Quips and Quotes: Flames lose to Kings 3-0

The Calgary Flames lost to the Los Angeles Kings by a 3-0 score on Monday night. Here are selected reactions from players and coaches following the game.

Lots of shots, not a lot of great chances

The Flames went down 57 seconds into the game and from there the Kings were content to clutter up the middle lane of the ice, give the Flames the outside lanes, and just ride things out. The Flames out-shot the Kings 42-20, but their high-danger scoring chances were just 8-3.

Following the game, Flames head coach Bill Peters conceded that his club chased the game. He praised the special teams group for their clutch five-on-three kill that spanned the end of the first period and beginning of the second, but noted that overall the team didn’t execute well offensively.

“I don’t think we were overly impressed with our own execution,” said Peters. “If you look back at it, I thought we could’ve executed better with the puck, allowing us to play faster, [it’s] what we have to focus on for our next game.”

Flames captain Mark Giordano added that they didn’t generate enough secondary scoring chances in front of Kings netminder Jack Campbell – he made 17 stops that led to whistles and did a good job of sapping momentum from the Flames with big glove saves.

Much ado about Doughty and Tkachuk

After the hubbub about Drew Doughty’s pre-game comments about Matthew Tkachuk, it probably says something that Tkachuk was made available to the media following the game but Doughty wasn’t.

Tkachuk shared his thoughts, or lack thereof, with Doughty’s objections to him.

“No reaction, it doesn’t bother me at all,” said Tkachuk. “In one ear and out the other with that stuff. Doesn’t really surprise me or not surprise me, it’s just another day. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight, I’m not worried about that type of stuff, I’ll tell you that.”

All-in-all, neither player had a particularly impressive performance. The Flames probably just wish they could’ve turned Doughty’s undisciplined slashing call on Tkachuk in the third period into a goal. They had four power plays but couldn’t turn the goal light on behind Campbell.

  • Speed Kills

    Vacation time is Over.. Time to get ready for them annoying Dallas Stars and then quickly get back to work on the ice… Don’t forget to bring the focus, passion, some added attitude and the G-A-S to win this time. Thanks!

  • SgtRoadBlock

    Think it time to rest Sean till the playoffs it not like we going to miss him…Lindholm can play center and move anyone up to that line…

    Kings just should Peters that what a playoffs game going to look like pure shut down..Kings would be a hard team to beat in a best of 7 but they a 29th team so no worry..

    i Feel sorry for the two kids stuck with Neal, they have to play at his speed /game.. so i see line 3 ice time being cut down just so Neal now on the ice..


    • SgtRoadBlock

      Side note: could see BT and Blake talking at the draft Kings need to dump cap big time from the news letter to Kings fans from Blake it Rebuild time and Campbell showing Quick a goaltender on the market,

  • Chucky

    The Flames need to find a way to win against the type of game that LA played. Throughout the entire game the had almost no net front presence and because of that shots were from the perimeter and the Kings collapsed to recover the rebound.
    That would have been a great time for Neal to step up and reclaim the reputation of a sniper with grit but he played the perimeter game. In that line structure with Jankowski playing the defensive centre role and Czarnik the outside shooter Neal has to go get it in front of the net.
    Hathaway needed to find the front of the net and play tough because Ryan and Mangiapane were capable of getting the puck and getting it on the net.
    Tkachuk played a little of this role but he was a little soft, the Frolik dog on a bone style of hockey would have created more scoring opportunities for Backlund and tip in opportunities for Tkachuk
    It is not evident that the top line has a guy to get to the front of the net but the other three lines could have broken up the turtle strategy employed by LA.
    Furthermore with the scoring / shooting talent they have on defense at least one forward in front taking the crosschecks and slashes for deflections and garbage cleanup is a necessity in the type of game we saw last night.
    Realistically the Flames dominated possession and territorial play, they controlled the play in the LA end even in the corners and behind the net but could not finish because they could not establish any control of the net front.
    The Flames are going to see this defensive system for the rest of the year and that will give them a chance to figure out how to fill the net against what should be a fairly simple strategy, LA has played this system all year and the rest of the league has beat them like a drum.