Takeaways from the development camp scrimmage

The Calgary Flames development camp has come to an end, and with that, the long summer hiatus truly begins as no one will take to the ice on behalf of the Flames organization until training camp. Despite being a little leaner on talent than in previous years, this was a great chance for Flames prospects and camp invitees to leave a lasting impression on general manager Brad Treliving and the rest of top brass.


It was a very controlled scrimmage, with two “periods” of 5-on-5 play, then 4-on-4, then 3-on-3, then a shootout. The red team overall looked stronger today than the white team (goalies aside), but we can’t tell you the exact rosters for teams as the Flames only provided a numerical and alphabetical roster for all camp attendees with no team breakdowns.

General thoughts 

Nathan: To me, the most noticeable takeaway was how much better the 2018 draft class continues to look despite the low and infrequent picks. This was something that head amateur scout Tod Button had mentioned earlier in the off-season, and I have to agree with him. Emilio Pettersen looked sharp to me, and it was easy to see why Treliving singled out Demetrios Koumontzis as one of the most improved players, especially since he scored the prettiest goal of the scrimmage.

Martin Pospisil was very noticeable, including the choice to land a fantastic hip check during a 3-on-3 portion of the scrimmage, which he may admittedly want to question if that’s the best way to befriend his potential future teammates. He also ripped off a scorcher of a goal during the shootout, which was a refreshing change of pace from many of the other attempts that went wide from too much stick handling.

Karim: I hadn’t been to a development camp scrimmage before so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but the first thing that stood out to me was the intensity level across the board. I was impressed with how hard everyone was playing out there, even though it was just a development camp scrimmage. There were lots of big hits, hard defensive plays, and calculated offensive rushes. Overall, the scrimmage was fast paced, allowed for the better players to showcase themselves a bit, and gave all five goalies a chance to face a ton of shots.

Nathan: He’s a bit older, but to me I liked what I saw out of Andrew Nielsen. There’s no room for anyone to really jump from the minors to the Flames as far as defenders go, but Nielsen is making the case to be one of the top guys down in Stockton.

Christopher Merisier-Ortiz also impressed me to a lesser extent, and I think there’s a chance he could be invited to something else with the Flames at a later date. I know that others were impressed with Montana Onyebuchi (who objectively had the best name at the camp), but he took a very stupid boarding penalty which leaves a sour note for me at a development camp.

Karim: Echoing both Nathan and Treliving, Koumontzis really did stand out in a big way. His big moment was definitely the incredible goal he scored, but even outside of that play, he was buzzing every time he was on the ice. He’s a very skilled and creative offensive player and is incredible at opening up space to make moves in the offensive zone.

Nathan: I liked what I saw from all five goalies, although it was all very short shifts. No goalie really ever got more than five minutes at a time, so it was impossible to set a rhythm. Dustin Wolf’s lateral movement blew me away, although he could stand to work on his rebound control. He let in a softie from a very sharp angle, but he also had the save of the scrimmage. There’s a lot to be excited about with this kid while acknowledging he’s definitely going to need some seasoning.

I found myself continually impressed with invite Christoffer Rifalk, and it will be interesting to see if the Flames keep an eye on him as he presumably returns to Sweden. It’ll be interesting to see how minor league goaltending shakes out, as there’s a definite race going on as far as I’m concerned for both the top spot and back-up slot in Stockton between Tyler Parsons, Artyom Zagidulin, Nick Schneider, and Jon Gillies (who was not at the camp).

Karim: I was personally interested to see how Dustin Wolf fared against the much more experienced goalies in camp. Despite being younger and significantly less seasoned than the others, Wolf held his own and showed off his impressive quickness and lateral movement in the crease. He was beaten a couple times, but he mixed in a few tremendous saves, including taking away a sure goal with his glove in the second part of the session. His rebound control was definitely something you noticed, and not for the right reasons, but overall he looked solid.

