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Brad Treliving isn’t afraid to wait to re-sign RFAs

If Brad Treliving was anything like he is now back when he was in school, he probably pretended not to hear his teachers say “pencils down” at the end of exams. As general manager of the Calgary Flames, he’s frequently stated he doesn’t need to have everybody signed until the season begins and his actions have backed that up.

Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane remain unsigned. Since he’s been a GM, Treliving has re-signed nine restricted free agents in mid August… or later.

Lance Bouma (Aug. 27, 2014)

At the time, Bouma was coming off a one year, two way “show me” deal. He ended up spending the entire 2013-14 season as a bottom six NHLer and it was unclear precisely what he would become. The 2014 negotiation wasn’t terribly contentious – he signed a one year, one way $775,000 deal (and then tripled his goal production) – and the wait was more of a product of Treliving spending his first summer figuring out the Flames’ organizational needs.

Micheal Ferland (Sept. 10, 2015)

Ferland’s wait-and-see deal was fairly similar to Bouma’s situation. Ferland had finished off his entry level deal with a great flourish, working his way into the NHL and playing a key role in the Flames’ 2015 playoff run. But at the time of the negotiation, he had 26 NHL games (and zero full NHL seasons) on his resume and it was a bit of a challenge to project his development. (The Flames were also working on an extension for captain Mark Giordano during that summer, so Ferland slid down the priority list a bit.) Ferland ended up signing a two year, one way deal with an $825,000 cap hit.

Tyler Wotherspoon (Aug. 16, 2016)

Wotherspoon’s ELC ended and he had all of 26 NHL games under his belt – via call-ups in each of his three pro seasons. He had established himself as a decent depth player, but he hadn’t really blown the doors off at the NHL level. With an unclear path forward and a small sample size, he ended up getting a one year, two way deal at league minimum ($625,000) with a high AHL salary.

Sean Monahan (Aug. 19, 2016)

Coming off an impressive ELC performance that saw him force his way into a first line gig, Monahan was arguably the first big test of Treliving’s mettle as a manager. Coming off three 20+ goal seasons and back-to-back 60+ point campaigns, Monahan had been established as very good. After some prolonged negotiations, Monahan signed a seven year deal with a $6.375 million cap hit.

Johnny Gaudreau (Oct. 10, 2016)

The Monahan negotiation was tough, but you could point to some recently-signed deals for centers and go “Yeah, something like that would make sense for Monahan.” (Nathan MacKinnon and Mark Scheifele signed the month prior.) But Gaudreau was a bit of a unicorn – a player with a small sample size, flashes of brilliance and likely untapped potential. With no clear market comparables, Treliving dug his heels in and eventually managed to hammer out a six year, $6.75 million AAV deal on the eve of the regular season. (Scuttlebutt is that Gaudreau balked at missing games and told his agent to take the deal that was on the table.)

Brett Kulak (Aug. 28, 2017)

Coming off his ELC, Kulak had played 30 NHL games split across three seasons. He hadn’t score a goal yet, but had increased the length of his NHL stints in each season. Like Wotherspoon, he was given a one year, two way deal with a league minimum NHL salary ($650,000) and a high AHL rate on a “show me” basis.

Wotherspoon, again (Sept. 5, 2017)

A year after waiting for a “show me” deal, Wotherspoon had four additional NHL outings and suddenly the Flames had a trio of younger defenders knocking on the door in Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington and Juuso Valimaki. Kulak was also there and had a little bit more dynamism in his game. Wotherspoon got another “show me” deal with a league minimum NHL salary.

Sam Bennett (Sept. 6, 2017)

Coming off his ELC, Bennett had two full NHL seasons under his belt (and two pretty good playoff appearances) but it was unclear what precisely he was at the big league level. Was he a 30-point guy or a 40-point guy? (Or neither?) He ended up signing a two year deal with a $1.95 million AAV as a longer term “show me” pact.

