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Cap space remains tight after Stone buyout

Michael Stone (and two-thirds of his cap hit) are on longer on the books for the Calgary Flames. The move has been predicted by many for weeks, and gives the Flames a tiny bit of wiggle room as they seek to finish off their summer re-signings.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how things look cap-wise after the Stone buyout.

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The roster locks

Due to waiver status, contractual status or just excellence on the ice, the following 20 players are functionally locks to be on the Flames roster (barring trade) when camp breaks on Oct. 1.


Gaudreau ($6.750m) – Monahan ($6.375m) – Lindholm ($4.850m)
Tkachuk (RFA) – Backlund ($5.350m) – Frolik ($4.300m)
Bennett ($2.550m) – Jankowski ($1.950m) – Czarnik ($1.250m)
Mangiapane (RFA) – Ryan ($3.125m) – Lucic ($5.250m)
Extra(s): TBD


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Giordano ($6.750m) – Brodie ($4.650m)
Hanifin ($4.950m) – Hamonic ($3.857m)
Valimaki ($0.894m) – Andersson ($0.756m)
Extra: TBD


Rittich ($2.750m)
Talbot ($2.750m)

Buyouts: Brouwer ($1.500m), Stone ($1.167m)

The combined cap hit of the roster locks, and the two buyouts, is $71.5 million. That leaves them with $10 million to re-sign Matthew Tkachuk, Andrew Mangiapane and fill out the roster whatever extra bodies they want to carry. For argument’s sake, let’s go with $7.5 million for Tkachuk and $1 million for Mangiapane. That leaves just $1.5 million to cover the extra roster spots.

Bubble guys

Alright, the Flames have about $1.5 million to cover their extra bodies. Typically, teams carry three extras – two forwards and a defenseman – though they’re not required to carry any. At the very least, you can expect the Flames to carry one of each.

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The most likely forwards to fill out the roster include Dillon Dube ($778,333), Alan Quine ($735,000), Buddy Robinson ($700,000) and Ryan Lomberg ($700,000), though it’s unlikely the Flames will go out of their way to keep the waiver-exempt Dube on the roster unless he’s playing every day

The most likely defensemen to fill out the roster include Oliver Kylington ($730,833), Brandon Davidson ($700,000) and Rinat Valiev ($700,000). As with Dube, Kylington is waiver exempt and so it doesn’t make any sense to keep him on the roster if he’s not going to be playing regularly.

Ignoring cap implications, logistically the two players that make the most sense to fill out the roster are Quine and Davidson – it doesn’t matter if they don’t play a ton, as they have likely topped out developmentally. Combined, their cap hits are $1.435 million and keeping both of them without making other moves would give the Flames just $65,000 in cap space.

$65,000 of cap space… for the whole season. For reference, Rasmus Andersson gets a $57,500 bonus if he makes games-played thresholds.

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In other words

If Brad Treliving signed his restricted free agents and decided that he was done, the Flames would be cap compliant after the Stone buyout. They wouldn’t need to do anything drastic to meet the basic requirements under the CBA.

But if anybody got injured during the season, or earned a performance bonus, they’d be pretty screwed. There have to be more moves coming before training camp because it is simply unfathomable that Treliving would afford his team that little wiggle room heading into the season.

  • Off the wall

    Like I said, no contingency plan yet and that’s with buying out Stone.

    We either go with a 21-22 man roster, or we’re still going to have to move another player.

    What’s a Stanley Cup worth?

      • Garry T

        Big Chef … Tkachuk was great when he first arrived. However he has paid a price for his instigating. He is still a boy in terms of his physical aspects and he has taken some huge hits. He has been put in his place essentially and he is a lesser player as a result as of this moment. He is no where as good as Gaudreau, Frolik, Backlund etc. So using aged cap numbers and percentages for value just does not work in his case. From my perspective the team has been kind or anxious to sign players and in my opinion needs to back off a bit and take a breath. Marner has refused a 5 year $50 mil offer from the Leafs. Marner is way better than Tkachuk
        and things are getting way out of hand demanding the higher numbers.
        There is a huge front to front / wrong rail accident coming in short order and a correction is direly needed in terms of some of these contracts.

  • slyall41

    Frolik will end up in Ottawa or New Jersey both teams are short on NHL talent. Don’t expect much back for him either, could end up being a 6th or 7th rounder.

    • The Red Knight

      Why would they ? He’s more valuable to keep on the team and let him walk or maybe even sign him again at a smaller contract. For a 6th ? Or just to clear more cap space than really needed ? That’s a big no for me , he’s a serviceable middle six row that we can really use unless replaced , maybe another player in this current roster can ,but as it stands Frolik guves is valuable depth for the year and he’s very tradeable at this years deadline when the cap hit left will be minimal and more teams will beable to fit him in there cap structure.