Nathan: One additional thing I’d like to make note of is the apparent chemistry between Jakob Pelletier and Phillips. Both of them are known as smaller players who aren’t afraid to shy away from big plays and tough areas, and that was on display when they were sent out over the boards together. [Editor’s Note: Pelletier and Phillips were super intense in one-on-one battle drills against each other on Saturday morning.]

It’ll be a while before they play on the same squad again (if they ever do) but it’s fun to see the seeds planted in development camp and imagine what that could look like in say 2022. Phillips had a very nice goal, and it was nice to see those two provide team white with a very-needed spark.


Karim and I both agree on what the top three highlights were, mostly because of the overall lack of highlights there were to be found from the scrimmage. The order may change between the two of us, but without question they were:

  • Pospisil’s hip check. It was such a well-executed hip check, and hinted at the fiery nature that Pospisil brings to his game. I don’t know if it’s always a smart call to commit to those during 3-on-3, but it worked perfectly for him today.
  • Wolf’s glove save. I thought it was a sure goal, but Wolf moved across his crease so smoothly so swallow up that chance. The speed in which he can drop down into the splits is a treat, and his glove is very active for a player constantly trying to physically size up against his peers.
  • Koumontzis’ goal. Looked like he was playing NHL 19 with moves he put on. He juked around his defender with the puck going between their legs, and was able to recollect it and immediately snipe it in far side in a matter of moments. It’ll be fun to see what he can do at the Summer Showcase later this month and at Arizona State again next season.

Honorable mention goes to Pospisil for unloading a slapshot on Tyler Parsons in the shootout. One of his biggest assets is his feistiness, and it was on full display during the scrimmage.


The Calgary Flames announced after the camp the awards that were given out this year. Congratulations to Linus Lindstrom for taking home the Fittest Player, Schneider for nabbing the Good Guy Award, and to Phillips for earning the Coaches Award.

      • cberg

        If Pospisil keeps up the solid play I’d say he’ll be one of the final cuts at Main Camp this Fall, if not better. He is definitely like Lomberg, but way, way bigger and more physical. He was one of my pleasant surprises of the scrimmage.

    • Zorn

      Enjoyed the scrimmage very much. Martin Pospisil will look good in “Heat” colours this year and hopefully with the Flames sooner than later. Love the young man’s snarl. I thought Rob Hamilton looked good. He did make one glaring giveaway but overall he was not afraid to jump into the play in the offensive zone and has the speed to get back on defence.
      Won’t be in Stockton this year but Emilio Petterson stood out for me, especially in the 2nd half. He created something every time he was on the ice. Very creative, smart and fast. Strong on his skates. The young Russian, Koumontzis was also a standout with some very slick moves. Scored a brilliant goal.

  • freethe flames

    The only thing that I might disagree with was Nielsen for a guy in his third pro season was average at best. He had one hit but from my angle it was a hold.

  • freethe flames

    Just in case you missed my report:
    Well that was interesting. There were two scrimmages this morning and they looked like this:10 minutes of 5on5, 10 minutes of 4on4, 10 minutes 3on3 and then a shoot out; followed by a flooding and then a repeat.

    Here are my thoughts; in the first 5 on 5 what I really notices was how physical it was; there were probably more finished checks this year than all the previous years I have been combined. So the first 5 on 5 no one really stood out. The two guys I noticed the most were Yelesin; he jumped into the offensive zone more than I expected and Pospisil work on the boards in the defensive zone. 4 on 4 and three on three the skaters stood out a little more but nothing that got me too excited. I was not impressed by Schneider who I thought was the weakest of the goalies through both sessions. The best shoot out goal was by Pettersen but that was the only time I noticed him in the first session.

    The second session was much better with more hits and more actual scoring chances 5 on 5. Both Pelletier and Phillips used their speed to create some goals 4 on 4. But for me the guys who really stood out in the second session were Pettersen; a couple of times he made the defenders look foolish. Both Roman and Pospisil also created chances by their continued effort on the puck I really think that the are going to like Pospisil. The other guy who created chances and scored a nice goal was Koumontzis; he also had a couple of chances created by his hard work. Feuk had a couple of nice shifts.