Noah Hanifin (Aug. 30, 2018)

Coming off his ELC (and a trade with the Hurricanes) after three full NHL seasons, Hanifin’s delay was more a matter of Treliving having a few different things on his plate to hammer out – Elias Lindholm also needed a deal. Hanifin ended up inking a six year deal with a $4.95 million cap hit.

Let’s break it down

The players here fall into two general groups:

  • Players where it’s clear that they’re quite good. (Monahan, Gaudreau and Hanifin.)
  • Players where it’s not clear how good they are yet. (Everybody else.)

The other common denominator? The nine August/September/October signings by Treliving were all RFAs without arbitration rights. Heck, Gaudreau couldn’t even be given an offer sheet. In these situations, the player really doesn’t have any leverage besides waiting – the same thing the GM can do. And when the season looms and the only available option to the player is missing camp, games and paycheques, typically something tends to give.

Neither Tkachuk or Mangiapane had arbitration rights this summer. It’s obvious that Tkachuk is a gamer after three full NHL seasons, but like with Monahan it seems like Treliving (and every other GM with a significant RFA) is waiting for a clear market to emerge. Mangiapane, on the other hand, falls into the other category – he’ll get a short term “show me” deal as he continues to establish himself.

  • Garth

    Impatient media and fans who crave for hockey news in summer. Last time I checked the season does not start until October. Treliving will get it done with Tkachuk, Mangiapane, Frolik, UFA’s, PTO’s.

    • Zeb Zadock

      I don’t think it’s so much the impatience of it all. I think folks are mad that the roster has had to take a step back instead of improving. Considering we’ve been told the window to win is now even though we can’t seem to do anything in the playoffs.

      • HarveysFleaCollar

        How has this roster taken a step backwards? Outside of Valimakki being injured?
        Talbot > Smith
        Lucic > Hathaway
        Neal, Prout, and Fantenberg were all none factors. So I do not understand your comment.

        • Zeb Zadock

          I mean this team can’t win a playoff game incase you’ve had the blinders on. So in order to fix that you try and improve the roster. Please don’t tell me you truly believe lucic and Talbot put us over the top. That’s just crazy kool-aid talk. The only work BT has left is to give players away for cents on the dollar because we have to sign the biggest playoff disappointment of all. Tkachuk. So now your turn. How did this roster improve from the playoff team that was essentially swept again?

          • buts

            It’s not about probably taking a step back it’s almost a guarantee…..why do so many think that we our going to have 6 players have career best years again? The odds of that, compounded by no new personnel to address our obvious weaknesses in the lineup spell regression next season.

          • cberg

            Reply to Zebs & Buts: Since the last playoffs was about the worst possible result from our top players, we are guaranteed next year will be better. Thanks Buts, good point. As for Zebs, seems like your negativity is clouding your thinking. I get it you are down on the team but a little reality (truth) goes a long ways….. in keeping an even keel re the future. BT can sign everyone with current Cap space hTkachuk bridge), Kylington can slide in to 3LD…. the world is not ending.

        • TheBigChef

          May not be fair to say the roster has taken a step back (yet–though if we have to give up Frolik for nothing that would be a start in that direction). I do think it is fair though to say (1) it’s frustrating there is no room to improve other than hoping for internal development (which isn’t ideal when we have the worst prospect system in the league) and that (2) it is reasonable to expect some statistical regression from last year. Lindholm will still be a great player but is unlikely to match last years’ totals. Giordano is unlikely to be the league’s best defenseman for a second year in a row at 36 years old. Jankowski probably isn’t going to score every other time he is on the penalty kill again.

          I don’t think the team is worse than last year, but I also don’t think it’s notably better and wouldn’t be putting any of my money on another conference title or 107 point season.

          • Kevin R

            Derzie, it happens to most teams that have talented young players coming off ELC’s & they now want to get paid 8-9-10% of the cap. You think Leafs have improved? You think the Hawks wanted to move players that had just got them a Cup? It happens. As good of a year we had in regular season we underachieved big time in the playoffs. We may finish in a wild card & then go on a tear in the playoffs this year. Who knows, they still have to play the games.

