Community post: Gearing up for the playoffs

The Flames are all but officially in the playoffs, and it’s entirely possible they have a lengthy spring. I know some members of the community have started discussing ways to celebrate a playoff run, so let’s gather them in a post here!

The idea behind a post such as this is primarily to consolidate everyone’s ideas in one, easy-to-remember spot. I know conversations about what to do for the playoffs have sprung up in the comments sections of previous posts, but I don’t think I’d be able to find those specific comments again, whereas this is a beacon we can all come back to for easy reference.

This will not be the only post of this nature – consider this a preliminary one for early planning and additional idea sharing.

I recall from previous comments there were three specific ideas people were focused on:

  • Decorating trucks/vehicles to show Flames pride

This is an area I have zero experience in, but I know it was definitely a conversation point among at least a couple of users (i.e. claiming player numbers, figuring out which materials are best to use for such an endeavour, etc.). This could easily branch off to other ideas as well, I would assume – i.e. window paint – and possibly other things of a physical, practical nature.

If you want to show off your handiwork, you can email me a picture at periariyx@gmail.com and I’ll get it on the site, likely in another post similar to this one, as referenced above.

  • Game watchalongs

FlamesNation has a partnership with the Canadian Brewhouse, so in theory, any FN-organized meetup for watching playoff games would occur there.

This is where I want to stress I am a terrible organizer and have no real experience putting together something of this nature – that’s for the OilersNation guys up in Edmonton to figure out. (Yes, yes, I know, but just think of how much fun it is to have people in Edmonton planning Calgary playoff parties.) So I’m waiting on other people to put this together, but if there’s enough interest, it absolutely can happen.

In the meantime, just consider me the messenger – I read the comments so I know what our community is thinking of doing, and can pass them along to people far more experienced than I ever will be at making it happen.

  • Playoff pool

I recall there being some interest in setting up a playoff pool as well before the main event gets underway. I assume this would be done online as not everyone who frequents this site lives in Calgary, but again, if there’s enough interest locally, we may be able to figure something out.

If anyone has suggestions for how to set up a pool (i.e. format, what site to use) or wants to take the reins themselves (with community approval – let’s not accidentally end up with multiple pools of similar nature), feel free; otherwise, this will be the same as the game watchalong section, in which I’d get help getting something set up from the OilersNation guys, who will be having an uneventful spring otherwise, I assume.

If anyone has any additional ideas or add-ons to the current ones, please, feel free to share them here: assuming there’s further interest, there will be other posts of this nature as we all figure out what we’re doing, and hopefully have an extra enjoyable playoffs after spending an entire season together thinking and talking about this team on a daily basis.

I’ll also be sharing this post (and by extension, its comments section) with those who actually know how to organize things – and fingers crossed, it’ll all come together.

  • Skylardog

    Thanks Ari!

    I have looked into pools and using officepools.com to run a large scale box style playoff pool. The cost is $20 to set up the pool with all players entering for free. I have offered to pick up the cost. Anyone could enter, and all they would need is to sign up at the site, enter a password to get into the specific pool, and then make their selections. They have templates to run the pool, although I do foresee issues with them because Tampa has been so dominating. It may take some custom design if they don’t iron out having everyone pick Tampa guys whenever possible.

    As for a small buy-in snake draft pool, I believe this would be more of a personal thing as opposed to FN organized thing, unless I see it incorrectly. ESPN runs a great free site that has online drafting. I again could put this together for those that wished. Perhaps there are 2 or three groups that could be formed to run such a pool. Handling money is the hardest part of this type of pool, and perhaps a reason why FN should stay clear of such a pool.

    Then again, maybe we could get donation for prizes, say from the Brewhouse, and raise some money for charity along the way. Just thoughts.

  • Skylardog

    As for vehicle decorating, if anyone knows of a good non-permanent paint that could be used on a vehicle, let me know. Has anyone ever painted a vehicle for a wedding or something?

    Black, red, and yellow, for some reason, would be the colors needed.

  • FlamesFanFromMI

    I am in Michigan. If by chance anyone in “hackey “ they don’t go beyond red wings. So I don’t know where to get the paint skyler was asking. Anyone has any ideas? I remember in 04 when I was in Calgary guy had flames flag in the bed of his truck I think it was before game 6 against stupid Tampa.

  • Justthateasy

    This might well be the year so get involved. There is no one team out there that absolutely must have a Stanley Cup like there was last year. The Sharks will always cry about not having won a cup but that’s good they’ll probably keep on crying. Vegas is not what they were. Penguins are done. Winnipeg is up and down. Nashville’s window is closing. That leaves the Lightning and a revisit of the 04 season. Revenge or choke becomes the question.