    My biggest disappointments were Schnieder, Gawdin and Ruzicka. Schnieder I think gave up the most goals and a number of them were from long range. Gawdin and Ruzicaka were not bad but they just did not do enough to get noticed.

    Parsons was really good and I liked the calmness and athleticism of Zagidulin. Wolf was fine and so was Rifalk.

    It was an interesting morning. nice crowd. My take away’s are that I really think Pettersen has the potential to very good, Phillips is quick and opportunistic, Pelltier has solid potential but I came away liking Pospisil more than I thought I would. Yelesin will be a good addition to the organization calm on D.

    • cberg

      Yes, nice summary. I agree almost completely with your take-aways, though Gawdin was pretty strong on the forecheck and my favourite guy was Pospisil, followed by Yelesin, then Parsons. Overall another take-away was that overall it was very fast, pretty good checking and no one really stood out as noticeably on the lower end.

  • Flamethrower

    I like the young McKenna kid! Plays with a lot of heart and grit! Great hands and puck sense.
    Hope the flames give him a real good look.
    My understanding is he played with our first round draft pick…could have some chemistry they play an awful lot alike.

    • freethe flames

      He had a great chance and got hauled down during the first 5 on 5 resulting in a penalty shot; which he did not score on. For most of the rest of the session he blended in. Note I liked him when I was at Fridays practice.

    • Nathan Ross

      McKenna to me had Paul Byron syndrome, in that he was doing the right things but will need a little patience to see some tangible results. It’s worth seeing it through though. If a player is getting breakaways but can’t finish, it’s still better that they’re creating those opportunities.

      • How's She Goin'

        Thanks Nathan and Free. I live out east so I’ve seen McKenna play quite a bit. He’s a good sniper in the Q but as we all know that doesn’t always translate to pro success. He has great chemistry with Pelletier (who I believe has the skill and tenacity to succeed in the pro ranks). Would be nice to see McKenna get an AHL contract as you suggest and see what happens.

      • slapshot444

        BUT, at one point u gotta score, Paul B did’nt do that till he got to Mtl. Then he got a few in (eastern goalies???) That’s what got him the contract with the Habs. Having legs is only good if you, at one point, learn to finish.

  • Oscar the Grouch

    Meh, not much to be impressed with. It’s July it’s hot and my shorts are riding up my but.

    Try giving us something to be excited for. Like a nice garbage smell

  • slapshot444

    BUT, at one point u gotta score, Paul B did’nt do that till he got to Mtl. Then he got a few in (eastern goalies???) That’s what got him the contract with the Habs. Having legs is only good if you, at one point, learn to finish.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    @Skylar (and the rest of you, for that matter): Dude, you’re impressed with yourself, I get that, I do. But you calling for Tre to be fired and Peters to be replaced is nuts. If you were so certain that Tre is not the answer why didn’t you start saying that at the beginning of last year? Why were you waving the pom poms like everyone else throughout the season? It’s because you, like most on this sight, are hindsight GM’s.

    When Tre was brought on board, we had Burke. It’s my belief-and it’s just a belief, I’ll admit that-that Byron, Browuer, and Hartley’s extension were not his calls. Either Burke, Ken King on behalf of the owners, or other parties in management made those decisions in spite of Tre. Anyone who thinks a bunch of billionaires are going to give a rookie GM the keys to the kingdom is wrong. It was widely reported that in Brad’s last contract he demanded complete autonomy. Call me crazy, but I believe that the only reason a GM asks for autonomy is because they don’t have it. So to me, Tre has had this team all to himself for two years.

