Lucas Feuk joins a pantheon of promising Swedish Flames prospects

If it makes you feel any better, according to Calgary Flames prospect Lucas Feuk, even Swedes struggle to pronounce his last name. For the record it rhymes with “yolk,” not with any English curse words.

In a lot of ways, Feuk is a fairly typical pick from Brad Treliving’s amateur scouting regime. He’s listed at six feet and 185 pounds, so he’s not a Herculean presence but like fellow Flames prospect Martin Pospisil he has a high motor and a physical edge to his game. Feuk had 43 points and 84 penalty minutes in 43 games with Sodertalje SK in the Swedish SuperElit junior circuit – Treliving dubbed him “competitive” at the draft.

“I am a physical guy,” noted Feuk after an on-ice session at Flames development camp. “In Sweden it’s easy to get a penalty, I think. If you play hard, it can be a penalty but I think that’s my game. And offensively.”

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While he spent much of the 2018-19 campaign in the under-20 domestic circuit, Feuk made his pro debut for Sodertalje in HockeyAllsvenskan – Sweden’s secondary pro league. He noted a few differences between players at the U20 and pro levels.

“The power and the speed for the older guys,” said Feuk. “That’s what I’m going to take the next step next year to be like them.”

Over the past few seasons, the Flames have seemingly built a conveyor belt between Sweden and Calgary. Feuk is the 8th Swede on the club’s reserve list, joining 2015 picks Rasmus Andersson and Oliver Kylington, more recent selections Linus Lindstrom and Filip Sveningsson, and longtime Flame forward Mikael Backlund.

“Backlund sent me a message after the draft to congratulate me,” shared Feuk, agreeing with the assessment of the club’s Swedes as friendly. “He’s a really nice guy… Swedes are like that. It’s really good.”

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Feuk is under contract to Sodertalje for the 2019-20 and hopes to take what he learned playing against older players at Flames development camp and use it for a full season in Allsvenskan. Rather than make declarations about his plans after this season, he’s hoping to see how things go and then make a decision on his future from there.

  • freethe flames

    Another young guy who looked fine at the scrimmage. It’s easy to get excited at these scrimmages but we have to temper our expectations because it’s one viewing and it’s only against our own guys. The truth of the matter he is best served by playing another year overseas against men before he even considers coming over seas. This allows his game to develop, his body to develop, for him to mature all on some one else’s dime. These are all good things for him and the other young prospects playing in Europe.

  • freethe flames

    As we watch players get signed(Ferland) and teams make trades however minor(Buffalo/Chicago) it’s easy to get frustrated with the lack of progress being made with our own team. First let me say this; I have no doubt the Tre will get the cap problem resolved; I may not like what he does but it will get resolved. I’m not going to worry about that in today’s rant but instead I want to comment on BP. One of the things I liked about BP last year(at least the first 2/3 of the season) was his willingness to change lines up and shorten his bench if someone was struggling. My hope is that he is willing this off season to take the next step and rethink how he uses what he has. I will assume for a second that the move to get cap compliant is Frolik for some late round draft picks. So I am excluding him from the forward group. How can BP best build 3 lines that can produce and have a 4th line that can defend?
    Where to start? Pairings; we know BP likes pairings.
    Johnny/Monny despite their flaws there is little doubt that this is a very offensive pairing.
    Tkachuk/Lindy I would like to see Tkacuk play witha more offensive minded center than Backs.
    Bennett/Backs they have played well together in the past and both can be effective in the proper role.
    Mangiapane/Ryan last year they showed their effectiveness playing together at both ends of the ice.

    So who are the left overs: Neal, Janko, Dube, Czarnik, Quine and who ever has a great camp. Let’s loo at what each of these players bring to the table.
    Neal: the problem child and contract. Even the most ardent of Neal supporters must be willing to accept that is unlikely that he will drive play and that he needs to be sheltered. Those like me who have our doubts about his ability to bounce back also must realize that he cannot be at all effective in an energy defensive role. The only place he can play with a chance to rebound is with Johnny and Monny is a sheltered offensive role. This means that BP must create 3 other lines that can play at both ends of the rink.

    Janko: the great mystery; Mr inconsistent. Where to play him? I am of two minds here. I loved his chemistry with Lindy on the PK and I could see a line of Tkachuk/Lindy/Janko working. I also know that he has had great chemistry with Mangiapane in the past and that a line of Mangiapne/Janko/Ryan could also be a very good 200 foot line. I think I might lean towards this option.
    Czarnik: who is this guy? My thoughts here are that the games he played with Tkachuk last year he was not invisible. My thoughts would be to go Tkachuk/Lindy/Czarnik. The other two bring enough compete and hockey IQ that he can use his speed to create opportunities(a Paul Byron type)

    That leaves Dube or Quine playing with Bennett/Backs both bring a kind of energy that would allow them to defensive but also contribute offensively. This would be a good place for Dube to build his NHL resume.
    A buried offensive line that hopes for Neal to rebound. 3 relatively effective 200 foot lines.
    Whether these lines are what BP comes up with I have no idea but something like this might be the best way forward with what we have.

    • Off the wall

      I agree Free. My biggest concern isn’t the RFA’s we have to sign.
      I know Treliving will get it done, one way or another.

      If you look at our Division and Conference, it’s that most teams have improved their roster.

