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2019 Norris Trophy Odds Breakdown – Mark Giordano

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It may have taken 13 seasons for Mark Giordano to be nominated for an NHL award, but the 35-year-old defenseman from the Calgary Flames is hoping that is a lucky number for him as the overwhelming -1000 favorite (bet $1000 to win $100) on the odds to win the Norris Trophy at sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark.com after enjoying a career year.

The Flames won the Pacific Division for the first time ever during the 2018/19 regular season, with their last title coming back in 2005/06 when they resided in the Northwest. Even though Calgary flamed out in the first round of the playoffs against the Colorado Avalanche, Giordano’s nomination is further recognition for the team’s outstanding campaign as the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference and proves what hard work and dedication can do. He had a career-high 74 points (17 goals and 57 assists).

The team that finished second behind the Flames in the Pacific has the second choice to earn his second Norris Trophy in Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks at +650 (bet $100 to win $650). Burns won the award two years ago when he scored a career-high 29 goals and totalled 76 points overall. This past season, the 34-year-old tallied a career-high 83 points (16 goals and a career-high 67 assists) while playing all 82 games for the fifth consecutive year. This despite San Jose adding another strong scoring defenseman last offseason in Erik Karlsson, who played just 53 games due to injuries.

The third finalist to win the Norris Trophy should also come as no surprise, although reigning winner Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning is a long shot to repeat at +1400 on those NHL odds. Like Giordano, Hedman was the top defenseman for one of the best teams in the league yet also had a disappointing ending in the postseason, with the Lightning getting swept by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round. The 28-year-old missed 12 games last season but still produced 54 points (12 goals and 42 assists) as Tampa Bay won the Presidents’ Trophy. Last year when he earned the Norris Trophy he had 63 points in 77 games, one season after a career-high 72 points when Burns won it.

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      • Raffydog

        Its people like you who are part of the problem. You get hurt feeling cause I’m calling him out, but everybody should be calling him out. His playoff performance was disgusting. He is the captain, and supposed to be the leader. Pretty tough as a young kid learning the game when you look over to your captain as hes mailing it in. What kind of lesson is that to teach the kids. One of the biggest reasons this “core” will never win a cup is because of a lack of heart and leadership. Look no further than the captain to see how well that’s going for the Flames.

    • ProbertWasKing

      Not sure I’d call his playoffs a choke..but definitely not good. Gio had a great 2/3 o the season and started disappearing when it counted. If I was voting for the Norris..hands down goes to Hedman.

      • Cfan in Van

        He’s nothing, if not constant. Raffy’s been the same old rain cloud for years now, so don’t be surprised. Everyone sucks, they all gotta go, absolutely nothing to cheer about ever.

      • The Red Knight

        HEY! No name calling ! Maybe someone should call you a goblin , Trolls are majestic creatures that frolic in green meadows and have families that’s racist !!

    • Rob27

      Raffydog your an idiot I made this account just to tell you how stupid you are. Gio is one of the best leaders this game has ever seen. The team stopped playing as soon as they locked up first in the west and couldn’t get back in the grove.

      • Raffydog

        I’m an idiot? First of all, its you’re not your. And I’m not sure what a grove has to do with how they played in the playoffs. And the best part is you posted the same nonsensical comment twice with the same grammatical errors. But I’m the idiot.

        • Puck Head

          Raffy, do you realize after all these years of posting on FN that you have never backed one thing up with stats or evidence? You fart and leave the room. It’s hard to take anything serious from a person who posts comments with no substance. I’m not the swiftest guy on this site but occasionally I do a bit of research to back up my words. If I didn’t I’d feel like an idiot.

          • Albertabeef

            But Puck even when proof is produced people waive it off as “fancy stats”. Freaking blinder people wear here. Is it odd that the Flames have won one playoffs series in 15 years and it was done with Gio injured? He has never played more than 5 games in a single playoff run. He was on the ice for more than twice the amount of goals against than “Mr Giveaway” Brodie against the AVs. Leaders thrive on playoffs not disappear. I think Gio has 4 career playoff points last I checked, and he’s how freaking old? I’d trade him to a “win now” team and get something good and juicy back while we still can.

  • Rob27

    Raffydog your an idiot I made this account just to tell you how stupid you are. Gio is one of the best leaders this game has ever seen. The team stopped playing as soon as they locked up first in the west and couldn’t get back in the grove.