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Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Lightning 6-3

The Calgary Flames lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a 6-3 score on Tuesday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Lacking attention to detail

If you were thinking that the Flames were a bit sloppy against Tampa Bay, you were joined in that opinion by the team’s head coach and captain.

“I thought it got away, we lacked attention to detail and they were quicker than us,” said Bill Peters. “They were a little quicker on pucks and we defended way more than we needed to… We made a lot of mistakes. They got two on line changes, one off a turnover right there. Just turned too many pucks over.”

In addition to noting his own lack of attention to detail, Mark Giordano expressed disappointment with the Flames letting the game get away from them when they allowed Tampa Bay to score their fourth goal in the second period.

“Pretty disappointed with letting this one go the way it did,” said Giordano. “I thought when we got it to 3-2 we should’ve really beared down and started putting pucks in and trying to grind against this team. You can’t turn over the puck against them, they’re too good. So, disappointing.”

The Flames are 1-3-1 since the All-Star Break.

“We haven’t been as good with the details of the game since probably the All-Star Break,” said Peters.

Bill Peters’ line shuffle machine

As has become tradition when they’re chasing, the Flames’ coaching staff shuffled lines in the latter part of this game:

  • Tkachuk – Backlund – Lindholm
  • Mangiapane – Jankowski – Neal
  • Frolik – Ryan – Hathaway
  • Gaudreau – Monahan – Bennett

The defensive pairings were kept most consistent, though Rasmus Andersson spent some time with Noah Hanifin and Travis Hamonic with Oliver Kylington as the game wore on.

Peters indicated they’ll change up lines going into the Florida game, but it’s unclear if that means even more changes or just maintaining these already changed trios.

  • Speed Kills

    After the past two games, I’d sub in the First line in Stockton for the 3M Line for about 4 games… See if it helps them remember how to play Good Hockey again… Think of the Energy those guys would bring into the line up 🙂

  • everton fc

    My youngest is sick. So I’m up late. Might as well post my thoughts, on our team;

    1. Frolik is not a 2nd line player. He’s a 3rd line player, at best, and probably better suited for forth line duty, with Ryan and Hathaway. Or we trade him.
    2. Zuccarello would be a good fit w/Tkachuk and Backlund. So would Dzingel. And so would Kapanen.
    3. Kadri would be a good centre here. A good 2nd line centre. Then Backlund moves down to 3C, Jankowski back to 4C, Ryan and Hathaway his wings.
    4. If we could pull off moves to get Kadri and either Zuccarello, Dzingel or Kapanen (I’m dreaming a bit) we could have a 2nd line of Tkachuk-Kadri-Zuccarello/Dzingel, a 3rd line of Bennett-Backlund-Neal, and a 4th line of Hathaway-Jankowski-Ryan. We’d have secondary scoring.
    5. Adam McQuaid still interests me. As a #6, or #7.
    6. Ultimately, our 2nd line has a 3rd/4th line RW. That’s a problem. A huge problem. Frolik and Czarnik have to go.
    7. I like Mangiapane, but he doesn’t seem ready yet.

    • Albertabeef

      Okay so I have decided on a trade proposal. Frolik and Czar plus next years 3rd round pick for Gusov Nyquist and a late round(4-6) pick this year. Unless I could get away with Neal and a third lol.

      • Albertabeef

        Everyone would hate this idea but…

        I would like Mange to get as much experience as possible. If we make a trade of significance then I am okay with sending him back down. I would rather see Mange play than Dube get injured again this season. It was a bad penalty he took but for most parts he is not costing the team wins. He is mostly playing the right way with energy. I can clearly see him working harder than a lot of other players on the team. He might not win every battle but he has no problems getting in the battles to begin with. Is this not a good quality in a player? Before the TB game Hathaway and Mange had the same points per game rate. Hathaway isn’t exactly known for his offence and is 5 years older. If we let Hath play then we should let Mange get his feet wet unless he shows bigger signs of “doesn’t seem ready yet”.