          • cberg

            Even if they regress and drop 7-8 pts they can still win the division with around 100 pts. Otherwise I generally agree. Not much excitement this off-season, but that may be just what the doctor ordered.

        • Herringchoker1971

          I agree. Its ridiculous to suggest the flames took a step back. I actually think Valimaki getting hurt gives Killington a chance to show what he is. Every year we want the same big signing…..every year the big signing busts. This is a very good team. Let it go.

          • Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis

            “Lucic cannot skate at the NHL level”

            Soooo exactly what James Neal was last year then. Honestly to me Lucic looked twice as fast as Neal whenever we played Edmonton and his physicality always threw us off our game, so time will tell, but again Lucic is likely the 12-13 best forward on this team, we don’t need him to be anything other than a fourth line occasional fighter and press box hero.

            Andre Mangiapane, Rasmus Andersson, Dillon Dube and Oliver Kylington are going to take a major step forward this year, even Noah Hanifin is still two years away from prime and is only going to get better.

            Andrew Mangiapane was coming off surgery last summer and by the end of the year last season he was our best possession forward by a wide margin, he could top 40-50+ Points next year in the right role, all Dillon Dube did was finish tied for first in the PPG for U21s in the AHL.

      • The Red Knight

        Taken a step back with a young improving core ?are you saying ,Monahan,Gaudreu,Lindholm,TKACHUK,Bennett,Mangiapane,Hanifin,Anderson,Kylington,Valimaki, Rittich. Have all reached there full potential,lololololol we don’t really need to add zed it’s called inner growth . Read up

        • Zeb Zadock

          Oh Red Knight I get it. Lol you really do believe that Monohan and Johnny are going to turn into true leaders this year? At this point in there career they are what they are. Johnny is going to still be Johnny and show his true colours by complaining and crying all game long. Great leadership qualities right. The next time Monohan is getting pushed and slashed around he is still just going to skate away like a sedin. Lindholm will not reach the point totals he got to last year. That’s natural for many players who have big breakout seasons.

          You’re obviously ok with back to back sweeps In the playoffs? Good for you. I am not.

          • cberg

            Zeb, do the untruths and misinformation come naturally or do you really have to work at it? Flames were not swept….. so, so many others in previous posts… C’mon.

        • LannyMac

          Every team has young players they “expect improvement from” so yes I have high hopes for players like Dube Mang and Rittich. Having said that I had high hopes for Janko last year and Bennett for a few years and both seem to be improving but not at a pace that moves the needle much. So a good team for now remains a good team but certainly not a contender.

      • Hockeysense9393

        It really is impatience. This team is just getting an identity and the window is just opening. Everybody seems to think that a team this young (and pretty good) should automatically win the cup the first year they make noise?? Hmmm…St. Louis, San Jose, Washington are just a couple teams that needed to learn for quite a few years. Tampa is still learning.

        Yes…just a little impatient…

    • The Red Knight

      No all the Gms are waiting,it’s called strategy ,the longer everyone waits the less leverage all these players will have , once a couple get signed the rest will follow and a couple players will likely miss camps .

    • Derzie

      After paying too much for old players and paying to keep up with the rising cost of new players, there’s nothing left for RFAs. Broken cap system. We need a cap but it needs to be maintained beyond simple blanket increases.

      • Jobu

        While Jobu doesnt think we need a new system, Jobu does think you nailed the issue it right on the head.
        The value of players shifted from old grizzled vets to young fast talent, but the paychecks didn’t shift away from the old – they’re still getting paid the exact same way. Now everyone is getting overpaid and there’s no room left for the RFAs.

        And theres no dough at all for the UFAs. The result will be guys who should be making 4 million signing for 1 year contracts at 1 million because that is all that’s left.

        Even though the cap didnt increase, it baffles me how GMs don’t see this coming. Its their job!