      • LannyMac

        @Red ok genius where do they find the money. Tkachuk is unlikely to take bridge deal more risk for him and I think they will do well to get him close to 7mil/per. But now at least most of you realize Frolik has no value based on the economics this year. What most of you have not come to realization yet is Brodie has little to no value this year either. You will probably argue that but your wrong. Pls don’t feed me the proverbial but he is a top pair defenceman cause he’s not. He has proven that over the last three years. So are you willing to send draft picks With either Frolik or TJ

        • The Red Knight

          Brodie is still a top 4 defenceman on most teams , once again if Trevling can’t find enough return,then might as well keep him till atleast deadline when once agaiore teams will be able to fit him in and see where there are for a playoff run . If still can’t find enough return his value to us in playoff run may be more valuable than giving him away and making another team betterand flames worse .

    • LannyMac

      Ok Sly hit the brakes hard when you come to stop move the stick into the R position until you back up enough to be honest with yourself and everyone else and make the proper comment are we going to have to offer up a second to the team in order for them to take Frolik’s contract. People People People People if you think that Frolik is leaving without having to offer up something significant as well for gods sake your toques are on to tight there is very little blood getting up there.

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        It took you this long…

        “Ok Sly hit the brakes hard when you come to stop move the stick into the R position until you back up enough to be honest with yourself and everyone else and make the proper comment are we going to have to offer up a second to the team in order for them to take Frolik’s contract. People People People People if you think that Frolik is leaving without having to offer up something significant as well for gods sake your toques are on to tight there is very little blood getting up there.”

        …to say this:

        “…are we going to have to offer up a second to the team in order for them to take Frolik’s contract.”

        I gotta ask: what was the point of all the other words?

        • The Red Knight

          Now we’re giving up picks to rid Froliks contract? Lolol come on buddy you can try better than that , I think I can….I think I can …. I think I can….I think I can …. choooooo….chooooooo

  • Budgie

    Calgary is stacked at Center considering Bennett and Dube are center-men-short on RW, what is apparent is 5.35 for Backlund and 3.15 for Ryan. Plus, what is Tkachuk worth? 7 million ? I don’t think he is worth more than Gadreau-he is worth the same as Backlund-plus a bit more for tenacity-he’s worth 6 million, anything higher is over paying. I would be ok with a huge 8.5-10 offer sheet given to him and Calgary gets 2 first round picks, a second round pick, and a third round pick.

    • TheBigChef

      Those contracts are not really comparables.

      Gaudreau signed his deal when the cap was $73 million. If Tkachuk got the same deal based on the cap percentage, he would get just over $7.5mm.
      I love Backlund, but Tkachuk is infinitely more valuable to this team. He is arguably our most valuable player given his age/production/pedigree. Only other argument would be Johnny. Hoping for an offer sheet for our most valuable player for a few draft picks is ridiculous, especially when this team is supposed to be contending right now.

      • Budgie

        I like Tkachuk, but for 6 million, an offer sheet is unlikely but 4 draft picks, two first rounders-that is good compensation. Realistically, if Tkachuk went to another team because he wants huge money Calgary could pick up a UFA or make a trade for another player with the money Tkachuk wants. 7 million what could that buy?

          • Budgie

            Yes, the UFA pool is slim-I’m not down on Tkachuk, he is going to be Calgary’s top paid player, I hope they land him for 7-8–there is one UFA that is interesting-Gabriel Gagne-RW or Center-6 feet 5 good speed, decent stats-Calgary needs this type of player but a proven scorer. Gagne hasn’t been picked up, Toronto UFA-pretty slim pickens in the UFA pool now.

          • Budgie

            Teuvo makes 5.6 Alex DeBrincat 900,000 they think his contract will be 7 million–Skinner is being over-paid and deals like that push salaries up-mind you we took on Lucic at 5 million plus-that is crazy

          • HarveysFleaCollar

            You’re asking what 7 million could buy, not much. No on of significance. Now you’re talking about gabriel gagne..not a player with much of a shot to play an NHL game

          • Budgie

            The UFA signings really hurt the league-over-paid-Skinner-9 million? Hayes is from Calgary, he might squeak up to 2nd line–we are about to give Tkachuk top salary on the team and he is on the 2nd. line,, Lucic makes 5 million plus and he is likely in and out of the lineup-its a crazy market to judge-The UFA signings push everything to the sky. If we sign Tkachuk, lets go all in and try to pry his brother away from Ottawa-Brodie and Frolik for Brady and a draft pick

          • WoodrowWilson

            Hayes is from Calgary?

            Calgary, Massachusetts?

            Brodie and Frolik (the two players no one seems to want to take off our hands right now) for Ottawa’s best player AND A PICK. Good Lord Budgie.

