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Post-Game: Flames slayed by the Kings

HBO’s The Wire taught us all that if you come at the king, you best not miss. On Monday night, the Calgary Flames had several opportunities to beat the Los Angeles Kings. But they failed to bury their chances, frequently, en route to a 3-0 setback to the Kings.

The Rundown

The Kings got on the board early, scoring on their second shot of the game just 57 seconds in. A Derek Forbort shot through traffic was redirected by Jeff Carter in front, beating Mike Smith to give the Kings a 1-0 lead.

The home side had a few opportunities to get one back in the opening period, including three power plays that saw the Flames combine for eight shots and zero goals. They took a pair of late penalties, ending the period with 42 seconds of a five-on-three to kill off – the remainder spilled over into the second period.

Shots were 15-7 Flames and scoring chances 6-5 Flames in the opening period.

The second period was full of defensive stands, missed passes and was generally a period that was to be skipped through if you found it on your PVR. The Flames killed off the remainder of their five-on-three PK, then got a few good scoring chances, then the game became a bit choppy and dull.

Shots were 16-7 Flames and scoring chances 10-5 Flames in the middle period.

The Flames pressed throughout the third period. Midway through the period the Kings added to their lead, as Travis Hamonic was caught up ice after a scoring chance and Johny Brodzinski beat Smith with a wrist shot off the rush to make it 2-0 for the visitors.

Tyler Toffoli added an empty netter to ice this one, making the final 3-0 for the Kings. Shots were 11-6 Flames and scoring chances 9-4 Flames in the third.

Why the Flames Lost

The Flames never really seemed to find their next gear. They dominated possession and put the puck on net with regularity, but they didn’t generate enough secondary chances, screens or tips, and their Harlem Globetrotter-esque multi-man passing plays never quite connected the way they usually do.

Jack Campbell was really, really good, but the Flames didn’t do nearly enough to make his life difficult.

Red Warrior

Smith gave up a couple goals, but he was as engaged and energetic as he’s been all season. The goals he gave up – a tip through traffic and a goal on an odd man rush – weren’t really on him, but rather on his team’s defensive lapses.

The Turning Point

Let’s go with Drew Doughty’s third period penalty and the ensuing power play. The Flames had a golden opportunity to turn the Doughty/Matthew Tkachuk theatrics into a goal. Instead, the Flames couldn’t even register a shot on goal during their advantage.

The Numbers

(Percentage stats are 5-on-5, data via Natural Stat Trick)

Player Corsi
Brodie 90.9 70.6 0.825
Giordano 85.2 70.6 1.300
Frolik 81.3 75.0 1.340
Tkachuk 80.0 75.0 0.900
Lindholm 75.0 60.0 0.515
Gaudreau 75.0 60.0 0.400
Monahan 75.0 60.0 0.535
Backlund 73.5 75.0 1.105
Jankowski 71.4 75.0 0.300
Fantenberg 70.6 71.4 0.550
Ryan 68.0 85.7 0.780
Andersson 66.7 71.4 0.575
Hamonic 65.2 77.8 0.875
Neal 65.0 75.0 0.300
Czarnik 64.7 75.0 0.550
Hathaway 63.6 85.7 0.150
Hanifin 62.8 77.8 0.700
Mangiapane 59.1 85.7 0.200
Smith 0.200

This and That

As was expected, Doughty was booed every time he touched the puck after his comments earlier in the day lambasting Tkachuk.

The Flames pulled Smith with 4:40 remaining in the third.

Up Next

The Flames (47-22-7) are back in action on Wednesday night when they host the Dallas Stars.

  • Garry T

    Monahan needs a very thorough medical. I know he cares. He has been a good leader on this club since his arrival. He shows no energy. On 3 occasions last night a puck was put in his wheelhouse. He missed two as though he just could not see properly. The other he moved the puck towards the goal with absolutely nothing on it. Lindholm looked like he was on downers. Nothing and nobody there. He looks like he is wasted these days. Sit him. Finally , Jankowski. He has turned into a pre-maddona. He does not back check at all. He is not only lazy coming back to his own end , but the effort he put in needs a special word to describe his play and that word is Putrid!

