Community post: Almost playoff time

The Flames are in the playoffs. They play again in three days. And will play at least a minimum of three more times after that. And, in all likelihood, beyond that, too! What a world we live in.

Playoffs mean playoff celebrations. Here’s how things have changed since our last post.

  • Playoff pool

Skylardog has taken the initiative in setting up a playoff pool, which, thank goodness for him, because I have no idea what I’m doing and he is extremely on the ball. So, since he’s the one who’s got everything going, I’ll turn things over to him:

A FlamesNation playoff pool is open! Thanks to Puck Head for picking up half of the pool fee!

If you have trouble getting in, let me know on this article, and I will try to fix any issues. I have been in and started to set up my picks and it seemed to be working fine, but I am automatically entered into it and do not have to log in. You will have to set up an account.

It is a box-style pool where you pick one player in each box. This means you need to know which teams you think will go deep, not so much about individual players. It should be fairly simple to enter a team.

Here is the link.

You should need a password to enter. The password is:


There is no fee to play. You must enter by Wednesday, April 10 at 5 p.m., just before the puck drops for the first game of the playoffs, NOT Thursday when the Flames start their playoffs. Don’t miss the deadline.

Use your FlamesNation alias for your team please, if you have one.

The winner will have bragging rights over all of FlamesNation until the beginning of next season.

Easy, simple, and perfect. If anyone has any further ideas for playoff pools or anything of that nature feel free to discuss them in this post (or anywhere else, really, but this is probably a good hub).

Furthermore, MakeMoneyNotLove has set up an NHL.com bracket challenge for us. Going by a comment in a previous article:

I created a 2019 NHL Bracket Challenge league for FlamesNation.

The password is Gio4Norris.


If there’s anything else I’ve missed please let me know and I’ll add it to the body of this post! Also, sure sounds like Mark Giordano’s going to win the Norris, huh?

  • Game watchalongs

This one isn’t in my control either, but I do know Brewhouse is still the choice of the Nation (that’s what the guys behind the scenes have arranged). It sounds as though this one will be self-generated – if anyone is able to take the initiative to set up a watch party, please do so!

Probably helps that the schedule is out now, which, if you needed a refresher on it, it’s every other day starting Thursday for Flames games.

  • Decorating trucks

Last but certainly not least, I know there were conversations among some of you to decorate whatever vehicles one has at their disposal for the playoffs. Off the wall sent me some pictures of his, so of course we’ve got to show it off here!

Off the wall’s truck is ready for the playoffs.

Anyone else? Feel free to email me at periariyx@gmail.com and I can either add them to this post or show them off in the next post, whenever that may be – hopefully soon, since the playoffs are almost here!