    Year one, we had Gully. Can‘t fire a first-time playoff coach. Can’t do it. So, we had to live with that. Was it his choice alone to bring Gully in? We may never know. But he did bring in Hamonic and Smith, both solid moves (people forget that Smith was solid gold for the bulk of year one). In year two, we got the Neal signing. I hate to break it to everyone, but that was a good move. Signing a dude who has been in two finals and scored 20 or more in every single season is as safe a bet as any. And everyone here thought it was good. We knew it would go bad, but we all thought we’d get two good years before he sh!t the bed. And what if he bounces back in year two? What will everyone say then? There was no reason to think that signing would backfire so quickly. And then there was the trade with Carolina, which was the best trade this franchise has seen this century.

    Then he brought in Peters, the guy you want to fire. At his opening press conference, Peters said he wanted a good start, sustained momentum throughout the year. He didn’t want to be a bubble team, that he wanted a playoff position wrapped up and to be fighting for home ice advantage at the end of the year. Just like Babe Ruth calling his shot, that’s what happened. I haven’t seen something like that before. He gave us the best season we had in 30 years in his fifth year being a head coach and you want to fire him? Get a grip, man.

    The thing is, no team gets it right. No team makes all the right moves. Until they do. And there’s no way to predict it. Washington spent countless years with the best goal scorer of all time just failing and failing until they were the worst joke in the league. Then, the year they don’t make any major moves they win a cup. St. Louis was dead last after the all-star break and now Patrick Maroon and Craig freakin’ Berube have rings. So for you to say; “Oh, if Tre had made decision X instead of Y and until he’s gone we won’t go on a run” is laughable. This is as good a core as any. This is as good a coaching staff as any. And this is certainly as good a GM as any. Is it perfect? No. Do I have concerns? [email protected] yes I have concerns! I’m watching Timbits commercials and in Marchand’s he’s saying he’d always hit the ice early as a ten-year-old because he was preparing to win a cup. In Monahan’s he says he was so shy he had to get his dad to coach him and every time he scored a goal he’d hide. One of those dudes has been in the finals three times and the other hasn’t made it out of the second round! And as much as I loved Peters’ introductory presser, I was equally worried by his season ending presser. He looked less confident and downright unsure of himself at times.

    Yes, we got creamed in the playoffs, but people seem to ignore the fact that there was another team there. NM put on a performance that makes me think he’s better than McDavid. Sometimes the phrase; “It’s not me, it’s you” is entirely accurate. I don’t know if anyone could have beaten them in the first round. But in saying that, I know we were out-coached and outplayed. The league knows. But we have an affordable, skilled core, solid coaches, and a competent GM. If we regress and don’t make the playoffs next year? Fine: pitchforks it is. But right now we’re good. We can grow. We have the best d core in the league. We have a Norris, five 70 point dudes and our best season in 30 years. To suggest we blow it up and start a rebuild after that…I don’t know. On this site, it seems most people are more concerned with their own posts and online identity than the team. I know because I used to be like that, too. And it’s really sad.

    Sorry for the long post and if it sounded a little harsh, but I don’t make many, and this has been on my chest. Believe in your team. Criticize, analyze, yes, but try to inject a little reality and faith into it all. Look at Chiarelli. Look at Edmonton and Vancouver and Ottawa and realize we’re in a pretty good spot. But don’t act like you know exactly how to get the Cup. No one does. Not you or any GM in the league. You just make the best decisions you can in light of the information on hand and hope for the best because this is the NHL, and that’s the best any GM can do.

    (Sorry to hijack your article, Nathan. Good work, btw.)

    • Off the wall

      I don’t believe Skylar is more concerned about his online identity, he’s just a watchdog, who points out discrepancies that don’t sit well with him. I think most of us know that.

      I’m all for many viewpoints being made and although Skylar’s is not the most popular, it does provide us some sobering realities of being a demanding fan base. I think the dialogue could be more positive, but we’re rabid for something exciting to happen. It’s the nature of all of us to be a bit down from time- to- time.
      We really need to remember we’re ALL Flames’ fans. Everyone expresses themselves differently. And that’s ok.

