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Report: Flames/Leafs swap was a four player deal

Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons has seemingly shed some light on the scuttled trade between the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs. Per Simmons’ Sunday column, the Flames would have sent TJ Brodie and Mark Jankowski to the Leafs in exchange for Nazem Kadri and Connor Brown.

Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston previously reported that the trade was reportedly a three-way deal. This proposed four player swap would’ve seen the Flames add roughly $300,000 in cap space – the Leafs would’ve only given themselves a tiny bit of cap breathing room while the cap-strapped Flames would’ve dug themselves a bigger hole, so presumably the third mystery team would’ve acted as a cap broker for the two clubs.

According to Simmons, the Flames engaged in a sales pitch to Kadri but it wouldn’t work out:

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He was phoned by Flames’ general manager Brad Treliving. He was phoned by Flames’ coach Bill Peters. He was being sold on joining the Flames, but almost immediately, he said no and wouldn’t waive the no-movement part of his contract to go to Calgary along with Connor Brown in a deal that would have brought T.J. Brodie and Mark Jankowski to Toronto.

Instead, Brown was sent to Ottawa in a seven piece trade on July 1 while Kadri was traded to Colorado on that same date. Given what the Leafs were trying to accomplish this summer – open up cap space so they can re-sign restricted free agent Mitch Marner while still fielding a competitive hockey team – it’s hard to argue that the $8.4 million in space they opened up with the pair of trades didn’t serve their interests more than the proposed trade with the Flames.

  • Tkachuk'sLisp

    Kadri didn’t want to have to face Gio in the locker room, man up, and let bygones be bygones. Hard to believe he looked at the Flames roster and didn’t want to be a part of the team with their current trajectory.

      • I should be GM

        Hey bud, did Mr. Pike hold a gun to your head and make you read this article? If you can’t appreciate the hard work and creativity these writers do in this site then you need to scram. Maybe you and your boyfriend should just stick to playing with your Barbie dolls.

    • freethe flames

      Any thoughts on what that deal might be? I start trying to through teams that could use TJ (that would be on his list) and have someone we could use. The only thing we have ever heard about his preferences is that his wife would like to be closer to home. The other thing we know is that he grew u being a Wings fan.
      Interesting that it was Janko in on the trade but I think that it was b/c Kadri is a center. If we are not getting a center back I doubt he was on the list.

  • Skylardog

    Toronto kid didn’t want to leave home. He would have had to submit a 10 team no trade list, but as he couldn’t anticipate all of them, must have left Colorado as an option. Calgary had been talked about, so likely on his list as a preemptive move to not leave the Leafs.

  • Intercourse the Penguins

    Kadri would not come here because we have a team of small players that cannot play hard against other teams. We cannot trade our tiny terrors to any other team because Colorado proved small loses in the playoffs. I do not blame any Flame who wants out as they will get creamed again if they make the playoffs next year. Treliving’s task is a near impossibility.

      • Dunk

        Glad it fell through. Another bone head trade in my opinion. JANKO will be the best player in that trade. He is progressing nicely. Just a late bloomer. I would dump Monahan before Janko…

  • oilcanboyd

    Time to let go of the Kadri non-deal. Just Toronto media trying to make a non-story a story. They are all tired writing about Marner like it was Nylander all over again.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I am a bit surprised that the team would be willing to part with Janko after 2 decent seasons. I guess they feel his lack of bite is too much of concern. It is important to note that Janko has improved his point production every single year since his first college season. I would move him to wing before cutting ties. It seems like he will be part of a Brodie or Frolik package.

    • freethe flames

      If moving on from Janko meant we got better I am okay with it. I like Janko and the chemistry he had with Lindy on the PK was very good. I sometimes wonder about them being a pairing as 2/3 of a line. Tkacuk/Janko/Lindy? Mangiapane/Janko/Lindy? just ideas.

    • Nick24

      There in is exactly why they would cut ties. His point production increased, but play goes against him when he’s on the ice. He isn’t good at 5v5. He’s got PK utility, but they have plenty or forwards who could take reps up there. If they could flip him for a more effective depth player they’d be set.

      Make no mistake, getting Kadri would or been an amazing get for Calgary. Would of been a much more competent player at all ends of the ice than Monahan, and would of meant that the Flames could of had two hard match options, so could of used Monahan more sparingly/tactically. Kadri has two thirty goal seasons, and with Gaudreau, would easily of eclipsed his past numbers.

    • Skylardog

      We are not offering up players that a team can use for long term growth. We are trying to dump cap while hopefully picking up a part we can use. Not the formula for trading success.

        • LannyMac

          Once again neither has great value when you add in very few general mgrs have the money so they are not going to give anything in return when essentially they are doing BT a favour. Cmon people connect the dotes.

      • SgtRoadBlock

        Dump cap would be trading 11 year vet %5 million backland… janko cheap and score more on the pk then backland… but then again we trade kid’s away for old vet’s to eat line mins…we very lucky this team not at the cap and r farm team empty.. ohh wait it is

    • Oil consuming Flames

      Micheal Ferland, Dougie Hamilton and Fox for Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin? Not sure where the idea that teams won’t trade with Flames com from.?

