Flames re-sign Ryan Lomberg to one year deal

General manager Brad Treliving now only has two out of four potential arbitration negotiations left. Just like Rinat Valiev, the Calgary Flames have re-signed Ryan Lomberg to a one-year, two-way deal worth $700,000.

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Lomberg, who has appeared in 11 games for the Flames over the last two seasons, will likely see the bulk of next season down in the American Hockey League. Known more for his truculence and energy, the left winger has totaled 38 goals and 89 points to go with his 351 penalty minutes during his time in Stockton, which began back in the 2015-16 season.

During his time with the Flames, he’s racked up 32 penalty minutes as well as assisting on a Curtis Lazar goal back in the 2017-18 season.

Treliving now only has arbitration dates left for Sam Bennett (July 27) and David Rittich (July 29). He also needs to work out contracts for Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane, who do not have arbitration rights.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I am mot seeing a spot for Czarnik as it stands. Mangi has jumped him on the depth chart and I think Dube is a better all around player. I think Lomberg is a good candidate for the fourth line. He hits everything and is likely one of the fastest players on the team….this screams a 9 mins a night kind of player.

    • super6646

      Please no. Lomberg is not an nhler whatsoever. Absolutely 0 hands and offensive upside, and it’s not like hes a defensive stalwart. At least Hathaway had semblance of skill, lomberg just plain out sucks in every aspect except being a pest.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        I don’t remember Hath being a Penalty killer until this year. I can see Lomberg embracing the challenge. Right now Lomberg is trying to be “a one stop shop” player or everything to everyone. I could see him flourishing in a simple defined role. He is trying to be a Jordan Tootoo type player but that is tough to do for 82 games. Seeing a diminutive player stirring the pot and backing it up is the type of energy we have been lacking.

    • Luter 1

      Agree-somehow you need an energy guy on your team and he is the only guy that fits that 4th line energy guy. Not sure he’s big enough to actually pound any NHL sized defenceman though and he definitely won’t be an enforcer because he’ll get his block knocked off.

  • Trevy

    So this is just a rumour coming from Bob Stauffer of the Oilers, who’s claiming there’s a deal to be had that would see Lucic and Puljujarvi for Neal and Bennett or a variation there of. Personally I wouldn’t do any deal involving Bennett, but stay tuned after Lucic is paid out his bonus money tomorrow

    • Speed Kills

      And “This Helps” the Flames HOW? LOL ~ yeah, Wishful Dreaming by the Oilers. Include EDM’s unprotected First Rd Pick for 2020+21+22+23 and retain 50% of Lucy’s salary, then…you might have a deal…

      • Flaming moe

        Milan lucic last year had 20 points.
        Neal had 19 points.
        Last time I checked 20 is better than 19.

        When Neal isn’t scoring what does he offer to the game of hockey? Nothing. At least Lucic is the ultimate body guard who runs guys over and beats the p!ss out of opponents.

    • everton fc

      If this happens, BT should be fired. And anyone else involved.

      Puljujarvi is damaged goods. Not just psychologically – to have hip issues like he already has, at such a young age… That will be a recurring issue for the kid. And how does bringing Lucic here help us?

      Totally ridiculous rumour. “Fake news”.

    • BendingCorners

      Risky move if it happens. Frees up about 1M in cap space if JP signs, and 2.6M if he does not. But Lucic – four years ago I’d have cheered if he signed with the Flames, even two years ago for a lower price. Now, not so much. Would mean Mangiapane is promoted to the 3rd line though, which is a good thing. Interesting story line for October.

    • Derian Hatcher

      Funny thing with Stauffer…if he mentions something more than a few times, it often comes to fruition. I’ve noticed that his most accurate hints are just that; hints. Stauffer has referred to this potential deal a number of times. Makes a guy wonder.

      • Albertabeef

        Funny thing is there is a report somewhere that apparently this trade was 99% complete. Some GM from another team pointed out to Treliving that Lucic required expansion protection due to his NMC. IDK if The Flames had Talbot, Lucic, and Kadri on the team this upcoming season, I might have ended up boycotting the season. Dodged a bullet there!

    • idbr

      I’m not suggesting I’m for this deal but there may be something there worth considering.

      Looked at the buyouts for Neal and Lucic. Lucic is painful short-term but not as much in the long term. Neal is not as painful short-term but over the long-haul his buyout would be less palatable over the last three years. I assume if we trade for Lucic he is bought out prior to the expansion draft or plays well enough that we want to keep him at someone else’s expense. We could also work out a deal with Seattle to take a certain player.

      I like Bennett and have since the beginning. He was one of the few bright lights in the playoffs. Maybe if there is a decent draft pick or prospect coming from Edmonton as well it becomes something to consider. I think both Bennett and Puljujarvi would benefit from a change of scenery as would Neal and Lucic.

      If bought out next spring:

      CAP HIT
      Lucic Neal
      20-21 5.5 1.9
      21-22 4.0 1.9
      22-23 5.5 1.9
      23-24 0.5 1.9
      24-25 0.5 1.9
      25-26 0.5 1.9

      Source: CapFriendly

      Not saying I’d do it but it’s not necessarily as bad as it sounds.

  • Alfonso

    When faced with inevitable obstacles or challenges that life will present you may find a tad overwhelmed, ask yourself this .. . what would Ryan Lombergini do if he were in my shoes … ? You can’t go wrong …

    • Speed Kills

      I’m doubtful Buddy Robinson has the speed to keep up with Mangiapane & Ryan. Tuulola will need NA Seasoning in Stockton, So by default (right now) I’d bet on Lomberg getting the first shot at it. (of course he would have to bump out Neal from that spot.)

      • Albertabeef

        Okay well right now I am going to assume our current roster as set(until any moves actually do happen).

        Extras Czar, Lomberg
        Basically the same team for most parts. Nobody was complaining too much about their record before the playoffs started. The team right now has the opportunity to improve on last year as a whole. We forget we started last season with 8 new players on the team. Neal, Lindholm, Hanifin, Valimaki, Ryan, Andersson, Czarnik, and Dube were all new on the opening day roster. Add some rookie time to Kylington and Mangiapane(both plus Anderson had earlier call ups but were all under rookie status so I include them) as well and the rest of the AHL call ups(Quine, Rychel, Peluso) except Lomb and Lazar were new to the Flames Franchise. Add Prout and Fantenberg too. So that’s like 15 new players over the course of the season. Did we really want the team blown up two years in a row? Maybe letting the boys build on last season is a wise move.