          • everton fc

            This is also why Tkachuk is worth more, than many here think. Hayes is not worth 7mill. Not even 6mill. And he would be our #3 centre. Agreed. But teams out there would gladly give Tkachuk 9mill.

            Tkachuk gets a bridge deal. That’s how I see it ending up.

      • Budgie

        I think looking at other players contracts on the same team is valid-why should Tkachuk be the highest paid Flame? TEUVO TERÄVÄINEN makes 5.6 mill LW, similar stats-Ryan OReilly-7.5 mill–Alex DeBrincat-900,000 predicted to be offered 7 mill by Chicago—Offer Tkachuk 6.76 mill–there he is the highest paid Flame and he is making more than Teuvo—had to cut and paste his name

        • WoodrowWilson

          Looking at other players on the same team is fine. You just also have to account for (a) when that contract was signed and what the cap was, (b) where that player was in his career, when he signed and (c) the contract status of that player when signed. An RFA signing with no arb rights is not comparable to a UFA signing, and you don’t get to look at what players signed 3 or 4 years ago when the cap was much smaller. That’s not how it works.

          Let’s say you think Johnny is our best player. If you think no player should ever be paid more than $6.75 until 2022 when Jonny leaves, you’re nuts. No one would ever sign here.

          • Budgie

            Yes, you are right-the salaries will just keep increasing year to year-it is a bit old fashion to think your best player should be paid the most-the Cap system isn’t designed for that. I hope Tkachuk can sign for no more than 7 though. Long term, a number like 42 million for 6 years-hes a very wealthy man.

      • CowboyBob

        MT does bring some things to the table on the plus side, great in front of net, decent passer, good on the cycle, plays with an edge. However his deficiencies are large and noticeable too, poor skater, which makes him not strong defensively, slow on the forecheck, weak on the backcheck. He is also weak with out the puck, however that can be coached. All together MT is a huge question mark. Does his skating improve, if so he could be our most valuable asset. If he doesn’t improve his skating he will only get slower with age ( think James Neal). My concern is that skating is a complex skill that most players need to develop over many years as kids and teenagers. It’s tough to ‘cram’ all that balance, muscle memory, power etc into a couple of summers. Add it all up, in my mind MT’s deal will define BT’s tenure in Calgary. I do worry we overpay for an individual with a clear ceiling as a player who may be too slow to be effective beyond the next four/five years. I’m glad I’m not BT. I’m biggest question is what is MT doing this summer. Is he working with a skating coach, is he working with a trainer to increase his flexibility or lengthen his stride, or working on his core to improve his balance so he can be better in his edges? I hope he’s not sitting at home playing Fortnite all day and clubbing all night.

      • Budgie

        If Tkachuk is given 8.5 million, you realize the Cap is exceeded? No money for Mangiapanne. That is why I said an offer sheet would be ok, we’d get 4 draft picks because as it stands we wouldn’t be able to sign him anyways

    • Kevin R

      Not going to happen Budgie. Tkachuk is really well liked by management, he rode the horse in the Stampede parade, he’s here to stay. We could get a 2nd for Janko in a heartbeat. Jersey & Ottawa would bite at Frolik, heck if Flames paid $1.0 mill of his salary Dorian would get a woody only having to pay $2.0 mill in real money & 4.3 in cap hit for a top 9 forward on their team that could actually skate. Wings could be an excellent fit for Brodie. Right now Canadiens are big whale hunting but when they strike out & Gardiner finally lands some where, there’s another move that can be made.

      Then the overpay trade I would like to do would be Brodie, Janko & Kyllington for Mantha & a conditional pick 4th (turns into a 2nd if they resign Brodie) Mantha would be an amazing fit Tkachuk. hahaha is it August yet? lol

    • The Red Knight

      Picks aren’t a sure thing , TKACHUK is, look what we gave for Hamonic ,you think Trevling will let TKACHUK walk for about the same return ? Not a chance.. he could become The most important player on this team in a year or two

      • Budgie

        If someone offered Tkachuk 8.5 we wouldn’t be able to match it, after Stone’s buy out-7,756,625 Cap Space according to Cap Friendly-I like Tkachuk but unless more Cap Space is made we wouldn’t be able to sign him

  • Greg

    That’s actually really good news they’d be cap compliant as-is. I think teams have been holding back assuming they’d get frolik or Brodie for free, but now Tre has the option to stand pat. I don’t even mind starting the season that tight, and waiting to see where you need help, then using either Frolik or Brodie in a mid-season trade to address that instead.

    • MDG1600

      We have no way of knowing if we will be cap compliant with a full roster. The articles is clear that injuries or performance bonuses would suddenly mean we are screwed without more moves.

