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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Capitals 4-3

The Calgary Flames lost to the Washington Capitals by a 4-3 score on Friday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

The Flames chase for the entire game

The Capitals scored early and never trailed, which resulted in a game where the Flames were chasing. Head coach Bill Peters pointed to the three second period penalties the Flames took as something that got them off their rhythm and took some of their key players off the ice for a large swath of the game.

We were busy They ended up with 10 shots, they hit a couple cross-bars. It’s too good of a power play to put on display, especially three times in a row, three times in a row in probably about a 10 minute span is what it amounted to. I thought it hurt us and I thought it took some of our guys out of the game that don’t kill.

Travis Hamonic will be evaluated

Peters didn’t have a lot of information about Travis Hamonic’s injury status, other than more will be known about his status tomorrow.

“He tried to gut it out,” said Peters. “Couldn’t. So, lower body. We’ll get it looked at it here a little bit tonight, but we’ll know more tomorrow and see how it reacts.”

The Flames are carrying the right-shooting Dalton Prout as their seventh defenseman. But they have an open roster spot, so they would be able to recall a different defender – Juuso Valimaki, perhaps – if they wanted to give themselves some options for Sunday’s game in Carolina.

  • The GREAT WW

    For those of you goalie lovers who missed this beauty:

    Since the Trevor Kidd disaster in 1990 we have drafted 17 goalies (in order);

    Jerome Butler
    Andrew Trefilov
    Patrol Halfia
    Evan Lindsay
    Danny Sabourin
    Matt Underhill
    Andrew Medvedev
    Curtis McElhinney
    Jimmy Spratt
    Kevin Lalande
    Matt Keetley
    Leland Irving
    Joni Ortio
    Laurent Brossoitt!!!!!!!!!!
    John Gillies
    Mason McDonald
    Tylor Parsons

    Draft some more shall we….?


  • BendingCorners

    I thought the Flames outplayed the Capitals for the most part, but got sloppy in their own zone a few times and weak goaltending cost them. Hopefully Andersson learns from his mistake on the second goal against. But Smith is not good enough to be in net against good teams – the Flames are at a disadvantage when that happens and need to be nearly perfect to win. Plus, not losing focus in the last minute of a period would be a good thing to learn. Oh well, it was entertaining and hopefully they will play better Sunday.

  • Alberta Ice

    Capitals definitely more motivated to get out of their losing streak than we were motivated to keep our winning streak. And Kutsetnov got the last laugh in the last minute on that funky two on one power play give away by our D. Maybe the Hamonic loss rather than the OV lack swung this close game the way it did.

  • Jourflamesfan

    A very disappointing result.

    We all have this little perhaps teeny tiny perhaps much more than that FEAR of implosion from the team.
    A paranoia from many years of futility.
    Tonight’s results dont make some feel at ease.
    Kind of stoke’s the fire.

    • Albertabeef

      Coming back after a 10 day break I would automatically give the edge to the home team, regardless whether or not they were the defending Stanley cup champs. I am curious how many practices the Flames had the last whatever days of the forced CBA break. One, maybe two. Can’t really expect a road win under those conditions can you? Sure it would have been nice to extend the caps loosing streak but not a huge deal. The sky is NOT falling!!!!

  • Retire#14

    Think the Flames could have benefited have Johnny’s Dad on the bench for this one..to help Peter’s NOT put in Smith. Smith didnt lose that one, but he sure didnt win it. Smith gives up too many juicy rebounds and flops around too much. That last goal was questionable. Also the goal on the blocker side..get yer ass out of the net..off the goal line! The Flames need to toughen up. Getting pushed around like that at the end of the game? That was sad. The writing is on the wall in my eyes. This team needs a back up and toughness if they want to make some noise.

  • Chucky

    When the referees declare early in the game that one team is penalty exempt regardless of how grievous the foul, it is difficult to see how the other team wins. However, the Flames did not check to see if they were exempt as well.
    Smith’s poor play was responsible for at least 2 of the goals maybe all 4 but in reality the game was pretty much a foregone conclusion after the hard hit on Tkachuk by Niskanen. There is no way the refs did not see what happened so they were indicating that the rules were different. In those situations the Flames should run a Washington player 25 ft from the puck and see if the rules are to be applied equally. If there is a baseline of no interference then play a different game.

  • Manginasal

    This was the first regulation loss since january 3rd, when smith also took a dump on the ice and the flames couldn’t outscore his awfulness. that’s 11 games, that doesn’t show me how the nhl knows the flames’ weakness and can exploit it. 

    i don’t see why people think the flames lost because of toughness. flames lost because they couldn’t overcome the refs and smith in the same game against a good team.

    • oilcanboyd

      The goals at the beginning and end of periods is fault of the entire team’s lack of intensity. BSD has given up end of period goals too and it has been happening more lately.

      • Manginasal

        I agree to an extent but Smith giving up 3 in the first 21 minutes is not helping the situation.
        I knew coming into this game as the road team that they HAD to get some great saves from their goalkeeper in the first 30 mins in order to win.
        They didn’t get that.