        Jobu can guarantee you that there will be another lockout, because the GMs will want yet another compliance buyout to correct their mistakes.

        • Kevin R

          I think the solution to avoid a lockout is for buyouts or even allow 2 buyouts to not have any cap hit. That flows extra $$$ into payroll for the players. The give back from players is the formula for teams to buyout a player changes & less costly to the teams. No restrictions on the buyout during the offseason. Let the GM be accountable to ownership for spending their extra $$$ & the fans get rewarded where we actually see trades & not have to agonize with the RFA stalemates where that dominates & handcuffs the hockey world.
          Just a suggestion.

          • BendingCorners

            It’s a good idea but imagine Dubas signing a player to a back-diving contract, paying most of it in signing bonuses in the first two years, and buying out the player the day after the second bonus is paid. The player is happy under the new rules, and so are the Leafs, since the remaining salary is not large (to them). But the other 30 teams – or at least the 25 that can’t compete financially with the Leafs – are disadvantaged when it comes to signing UFA for their (predicted) final two good years at age 29 and 30. The other 25 teams get the leftover years. I think that sort of scenario is why the buyout cap hit exists, and also is why player salaries are only allowed to vary by 50% from the highest to the lowest year.

          • Kevin R

            Yeah, I think it would be a starting point & they would have to change & prohibit the structure of those front loaded bonus laden contracts, which are probably going to be an issue anyway. They would likely have to shorten the contract lengths as well as Dumbass would just give everyone 7 & 8 year deals to lower cap hit with expectation of buyouts anyways. Seems it doesnt matter what you do, it can be circumvented.

  • It’s sports entertainment. Season starts in October. If anything the NHL has proven each season that there can be no predictions on how a team will fare until it’s all said and done (except for the Oilers of course, they will not make the playoffs). The season is long and players at any level can both surprise and disappoint.

    So chill out ya hosers.

    • Bond 0097

      Oilers will eliminate the Flames next spring and it will be James Neal burying a one timer from McDavid on Talbot the sieve as Lucic is caught up ice like he always is…You guys have the TWO WORST players off the Oilers last year, and you think you improved? BAHAHAHAHA

      • The Red Knight

        You got our two worst players from last year too so what’s your point little fella? You don’t have an emerging young core of stars on your pitiful Soilers team ,your in rebuild buddy theme the facts and stats don’t lie!!!!! your team straight up sucks and the last ten -20 years say so by a landslide , quick cover your ears and put your head back in the sand , get some calcium supplements for ol speedy mcweakbones stat! Flames will continue to contend for first in the division for a long time ,get used to it ,

        • Oil Spilly

          You know what’s bad red knight. In the oilers decade of darkness the crappy oilers still have a better fn playoff record!!!! Lmao wheuuuuuuuu.

          So that obviously means the flames are even worse then the oilers???? Stats don’t lie right Knight???

          • Rockmorton65

            Silly Spilly, are you seriously using the Oilers playoff record as proof of their superiority? Neither team has done anything since their last Cup win, save for a “lightning in a bottle” run to the finals each.

          • LannyMac

            At Rudy and many others. I know the back and forth with coiler fans is entertaining . But to those on both sides of the fence trying to one up each other both franchises have been more or less pathetic since 1990. That is a ridiculous amount of time for both clubs. Right now you sound like a couple of homeless people arguing about who has more material wealth.

          • The Red Knight

            Yeah oh well there still 500-800 games or more that Flames have averaged more than 20 points per season the last 13 years or something,stats don’t lie , funny you didn’t go for we won cups 30 years ago too lol

        • Bond 0097

          You comfort yourself or lie to yourself or whatever you have to do to pump up your tires but it doesn’t change the fact the value village idiots have no heart. Colorado wiped the ice with you, btw who played great in that series? Oh that’s right it would be Smith while your goalie of the future sat on the bench. Keep smoking the heavy fuel and trying to fool yourself…

          • Raffydog

            I’m not really sure why Smith is put on some kind of pedestal for his playoff performance. He was amazing the first game, really good the second game, but after that he was average at best. Certainly didnt steal any games from that point on.

