Michael Frolik and Travis Hamonic on TSN’s trade bait list

Most of the National Hockey League is firmly into their off-season and so trade chatter is beginning to pick up. TSN’s Frank Seravalli has compiled the first installment of his trade bait board and it features a pair of Calgary Flames: Michael Frolik and Travis Hamonic.

Ranked sixth on the TSN list, the inclusion of Frolik really shouldn’t shock anybody. He bounced around the Flames’ lineup quite a bit last season and it seemed evident that he and head coach Bill Peters never really entirely saw eye-to-eye on his role. He finally landed back on the second line full-time in the second half of the season, but that was after some pretty vocal Twitter campaigning from his agent, Octagon’s Allan Walsh. Frolik has one year left on his current contract with a $4.3 million cap hit.

The Flames were reportedly close on a trade with the Minnesota Wild involving Frolik prior to the trade deadline, indicating that potentially the club would be happy to be without a potential headache going forward. It seems logical to assume that if they were fine with moving Frolik at the deadline, they would be this off-season as well.

Ranked 11th on the list, Hamonic is also heading into the final year of his current contract – he has a $3.857 million cap hit for 2019-20. The inclusion of Hamonic is probably a product of Rasmus Andersson’s big improvement last season, as Andersson obviously deserves a bigger role next season and the logical right side defenders to move are Hamonic and TJ Brodie.

That said, the long-term fit with Hamonic on the Flames’ roster as the lone physical defender seems better than Brodie’s going forward. We’ll see what happens, but it’s obvious that the Flames would prefer to get something for either Hamonic or Brodie rather than losing them to unrestricted free agency at the end of the 2019-20 season (or to Seattle in the upcoming 2021 expansion draft).

  • Korcan

    “That said, the long-term fit with Hamonic on the Flames’ roster as the lone physical defender seems better than Brodie’s going forward.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I was shocked when I saw Hamonic on the TBBoard and not Brodie. I sure hope Seravalli had him there purely on speculation and not because of any ‘insider’ knowledge. Not only is Hamonic far superior to Brodie in the defensive zone, but he is a leader and a mentor to the young D as well. IMO, he should be wearing the second ‘A’ next year instead of Monahan. Please don’t trade him.

  • VinnyFlames

    There is a player within our team that is killing this team over and over again: Gaudreau. This is a must-read article I’ll put in as a link: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flames-neal-gets-reality-check-gaudreau-shrugs-off-playoff-struggles/sn-amp/
    I don’t agree with Eric Francis on a lot of things, but I felt there was something rotten about the “star” players on our team. Gaudreau (and Monahan as well), have continued to fizzle our by the second half of the season (it’s a trend). This year’s playoffs and prior ones (excluding 2015) is prime example of their underachieving. These spoiled brats are the sole reason for the punching it’s fanbase in the nards. We must eliminate these scumbags by any means necessary, even if it means trading for only picks and prospects. Only by getting rid of cancer can we truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. #Gaudreautradebait #Monahantradebait

  • The Flaming C

    Shocks me Hamonic was on it. Brodie should have been there undoubtedly and like the comment above me says Gaudreau should be on it. IMO Mony shouldn’t because he was injured.

  • freethe flames

    What is Frolik’s value on the trade market? I feel he should get a 3rd rounder plus. I also believe he is replaceable from within.

    With Hamonic’s name out there; what is his value? Is he replaceable from within? Would it be greater than Brodie’s? Would BT be brave enough to move both TJ and Hamonic? Is there a RHD UFA worth pursueing?

    • Puck Head

      A third round pick is basically nothing for a decent player like Frolik. Most 3rd rounders never see the NHL. I would hope he would garner a second or a decent prospect with good potential. Unless, maybe, the Wild are still interested in a player for player swap or package of some kind?

  • Beer League Coach

    Relax folks. That is TSN spouting off with all of their “expert knowledge” of all things hockey. We all know the boundaries for them is Mississauga on the west and Scarboro on the east side of the center of the universe. That Frolik is on the list doesn’t surprise anyone. The whole world knows he as almost traded at the deadline and BT was upset that it did not go through. The only surprise is that TSN had Hamonic on the list instead of Brodie. Maybe they brought Maggie the monkey out of retirement to supply them with a hot lead for another story to fill their air time.

    • Budgie

      Yes, they really like Toronto-TSN has a couple of reporters that only cover Toronto. That’s the market, can’t blame them. How about getting rid of Gadreau? That is a talking point? I’m not too sure about it. He put 99 points up but fizzled when the hitting/checking increased in the playoffs

    • Budgie

      Hamonic is staying, he was costly: a first round pick and two second round picks=why trade him? Hamonic and Hanifin are a pairing, and Hamonic is a team guy. Blocking shots and mixing it up, he has toughness and skill that make him valuable plus would you get three high draft picks for him again in return?

