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Flames recall Rinat Valiev from Stockton

The Calgary Flames have made a roster move in advance of Sunday’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes. The club has recalled defenseman Rinat Valiev from the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League.

With Travis Hamonic’s status for Sunday’s game in question, adding Valiev gives the team a bit of insurance.

Valiev, 23, was acquired from the Montreal Canadiens at the beginning of the season in the trade that sent Brett Kulak to the Habs. Valiev is a left-shot defender who’s put up 12 points in 36 games with Stockton. It’s his second callup this season; he was previously up from Dec. 8-10, also as an insurance policy.

As a depth guy making the league minimum cap hit ($650,000) at the NHL level, Valiev makes a lot of sense to bring up as a short-term move.

    • freethe flames

      How anyone can trash this is silly. If we had kept Kulak instead of getting this guy and some older AHL D the Heat would have been better and we would not be in a buying position on D.

      • Luter 1

        If your not getting trashed by this group your not asking the tough questions! Stuff like are we tough enough to go deep (no), is Neal a lazy, line killing, overpaid bum (yes), has Smith cost us points (yes), all questions that are quite true but will gain many trashes

      • Speed Kills

        I really liked Kulak and was ticked when they traded him,(Wotherspoon too) but… He was likely going to get passed by both Kyll & Vali on the depth … BT did him a favor to send him to a team where he would get a fair chance to play and brought back some assets. Kulak had been a great team guy and payed his dues to get a chance to play in the NHL, BT respected him for that and gave him his shot instead of putting him back on the farm being a far 3rd on the LD Depth-chart. IMO… Yeah, it still stings but it is what it is and good for Kulak!

        • Bawcos

          I feel like it was a mercy trade. Kulak went through arbitration soley to re-open the buy out window (imo) so that Brouwer could be bought out. Keeping Kulak, while on paper would’ve been great, giving him a chance elsewhere was a classy move. Also, a Kulak dressing room, either AHL or NHL could’ve been harmful. Ultimately this was a good player who’d I’d love to have in the organization but, deserved a better opportunity with less bitterness.

      • Kevin R

        Yeah I guess we would be unbeatable & 1st in the NHL if we had f***g Kulak.
        Contract negotiations didnt go well & Tre parted ways. Get over it, plenty of bottom pairing D out there. Oilers have plenty of them.

      • cberg

        Having a disgruntled employee, who lost his job through merit, infecting the rest of the prospects is likely a huge negative for the Heat. The Flames did him a huge favour shipping him out where he can try and build something with a new organization. Valiev has that same chance here and should come in more motivated than ever to succeed. The Trash It’s are well-deserved.

        • Bawcos

          On merit??? Kulak wasn’t in training camp when these rookies took jobs. And before the Hamilton trade, comments on this site suggest that many (a large many) believed he earned a look as a top 4 Dmam.

    • everton fc

      I liked Kulak, so I don’t understand why you got three trashes here. Kulak’s going well in Montreal. 3 goals, 3 assists, +7, 27 games. Is he better than Kylington? Kylington 2 goals, 3 assists, +1, 27 games. I’d say there’s not much difference, and more “ceiling room”, with Kylington, and Kulak’s not an AHL defensemen anymore – he’s a legit 5/6, at least to me. So we simply had no room for him.

      I am interested in Valiev, though I doubt he sees any NHL action. I’ve read he plays with an edge, and, yes, he’s a big kid.

    • Porcupine at a balloon party

      No idea why that’s trashed. I’m in full agreement. I’m actually less inclined to use the “situation was complicated” excuse for BT on this. Don’t get me wrong, BT has done far more good than bad, but the handling of Kulak just straight up looks horrible. Burned a year of ELC/development on valamaki, lost year on UFA, and exposed him to expansion because of it. Kulak could be that veteran presence they are now looking to throw more assets at. Not to mention valamaki and kylington in Stockton probably wouldn’t of destroyed our goalies confidence down there either. Uhg… I digress. Nit picking at one of the few bad moves Tre has done, but it still doesn’t sit well with me

        • Luter 1

          Only a contract thing, because BT like most GM’s was throwing millions around with Neal and Ryan at the time and was lowballing Kulak after a pretty solid season last year where he definitely deserved a one way after. He ended up with a contract that was more than acceptable for the Flames so not sure what BT’s problem was with it. The kid is nothing but a pro that lives and breaths hockey, know his family well and I think the Habs have been very surprised with what they got. If it affected Valimaki’s contract like some say, very dumb move by the Flames to get rid of him. Low cost, dependable and still improving young defenceman are hard to find.