      • Cfan in Van

        Young players improving isn’t guaranteed in aggregate, but more than likely. Not playing Neal in the top 6 is a direct improvement. Lucic can’t cause that type of detriment playing on the fourth line. Yes we took on Talbot… To be our backup because Smith would pout if he needed to play second fiddle. Where are those guys going to play on the Oilers this season? Oh yeah, right. have fun with that.

  • Bond 0097

    BAHAHAHA he’s waiting because he can’t afford to sign EITHER of them at the moment. Hoping to dump a contract, probably have to add a sweetner to make it happen. How does salary cap hell feel Cowtown?

      • Derzie

        And the reason that I say this is that the model of paying players for the past has shifted to paying players for the future. GMs who still think old players are worth big money are dinosaurs and should be replaced. FYI, we have one of those dinosaurs.

        • The Beej

          Disagree. Treliving is not a dinosaur. This is his first GM job.

          He has learned his lesson there.

          One thing I think folks need to realize with Calgary is the way ownership rolls. Calgary is a cap team in that we spend to the cap. Treliving was definitely pressured by ownership to spend to the cap to improve the team.

          He learned from the Brouwer debacle and targeted someone with better underlying numbers.

          But the unwritten rule of UFA is no long term deals with big money for players over 30.

          The Ryan deal was ok but even though a lot fans were positive about Neal there were still a lot of red flags and risks with that one.

          If we were a last placed team and in cap hell like Edm or Det then you could say Tre is a dinosaur that needs to be replaced but you are cherry picking examples to support your point and ignoring his good signings.

          • The Beej

            Another point on the dinosaur thing.

            Progressive Dubas signs Marleau to 6.75m deal then has to pay a 1st round pick to get out of that contract.

            Noone is calling him a dinosaur and calling for his head.

            Why did he make that move. Pressure from ownership.

    • InSinR8

      Again with Lucic’s contract, yes it was terrible. Terrible for the OILERS, for the Flames it is merely not great. Lucic’s contract pays him a total of $42 million. By the end of the deal the Oilers will have paid Lucic $29 million – $29 million for 3 years of service! If the Flames keep him for the 4 remaining years and not trade him in one the 2 final years they will have paid him a total of $13 million. So lets do a little more math The Oilers basically paid Lucic $9.7 Million per year and the Flames will pay him $3.25 per year. (yes I know the cap hit is $6 million). $3.25 million for a 4th line tough guy is a little bit of an overpay but it isn’t terrible.

      • Kass - Brought to you by Hockey 83

        Unless you’re written in to Edwards or Katz’s will, why would you care about the dollars spent. Cap hit is all that matters to the fans. The Oilers had a 6 mil cap hit (now 750K) the Flames have a 5.25 mil one for Lucic. These are the only numbers that mean anything to us.

  • Budgie

    What happens if Rittich gets injured? Talbot and Parsons-a bit risky-stay healthy Rittich. Calgary’s farm system is very weak now, in fact ESPN voted it the weakest in the NHL. What happened to our depth? It vanished.

    • jagrlegend

      This is what happens when you graduate so many young players to the NHL and trade away a ton of picks to improve your roster.. The depth on your farm system depletes. Mangi, Dube, Valimaki, Andersson, and Kylington are/were expected to be regular NHLers this season.

      • Budgie

        Why would anyone give you a thumbs down for stating a fact?
        Calgary actually has a few good prospects, Stockton will be a young team. It is nice to have a bunch of elite prospects but in reality only a few make it, Trevling wanted a true development Farm Team, not a bunch of NHL veterans, some for leadership but mainly young players.

    • idbr

      Not everyone is negative. Due to the CAP situation and the recent injury this hasn’t been a fun off-season. I think the younger guys will reach new levels this year and the vets will show up ready to play. I’m pretty excited. I am happy with our goal-tending prospects. I think at least one of them will become a solid #1. Wouldn’t hazard a guess as to which one. We definitely need to start restocking the system though… Other than in goal are prospects are pretty thin.