  • Toma41

    Monahan is a second line player riding Johnny’s coattails and Backlund is a 3rd line defensive centre. Until this is resolved, along with another top 6 winger , Neil is garbage, this team won’t do much in the playoffs

  • Garry T

    I truly think the Flames need to add size, more scoring and experience.
    Our main issue is goaltending and I would deal with that through picking up Talbot from Edmonton for Gillies. I would put Smith on recallable waivers to see if he generates interest. Lots of teams looking for goalies. Get a 2 or 3 pick for him this year. Still in Edmonton there is a gem there that requires polishing. I would offer them Czarnik and if needed throw in Mangiapane if necessary. I would play Puljujarvi with Jankowski and Bennett. Then, I would move Brodie to the Rangers for Hayes and Vesseyy. Hayes goes to Johnny and Monny and Holmgren goes to the 2 line.
    Vessey goes to our 4 line replacing Mangiapane. Valamaki comes up and the defence is juggled to replace Brodie. You now have Frolik who should be able to get us a 2 pick for this year.

    Your lineup is Johnny Monahan Hayes
    2nd line. Frolik off Lindholm on
    3rd line is. Bennett Jankowski and Puljujarvi
    4th. Mangiapane off, Vessey on

    You then have 4 balance lines with scoring power and speed on all 4 lines.

    Frolik could get you a 2 pick or two young defensive prospects to re-supply Stockton. Brodie is a cost of doing business to improve our forward lineup.

    This has added 50 points with Hayes, 30 points plus with Vessey. If Puljujarvi takes flight with us, he could get another 30 and possibly 40 and be much happier away from Edmonton. Bring up Quine, Rychel and Foo as your black ace forwards plus Valiev and Hogstrom as your D aces.

    This then becomes a real strong hockey club, more experienced and potential galore going into the playoffs.

  • Chucky

    Treliving has shown a great degree of patience at the TDL over the last few years but has been a UFA disaster at the draft. Signing Brouwer, Neal and Ryan have definitely created a cap problem but fundamentally the team is in pretty good shape. Should they look at making a trade to improve the team long term or short term at the TDL, the next few games will tell.
    There is no doubt that the goaltending situation needs to change because regardless of what you think of Rittich, Smith does not cut it as a backup and will not be around next year. There is no one in the system that will be ready for next year so any move needs to be a mid length solution as a minimum. There are 6 games before Feb 25, Rittich needs to play at least 5 and 6 would be best, lets see what he brings playing every second night.
    The defense needs to get better and tougher, the softest defenseman on the team is Hanifin and his replacement is languishing in Stockton, get Valimaki back on the roster and they are radically tougher. On the left side they can get by with Hamonic and Anderson untouchable, some sort of determination needs to be made regarding Stone and does Prout actually work as a 7th for the playoffs. It is possible that Hanifin and Brodie could bring a significant defensive asset.
    Among forwards after last night it is tempting to say trade them all. I can’t say that no pass has ever gone in the net but I am pretty sure that more shots have scored than passes. It was so bad last night that most of them would have passed rather than put the puck in the open net. Practice for the net two weeks should be how to shoot and how to put a rebound in the back of the net, don’t even allow them to tip a shot! They do lack a second scoring line so either someone has to step up to take Frolik’s place or some other adjustment needs to occur. It appears that Neal is starting to play a little better and Jankowski continues to improve so maybe the addition of Mangiapane to that line will pay off which would open the remix of the top two lines with the addition of Bennett that did look better last night. But the biggest problem is predictability:
    The puck comes out the left boards and Tkachuk will try a between the legs tip to Backlund.
    Every second line cycle ends up with Tkachuk behind the net looking for a shooter.
    When Johnny carries the puck into the offensive zone on the left side he will stop, button-hook and look for a trailing defenseman.
    All top two line forwards will pass over the opportunity to shoot particularly when on a odd man rush.
    It can go on and on because they have gotten creatively lazy probably because the success rate is high enough to make it seem right. On a break away Johnny goes 5 hole almost every time because he scores enough to make it feel like a viable option, just like sitting at a slot machine the return is good enough to keep you there but eventually you go broke.
    They desperately need to shake things up and get out of these habits so that a determination can be made what is needed to improve and make a reasonable playoff run.
    It is not reasonable to expect that they will win the cup this year but windows don’t just open for one year, a good goal would be to have everybody enter the 2020 playoffs with at least 15 games experience. the next few games need to be experiments that allow them to figure out what assets are available to trade and what assets are required.