          • Albertabeef

            It had nothing to do with other people’s contracts, only roster space. The three kids have looked better than Kulak did last season and have higher ceilings. Being bias in hockey is not good for business decisions. There is more to a team than one player. However with that said if Stone and Kulak were the third pair the Heat would have a way better D core than they do. But then we would not be marvelling about our rookie D then. Andersson and Kylington have proved they belong in the league.

    • Luter 1

      How complicated could it be with under a million dollar contracts? BT got his nose out of joint when Kulak’s agent wouldn’t let them stiff them with a lowball 2 way. He was too busy dropping close 10 mill on Neal and Ryan at the time.

      • Albertabeef

        It wasn’t the money, Kulak got his nose out of joint over a 2 way contract offer. We had too many D in the pipeline to have him stuck in a one way deal. We would have lost him to waivers for nothing. Trade at least we got two farm players in return. The three rookies who have played this year would have passed him on the depth chart. Walking away from Wotherspoon may have been an accident depth wise for the farm.

  • freethe flames

    This is simply a stop gap move. They probably felt it was better to bring him up than ship Valimaki all the way across the country to sit. Valimaki plays tonight and I suspect he ends up here Monday or Tuesday depending on when the next practice is. Probably see a Prout/Kylington third pairing.

    I sure hope this is not a long term injury for Hamonic. IMO Andersson will be fine moving up but we are awefully thin on the d-core.

    SF what is your take on Valiev?

      • freethe flames

        6’3 215 who 12 NHL games to his credit and will get paid NHL cash to sit and eat popcorn. You are right in that they will get some sort of read as to how he fits in the dressing room from his 1/2 day stay.

      • Stu Gotz

        Prout will play if necessary. Valiev is strictly insurance with low cap enabling Valimaki to get more ice time today. He will never see the ice with the Flames.

    • Stockton's Finest

      Has a nice shot. Scored on the PP last night (originally credited to Graovac). Good defensively. Not flashy, clears the trash in front, pretty active stick in blocking shots, solid. Definitely a bottom pair guy. Good for 10 to 15 minutes. After initial shuffling, ended up playing top pair with Valamaki last night.

        • Stockton's Finest

          Good one… definitely better than Nielsen, who is playing bottom pair. I have not been impressed with Nielsen yet.

          In comparison to AOM, Valiev is more physical. Valiev is more opted to jump into a play deeper in the zone, but only by a little bit. Both are more defensive-minded.

  • The GREAT WW.

    This is for anyone who missed it when it was posted before:
    Since the Trevor Kidd disaster in 1990 we have drafted 17 goalies (in order);

    Jerome Butler
    Andrew Trefilov
    Patrol Halfia
    Evan Lindsay
    Danny Sabourin
    Matt Underhill
    Andrew Medvedev
    Curtis McElhinney
    Jimmy Spratt
    Kevin Lalande
    Matt Keetley
    Leland Irving
    Joni Ortio
    Laurent Brossoitt!!!!!!!!!!
    John Gillies
    Mason McDonald
    Tylor Parsons

    Draft some more shall we….?”

    Your boy Gillies in the third round and McDonald and Parsons in the second….


      • Stu Gotz

        SF…in a recent radio interview Cale McLean spoke highly of Calgarian defenceman Rob Hamilton. Apparently a mobile defenseman who has been generating points….your thoughts ?

        • The Real SlimBrodie

          Apparently Carolina thought they were getting Rob Hamilton. A player that can score and does not like museums. Instead we shipped them a defensive hazard who prefers to not be physical unless it’s to take a bad penalty at a crucial time in the game.