      • Budgie

        The escalating salaries will increase the importance of ELC players filling up rosters-I would rather of have Quinne or Dube up than pay Neal or Lucic 5-6 million.

    • The Red Knight

      I was pretty bitter for a few months too Raff but just want the season to start now , still scored a lot of goals and looking forward to how they come together this season.

      • Bond 0097

        Yes you are used to being let down so you look forward to forgetting last year by starting a new season of let downs. Shames goaltending is weak at best if not downright catastrophic in the event of one injury. You sound bitter red riding hood, it’s understandable being a shames fan.

        • The Red Knight

          Over all it was one of the most fun I’ve had watching a season, probably since the 2004 cup run ,did I want more in playoffs,of course but to say they had a disappointing season …..107 points and one of the highest scoring teams , and we had 5 players with so many points it hasn’t been done since ,Mario Lemieux, Jarg, Ron Francis, etc days , once again reaching much ? There’s the sand ….. put your head back on it the seasons about to start….watch and learn !

          • Budgie

            2004 Calgary would have tied that game, extra man was on-Leopold hit the post and Tweeet! Kerry Fraser calls a penalty-it wasn’t even a glaring penalty-calling a penalty to negate Calgary’s extra man handed Tampa the game-Calgary fought back every game to win and have that 7th. game

          • The Red Knight

            Bitter ? Not a chance I have no problems correcting the help coming from soiler nation , too easy , come over with no solid facts or arguments? Because you can’t your franchise sucks and have a losing record with your mcwipe ,your new building and all your hype blown up in all your faces in a Debacle of epic proportions “!!!!! As macT said ,and he is still right lol , thx for coming out whittle soiler toys ,who’s your daddy ?

  • MDG1600

    Why are we still writing articles about what a contract negotiating genius Treliving is? Yes, he loves to open up the wallet AFTER players have proven what they can do. So long after in fact that they actually can’t do it anymore…

  • Rockmorton65

    I can’t believe how many Chicken Little’s there have been on this site this summer. Less than five months after winning the West – “They’re doomed!” Summers not over – “Tre is incompetent!” Here’s an idea. Let’s wait to see what the opening night roster looks like before we get too excited.

    • Kevin R

      It’s fcking painfully unbelievable reading some of this stuff. Then we get the migration of these Oiler lemmings that chant & rah rah through June & july & come in here & throw stones. Yup we’ve seen this before.

    • Budgie

      Edmonton puts all their hopes on two expensive players-Calgary is more balanced-McDavid is paid what both Gadreau and Monahan are paid. Most of Edmonton’s forwards are 1-2 million

    • The GREAT WW

      Speaking of captains, is it any wonder the Oilers have been crap for a dozen years with captains like this?

      3 years of McDavid…..
      2 years of Andrew Ference…..
      3 years of Shawn Horcoff…….
      3 years of Ethan Moreau…..

      Takes you to 5 years of Jason Smith.

      What complete lack of leadership for a dozen years!!!!


      • The Red Knight

        If there were 2 Soilers I would have taken and said they would have looked better in a Flames jersey was Jason smith and Ryan smyth. Keep the rest lol

          • The Red Knight

            We still had the better team like usaul so I’d say my dreams come true every season and your nightmares are about to begin Again ,ahhhhh I’m loving it …..so how’s ol speedy mchollow bones healing up ? Is he a 100% , he might be too scared now to try that move around Gio next time , Everytime he sees Gio coming hes gonna coward now and likely loose a gear if he’s ready to play at all , the fantasy has turned into a horror for you as you thought your team was the big bad wolf ,but then little red riding hood came and moppedthe floor with ya …

      • Bond 0097

        Have you ever seen Lucy play in the last 3 years? Seriously have you? He is the official offense killer, if he held back McDavid from scoring do you really think any weak knee’d shames are going to do well with that anvil on their line? You boys keep drinking the kookaid down there….