      I know we’d all love to have a resounding theme of Treliving trust, but that’s why we discuss, disagree, vent, parlay ideas and hopefully come out here with more than we put in. I always do and I appreciate many differing opinions. And you had a very charged post and I respect that.
      It was well thought out and concise.

      We don’t need to target other members, that would be my only (concern) about your post. But I did cheer you for being passionate and sincere about it.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      Well said BTF. I do get tired of people rolling on Tre for a quiet off season because of his cap challenges. BT is quality GM and human being. I think we are lucky to have him and he is the hardest working man in show business. It is ok to play armchair GM but it is important for us to not try and be the smartest man in the room and think for a minute that we could do a better job. It is ok to disagree with some organization decisions but it is foolish to think these decisions are made in a vacuum. The organization has its feelers and is dialed in, while we posters….not so much. It is fun to strategize with house money but I trust the experts and the process.

    • FlushedOut

      Hey BTF2 isn’t it funny how many people last year around this time were screaming for Treliving to buy out Brower and go out and get us a RW. So when he goes and does both people now critize him for doing exactly what they wanted. Tired of all the constant buyout talk. If we just would of let Brower contract run out its course or at least waited one more year so it was only a 2 year cap hit (with lots of cap space opening up next year) we wouldn’t have the Neal contract for 4 more years and Brower cap hit for 3 more . So many people got what they wanted last year and look what happened.

    • buts

      Great opinion…..by the way….we’re still soft as marshmallows….It’s not a rebuild needed, we are a few additions away from a cup…..it’s how you win or lose

    • Oscar the Grouch

      Baa. I like grouchy people. They have plenty to say that is music to my ears. I’ve met Movie Stars. They’re grouchy. Hockey players are grouchy. I really like the grouchier ones. They hit and fight and get their grouch on.

      Don’t think about banging on my garbage can. Because I love trash.

    • Albertabeef

      I never said fire BP, but I sure am on board with “Fire Tre”. His “best decisions” suck, and “hoping for the best” is not a good way to run a club. Just because you lack wisdom, please do not assume Tre is the only one in the world capable. Many of us have seen great teams built and can see when things go wrong. Think about it this way, everybody says haw bad Sutter was, but Sutter’s team only missed the playoffs once in 8 years at the helm. That includes making the finals with one one the league’s lowest payrolls. Tre’s already missed twice and has been at max cap most of his tenure.
      Ya we were 2nd(tied) in the league, first in our conference. Post allstar break we were tied for 4th in the west with 5 other teams including Arizona, St Louis was first and won the cup. Other than Johnny’s monster Dec-Jan(26 points in Dec and scored at least a point in 11 straight games and all but one game in Jan) Flames were not all that good, or at least severely inconsistent. I know for me, I can and do cheer for my team when they play but can be critical of the GM all the time. He’s the dude in charge after all.

      But what I mostly wanted to say is how boring would life be if we all thought the same way. Some of us believe it’s right to question those “in charge”, and believe in accountability. And is this not a forum for opinions? No matter how much we disagree, we must respect each other’s freedom of opinion. As hard as that really can be at times lol.

      • Oscar the Grouch

        I’m with Albertabeef. Who put Charles in charge of this forum?
        This guy sounds like he’s a grouch. Only he comes across as not being one. I call foul mr bring the fire 2.0.

        Grouches are grouchy because they have a reason to be grouchy. You are just as grouchy as the rest.

        Whats more disappointing is that your pretending not to be grouchy, which makes you grouchier than all the grouchy people on here.

        I know grouches. Mr bring the fire is the most grouchy person on here. Well except me.
        But I am stuck in a garbage can. Hey I found smelly fish. Now I am a happy grouchy grouch.