    • Stockton's Finest

      Interesting that the first goal should not have counted. The puck clearly did not cross the goal line prior to the horn going off.

      The call on the ice was no goal and replay reversed it, even though video evidence states otherwise

  • The Beej

    There are a few things here about the Kulak thing that folks have wrong here. BT didnt mishandle the situation.

    1. Waivers. Kulak didnt make the team and had to go on waivers. Rather than lose him for nothing BT elected to trade him. BT actually had a handshake agreement with Kulak as well. If he wasnt going to play he would be dealt to a team where he would have a chance at being a full time player. He just wasnt going to get that chance in Calgary. I know all of you wanted to stash him as our 9th D or whatever but that is not really fair to the kid anyway.

    2. Kulak situation in no way impacts Valimakis contract. Valimaki burns a year if his ELC whether or not he plays NHL or AHL. It is a year of RFA elligibility that gets burnt if he plays 40 games. Which he hasnt yet.

    Porcupine at a balloon party is completely wrong about the second point.

    Also there is Kylington. Valimaki is being kept in the AHL right now to develop. Valiev is just up as insurance.

    As it stands right now Kulak probably wouldnt have played a game for us yet and likely wouldnt have going forward.

    It is a non issue and not really affecting the team or its results. Therefore its not really a point of criticism for BT.

    • Willi P

      You nailed it Beej. Everybody criticizing this at this point has Paul Byron syndrome. Living in the past. Kulak is long gone, it’s over. Difference between Kulak and Bryon is that BT got an asset back instead of putting Kulak on waivers (which he would have). BT is paid to make these decisions and it is easy to second guess from the armchair months into the future.

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    Watching the Tampa/NYR game. Flames should seriously take a hard look at Chris Kreider!!! BT get on the phone because we don’t want this man in Winnipeg.

  • Garry T

    Watched our Rimouski Oceanic picks today in Zavorgodny and D’Argitan Joly. 2 goals each and both can skate with great hands. Was really impressed with a centre on their team, Jimmy Huntington. Boy can he move and a natural scorer as well. Tre, he is not drafted. Get him signed to a deal with us. Guy is another Monahan around the net. Call Roy get the lowdown on him. Go Tre Go.

    • freethe flames

      If BT can sign a few CHL 20 year olds or Seniors out of the NCAA then it can help make up for the lack of draft picks. He needs to find several guys on D to fill the Heat next year.

  • Garry T

    Watched Rimouski Oceanic against Quebec Ramparts today. Saw T.J. Brodie 2.0 undrafted D with 40 points so far this season. Tre, get him looked at and signed before someone else grabs him

        • The GREAT WW

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          • Buffoon dud Hrudey.

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          • Buffoon dud Hrudey.

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          • The Troglodyte WW

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          • Em Durp Em Hrudey

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          • The GREAT WW

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            And BTW: you can quit manipulating the Cheers/trash responses; nobody cares.


      • freethe flames

        6’2 205 LHD who will be 21 in April averaging more than a point a game the last 2 years. Definitely worth a look especially when there are no D prospects in the system.

  • Alberta Ice

    Poor John Gibson. Horrible All Star appearance and today the Jets feast on him. This may make the Ducks a bigger tire fire this year than the Oilers if you can believe that.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      In their history, the Flames have won their division six times. Four times as the division leader entering the playoffs the Flames went down in Flames just like Jesse James in the first round. I’d think that with that abysmal record of regular season success coupled with postseason floppa, the wild card clubs will be fighting one another to get the 8th seed if the Flames capture the 1st. I’d rather take on the Flames than the Jets in Round 1. No irony lost either in that Cher will make a concert stop at the Dome in May. Will the Flames be down in Flames just like Jesse James by the time that old battle-ax belts out that stand-by for her flock of faithfuls at the Dome? History says, “you bet” if the Flames win the Pac.

      If in the Flames are still alive on 28 May, the night of Cher’s concert, do the Flames try and “persuade” her to not include that song in her repertoire? Dome has long been a house of horrors for the Flames in the spring, so why tempt fate?