        • The Red Knight

          Weak knees? Oh you must mean ol mchollowbones ? Who’s gonna protect your fragile Captain now ? If he’s not wiping out smashing his face on the ice (which is my screen saver) his bones are breaking like whittle twigs ,

          • Leichs

            Uhhhh, Kassian? Nurse? Jujar? You know Kass will be playing with McD lol. No lack of toughness over here. If I recall it was Kass putting Matty Turtle in the fetal position not Luc. Luc was too busy warming the bench on the 4th line. Nurse already fought Luc like three years, 25 pounds ago. No one is scared of the anchor up here.

      • Lowe enuf

        Right up until the playoffs start. Value village sure is going to be disappointed in Lucy. You guys think you got a goon. He thinks you got a power forward. Good luck with that.

        • Budgie

          Edmonton is Value Village-aside from McDavid and Disraleti who make 20 million, and two over paid defencemen-the rest of the Perogy Pucksters make 1-2 million. Check on Cap friendly

      • Leichs

        Hahaha this guy couldnt put up points with McDavid! In fact, he was so bad he actually prevented McD from getting points. He might be the only Oiler in history bad enough to actually make McD worse. He lost his job to Pat Maroon in like a month. Goons like Maroon and Chassion can score career highs and Lamers think Neal wont.

    • Leichs

      Flames going to be awful this year lol. Best team in the west got their ass kicked last game of the season against the Oil and expect it to carry on through this year. Hope Gio doesnt get burned and try to take Connors legs out again.

  • Herringchoker1971

    I think RFA wise this is just a freak year. A whole big batch of the next generation young stars all graduating at the same time. Headlined by one very greedy, over entitled twat. I dont blame other agents for waiting to see the outcome. I would too. Problem is Marner is worth 8 mil but thinks he’s McDavid. Its just a Multi-Millionaires version of Chicken

    • Herringchoker1971

      If it were me. I would have traded Marner already. I’m sure you could get a couple of good pieces in exchange. At some point GM needs to send a message……yeah we want you very badly……we are willing to pay you what your worth and a little bit more, but we need term. Your still very, very rich but think about the team. If money is more important that you want to do this again then we need to go with players who will.

        • mrroonie

          All signings and trades are waiting for the RFA thing to play out. It’s quite possible that the GMs that are interested are dealing with RFA signings of their own and don’t want to make a move until they know how much cap they’ll have left.

          • buts

            The whole RFA thing has Donald Fehr’s fingerprints all over it. The guy loves strikes and made MLB lose a lot of fans. The players today in baseball reap so much money yet how many major leaguers lost money striking. Fehr looks after the stars at the expense of the average player. You can bet there will be a strike when the cba expires.

  • Flameon13

    The NHL should be looking at the NBA’s idea of Max contracts going forward. Wherein the percentage of the cap you can sign for is based on the number of years of experience you have in the league. Currently there are more and more young players coming off of ELC looking for huge money, more than superstars who have been in the league for years (ex: Mathews 11.6mill vs Ovi 9.5mill) Is Mathews 2.1mill better than Ovi when he signed that deal? No. So why can a rookie who has only been in the league 3 years prior getting more money than a player who has payed his dues and dominated the league for years? Introducing a max contract like system would keep younger players contract values lower, and leave more money available to those approaching or in their prime. This would appeal to the older players but why would the younger players go for this? Well reduce the number of RFA years by a year or 2 so they would be able to hit free agency sooner if they so choose to and create a bidding war for themselves. Also they could add an op-out player option where it can be implemented into the deal that if negotiated between player and team the player can opt-out of the last year or two of his contract so they can either 1. Sign a new contract with the team because they’ve become eligible for a new max contract (based on percentage of cap) or 2. They are past their RFA years and want to try out free agency.
    This system would allow teams to hold onto their younger players longer, but also gives the players more options if they choose.