    • freethe flames

      @BTF2: I can only speak for myself but it is easy as a fan to be on one side of this issue or the other. There is a crowd here that see’s everything as rosey(of course Neal will bounce back and be the guy again) and those who think the sky is falling. Neither group of course is willing to change their minds. I know I don’t get up in the morning wanting to dump on Tre or BP but I do want to honestly discuss the pro’s and cons of this team; it has short comings. If that can’t be discussed and in some cases blame assigned then what’s the point. Are some of the positions on the Flames on the extreme absolutely. Debate the issues great. I for one hope BT makes a great move and fills the holes in this lineup. One of the problems for this organization came with the unexpected surprise of the Hartley playoff team; it forced the team to reach beyond where it really was; most of us hoped that this team was ready to be that playoff team. The roller coaster of 1 year in, next year out has to end. I fear we could be in for a real fall again this year. So far we have stayed the same maybe even fallen back(the loss of Hathaway reminds me of the loss of Byron- a glue guy). At this point the Talbot signing replacing Smith is at best a wash and only time will prove one side of this argument right or wrong. Other teams have gotten better in the west and that makes me uneasy about where this team stands. The final quarter of the season and the playoffs makes me uneasy as well; it’s not the first time that some of our teams stars have disappeared after the all star break.(Hopefully they have looked at what they do and have made plans to improve) Our affordable skilled core need to get it done over the next 2/3 seasons or they will no longer be our core.

      • cberg

        OK, a discussion. I’d agree the goaltending has been a wash to this point. However I like it because with Talbot we know he has played excellent fairly recently and he’s younger and there is some hope that he could return to form and be outstanding for many years to come. Since he was with the Oilers and we know-with several examples-that that atmosphere has poisoned many a career, we also know quite a few have bounced back to fulfill their early potential once they got traded away from Edmonton. With the Flames having Cap issues and several high-potential goalie prospects in the pipeline he seems to be a near-perfect signing. Of course, things happen so only time will tell, but at this point I give BT a lot of credit for signing Talbot. If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t, but it is hard to fault him for not trying and not making a good decision at the time.

        As far as Hartley goes, I agree it screwed us up but only in the sense that other coaches cannot get the same from players that he did, plus the new-toy effect of Gaudreau was also a big factor. It took the league a while to figure him out.

        Hathaway is definitely a loss, but I really like the Quine signing and think he could be just as effective, better in some ways. That, plus the new energy and determination of Dube, Kylington, Valimaki and perhaps others will more than offset his loss. The only way it doesn’t is if the Flames stand pat with the same players and goes with vets over bringing in the new guys…. That would be Stone, and to a lessor extent Frolik and Brodie, or trading away youth for outside vets. Turn-over from the bottom-up is a good thing and keeps everyone competitive and honest.

        As far as other teams, Dallas certainly has gotten better but I’m dubious about anyone else. Colorado I believe is a wash…. better C but lost their best D. St Louis-nothing. Vancouver-slightly. Edmonton-nothing. Winnipeg-worse by a mile. San Jose-worse by a mile. LAK-nothing. Vegas-marginal, if any better. Anaheim-rebuilding…. The summer remains and there could still be big moves but I don’t see the big improvements. Flames should be right in the thick of it again and near the top. Both goalies going into tailspins or Tkachuk & Mangiapanne holding out (the others are in Arbitration and will be signed) are the only things I see now that could kibosh the early part of the season. The team’s play last year and early playoff exit should give them lots of motivation.

    • Jimmyhaggis

      Great insight, I think we’re all on the same page, but we I think you’ll have to agree, Tre has made 2 huge mistakes. First Brouwer signing, okay it didn’t work out, that happens, but signing Neil for 5 years! Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. That contract is the reason we’re in cap hell.

    • Skylardog

      Hadn’t seen this until now. Had to be told about it by someone else on here.

      While we started a bit slow last season, that quickly turned around and the team started rolling. They played their best hockey in November and December. Yet on many nights in these months, we relied on the last minute comeback. The best game played was against Tampa in December, a loss.