    • PlayitagainSam

      Ya he was so good ! He built a team for the regular season.
      When will you realize the makeup of this team is not a good mix.
      When your Man /boy crush with Tkachuk is up you’ll realize that WW.
      Your boy was absent in the playoffs again for the second time in 3 years.

  • Puck Head

    It’s too bad the expansion draft wasn’t this year because it would be pretty easy to pick a core group of players. My list:




    * I still think Monahan is too soft for playoff hockey but he still has perceived value in the NHL so I would keep him for the short term.

    Hanifin would likely be taken. He would probably have more value than Hamonic but we’re too soft already.

      • Puck Head

        We’ll all probably have a different list of players to protect. The point I am trying to get across is that our team is not as deep as we fans would like to think. After 10 or so players it gets lean and I only have a few who I think are untouchable.

      • Puck Head

        If I didn’t have my GM cap on my top 10 players (3 D and 7 F) on the team are:

        Phat Ras


        These are the guys I think give a rats ars and would build the team around them.

        • Kevin R

          No way Hathaway gets protected over Backlund. Not in any universe or parallel universe. Backlund despite the continual venom here would bring a mighty fine return in a trade & Hathaway wouldnt.

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        My comment was supposed to be here and I fixed it:
        Yes that was missed by many! And Vali would ALSO be exempt for an expansion draft NEXT YEAR if Seattle started in 2020 but they are starting in 2021

    • Baalzamon

      Dube, Bennett, probably even Jankowski would all be protected over Ryan (and the former two over Mangiapane). Also your “lack of depth” argument ignores Giordano (who you rightfully expose), Hanifin (who you wrongfully expose), Brodie (who, while expendable, is absolutely a top 4 defenseman).

      Think about it. We’re talking about a team that can expose three top 4 defenders (Giordano, Brodie, and Hamonic; don’t kid yourself, they’re protecting Hanifin), a 38-point forward (and another .5PPG forward if they still have Frolik at that point), and two very solid U25 players (Mangiapane, Kylington) without even blinking.

      If there’s one thing the Flames have, it’s depth.

  • Garry T

    The only deals we need to make are Kadri and Kappenen whom Toronto want to move. You would have to give up Brodie and Jankowski . I like Frolik
    And think he should be signed for another two years and placed on the Ist line. If not plausible move him to Columbus for Anderson And a 2nd. Another option might be Backlund and Frolik to Columbus for a sign and trade deal for Dzingel, Duschene, plus Anderson. Our forward lines would look like :

    Gaudreau Duschene Monahan
    Tkachuk Kadri Bennett
    Kappenen Linholm Anderson
    Mangiapane Ryan Hathaway

    • The GREAT WW

      Again; Backlund was gifted a no trade clause….

      The only way we get away from him is leaving him exposed at the expansion draft and hoping Seattle sees value in him.


    • Garry T

      Gudreau Duschene Monahan or Dzingel 260 to 300 points next year.
      Tkachuk Kadri Bennett – Scariest line in the league – all bratts! 175-200 points next year and a lot of space for other
      team mates.
      Kappenen Lindholm and Anderson or Dzingel – another 175-200 point line.
      MRH line. Melds together even better and turns into the perfect storm line creating havoc/turnovers and points.
      Another 150 points collectively.

      Good Gawd, that is a tremendous twelve. I know a lot of you do not like Kadri but he drives play, scores, hits, tells you to
      F/O, gets in your face. We have enough Namsy Panmsys. We need action characters and these guys are those.
      Duschene would get Gudreau and Monahan going or gone! TKB …. I just love the thought of how much havoc they could create while scoring at the same time. Kap, Lindholm and either Anderson or Dzingel who is young but is going to be a hell of a player would be a fast / effective line at both ends of the ice. We know what MRH can do. Now, if you do not understand my thinking, zap me more trashes! I love them. But I am right. My Physco Analysts at Headingly Jail tells me so!

  • BendingCorners

    Time to break all the rules.
    …1…Offer sheet Kapanen
    …2…Buy out Neal
    …3…Trade Brodie to Montreal for picks
    …4…Sign Connolly
    …5…Trade Frolik and Czarnik (or Phillips, if BT can get away with it) for Zucker
    Now the RW is Lindholm-Kapanen-Zucker-Connolly-Hathaway and if Lindholm works at C (which is not a given) then either Jankowksi becomes a spare or Ryan moves to the RW.
    By my math, it all fits under the cap even with Tkachuk and the other RFA getting raises, and the team improves.

      • BendingCorners

        Connolly…………3,400,000..4 yr
        Kapanen…………4,800,000..6 yr

          • Sam Bennett for 1stLine Center

            Monahan should be a winger terrible centerman. Lindholm needs to play wing because there is no talent on the right wing in Calgary. Backlund is a third line center. Ryan and Janko are 4ylth line centers. Yes I watch hockey, I am employed in hockey, thanks for the douchebag, condescending question.