      The teams that were out of the playoffs last season, or barely made it in, have made significant progress. Dallas, Colorado, Chicago, Arizona and Vancouver. Even if we have the same players, I don’t think we’re going to be as competitive as we were last season. In fact, pardon my negativity, but we might be fighting for a Wildcard spot this season. I hope not, however Treliving hasn’t made this team better than last season, and you know how that fared…

    • buts

      I agree BT will get things done but don’t you think as the clock ticks he will be giving away TJ, Fro or whomever at a bargain basement price to create cap room? Unless there is a blockbuster deal that could happen but again that seems impossible as most teams have formed there upcoming years roster. Our trading partners are few and far between. This hole is deep and BT has no one to blame but for his terrible F/A signings. I’m hoping I’m wrong. On a positive note Commodore said this morning on the radio that Neal is working out heavy {turned down a buddies golf trip} and was embarrassed from last year as he should. Commodore also called BP Bill Babcock Peters and we know Commodore hated babs immensely.

    • Brian McGrattan's Salute

      Good thinking FtF. Continuing with your line of thinking, I think the lines next year might look something like this, assuming Fro is gone, and we don’t pick up any other players:


      So, off the bat, we have great centre depth this way. Left wing looks good too, especially if Mangiapane takes off, which I think he will. Also, I think Bennett is much better on the right side.


      – I think we have to try to put Neal on the top line, but we will see if he earns it.
      – is Austin Czarnik better than Sam Bennett? I think this is a tricky question, and that the fit would be better the way I have it above. Czarnik’s numbers were pretty good last season, other than his actual goal and assist numbers. Ideally a full season with some quality linemates will help. He is super fast, and I think would complement Lindy and Chucky a lot, but the case couldbe made for Bennett here too.
      – Can Andrew Mangiapane thrive with more ice time, or should we think of someone else for this third line? I think his style will fit really well with backlund, but what to do about…
      – Jankowski? Is he 4c? What about Ryan? Time to move Janko to the wing, or Ryan?
      – What about Dube?
      – Will we drop Backs to 3c?

    • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

      “As we watch players get signed(Ferland) and teams make trades however

      I’m honestly not concerned at all about what the Vancouvers of the world are doing. July is not when you build a Stanley Cup contender, I’m glad we have avoided Free Agency. Signing players like Tyler Myers for $6 million a year who barley move the needle as a third pairing defender is compete stupidity, especially when players like Elias Pettersen and Brock Boeser are needing big paydays soon. That Chicago trade was bizarre for me as well, Alex Nylander is a massive diva who is looking like a bust. Why would you trade a good young defender who isn’t even 20 years old yet for Nylander? Again July is not when Stanley Cup contenders are built.

      • HOCKEY83

        One thing Chicago is good at is bringing young prospects along. Look what they did for Strome that arizona could not do. I’ve never heard that Nylander was a diva and he only played 19 games over 3 seasons and got 6 points. How can that possibly be considered a bust. Jokiharu played 38 games and got 12 points. Cap space is going to be extremely tight next season. Worse than this season. Maybe they’re just trying to be proactive in picking up potential skilled players that they don’t have to pay big dollars to. If gustafsson has another season like he did last year he’ll be looking for 5 to 7 mil. They have built a very good defensive corps without Jokiharu. Chicago is looking very good going into this season.

          • HOCKEY83

            Ya obviously he was underutilized. He was also called a bust at the time. Just like Bennett is called a bust…underutilized. Lazar was a bust…underutilized.There’s also ample evidence that Nylander wasn’t used properly either so why call him a bust. A lot of high draft picks that come into the league are underutilized and then called a bust by the fans who don’t quite get or understand ice time, quality of players played with and other factors. Some prospects get to come straight on to a team and get top 1 or 2 line ice time and play with the best players and others get drafted by teams that have those spots filled already and they get bottom 3,4 ice time line with crappy players and get told they are a bust. Other players get gifted top line minutes with great players not having proven themselves at all like Ferland. And then there’s the team that just destroy the development of some of their high draft picks like Edmonton.

    • Luter 1

      Sounds good in theory and looks good on paper but I honestly don’t think Mony and Johnny will put up with playing with Neal. On the road these guys will be hemmed in their own zone for most of their shifts. He wont last 5 games on the first line. Tre must have nightmares thinking what could’ve transpired if not saddled with Neal and his contract.

      • freethe flames

        Luter 1: my personal thinking is that I don’t think Neal will be up to it but I tried to put my personal bias aside and tried to create the opportunity for him. I have said a number of times I would give the exhibition and the 10 games to show me; if he succeeds then great; if not he goes to Stockton and we save @1m in a buried contract. what is obvious to me is that can’t play on a 2 way line.

  • Flaming Duck

    I believe Hakab Loob and his role with the Flames is key to this pipeline of young Swedish prospects. Apparently Loob is extremely in the know regarding young Swedish players and having him onboard is a real advantage for the Flames. On a “trip down memory lane” note, Loob was one of my favorite Flames. A small guy in a big guy era in the league. Imagine how good Loob would be in today’s NHL!

  • Garry T

    So if Treiliving can move Frolik and I think it is a mistake. We wind up with $ 15,000.000.00 in cap[ space.
    We need a winger for Johnny and Monny. Hopefully we get someone back in a trade or better, 2 second round picks
    for Frolik. Dzingel is still out there and if I were Tre, I would sign him for four years at $4.5 million with a couple of million up front and a cap hit in the $ 3.5 range. He can skate and play with Johnny and Monahan. Neal appears to be putting in a huge effort this summer and he goes to the 2nd line, Jankowski to the 3rd. and I would still like to do a deal
    with Edmonton where we get Puljujarvi for Czarnik which is realistic. If we can get him, then the line structure changes to Puljujarvi on the first line, Neal second, Jankowski 3rd. and one of the new guys on the 4th. I would re-sign Brodie to a contract $500,000 north of his current deal for four years.. He can stay or he still has a manageable contract for trade purposes.