      But as Peters hold on this team started to take effect, the team began to struggle. Wins, while frequent in January, were often the result of good bounces, fortunate comebacks, and last minute heroics. You could see the level of play dropping off. Then the All Star break, and what followed.

      So I ask you, what part of the season was the anomaly? The run in November and December, or the team we saw after the All Star break. That is for you to decide.

      But the fact is, with the level of play after the break, this team will be hard pressed to make the playoffs next season. They were just 14th in the NHL in win% and tied for 14th with 4 other Western teams at 36 points. Arizona and Vancouver have made significant improvements. Vegas is going to be good. San Jose will be San Jose. What if Edmonton puts it together? And then look in the Central. Dallas is better, Colorado is better, and Chicago was the second best team in the West after the All Star break. Throw in the Stanley Cup Champions, Nashville, and Winnipeg (who has had a rough summer) and we are looking at 11 teams, fighting for 8 spots. Minnesota too?

      It took career seasons from about 6 guys to win the West last year. Can they repeat that performance? Can we go through a season again, with as few injuries as we had last year?

      We were tied with Arizona for goodness sakes in the last 10 weeks of the season. Arizona…

      I believe the playoffs show you who we really are.
      And do we go get tougher, faster, more intense over the summer? No.

      And why not?
      Because our hands are tied by a boatload of bad signings.

      All GM’s make mistakes. It is repeating the mistakes that is the concern. I have no issue with Brouwer. But darn, learn from the mistake.

      BTF, you talk about how Tre just in the last two years has had autonomy. Is that not when the really bad screw ups began?

      Quite frankly, I got tired of being trashed all the time when I told you what was coming.

      I am not an insider. I do not have details on what goes on behind the scenes. But that is what makes it so much worse. If I could see it, and call it, then how can the guy in charge not see some of what has happened coming?

      Remember, this is not a core assembled by Tre. The reason we have a window is because of Feaster and the guys who came before Tre. His job was to add and support that core. He has failed to do that.

      I stayed quiet for a while as the season was coming to an end. I quietly hoped beyond what I saw, that the team would make a run. I so badly wanted it to happen. But the insanity of trying and relying on the same line combos that weren’t working after the All Star break was beyond crazy. And I, and others pointed it out. But in Peters we trust right. How did that go? 31 games with a slumping top line. Yeas, they had decent points in that stretch, but they came in clumps, individual games where they wold pop in 15 as a line, then barely a goal over the next two weeks.

      So lets say we had a team that was close to be a true contender this last playoff run. The GM’s job is to make moves to improve that team and give them a chance to go deep. But nothing, save a trade for a DMan that is now gone. No recognition of the pending cap crunch and moves to get that house in order when you can best do it, at the TDL. And look where we are now. Exactly where I said we would be.

      Frankly, I like what I hear out of Conroy much more than what I see and hear from Tre.

      I don’t know if you remember when I first came on here, but it was about getting rid of GG. I got trashed and hammered for about 4 months, but slowly, people started to see the issues. Two years later, and the arrival of Peters, and it became far too obvious just how bad a coach GG was. I like Peters, but he is wrong for where the team is at. For the record, I have not said he should be fired. What I actually said, is that Tre should be fired, and once gone, the new GM would oust Peters.

      Peters is exactly what I said he was. A guy with no playoff experience that would have that come to bite the Flames when it mattered the most.

      So it is simply. Don’t read what I post if you don’t like what I have to say.

      But I will continue to tell you what I think, because if we all agreed, it would be a boring place.

    • Luter 1

      I don’t think every one agreed with the Neal signing – way too long at 5 years and I questioned his skating from the beginning. To be honest I thought much like Brouwer, he would at least bring some nastiness but neither of them did. Tre better learn these old guys want big contracts and then their competitiveness evaporates because they don’t need to get their noses dirty to getnother contract. Quit signing these retreads.