    Bill it is time to put some trust into the recruits. Bring up Rychel and play him with Lazar and Johnny.as our first or 3rd. Line. Some crash and bang would not hurt.
    Thank Christ San Jose has gone on the skid. Take Monahan, Lindholm and Jankowski out of the lineup for the next six games. Bring Dube up along with Rychel and if you have to put some life in this team, play Kylington as a forward to give us energy. That would be better than sitting him. I am not jumping on the boys other than Jankowski who is playing like rigormortis has set in. I used to love Jank’s effort. Awful, Awful and Stockton for the whole year next year comes to mind now.

    • Tkachuk'sLisp

      Thank goodness you aren’t running the team. The Flames have been taking care of their business lately and San Jose has been sucking. The Flames ran into a goalie who was in perfect position all night albeit not having to face many grade a chances.

      I’ll give you the fact that Monahan and Lindholm have looked pretty terrible since the break, though.

      • SgtRoadBlock

        we can’t blame every lost to a hot goaltender.. cause the Kings just should Peters that what the playoff game going to look like pure Shut down after the fist goal,

      • Flameon13

        Monny has 4 of his 31 goals since the all-star break. He has 43 shots on net for a 9.3 shooting percentage over that time down from a 15% career average. He averaged 3.10 shots per game before the break and is now averaging 1.87 shots per game.
        Lindholm has 6 of his 27 goals since the all-star break. He has 57 shots on net for a 10.5 shooting percentage over that time still slightly above a 10.2% career average. He averaged 2.33 shots per game before the break and is now averaging 2.28 shots per game down slightly.
        Johnny has 6 of his 35 goals since the all-star break. He has 68 shots on net for a 8.8 shooting percentage over that time down from a 12.8% career average. He averaged 3.31 shots per game before the break and is now averaging 2.72 shots per game.
        A total of 18 goals scored by our first line in the 25 games since the all-star break (Monny missed 2 of those games). Based on the numbers the whole top line seems to be snake bitten as far as shooting percentages, but overall the shots generated by the top line has dropped (besides Lindy) a lot. Whether due to over passing or injury something is not right on our top line and is really becoming a concern with the playoffs around the corner. The fact our sniper is averaging over a shot per game less may be the most concerning and probably indicates an injury of some sort and based on his percentage being down too its possible its some sort of hand/wrist injury.

        • Flameon13

          This is also where having a solid second line scoring center or winger would come in handy so you have options to change things up when players are struggling or are outright awful. This is why I was calling for a brodie trade at the deadline to spark something in our top line because right now no one besides chucky has shown that they can produce enough to be move up on the top line and he is a natural left wing.

        • Toma41

          Wow facts and not emotions. Some people on here not to read your post a few times to let it sink in how bad Monahan and co have been playing before attacking others who have noticed his trash play lately

    • Derzie

      ‘minus’ is anything below average (which is well above zero). Below zero is atrocious. All the love for Smith (style points I guess) but his game score reflects his results.

      The ‘average’ I use is a blended 0.500. Above that, you did your job, below that, not so much.

      • Derzie

        How so? Was 3M not the best line? Gio/Brodie the best pairing? Did Smith have a good save %? Calling stats ‘garbage’ is closed minded. Thinking a stats is the be all and end all is closed minded as well. It’s not a contest. It’s information, and most games it tells a very accurate story about who contributed in what way.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    Ryan, the Wire was the best television show that was ever made, hands down. You referenced the Wire. Now, while a quote from the best character in the show is bang on, you could have also went with:

    “How you expect to run with the wolves at night when you spend all day runnin’ with the pups?”

    Stronger competition is good for us.

    • Derzie

      No show is the ‘best show ever made’. It’s subjective. ‘best show I’ve ever watched’ is valid as your opinion. Everyone has their own best and worst. Most shows are on both lists.

      The quote is apt though, for sure. Also, we are 2nd in the league. 29 other fan bases have way more to complain about (not directed at you BTF2.0)