137Cam Talbot
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports

Flames sign Cam Talbot to one year deal ($2.75 million AAV)

The Calgary Flames have found themselves another goaltender. With free agency finally opening, the Flames have signed netminder Cam Talbot to a one year deal worth $2.75 million.

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Talbot, 31, is originally from Caledonia, Ontario. He came up through the American college ranks, suiting up for three seasons with the University of Alabama-Huntsville. He was signed as a free agent by the New York Rangers in 2010.

From there, Talbot followed the typical goaltending progression. He played three seasons in the Rangers’ farm system, then a couple seasons behind Henrik Lundqvist as backup for the Rangers. With King Henrik cemented as the top dog on Broadway, the Rangers shopped the youngster and ended up swapping him to the Edmonton Oilers at the 2015 NHL Draft – the Flames, having sent several assets to the Boston Bruins for Dougie Hamilton, missed out on Talbot and ended up re-signing Karri Ramo instead.

Talbot had a few strong seasons in Edmonton, but between the team’s defense breaking down and Talbot playing 196 regular season games over three seasons – an average of 65 per season – his game fell off a cliff in the 2018-19 campaign. He lost his starting gig to Mikko Koskinen and then was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

A one year deal playing in a tandem with David Rittich likely represents an opportunity for Talbot to have a bounce-back season, and an opportunity for the Flames to buy low on a player that they’ve liked for awhile.

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          • Em Durp Em Hrudey

            Lol. Now I am a Moxley as well. How do I get pegged with this? I will say it one more time to get it through your thick old man skull….I am Durp. I was Stajanforadirtyboot originally. For a short time I was Glenshairgel. Both those were me yes. I am no one else on flames nation. Accuse away but I am sorry you are wrong. Now back to hockey talk. FFS.

          • Em Durp Em Hrudey

            Not the swiftest person…???” I’ve counted 5 different accounts so far”…. although impressive you can count to 5, I have 1….1 account. Perhaps you and WW are the same poster, oh and you are also BTF, you also used the word “that” you know who else used that word in a post…thebigchef…..come on pull your head out of your arse. Puck head I would actually now peg you as the imposter and moxley since you are so quick to jump in and accuse. Nice cover buddy…nice cover. WW theres your imposter, Mr. Puck head. Anyways back to hockey. Tkchuck going to get an offer sheet?

  • Albertabeef

    This UFA signing of Talbot makes me feel worse than any other UFA I can think of. Possibly the worst signing in franchise history. Overpaid and useless.

      • Albertabeef

        Really? Then you don’t come around here very much. This signing is nothing to be happy about. I have no issues being positive with the team when I have reason to. The subject of Tre and now Talbot does not give me reason to be positive. But then again when I said last fall Lindholm could be the first Swede since Loob to score 50 I got trashed too. Can’t win with you Feukers can I? Meh won’t keep me from posting my thoughts lol.

      • Albertabeef

        And honestly I’m not the jackass on here saying “disappearing Tkachuk” “Mony Butters” or “Monkey Piss Backlund”. I just simply hate the GM and have very little faith in him or this Talbot signing. I personally am excited as hell Tuulola is coming back to NA. I cheer for the underdogs like Mange and Phillips. I am 1000 happier and more sunny side than Durp or WW or Raffy. You know this is a bad signing when Raffy makes a nice comment lol.

    • Kevin R

      Dude, your meds. Perhaps we can have this conversation in January if he continues to struggle. Or are you trying to hedge your emotion & be depressed now so that if he plays like a rock star you can bounce to a higher high?

  • Em Durp Em Hrudey

    $2.75 million is an overpayment buy 1.5 million. Talbot has one hell of an agent to pull off that magic trick. If Talbot get $2.75 what do the remaining get?
    Robin Lehner @ $5.0
    Semyon Varlamov @ 3.25
    Petr Mrazek @ $4.75
    Curtis McElhinney @ $2.75
    Cam Ward @ $3.0……..
    Just a guess. Wish they got Lehner, knew a month ago about Talbot the price tag was the shocker here.

  • Speed Kills

    Tre is starting to Fail… mind games the #19 when he should have been signed ASAP or if his ego and greed are too much Trade him ASFP. I’d trade Talbot for Hathaway & Fant All day long… And for Twice as much as Talbot is worth… This July 1st is a nightmare! Not impressed at all… 2.75 million for a sieve? I’d rather had the flames spend that much on a Hammer! This Sucks!

      • Albertabeef

        I have been hearing a lot of news of Flames trades falling through since January. Some of us just don’t have the blind trust in Tre like you do. I just gotta say I’m glad Kadri blocked his trade to us.

        • The Iggy complex

          Not sure the blind trust thing. He has made bad signings and bad trades like every other gm in the history of the NHL. Still doesn’t change the fact that this is not a video game and you can’t just make up trades on the spot. Nor is he like the Oilers and trade players for the sake of trading them with terrible return.

          • Albertabeef

            Nope, it’s total blind trust. If you saw clearly you would see how bad of a GM he really is. Are you an Oilers fan? You bring up the Oilers an awful lot. I personally would prefer not compare my Flames with one of the worst franchises in the league.

    • PasstheDube

      I didn’t expect to see much for trades today. But now that the free agent frenzy has died down I think the GM’s who missed out on signing someone are gonna circle back and see what’s on the trading block. I expect either Frolik or Brodie or both will be moved in the next couple days

      • LannyMac

        I’m hoping your right Doobie. No interest right now in Gardiner and he is a crap Dman. But supposedly is rated higher than Brodie. So where does that leave trying to off load a 3rd pairing defenceman and a 3rd more likely 4th line winger. Don’t expect sh!t people there is not much money left over for bottom of the rung players. Cmon Flames faithful you Ostriches have had your heads buried for so long the ground has hardened and there is no hope that you will ever be able to pull your craniums out. Sad state of affairs.

