Quips and Quotes: Flames beat Golden Knights 6-3

The Calgary Flames beat the Vegas Golden Knights by a 6-3 score on Sunday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Goals, goals, goals…

In the Flames’ four game losing streak, they combined for five goals. In their win on Sunday over Vegas, they scored six goals. Hockey sure is funny sometimes.

Flames head coach Bill Peters reflected on his team’s offensive outburst following the game.

“It was good, for sure,” said Peters. “Lots of lines had lots of good looks. Obviously the Backlund line was dangerous all night. A little bit of executions on their two-on-ones, so that’s what was kind of lacking here recently. So it was nice to see.”

The go-ahead goal survives a challenge

It’s clear by now that the goalie interference rule could use a bit of tweaking, in terms of making the language more clear. Last week in Las Vegas, the Flames had a goal wiped out because Marc-Andre Fleury’s stick got tangled up with Matthew Tkachuk (who was outside the crease). That call was the difference in a close game.

In this contest, a Flames goal withstood a goaltender interference challenge after Malcolm Subban was adamant that Mikael Backlund (who was outside the crease) interfered with his glove.

“I was outside the crease,” explained Backlund. “I always tell [Rasmus Andersson] ‘shoot on the glove side,’ because goalies, they try to reach out. And from there, it’s hard for them. I don’t know what he tried to do. At the moment, I didn’t know if I was outside but I saw the replay and thought it was pretty clear.”

Peters was characteristically thoughtful about the doubt that’s in a coach’s mind during a goal challenge.

Anytime there’s a challenge, there’s doubt. Anytime. Looked like a good goal, though, didn’t it? I don’t know what the challenge was. Backs was definitely out of the blue paint, was he not? I didn’t look. I didn’t have the courage to look more than once, quickly. So he wasn’t in the blue paint, I know that. So I felt pretty good about it, but you never know.