  • freethe flames

    And a state of panic has set in. Really folks; it’s along season. I fully expect the guys who have been struggling to regain their form. Too many good players are not playing well; yes so let’s trade them all. To many fans here sound like a group of fans north of the city. Maybe we should fire the coach and GM too.

    Are there things that need to be done; absolutely and we all have ideas but lets get a grip on reality here. There will not be wholesale changes on a team that is 3rd/4th in the NHL. Will there be some tweaks and additions likely. 3 weeks ago Frolik was the toast of the town and now he is a bum we want ran out of town, TJ was a great against the Caps now let’s trade him for peanuts. What about the turn over king Tkachuk; let’s throw him away for magic beans.

    I fully expect BT will make at least 1 trade and that will cause BP to shuffle his lines a bit. Most of the guys who are struggling will re-find their game and in two weeks both BP and BT will be the toast of the town again. Here’s hoping anyways.

  • Getpucksdeep

    No surprise Calgary was out hit. Everyone out hits us. Presidents Trophy or not Tampa has to be the favorites for a cup run. San Jose has found their mojo, so stand back. Calgary needs some size and physicality at the trade deadline. You have to give something to get something and Calgary has defense depth and 2 smaller defenders who are great skaters in Brodie and Kljington. Andersson is playing great and has size and Valimaki has size and can play. If they are, as rumored, talking to the Rangers then I hope its Kreider they are after. Kjlingtons upside is fantastic however we can’t play all these defensemen and I think the leagues Pro Scouts will have seen the guy and know he has upside and value. Maybe trade deadline will bring changes after those two games have shown the weakness.

  • freethe flames

    What last night showed me is that speed is king; it creates turnovers. Speed with some size and physicality is awesome. How long have Tampa been building this team? How many cups have they won during this time ? Is it their year; looks like it could be. Isn’t that what people said about the Cap’s for years and then the year people thought they were done they finally won it. Could it SJ or Nashvilles years; after all they have yet to win it despite being good for years. It’s a tough league folks and good teams go through dry spells but eventually get it going again.

    • Raffydog

      You’re assuming the Flame are a good team, which they are not. They were ridiculously lucky in the first half of the season, where everything was going in for them. Now that they’ve come back down to reality, this is the real Flames. A small, soft, heartless team with no real leadership, no talent, and the worst goalie tandem in the league.

  • freethe flames

    3 games coming Florida; a non playoff teams, Pittsburg a team that is struggling(hard to believe that considering their star power) and Arizona a beat up non playoff team; just the ingredient for a team to find it’s mojo. It’s up to the players to get it going.

  • Raffydog

    The more I watch tkachuk the more I warm up to the idea of trading him. That dude must be the worst skater in the league. I’d rather trade him than sign him for 8-9 million a year. What a boat anchor contract that’s going to turn out to be.

    • Inglewood

      The more I read your comments, the more it sounds like you have an abundant amount of time on your hands…Raffydog? Is that you Raffi Torres? Not sure what to peg you as- Sharks/Oilers/ Canucks fan? Either way, it boggles my mind as to why individuals feel the need to spend their time, signing up to opposing teams fan pages, and attempting to troll. Pathetic stuff.