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Michael Frolik, Czechs advance to semis at World Championship

The medal round began on Thursday at the 2019 World Hockey Championship in Slovakia. The Calgary Flames began the day with five potential medalists, but that was pared down to just one by the end of the quarterfinals.

United States

In a game that the USA never led, they trailed 2-0, 3-1 and 4-2 and dropped a 4-3 quarterfinal contest to Russia. Derek Ryan missed the game with an unspecified injury. Johnny Gaudreau had an assist, a penalty, four shots and was plus-one, while Noah Hanifin had a goal, one shot and was plus-one.

The Americans are done at the tournament. They finish seventh.


The Swedes got out to a 3-1 lead against Finland but blew that lead. They allowed the Finns to tie things up with 1:29 left in regulation, then lost in overtime. Elias Lindholm had two shots and was plus-one.

The Swedes are also done at the tournament. They finish fifth.

Czech Republic

The USA and Sweden had dramatic quarterfinal games. The Czechs had a much less stressful time, beating Germany by a 5-1 score to advance to the semi-final round. For once in this tournament, Michael Frolik was held off the scoresheet – he had a shot and was plus-one.

The Czechs will play Canada on Saturday, with the winner facing either Russia or Finland on Sunday for the gold medal.

  • Franko J

    With Frolik being the only Flame player left standing in the World’s, hopefully it helps raise his trade value. Funny how some these guys from Europe play better for their home team and not so much for their NHL team. Why is that?

    • Porcupine at a balloon party

      Not sure why the trashes, but to answer your question, international hockey is a bit different. The disparity between rich and poor teams (think Canada vs Kazakhstan), ice surface, reffing, slight rules differences, and not to mention, small sample sizes. There’s probably several other factors

  • Garry T

    I do not think I missed more than three games all season and I live some distance from Calgary to the extent I have
    to purchase NHL Hockey to get the games.

    Our Backlund line was the best shut down line in the NHL during the regular season. Frolik was the leader on that line.
    Not Backlund, Not Tkachuck who complimented Frolik and Backlund nicely. As much as I think Peters is a very good
    Coach, his propensity for playing favorites is somewhat disconcerting. Virtually every game, and that takes tremendous focus by a player, Frolik was out there doing his job as the motor running that shutdown line.

    He supplied strong effort when opportunities resulting from their hard work arose. Some nice goals were
    scored by that line. He was often the engine in creating those turn overs.

    Frolik’s work in the IIHF Tournament compliments the talent we have in Frolik. Yes he is getting older, but …. he is still a force and he would be hard to replace if traded. I think Peters should man up and sort things out with Frolik.

    I think, and I have watched almost too much hockey in my lifetime, that the Flames will be making a mistake if he is traded. His being pushed out by Tkachuck and his perceived financial commitment required by the club is going to come back and bite us. Tkachuck is terrific in many areas. Where he causes a problem is chirping 100 percent of the time and not backing up his mouth. Why is everybody so excited about putting this team, in cap hell even more so than it is by paying Tkachuk far more that he is worth is beyond me. I think we have to take a step back and be very careful with Tkachuk

    I am not a general manager of an NHL team. I think this kid is very good but over-hyped. I would offer him a contract of $4.5 mil each year for three years and take my chances on what we think he will become. No player is the entire team and this guy is nowhere near that. I sincerely think they should keep Frolik.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Frolik is a Flame for at most one more season. I don’t think the likelihood or desirability of keeping him after his contract expires is that high, so burn him this summer for an asset that can bring immediate help. Trading him for draft picks is more preferable at the TDL.

      Chucky would be a fool to sign before the big RFAs come off the board. Let their rising tide life his boat.

      I don’t agree with those who say Tre must take care of Chucky before he does other serious lifting. Tre may already have a good idea of the parameters of money and term for Chucky and will stay fixed to them unless the other young RFAs up the bar higher than expected. That said, Tre tells Chucky what he can pay him and goes about his other business. If Chucky wants more and is willing to hold-out, let that be his choice. Tre still has other work to do with this club unrelated to Chucky.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      All valid points. However, as a team we should be looking for the next Mark Stone not the next Johnny Gaudreau. Stone is a well rounded and a game breaker. Tkachuk reminds me a lot of Stone with his average skating and elite IQ.

      In Stone’s first 3 complete NHL seasons he posted point totals of 64,61’ and 54 totalling 179 while Tkachuk’s first 3years he has 48, 49, and 77 totalling 174. I see Tkachuk as a player that is going to continue to work his tail off in the offseason to work on his deficiencies. This is why he is worth the investment.