  • Speed Kills

    Wow… if that was the trade… That would have sucked~! Talk about making it hard to cheer for your own team. I would have been required to join on the get rid of BT band wagon if that was his idea of a team “upgrade”. It Dosen’t make any sense? T.O. Media just making poop up? trying to ruffle feathers? … That’s all I got.

      • HOCKEY83

        well I think Smith let in over 30 first period softies in the first few minutes of a lot of games so seems like a bit of an upgrade and Talbot did that with one of the leagues worst defensive corps in front of him. He should have a lot more confidence playing for a good team instead of the garbage he had in Edmonton.

    • Oil consuming Flames

      I obviously wasn’t clear about the main purpose for The Flames to offer sheet Marner. I did mention the “setting the market for Tkachuk” aspect of approaching Marner. The rest of the exercise was simply to find a way to make it work if Marner signed the offer, and Toronto didn’t match the offer. Ideally, Marner would be retained by the Leafs, and Tkachuk would have his value in the market value established.

      As far as Toronto being able to match offers so easily, don’t be so sure. They’re up against a wall with the cap. In fact, if the negotiation drags on until the season starts, the Leafs might not be able to match any offer sheet. Without the ability to exceed the cap by 10% during the off-season, they’d have seven days to shed enough cap space to match the offer, and who would want to help them ?

  • MontanaMan

    Tough on team dynamics when players keep hearing reputable reports that they were part of a trade. I don’t understand how or why these confidential conversations get leaked, but it doesn’t help the dressing room. Tre is almost forced to move Brodie following two different trade scenarios that were leaked.

  • buts

    The trade didn’t happen…..who cares. I care that BT has given us nothing but CRICKETS 🦗. We are softer than a marshmallow from top to bottom of this roster and summer is the time to fix it and our GM as of today has done squat. Don’t give me first place in the division and conference crap….it means nothing.

      • The Penn

        My hope is that our team watched St Louis .They as a team they need to grow some balls. Team toughness goes a long way.lf they continue to play like a bunch of spoiled millionaires nothing BT does trade wise will accomplish anything.

  • Oil consuming Flames

    Lame should approach Tkachuk and tell him they’re going to try and reunite him and Marner. Offer sheet Marner at $9.25M for 5 years. The Flames top off-season priority after getting Tkchuck signed, is to aquire a top 6 forward, so let’s get one of the best. Signing Marner helps set the market for Tkachuk too. There IS cap room to do this. Not currently available, but possible once creative. *** Question: Would you trade Brodie, Frolik, and Stone to get Marner? If your answer is yes, we’re getting somewhere. Those 3 guys represent $12.5M plus flames have about $11.5M or more for a total of about $24M. If $18M is going to Marner an Chucky, there’s $6M left to sign 93, 88, and 33. This also removes the difficulty of finding a good trading partner because all that need to be replaced in deals for 7, 67, and 26 are the draft picks lost in the offer sheet. Not guaranteed, but possible.

  • Herringchoker1971

    Hey writers, I appreciate the attempt to prolong this storyline but, to be honest its barely a storyline. There is no almost got him story. We wanted him, he told us to pound sand. I would have loved for it to happen although I do like Janko. I hope it kicks Jankos compete level up a notch because that kid has all the tools. This will be the toughest offseason for all of us including fans, coaches and the GM. So much hinges on so many things. I personnally think you trade Brodie and Frolik for picks then you sign Ferland. Bennett, Neal and Ferland can all fight for that 2RW spot. It adds functional toughness which we need. Yeah Ferland gets hurt abit but, thats good for player development like Mangiapane or Dube to move up. I know everyone craves the big trade and it still might happen. I just only see Winnipeg as being a real trade partner and even that is iffy. NYR is trying to retool rather than rebuild. They are not parting with Kreider or the russian kid Zin…….bad (can’t spell it). Theres no one but hobbits available from Montreal. We are going to have to get better from within i think this season unless a trade happens soon.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Ferland’s bell has been rung one time too many, so he doesn’t really fit in with Tre’s goal of acquiring players who have long-term sustainability.

      The market might soften for Brodie and Frolik as summer marches on, but in the end, it might be cheaper to keep them or just let them go to free cap space.

      • LannyMac

        Thx for posting some reality into this topic Blue. Most of the time I am left wondering why so many people on hallucinogenics pick this site to post when they are high. Each to there own.

  • Luter 1

    Can anybody pick out an FA or a legitimate trade for a decent tough guy? Hathaway was a very usable PKer, hitting forechecker that we now have one less of. Somehow we have to replace him and it isn’t Lomberg. We cannot go into the season with this soft of lineup as somebody needs to kick Kadri’s ass first Avs game but unfortunately our feistiest player is now in Edmonton (Smith).

  • RKD

    He’s a man baby the Flames should never have looked at him with his suspension history. Good riddance we don’t want someone who doesn’t want to play here!

  • Derzie

    Those are the 2 players I wanted the most. Brad was chasing the right guys. I’m baffled that Toronto would do that trade. In the end, we did not move the needle. Onwards.