can’t sleep in.
    The bar opens at 9, just 2 hours until my margarita breakfast.

    • The GREAT WW

      This is a sad sad day……

      The equalizer CHIARELLI was amazing; he took a team with 4 first overall, a third overall and a forth overall etc and turned it into crap. He will be missed!!!!!


      • FlushedOut

        I feel confident the Oilers will be able to find another incompetent GM. But thanks Chia for driving up our price to re-sign Rittich next year before leaving. Just like you drove up the price for so many teams to re-sign their top level RFA’s this off season by giving Drisaitl 8.5 mil/year. Jerk.

      • The GREAT WW

        Top 5 CHIARELLI moves?

        Reinhardt/ Barzal.



        Puljujujarvi/ Byng.


        Runners up; Drisaddle contract. Lucic contract. Kokinen contract.

        Does anyone have another top 5?


        • Dougiefred

          Thank Chiarelli for taking Puljarvi because if he had been available Calgary would of picked him instead of Chucky. Burke has said Puljarvi was ahead on every GM’s list.

        • everton fc

          Yamamoto was a very bad pick, in my opinion. But that draft wasn’t the deepest, either.

          The Koskinen signing is almost like Chiarelli knew he’d be fired, and screwed the team, on the way out.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      The Oilers need to fire ever Hockey Scout they have…
      So glad the Flames Scout put in the work in the Late round picks, Seems Oilers only care about 1st round picks lol

      • FlushedOut

        Oilers need to fire everyone who works for the organization and let no former Oilers or Katz be involved in any new hirings. Ridiculous how many high draft picks they’ve had and to be in this position. Hopefully they don’t get smart enough to get on their hands and knees and beg Steve Yzerman to take over.

  • SgtRoadBlock

    Fun Fact all 3 goals where score by the Flames draft picks…
    Kylington,Janko and Backland
    so let’s hope BT holds on to his Draft picks and maybe try and get more on Draft Day, Cause we have a way better Scouting team then the Oilers have…


  • FlushedOut

    Chia is so popular on Oilers Nation right now I think they are going to replace the Stanley Cup parade they told us they were going to have last June with a Chia is gone parade the first week of April.

  • Rockmorton65

    I’m just trying to figure out how Chia is going to get another job in the NHL. I mean you’re gifted McDavid, Hall, Eberle, Draisaitl, and Nugent-Hopkins and you STILL can’t put together a playoff team, let alone a contender? Doesn’t bode well for the ol resume.

  • everton fc

    Let us not forget Associate Coach Ward’s influence, thru the PP, on our team’s success. Very smart hire.

    As for the Oilers… All those bad moves by Chiarelli, but no one has added Gulutzan to the list.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Last Night’s Takeaways:

    The first Flames’ game I saw at the Saddledome was against your daddy’s Carolina Hurricanes who in 1986 were the Hartford Whalers. Badger’s boys were harpooned mercilessly that night 9-1 making it the Flames 11th consecutive loss. Who would have guessed that sad night that just a few short months later those same stumble bums plus the additions of Joe Mullen and John Tonelli would knock out the dynastic Oilers on their way to their first cup final.

    Wonder why the NHL doesn’t make a bigger thing about Armed Forces games. The marketing end is a drop kick in that the league can flog camouflage jerseys like Canyon was wearing and at the same time thank formally thank the troops for a job well done. Smells like a winner to me.

    Just to be clear, the Flames were honouring Canada’ armed forces last night and not just paying homage to the RCAF, right? If so, why wasn’t there a distinguished guest from each service branch?

    As for the game itself, other than the result, it was the most boring Flames’ game I have seen this season. I nodded off three separate times between the middle of the first and the middle of the second and I was told that I didn’t miss a damn thing. Send a replay of that snoozefest to the red Chinese and they will renege on hosting NHL games leading up to the 2022 games.

    Even though Ferland didn’t play the full game, he and Hamilton were better than Lindholm and Hanifin last night.

    Watching Neal since he returned from illness has got me thinking that maybe he purposely dogged it for the first three months knowing just how long the regular season is followed by a cup run and how a guy can’t possibly be mentally and physically charged from September to June. Maybe what we have mistaken for a fat, lazy old man is really a savvy vet who knows exactly when he needs to bring it on.

    Apart from Rittich, I doubt many Flame players will request film from this game to add to their “Best of” videos.

    The coach’s challenge on the Flames’ first goal is a solid example of why there should be consequences to failed challenges or why the goalie interference rule needs to be drastically simplified. I got the sense that Bod’s challenge of the goal was mere fishing. He simply hoped something was fishy about that goal, so he challenged it. To me that should have resulted in a 2-minute delay of game penalty as the challenge was a joke.

    Speaking of the Bod, he needs to fire his agent because his agent is doubtlessly costing him big money. The Bod is a natural heavy in films and TV shows that require a gangster or hitman. He even has the voice to play a baddy. With the right agent, Brind’amour would have already done a turn as a villain on the “Blacklist.” Imagine Red and Lizzy hunting down “The Bod No. 17.”

    Speaking of villains, the Oilers ate yet another of their own last night with the sacking of ol’ baldy. My spies in Edmonton tell me that the succession plan is already in place. Keith Gretzky will be named the interim GM. Keith’s total lack of experience as an NHL GM will be generously compensated for by his two assistant interim GMs: Wayne Gretzky and Kevin Lowe.

    The name that first popped into mind when I heard Chia was petted was Joel Quenneville, which would be a massive gamble as he has never been a GM before. Who was the last great NHL coach who became a great NHL GM? No, it wasn’t Darry Sutter.

    Hitch is an obvious replacement but he is a career coach. Coaching is in his DNA. It would kill him to sit upstairs during practices and on game nights.

    Despite the much-anticipated game being a snoozer, the Flames got the W and now have a well-deserved lengthy break. Hopefully, the lads will use this downtime wisely. The team’s goal for the second half of the season should be to secure the division and conference.

    • Jourflamesfan

      I was a bit disappointed too about Lindholm & Hanifin. I expected a much better game & results from both.
      Lindholm did have the assist on the GWG, so at least something…

      Hope they have a good rest. I noticed that Monahan & Elias have cooled down some lately.
      Gonna need them to heat up down the stretch here…

      • Albertabeef

        Cooled down? Mony just had a 5 game point streak snapped and got a point in 9 of 11 games in January. Lindholm has an eight game point streak going and has points in 10 of 11 games in January. I would not call that cooled down, but that’s just me.

  • Derzie

    Break up of 3M is downright silly. Neal did get a bump and was noticeable for once (still didn’t score) but 3M needs to be together until we upgrade our wingers.