    • Kevin R

      I dont think you would need to reduce the number of RFA years & the teams wouldnt want to either because of the cost to develop these players. But I think the players have an internal issue of how they divide up their slice of the wheel barrels of $$$. So the players may work hard as well with the league to tweak these outrageous salary demands. Imagine how set the Oilers could have been if that McDavid contract could have been capped out at 8.0 mill, which would have driven down DrySaddles contract. They would have actually had the $$$ to build a team around those two. It’s an interesting scenario that I think both sides will want to get resolved quick & not cause a labour disruption.

  • Burnward

    Not sure what happened, but this website is a pathetic cesspool all of a sudden.

    All of you need to give your toques a spin.

    Except the excellent writers.

    But you fellow flames fans make me wanna smash something every time I come here.

    Just clownshoes all summer.

    • The Red Knight

      welcome to the front lines !! Are you knew to this site ? It’s like this every summer till about Nov , it’s the BOA ,it’s a rivalry, just roll with it get your licks in , lol , I don’t mind soiler fans coming over and making weak attempts at trying to fantasize there team is somehow better , Just have some fun with it

      • Budgie

        I enjoy the Oiler presence here, they have to troll the Flames site because their site is so boring-not much to talk about except all the ex-Flames. They call Calgary Value Village when most of their team makes 1-2 million because of McDavid’s and Disraelli’s contracts -21 million for two players-now Neal for 5.75- 27 million for three one of which is a gamble

      • Budgie

        You don’t enjoy the Oiler fans? It makes things interesting-we are all hockey fans and we love the rivalry-for years Edmonton had the Cup dynasty, we had to live with that-Sather was a good Coach-GM-give him credit. Now Edmonton is rebuilding or should be-they are struggling-that is Hockey and Pro Sports-Personally I like Hockey Fans first, and my team second, it is a great game, have fun with it Jobu-cousin of Jabba the Hut or something obscure when you talk in the third person

        • Jobu

          That was in reference to Burnwards comment. Not yours, G. Burnward is taking a shot at the Flames Fans, not the trolls.

          But to answer your question, while the Coiler trolls do annoy Jobu, he admits its fun to reply to their garbage and embarrass them in a public forum with facts and wit (see above) – something they lack in spades.

  • Garry T

    Prediction and Need.

    As stated by some, this is a unique off year whereby a few RFA,s (29)
    are asking for big money. Sorry but this is going to be an onward trending.

    We have a young superstar in Valimaki who will want to be paid in the short term (3) years. Anderson,s Agent will be looking for big bucks shortly. Gaudreau, Monahan and Lindholm will all think they are worth $ 11 mil. Plus. If you look at the declared Flames income for the last two years and
    The related team expense, the club is profitable but, only because of equalization payments to offset our USD woes and team additions to the league.

    In essence it looks like we are going the lockout route to resolves massive
    ( I want to get paid demands ). And that is direly needed. Players are demanding the league and teams raise more income. With a recession coming in the short term, things are going to get testy. I would position my team accordingly and avoid huge commitments to our younger players.

    After reading Treiliving’s comments about not panicking about signings, I
    think Tkachuk will get big bucks and I think that is a serious error in judgement. When you have to decimate a club to sign a single player who is
    Not a Lionel Messi or a Gretzky, you are driving the business the wrong way.

    As much as many on this site will tell me I am crazy, I advocate we trade Tkachuk for player enhancements and picks that will benefit the club. I think
    We have obtained some sleeper picks these last few years and a player or two is going to surprise in camp this and next year. Tkachuk is one man. He is not the team, and with what they are apparently asking for, the team is not his focus, and that tells me Tre is going to make a huge mistake signing Mathew. Running a business like he is doing is going to cost him his job and
    I can really see that evolving. A stance is required Now. Move Tkachuk , improve the club via that trade and then do what you hav3 to do to improve the club. The Avalanche, Canucks are far superior at this point of the season and both are careful financially. Trade Tkachuk. Move on with financial stability.