          • Rockmorton65

            No problem, Sam. Anyone who condescendingly insults the Flames centres like you did, I’m just going to assume they’re a troll and treat them as such. Both Monahan & Lindholm thrived as the 1C when called upon. Both on the dot & points wise. Not winger material, but whatever.

          • Sam Bennett for 1stLine Center

            Monahan is weak at center. Watch him objectively in his own zone and neutral zone. He is soft. Yes he put up points, but so would a fire hydrant playing with Johnny. If there was more depth at right wing, I’d be all for moving Lindholm over.

          • Baalzamon

            If there was more depth at right wing, I’d be all for moving Lindholm over.

            Center depth is more important than wing depth. If the situation at center was as dire as you claim, there would be literally no argument for playing Lindholm on the wing.

            Backlund is a third line center.

            Objectively false. Even the most half-assed, bare-bones, slap-dash analysis concentrating exclusively on offensive production would, if conducted objectively, conclude that Backlund is a top six forward. Any deeper analysis pushes him higher.

            Don’t believe me? Backlund scored 2.04 pts/60 last season. Here’s a short list of centers who performed worse than that:

            Brayden Schenn
            Joe Pavelski
            Mark Scheifele
            Mika Zibanejad
            Dylan Larkin
            William Karlsson
            Ryan Getzlaf
            Nazem Kadri
            Nico Hischier
            Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
            Travis Zajac

            Every player I just listed is considered a top six forward. Every single one. Backlund outscored all of them at even strength. Now, I am not saying that Backlund is better than every player in that list, nor am I implying that last season was precisely typical (I believe last season was a career best for Backlund in this regard). However, it is not unusual for Backlund to score at a second line clip. He does it literally every year.

            This myth that he’s a third line center needs to stop, because it just isn’t true.

          • Sam Bennett for 1stLine Center

            Those fancy stats and getting more points than who you listed does not change my opinion. Backlund is better at shutting guys down than being an offensive threat. He is best suited as a shut down centerman, ie a third line center. Having offensive guys like Tkachuk with Backlund hurts Tkachuk and boosts Backlund. I’m a huge Backlund supporter, I love his game, but he is suited for shut down hockey and PK. He should not be on a PP. Your argument about Lindholm, I agree, rw is less important depth wise, but without Lindholm, Frolik and Czarnik are your top 2 Rw, and Hathaway. Not winning a cup with that. At least Lindholm is responsible in all 3 zones. He plays the wing like a center, helps hide Monahans faults at times.

        • Budgie

          What happened to Sam Bennet for 1st. line Centre? Monahan is a first line center on several teams. His playoff performance is a big question mark, apparently he had a cracked thumb, two years he has finished the season with injuries. He had a good year points wise and the first line was hot, I wouldn’t do a panic trade with Monahan.

          • Budgie

            Trevling isn’t going to panic and dismantle the team-there will be changes but don’t expect Monahan and Gadreau to be traded. First, he will look at making them better by adding a player or two. He said that Detroit stuck with Zetterberg and Datsyuk when they were not performing up to par, eventually Detroit won the cup in 2008 with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Article: “Trevling not giving up on Calgary’s core” Apr. 24–Sun

    • Speed Kills

      Yuck… Ericsson is the worst of the 3 of them… I’d Rather have the hope Neal can pull his head out of his… well, “you know what” and have at least a “Meh” season next year. Unlike his previous one with the Flames where he was simply an uninterested floating pile of garbage on the ice, all the while collecting his big paycheck and laughing.

    • Baalzamon

      For what reason, exactly? I always wonder what people imagine the benefit of a trade like this is supposed to be, because I just don’t see it. Seems like a trade for the sake of making a trade (at best) to me.

    • freethe flames

      Is there any team that has won the Staley cup in the modern era that only has it’s own drafted players or unsigned developed players? I will save you some time the answer is no.

      • freethe flames

        So the Bruins as the team that has qualified for the finals:1/3 of their team was drafted by them; almost all their top end forwards. The Flames: Johnny, Monny, Tkachuk, Backs, Janko, Bennett, Dube, Mangiapane all Flames draft picks; on D TJ, Andersson, Kylington, Valimaki. That’s over 50%.

    • The Red Knight

      They need to implement team toughness , I’ve been waiting /hoping for Monahan to come around and play physical, but now 5 years and I realize that’s never gonna happen, retire from the game and get this guy in a snuggles/downy or soft as butter commercials stat !!!

      • Flamesforever

        We need our own version of Patrice Bergeron. Only way to get those guys is via the draft. I’m hoping Connor McMichael falls to 26th in the draft, he’s that kind of player.