  • BendingCorners

    Wow. So many Cassandras.
    Talbot will be fine and takes the pressure of Rittich.
    Rittich will sign for the same as Talbot or maybe less – he’s an RFA with a less than stellar track record, so no panic.
    Fantenberg and Hathaway were useful spare parts but replacements either won’t cost much or aren’t required, given the spare parts the team still has.
    It’s Canada Day. Relax, have a beer or twenty-four, enjoy the fireworks.

    • Brian Burkee

      You expect the teams starting goalie (tre even publicly announced that) to sign for the same as a free agent siev???? Yeah I think Rittich would be firing his agent if that happened lol

  • deantheraven

    Hard to quantify this one. Is Talbot a million dollars better than Smith? i’m guessing no. So, the only guess I can make for doing it is that Smitty wasn’t going to be welcomed back in the room.

    • The Iggy complex

      Well Talbot is 5 years younger without all the injuries. And other than three bad season last year behind an abysmal defence he had had a good career. So much better bet for bounce back then Smith. Look at Robin lehner

  • freethe flames

    My 3 hopes on the RS all signed. Donskoi for $3.9m too much, Connolly $3.25m x4 exactly where I figured and Hartman 2x$1.9m. again a fair deal. Meanwhile we have zero RW depth now that Hathaway is gone. I’m moving more and more into your camp on BT.

  • Flamesfever

    BT never learned and our team toughness is zero. Can they learned from last playoffs exit first round. I am very disappointed, and not surprise our next year season will be falling apart again. Look at Edmonton and Vancouver they will be ahead of the Calgary next season.

    • Flint

      Vancouver is better… but Edmonton? They have the scariest goalie tandom in the league (and not in a good way). They bought out a top6 “D” and didn’t replace him yet… so it’s hard to imagine they’ll allow less goals, and they haven’t added scoring up front.

      I don’t mind the Chaisson $, but it’s likely he regresses. Khaira returns, fine. I don’t mind Granlund and Jurco, but if they can’t prevent goals they gotta score tons and they still have only 3 guys to do it. I don’t see them better yet, but they’re not getting “Chiarelli worse” either.

      • Flint

        It’s Vancouver that’s impressive…. they just overhauled their “D”
        Myers, Benn, Fantenberg. They went from having a brutal D core to adding 3 valuable pieces for a deep 7. No big stars, sure…. but…. much improved.

  • Albertabeef

    Well the flames have been missing the playoffs every second year, I see that trend continuing with this signing. Hartley made the playoffs one year and missed the next, and GG did the same. I really hope it doesn’t happen to Peters.

  • HarveysFleaCollar

    Ray Ferraro picked the Flames as his loser of the day for not addressing their hope at center on the second line and taking a gamble on Cam Talbot. I usually do not like or agree with Ferraro..but I do not think he is far off..but hey..could be worse..at least we are not Columbus.

    • Kevin R

      Ray Ferraro is a pinhead. The only UFA we needed to delve into was that of a backup goalie. All year we prayed Treliving keep out of the UFA market. Lots of teams did diddly squat today. The big winner Rangers are now in a bit of a cap crunch & they havent signed Trouba yet.

  • Skylardog

    So at $2.75 for the backup or at best 1b, what does the starter or 1a now want?

    Over pay even at 1 year? Rittich and his agent are now saying 3 to 4 years at $4.0, right?


  • Flint

    Ugh. Please, someone, explain to me what Talbot has done the last two years to deserve a 2,75mil contract. His sv% has been trending down his entire career except a plateau in 2015-2017 at ~.918.

    He has regularly given up early goals and his puck tracking has been terrible, and his medium danger sv% is awful (which I think is the ‘cleanest’ advanced stat for a goalie… as high danger is often “left out to dry”, and low danger is too influenced by “luck”.

    Lastly, don’t give me the “he’s been on bad teams…” cause he has, but all the other goalies on those bad teams have outplayed him.

    Fine. Prove me wrong Talbot. I hope you do.

  • HarveysFleaCollar

    Well..at least the goaltending has been addressed. Upgraded? To be seen..I believe Talbot is an upgrade over Smith. Happy Tre didn’t resign Hathaway at 1.5 x 4 years, guys like him are a dime a dozen, pretty easy to replace. I am curious what Rittich gets now. My guess is 4.5 x 4 years?

  • piscera.infada

    Not to change the discussion, but apparently Kypreos said that the Flames and Toronto had a Kadri deal in place, but Kadri vetoed the deal with his modified NTC. I’m looking forward to booing the absolute crap out of that guy next year.

    On Talbot, it’s a decent deal, in my opinion. Only one year, some potential upside (albeit limited). A bit more than I’d like to pay, but the single year is the important part here.

    I don’t see it “driving Rittich’s deal up”. His ask? Maybe. But BSD’s an RFA, it’s absolutely apples and oranges. He has arbitration rights, but I don’t see an incredibly strong case to be made in arbitration. He has, what, 40 games of track-record?

    • Kevin R

      Great post & a refreshing doom & gloom in here. Hopefully Talbot is the only UFA we engage in today. Never heard that about Kadri veto of a deal to us. Why would he do that?? Puke. Kreider talk again as well. Too many teams with huge needs are missing out here, the trade market is going to get hot & heavy.

  • The GREAT WW

    Does this mean that Aho has accepted the offer sheet?

    If I had a choice I would play in Carolina instead of Montreal 100%.

    Montreal has terrible taxes, terrible fans, terrible weather……and I’m not even talking about the team, coach and GM…..