20TJ Brodie
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McKenzie: Flames and Leafs were ‘very, very close’ on Brodie/Kadri trade

While the Calgary Flames had a quiet July 1, the Toronto Maple Leafs made several signings and a big trade that sent Nazem Kadri to the Colorado Avalanche. Prior to that deal coming together, TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that the Flames and Leafs were close on a deal for Kadri that included TJ Brodie.

Here’s a transcript, for the video-impaired:

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Should also point out well before Jason Spezza came, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames had been talking about a trade involving TJ Brodie and Nazem Kadri. That one didn’t materialize, but it apparently got very, very close.

During his network’s July 1 coverage, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos reported that Kadri had quashed a trade to Calgary by invoking his no-trade clause. Kadri is afforded the ability to list 10 teams that he won’t allow himself to be traded to, and apparently Calgary is on that list.

  • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

    The likely reason the deal fell through is because Colorado decided instead they wanted to be fleeced by Toronto for Kadri, giving away Barrie and Kerfoot (who is as good as Kadri by himself).

    • cjc

      Brodie does have some control – an 8 team no trade list. Players come close to being traded all the time, but it often falls through. The player keeps trying their hardest, because what else are they going to do? Torpedo their own career?

      It’s likely that Treliving asked Brodie for his no-trade list at some point and the rumours have been out there for almost a year now, so this shouldn’t be news to him.

      Just because Treliving tried to trade Brodie and failed doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to trade Brodie before the season starts. I still think the asking price for Brodie is pretty high – Treliving wants more than a 2nd rounder and late round pick for a player the team developed into a top-pairing defender. If nobody else is willing to pay then Brodie stays put – I still don’t think he’s going to be traded before the season starts, but I’ll eat my words if he is.

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      And what Edmonton or Vancouver is Mr. Troll? Calgary is way nicer than Edmonton and no player is going to tax land BC (where an entry level home costs $1+ million dollars) ever unless you overpay massively (see Tyler Myers a fridge third pairing defender signing for $6 MILLION a year!!!

      • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

        The Canucks are now paying Tyler Myers, Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, Antoine Roussel and Brandon Sutter a combined $22.38 million because they can’t get anyone in Free Agency!! Honestly, if those five players who barely move the needle are getting that I don’t even want to know what Boeser and Pettersen are going to be asking for the next few summers.

        Vancouver is such a weird place, I had the chance to move there for work a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t do it. Houses are 3x as much for less house, income and sales taxes are completely insane you lose an extra 15-20% in salary just from that alone and the company I work for wanted me to tax a 10-15% pay cut to move to a “lower economic centre”, Hahah. I don’t know how people live there, it’s basically just a city where the worlds elite live and real Canadians can’t even live there anymore, but Calgary is a crap place to live…. Sure. I was there last week and no young people even speak English anymore, it’s all just the elite Mexican, Russian and Hong Kong families sending their spoiled kids to have fun and they make the city completely unaffordable to real Canadians (including for hard working New Canadians that are trying to escape from those money grubbing fascist elites in China, Mexico and Russia in the first place, that financially won’t let them have a far share). I don’t even want to get into the homeless problem there as well (because no one can afford at million dollar fixer upper), you can’t go five second without someone aggressively asking you for money.

    • Jobu

      Imagine how much easier it would be to GM in a place like Tampa (taxes) or New York (fame).

      The only advantage Calgary has is that they are willing to spend to the cap and do the occasional buyout.

      Tre has Jobu’s sympathy.

  • canadian1967

    I want to know who the 30 spazzes are that voted for “Mikael Backlund finishing 4th in Selke balloting in 2017” as being “a bigger deal than Kipper winning the Vezina, or Gio winning the Norris,” in the poll on this page.

    Just WOW.