2019 NHL Draft Central

Friends, the annual NHL Draft is one of the most interesting times of the year throughout the league. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing in on who the the Calgary Flames will draft at 26th overall. But there’s a ton of other things happening around the league related to the 2019 NHL Draft.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with interesting, relevant draft content from around the Nation Network to keep you informed on the broader goings-on prior to the draft in Vancouver at the end of June.

Canucks Army’s Prospect Rankings

Prospects ranked 100-96: Ethan Keppen, Samuel Fagemo, Arvid Costmar, Gianni Fairbrother, and Reece Newkirk.

Prospects ranked 95-91: Antti Saarela, Matej Blumel, John Farinacci, Eric Ciccolini, and Nikita Alexandrov.

Prospects ranked 90-86: Roman Bychkov, Justin Bergeron, Martin Hugo Has, Cole Mackay and Matvei Guskov.

Prospects ranked 85-81: Dustin Wolf, Harrison Blaisdell, Leevi Aaltonen, Judd Caulfield, and Lucas Feuk.

Prospects ranked 80-76: Nicholas Porco, Yegor Serdyuk, Jackson LaCombe, Tuukka Tieksola, and Alex Beaucage.

Prospects ranked 75-71: Colten Ellis, Nikola Pasic, John Beecher, Cole Moberg, and Jamieson Rees.

Prospects ranked 70-66: Karl Henriksson, Billy Constantinou, Vladislav Kolyachonok, Antti Tuomisto, and Brayden Tracey.

Prospects ranked 65-61: Sasha Mutala, Vladislav Firstov, Henri Nikkanen, Jake Lee, and Trent Miner.

Prospects ranked 60-56: Daniil Gutik, Case McCarthy, Drew Helleson, Artemi Knyazev, and Jordan Spence.

Prospects ranked 55-51: Henry Thrun, Warren Marshall, Dillon Hamaliuk, Robert Mastrosimone, and Michal Teply.

Prospects ranked 50-46: Mikko Kokkonen, Mads Søgaard, Ryan Johnson, Nolan Foote, and Maxim Cajkovic.

Prospects ranked 45-41: Patrik Puistola, Albin Grewe, Ilya Nikolayev, Isaiah Saville, and Tobias Bjornfot.

Prospects ranked 40-36: Nicholas Robertson, Lassi Thomson, Kaedan Korczak, Anttoni Honka, and Yegor Afanasyev.

Prospects ranked 35-31: Yegor Spiridonov, Brett Leason, Nathan Légaré, Spencer Knight, and Thomas Harley.

Prospects ranked 30-26: Nils Hoglander, Ville Heinola Arthur Kaliyev, Alex Vlasic, and Pavel Dorofeyev.

Prospects ranked 25-21: Simon Holmstrom, Bobby Brink, Jakob Pelletier, Samuel Poulin, and Philip Tomasino.

Prospects ranked 20-16: Cole Caufield, Philip Broberg, Alex Newhook, Raphael Lavoie, and Connor McMichael.

Wings Nation’s 2019 Draft Coverage

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  • Slowmo

    So Chunkheads and wings are doing the Draft but I would like to see what we will have in our 26th over all pick and who we should trade to upgrade to get Knight for our first round pick. So far every Goalie we have picked has become a dud now I know we have 1 maybe Goalie left in Parson but so far he has shown nothing to give me a warm and fussy feeling I hope that changes.