  • slapshot444

    Thanks Nathan. My 2 cents from being there today. The hip check in question from Pospisil was the real deal. That dude has core strength, the check was “seamless” if I can use that word, and the the recipient went air borne out of the play. Nice. Zagidulin has enough idiosyncrasies to be a real NHL’er. You couldn’t really tell much in 5 minutes but he’s also the real deal. If your a keener for the Flames follow him, there might be a future. It’s so hard to read much from a scrimmage, there were a lot of guys just giving it all only to finish the shift with a bone head pass that went the other way. Regardless, fun to watch.

    • freethe flames

      The thing I really liked about Pospisil is that he was not running around trying to make the big splash; he let them happen. He has the potential to be Hathaway’s replacement but let’s give him time to develop.(time will tell if he has a higher ceiling than Hathawy)

  • Man yells at cloud

    I really appreciate the updates on the young up and comers. Myself I can not attend these sessions so any updates are greatly appreciated. You hard core fans that have the capability and time to observe these events are very lucky indeed. Remember the ain’t no playground at taco bell because it’s hard to have fun when you might [email protected] your pants. BT is at taco bell right now, give him time and then he will find a way back to the playground.
    Now get off my lawn!

      • slapshot444

        The Stamps sideline is now taunting the opposing QB’s not to throw in Tre’s direction. If this keeps up that side of the field is going to be off limits making the other side so much easier to defend. Can you say Richard Sherman?

  • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

    I was at the scrimmage. Here are some thoughts I had on players who others haven’t mentioned. The two nicest surprises were FA signings Corey Schueneman and Carl-Johan Lerby. Honestly, I think both could become impact defenders in Stockton and are modern day mid-sized defenders who can wheel and are intelligent heads up passers. I also really freaking liked Johannes Kinnvall, I hope we can sign him next year, but it might be tough, he’ll get lots of NHL attention next summer. The defence as a whole surprised me, most were on the older, but all played better than I was expecting. Robert Hamilton looked like he could take another step in the AHL this year. Alexander Yelesin was really steady as well. Another one for Stockton was Luke Philip whose speed was always noticeable. I still don’t understand how he wasn’t signed straight out of the WHL or even drafted years before.

    Now to highlight some younger players. First and foremost Josh Nodler isn’t getting nearly enough hype. Everyone is talking about getting Wolf late, but Nodler was equally as much of a steal. I truly thought he was a Top. 60 talent still on the board. I was at the Ivan Hlinka last summer in Edmonton and he was the USAs best player by a mile there (7 Points in 5 GP). I follow the USHL a bit and know Fargo has an old school coach who doesn’t give young players a lot of ice and he still had 0.78 PPG. He plays physical and right in the face of action. Filip Sveningsson was also consistently good, he’s just a smart player.

    Everything else was basically on par with what other people have said. The 2018 Draft class is only getting better… Pettersen, Koumontzis and Pospisil all flash standout talent. Pettersen could be a homerun, he really made some outstanding plays in traffic. Jakob Pelletier is getting over an injury so he was a little quit, but he’s legit, I have a hard time seeing how he won’t be a long time NHLer. Parsons looked good as well, don’t give up on him yet.

    • freethe flames

      Good to see someone else’s view point from the scrimmage. I thought the flames have already signed Kinville ut that he has 2 years left on his Euro contract; I may be wrong. Hamilton had some good moments as well but I expect that from guys who have AHL experience(hence why I was not overly impressed with Nielsen or Gawdin). Nodler was also fine but did not stand out as much as the other guys. Sveningson had some moments as well but again at a lesser level than Pettersen; his shoot out goal was sweet, the play he made from his knees from the side of the net showed both his skills and his competitiveness. Good report.

  • Hockeysense9393

    Hmmm…a smaller goalie with a good, quick glove hand, is prone to doing splits, and with very good lateral movement. Sounds like a similar MO to a legend that played here in the 80’s and 90’s. Now if he comes in with some swagger, I’m sold.