  • cjc

    It’s really difficult to see Brodie being traded now, unless they go out and get Shattenkirk for cheap. It really does depend on what Tkachuk signs for. If it’s similar what’s predicted in this article they could trade someone like Jankowski – assuming Dube replaces him in the lineup, that frees up about 900K in cap space. Ideally you’d have a little more room for injury call ups, but that would allow most anyone from Stockton to be called up. If it’s more than 7.5 million for Tkachuk, a bigger salary needs to be dealt and all signs point to Frolik, though he has a modified NTC that makes Treliving’s job a little trickier, however he’s only owed 3 million in actual salary this year. He probably doesn’t waive his NTC to go to a team like Ottawa.

    • Kevin R

      Honestly, Frolik is in a contract year & will be 32. Why would he block a deal where he is facing healthy scratches & 4th line duty when he could go to a team like Ottawa & get 3rd & not out of the realm top 6 duties. Also huge chance that Ottawa flip him to a contender at the TDL. That is a no brainer, his limited NTC should not be a factor at all.

    • Albertabeef

      Lucic would be the spare if Dube is in the lineup on the 4th line. If you want Dube and Lucic in the lineup then Janks sits. We are too short of RW’s to sit Czar.

        • Albertabeef

          Yep. We only have 3 right handed guys on the entire NHL roster, and 2 of them are centers. Czar is no star but he is needed on the team. There is a lot of Czar hate out there, I just don’t get the hate for his 1.25 cap hit. Probably just butt hurt people on here who trash me cause I said sit Lucic or Janks for Czar.

          • Budgie

            Czarnick has potential, remember when Calgary gave up on St. Louis-Czarnick could easily come in and win a spot after a good training camp. He is small and fast, looked good which is hard to do when you get limited ice time. If Lucic is really slow, Czarnick may draw in and Lucic sit, when the game is against a big hitting team, Lucic is in. I hope Lucic turns his career around in Calgary and Czarnick establishes himself-we need RW, especially if Frolik goes

          • Albertabeef

            Czarnik’s points per game totals weren’t terribly bad, in fact his scoring rate for 1.25mil is quite reasonable. Compared with other PPG players last season
            Jankowski 0.41
            Bennett 0.38
            Czarnik 0.33
            Neal 0.30
            Mangiapane 0.30
            Hathaway 0.25
            Lucic 0.25

  • drogon

    *Mitch Marner’s counter-offer @ $10M for 3 years.
    *Tkachuk might end up with a bridge deal if sign in September.
    *I still think that Frolik to the Devils for a draft pick makes sense.
    *Not sure if keeping our older expiring assets for the TDL is a good strategy. Betting their value will be higher is risky, also we might lose them for nothing in July.

  • The GREAT WW

    BT needs to ask one of his GM buddies to offer sheet Byng at $7.5.
    When he matches the offer he can say to Gaudreau etc: “I had to break the team’s internal salary cap because there was an offer sheet…..not my fault….”


  • Off the wall

    Damn it. I set my chicken dinner down for a minute, so I could get my phone and catch up on the FN comments.

    Lil’ bugger Johnny Sockey stole my dinner …again! I caught him just as he was up on his hind legs, stealing the last piece.
    Here I am chasing him with a piece of chicken in his mouth. Why I don’t know.. it’s not as if I was gonna eat it afterwards.

    I think I’m gonna cut Johnny’s hair really short again. He always looks pathetic and downtrodden when I do. Little sh^t!!!

    Now I’m still hungry. I wonder if Big Chef Jeff delivers, or is it Big Chef, or Big Jeff?

    Never mind…

  • drogon

    The only way to trade TJ Brodie is by signing a cheap 6D.
    I’ve read we might have an interest in Alex Petrovic, RHD.
    Yelesin could be an option for 6D too, depending on how
    he performs at the training camp.

  • Chucky

    If the Flames end up with this slim cap space, then they should not do anything until the end of camp. Every year there is at least one surprise from camp and that could strengthen their trade situation.
    If Tuulola, Ruzicka or Popisil turn out to be that surprise and are NHL ready then Czarnik becomes available and buys another $400,000 cap space available.
    If Gawdin turns up ready for fourth line minutes then Jankowski could be available for a trade and that is about $800,000 cap space. Ruzicka also could fill this role but it would be a concern to see them try to replace Jankowski with one of the smaller centres.
    If Philp, Zavgorodny or Philips are ready then Ryan could be available and that creates a couple million of cap space.
    It would not be difficult for Treliving to justify a trade that returned draft picks for Czarnik or Jankowski if there are young guys ready to take the roster spot.
    With a replacement for Ryan it is possible that he could be packaged with Frolik and get a player and picks.
    It would be impossible to go through the season with $65,000 in space but their position improves if there is a player coming out of camp that makes a “locked” player surplus.